Chapter 9 – It seems to be important to compromise

This chapter was quite dense and partially rather abstract making it difficult to always grasp the context and meaning. Thus, some sentences may seem a bit rough. If you find any weird contradictions or awkward sentence structures, feel free to drop a comment. 🙂

In the end 116 magic cores were collected. Most of them were as small as the fingernail of a pinky finger.

According to Shion their value supposedly was 3 silver coins per piece. After selling all of them, it would amount to 348 silver coins in total.

As Renya didn’t know the currency used in this world, he asked Shion to show him some coins that were circulating as currency.

There was copper coin, big copper coin, silver coin, gold coin and platinum coin. Apparently the same currency was used on the entire continent.

The exchange rate was:

10 Copper coins -> 1 Big Copper coin

10 Big Copper coins -> 1 Silver coin

100 Silver coins -> 1 Gold coin

100 Gold coins -> 1 Platinum coin

After being troubled for a little while, Shion also explained their respective value. Generally one bread or one drink cost 10 copper coins.

Given that kind of explanation, Renya considered and conjectured from his own knowledge that 1 copper coin equaled approximately 10 Japanese yen in his original world.

In other words, one could think of it as follows:

a Big Copper coin is 100 Japanese yen,

a Silver coin is 1000 Japanese yen,

a Gold coin is 100’000 Japanese yen

and a Platinum coin is 10 million Japanese yen.

Based on this calculation Renya considered the value of money to be obviously very high.

Generally you wouldn’t need to use more than silver coins to live an ordinary life. Gold and platinum coins were stored away and sometimes used by adventurers to buy expensive tools and equipment.

That was the approximate run-down Shion taught Renya.

Looking at the spoils from the recent battle, 3 gold coins and 48 silver coins had been procured. Defining it in the currency of his original world, it would be 348’000 Japanese yen.

As a result it couldn’t be helped that Renya had a feeling of it being very little considering how close to death he had been in the battle.

Apart from this, the reward for the subjugation all together was 2 big copper coins for each goblin.

116 were defeated, thus it was 232 big copper coins or 23’200 Japanese yen.

Really not worth it, was Renya’s thought.

Still, according to what Shion taught him, for eating a reasonable set of meal 5 big copper coins were required and for staying one day and night at a typical inn including 2 meals cost 3 silver coins.

As a matter of fact, Renya noticed that the spoils from the recent battle didn’t cover any more than three months of living expenses. Thus he changed his way of thinking and simply recognized this to be the way it was.

For slaying 1 goblin, you got 2 big copper coins for the subjugation and 3 silver coins for the magic core.

Pondering about it, it wasn’t even sufficient enough for one day of food and lodging expenses. You couldn’t really call that appropriate.

In the first place, it is quite rare in itself to encounter a crowd reaching a count in the 3 digits. This time could be counted as rare case.

It can’t be helped that it wasn’t worth it, either, Renya agreed to himself.

Renya’s wallet in his [Inventory] held 10 gold coins. Roughly calculated, this amount of money would cover 10 months of living expenses.

In this case it was a situation where he could surprisingly splurge.

Next time he met Kami-sama he would need to express his gratitude.

Or rather, I will be a bit more gentle while dealing with her, Renya decided.

From the goblin leader which Renya defeated the loot was slightly larger, a magic core with a size to the degree of a thumbnail. (T/N: xD)

The reward for the subjugation was 5 silver coins and it seemed that the magic core would bring him 10 silver coins.

Although he thought that it was rather abrupt for the reward to rise this sharply, Shion and Rona concluded that it was due to the considerable degree of danger in finishing the goblin leader off. There was no choice but to accept this exception.

Even if he was concerned about the reward, it was pointless worrying about it, as he couldn’t hand it in, if he didn’t venture to the closest town first. This was a problem, too.

Above all, even though the next regular carriage would certainly arrive, all of the villagers will be eager to board it. Naturally there was no way the capacity of the carriage would be sufficient.

After the villagers fought against the goblin raid, they pretty much lost everything. The current condition of the village was similar to a bare plot of land.

Abandoning this place by themselves to return to town was not feasible for Renya’s group either.

For escorting the villagers back to town it was necessary to employ soldiers. It would be wise to send a letter along with the carriage to the guild, so they could put up a request for this task.

Thinking about this, it would be another difficult voyage.

Ten days after sending the letter, about 10 soldiers along with 3 empty carts arrived at the village.

Renya couldn’t comprehend at all what was going on with this situation.

Shion explained it to him like this: After the letter reached the guild, the guild contacted the town mayor about it. It was very likely that the town mayor wasn’t able to dispatch a satisfactory number of soldiers with the authority he possessed. Thus the mayor now had to talk to the feudal lord governing the area about the situation. Then the feudal lord likely contacted the central government about it.

