Chapter 2 – It seems I shouldn’t have asked

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Again, why me?” (Renya)

Renya voiced an all too obvious question. The little girl spoke to Renya who had thought that there was no way he would be the cliched ‘chosen one’.

That’s because you are the chosen one!” (God)

Ah?” (Renya)

I’m sorry. I lied. I apologize so please don’t hit me.” (God)

Seeing Renya clenching his fist with a grim expression, the little girl bowed her head and apologized.

A small applause could be heard…

You bastards! You got a problem with me!?” (God)

Everyone heavily nodded in unison in response to the screaming girl.

I guess their frustrations accumulated into a grudge, huh? (Renya)

He saw the little girl crumble to her knees.

Ugh, fine. I will explain the rest so you guys please go somewhere else. The conversation is not making any progress and my heart…is probably broken…” (God) (TL Note : Hug the God ! *hugs* ) (E Note: As opposed to Renya being an S…is the god an M?) (ED: She’s been misbehaving since the beginning of time. She brought it on herself.)

This god seems to pretty much have a weak mental constitution, eh ? (Renya)

The girls smiled at Renya and waved while their bodies began disappearing. The sight of people fading away made Renya doubt whether this was reality.

<INFO>: You have acquired the <Angels’ Blessing>.

Eh? What the hell is this? (Renya)

Renya tilted his head as he saw the little girl stand up and turn towards him.

Ehm, I lied about you being the chosen one. However, not everything was a lie. Not everyone can pass through the wall between worlds.” (God)

So, basically, I can go through those walls?” (Renya)

Yes. Since you have trained your body to a certain extent, there seems to be nothing wrong with you for the most part. In addition, you don’t seem to have any lingering feelings towards your world.”

Since I died peacefully, isn’t it obvious that I don’t have any lingering feelings? (Renya)

For now, Renya decided to remain silent.

So, there technically isn’t any problem with me, right?” (Renya)

As Renya had kicked this God a little earlier, she shook her head.

Even though the kick was unexpected, it was nothing much. Atheists are not rare. I’m not even agitated by the fact that you kicked my little girl figure away. Equality of genders is not a bad thing either.” (God)

For future reference, can I ask what is bad then?” (Renya)

I’m pretty sure its pillaging, raiding, and killing. Well, basically anyway.” (God)

Fuahahahahahahahaha” (God)

A creepy laugh could be heard. Renya began shivering.

It would be perfect if she had white paint on her face. (Renya)

What are you trying to accomplish by sending me to another world?” (Renya)

Nothing at all~” (God)

As soon she declared that, Renya knocked her head. There was quite the resonance. The girl squealed as she put her hands on her head.

Don’t play with the dead if you don’t have any business!” (Renya)

You sure are fast to declare yourself as a deadman~” (God)

I have lived for almost a century. Isn’t that long enough? Though I don’t have any memory of it, I think it’s enough.” (Renya)

Though I think telling a person that just finished one life to go live another is cruel, can you listen to my request? It would make me happy, you know.” (God)

I thought you didn’t have any business with me?” (Renya)

When Renya asked the suddenly humble little girl, she nodded. Seeing this, Renya could only clench his fist. Realizing this, the girl speak again.

I have a clear reason to ask you to go, you know? That’s why, please stop hitting me!” (God)

What do you mean? I want answers.” (Renya)

I want you to go because the world you are designated to go to is low on resources.” (God)

Though she did explain it somewhat, Renya did not understand anything. Thus, he continued to press her.

It can’t be helped, huh? (God)

That was really the reason though, ugh, how should I say this…” (God)

With a troubled expression, the girl spread both of Renya’s hands in front of him. Suddenly, a transparent window appeared before his eyes. Renya couldn’t hide his shock. The window in front of him was projecting some kind of map.

At least, it was a map which Renya had never seen. As it’s scale was reduced, Renya couldn’t understand anything. There were four lands that formed the shape of a four-leaf clover. The intersection of the four lands respectively created areas in the north, west, east, and south.

If the map’s upper part is north, then..but..” (Renya)

Relax, I have translated this to match your knowledge in your previous world. Make no mistake, the map’s upper part is north.” (God)

Is that so? But, this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of geography. What map is this ?” (Renya)

It’s the continent of Eldra. It’s a unique continent in the world that I want Renya-san to go to. As for the size, that clover thing could probably be compared to the size of Eurasia.” (God)  (TL Note : It was written エールドラ)

What!?” (Renya)

Having said that, Renya once again looked at the map.