And then the central government refused the dispatch of soldiers.

This sounded like a quite cruel story, but for starters the central government might have seen this as trivial matter allowing them to not concern themselves with it. You caused the situation, so deal with it yourself seemed to be the extent of awareness towards the whole situation.

Accordingly the feudal lord and the town mayor reluctantly split the task of dispatching soldiers and carts.

Furthermore, heading towards the village could actually be called time consuming and hard labor, which was the reason why they arrived only now.

“Considering the reported damage, the amount of soldiers is insufficient. Although it was stated that this was the limit, this amount of carts is nowhere near enough either.” (Shion)

Shion displeasedly stated.

Even if close to half the number of villagers went to town, there would still be 30 villagers left in the vicinity.

In order to transport all the luggage, three carts were totally insufficient.

It was decided that the luggage which didn’t fit on the carts would be discarded unless it could be carried in the hands. Therefore the villagers examined which luggage held too important property to be thrown away.

To be asked to go ahead and throw it away just like that, it was unthinkable that they would easily say ‘Yes, right away.’

Naturally the villagers started to quarrel between themselves causing even the guards to be influenced by the disputes.

Unable to just watch, the soldiers coldly drove away the desperately petitioning villagers.

Shion consulted in Renya to offer a solution but he declined it.

Anticipating the current situation, Renya had already finished putting Shion’s and Rona’s luggage into the storage of his [Inventory]. More or less there was still some space left inside, but that could only be called little.

Granting the wish of the villagers was not possible no matter how you looked at it.

“In the end the amount of luggage will only increase. Then the villagers complaints will merely turn our way, don’t you agree?” (Renya)

The storage of [Inventory] certainly was convenient. But because the other people didn’t know the upper limit, by Renya’s estimation the villagers very likely wouldn’t be able to comprehend the situation as soon as the storage was full.

Such complaints as ‘Come on, you can carry a lot more, can’t you’ would certainly be directed towards them and as soon as Renya would decline it, they would turn their dissatisfaction towards his two female companions.

Even if I say so myself, that’s a little cold-hearted, isn’t it, Renya thought to himself while still wearing a rejecting expression. And yet, Shion still persisted.

“Abandoning our luggage would be alright as well though.” (Shion)

“That would only allow a little bit more to be added. It doesn’t solve the fundamental problem at all. Besides I don’t really know anyone properly, thus I want to prioritize Shion and Rona whom I am indebted to.” (Renya)

“That is … I am thankful, but …” (Shion)

“Shion, please leave it at that.” (Rona)

Unexpectedly such follow-up was brought up by Rona.

Because of her appearance and her occupation, Renya had thought that she would definitely support Shion on this matter.

However with a calm countenance and gentle expression Rona called out to Shion and placed her hands on Shion’s shoulders. Furthermore clinging to Shion trying to hold her back.

“If circumstances would allow it, Renya would be sure to help with everyone’s luggage, too. But unfortunately that’s not possible. Since not all of it can be taken with us, there is no way to avoid choosing which will be. This choice will give birth to unfairness, which may potentially be dangerous to Renya-san and us, and become apprehensions towards Renya-san. Therefore the option of not telling them about the [Inventory] can be called the best choice.” (Rona)

“Are you okay with that, Rona?” (Shion)

Shion asked while understanding the reasoning but apparently not quite accepting it. Rona expressed a slightly awkward smiled.

“Even though things may appear to be this way, I am still a priestess. If it was possible, I would want to help them. However, in the current situation that would be called something unreasonable. Speaking of not wanting to help would be very unbecoming of a priestess.” (Rona)

“That is … I hate it, but …” (Shion)

Shion was unable to give up and withdraw.

Well, they definitely are good people, Renya admired although he couldn’t put it in better words. He noticed Rona looking at him as if she wanted to say something while he was ruminating.

Even though Rona could say the necessary words, she wanted him to do it by himself. It was such a feeling.

Although Renya wasn’t able to remember his own past. One could probably tell from his facial expression, that his ability to understand the emotions of others in relation to his perception could be called rather low.

This is completely different from the ability to predict an opponent’s next move from their behavior and look in combat, it is a profoundly more complex ability, thought Renya.

For this reason, while he was able to keep showing a delighted smile in combat, he had no ability to read the mood or in other words he was ordinarily disconnected without questioning or thinking in depth.

His 94 years of experience didn’t help him in any way in grasping the heart of others. Thus he was frantically trying to read Rona’s expression and at last he succeeded in doing so.

Then, what in the world do you want me to say here? It surely isn’t even more severe words of refusal, Renya thought.

Speaking of proper words for the sake of settling this situation somehow to make Shion, who doesn’t want to give up, accept following …’

“If the usage of the void storage were to be seen, we would be liable to unjust suspicion for being able to carry even more.” (Renya)

While slowly building up his words, Renya was pondering whether he somehow got the wrong idea. For a fraction of time he threw an inquiring glance at Rona seeking direction as he continued to talk.

“However, as for helping to carry the luggage, as anyone can see it is easy to understand that there is a limit to carrying luggage.” (Renya)

“Un … ?” (Shion)

Shion was puzzled about what Renya wanted to say.

As for Rona, her smiling expression didn’t crumble for an instant at all.

Since it didn’t seem like he made a mistake with the direction his talk was headed, Renya continued.

“Fortunately our luggage has already been stored away in the void storage causing us to be lightly equipped. Also, the villagers are not aware of the fact that I am a possessor of the ability called void storage.” (Renya)

“Un” (Shion)

“To enable the carriage to deliver the letter faster, filling it up with luggage had been postponed, only the important luggage had been loaded. I am certain that all villagers will be able to cooperate this way.” (Renya)

“That is …” (Shion)

Before Shion could say something, Rona clapped a hand on her chest. *pan*

“I see, if that’s the case this unreasonable situation will calm down and disappear, too. All the villagers will be eager to cooperate with us since the method is easy to understand.” (Rona)

“Although it might be cunning, I still suggest this as a compromise. What do you think?” (Renya)

Even though the words were directed at Shion, they were directed at Rona simultaneously as well.

Rona didn’t lose her smiling expression, whereas Shion suddenly brightened up.

“I-Is that so? Certainly, if that’s the case, the villagers will be able to accept that this unreasonable situation is unjustified. And although it’s just a little, the villagers won’t get accustomed to always getting help. I will go discuss this with the village chief for a little while.” (Shion)

Finally showing a smile on her face, Shion jogged away heading towards her destination. *pata pata*

While seeing her back off, Renya muttered without changing his line of sight,

“May I consider this way of removing her hard feelings to be to your satisfaction?” (Renya)

“Yes, I shall offer you a perfect passing grade.” (Rona)

Hearing the sound of applause, Renya shifted his view towards Rona.

Rona was clapping her hands in front of her chest *pachi pachi* while she was smiling. *niko niko*

Because he couldn’t judge the situation in any way, Renya cocked his head in puzzlement while pondering the matter in his mind thinking about the words that were spoken.

“You don’t really think that I followed-up properly, do you?” (Renya)

“Going by the appearance and conclusion, it was in tune with Shion’s opinion, no?” (Rona)

With no feeling of tension, Rona answered without changing her tone being somehow carefree. And yet, even if it was just a little, Renya felt that the mood she emitted had obviously changed.

“Because I am a priestess, I’m not a reasonable realist and unfit to be one in this situation, too.” (Rona)

“I thought that priests always rely on the name of god in situations where it is convenient.” (Renya)

“Ah haha … It seems to be necessary to have a proper discussion soon, isn’t that so, Renya-san?” (Rona)

Feeling the slight provocation, Renya picked up on the little amount of anger mixed in Rona’s words. However she immediately returned to her normal calm voice.

“There is a god. The works of god are entirely real, too. However, after all, people themselves are not really ready for the words of God. While it may be true that I am studying Healing magic, there still is an innumerable amount of people I can’t save.” (Rona)

A shadow darkens Rona’s expression.

Most likely she had experienced something in the past which caused her current expression. Renya waited for her to continue.

“The number of people who can be saved is limited. Priests are pious, sacrificing themselves for their doctrine. Thus they can’t devote themselves to just one thing. It is absolutely necessary to be able to conduct oneself to demarcation.” (Rona)

“I have a feeling that’s not all there is to it.” (Renya)

Renya said while scratching his cheek with the index finger. Rona stared at Renya with a slightly astonished expression.

That facial expression was immediately remade into the usual calm expression from before. Even so, Renya had plenty of time to notice the change in her expression.

“And, what do you mean by that?” (Rona)

“No, nothing, since my intuition won’t work any further than that. Without a foundation, saying anything else feels like stepping in too deep. Or would you tell me, if my conjecture was right or wrong?” (Renya)

“Hmm, what should I do?” (Rona)

“In addition, that is.” (Renya)

Renya inserted jokingly into her words while considering how to continue.

“Although I don’t know who said it, but I heard that a woman having a few secrets makes her more beautiful.” (Renya)

Being attacked in an unguarded moment, her expression visibly went blank. And then instantly her whole face floated a smile towards Renya and she retorted.

“Mind your own business. Even without secrets, Shion and I are beautiful women.” (Rona)

“Indeed, I was in the wrong.” (Renya)

Renya said while blushing as he had slipped with his words. Without loosing her smiling face, Rona nodded. *kokukoku* (T/N: That’s one dangerous woman fufufu)


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