(TL Note : From this point on, i will refer to our God (Little Girl) as Chibi, since it’s troublesome to write little girl all the time.)

If what the chibi said was true, then this is a huge continent that is 2 times larger than Eurasia in both height and length.

Ridiculous.” (Renya)

It is the truth. There’s no need to be overwhelmed.” (God)

To see a planet that is ridiculously larger than earth.. How many are there!?” (Renya)

It’s not a planet though.” (God)

What!?” (Renya)

She opened another window. There, Renya saw a waterfall that was massive in both height and length. He had never seen this before. He could see the large body of water clearly.

Can you see this? In this world, at the ends of the worlds, there’s always a waterfall that falls into nothingness.” (God)

As the Chibi said thus with a serious face, Renya stood dumbfounded for a straight 5 minutes.

What era is this?” (Renya)

Even though it seems like an Earth envisioned by old-fashioned theorists, this is the reality of this world. If you go beyond the waterfall and fall down, you will disappear. There’s no turning back.” (God)

Who is the fool that created this world!?” (Renya)

In reality, this was Renya’s genuine opinion. This time, the girl responded with a loud voice.

This God in front of you! Who the hell are you calling stupid!?” (God)

Aren’t you stupid, though? What did you eat that made you want to create such a thing!?” (Renya)

Isn’t it obvious that it’s because the sea is surrounding the continent!?” (God)

What the hell is this world? Is there even a re-circulation of water here!?” (Renya)

Of course, there’s no way that exists you idiot! Don’t lump this world’s logic together with yours!” (God)

The lack of resources is because of this stupid system, right!?” (Renya)

It might be because of the harsh intonation, or because she was called stupid, or possibly because Renya had previously used violence on her, the chibi realized her defeat as her face grew pale.

Anyway, because there’s no re-circulation, there’s gotta be some kind of power that keeps supplying it, right ? Even if there’s gotta be some water that evaporated after it fell into that place. If this continues forever, without such a water supply, won’t it eventually dry up?” (Renya)

T-T-There’s no way such a thing will happen, you know?” (God)

Oi, chibi. Look me in the eyes and say it clearly.” (Renya)

I-I Swear! T-That’s really not it! I admit that I used power pointlessly, but this and the request are not related! I swear to God!” (God) (TL Note : Right.. A god swear to god ~_~) (E Note: Does that mean gods have gods? Do those gods have gods? Is there an entire hierarchy of omnipotent beings out there?)

Oi, aren’t you the God? Is what Renya wanted to tsukkomi, yet, refrained from doing so.

Renya stared at the chibi, however, the chibi completely averted her gaze.

Oi.” (Renya)

I will continue the explanation. Eldra, as you can see, is divided into five regions.” (God) (TL Note : The fifth is the center)

The chibi continued the explanation as loud as possible. He could have continued to apply pressure, however, seeing the chibi had already been cornered, he urged himself to let her continue.

North, south, east, west, and… Center, huh..” (Renya)

That’s right, North, south, east, and west is controlled by a singular race. These are the Humans, Elves, Demi-humans, and Dragon Races respectively.”

And the center ?” (Renya)

Demon Race.” (God) (TL Note : Magic Race are demons) (E Note: Kanji is Magic Race. Read as Demon Race.)

According to the chibi’s explanation, the continent was divided into five.

Well, I can’t give too detailed an explanation. This world is basically turning into a harsh environment. To put it simply, war often breaks out.” (God)

Amazed by the chibi, Renya tried to ask something obvious.

Why?” (Renya)

Though I thought that the related parties didn’t realize this, there are 5 warlords in each race. They seem to be starting wars to kill some time.” (God)

S-T-O-P-T-H-E-M!” (Renya)

W-Wait! Don’t strangle me! My neck! Why are you aiming precisely at my arteries!? I’ll die! I’ll die!!!” (God)

On the edge of death from being strangled, the chibi fell away from Renya. Not willing to let go, Renya chased the chibi. Depending on her answer, he was planning on breaking her neck.

By the way, the difference is, he wasn’t trying to cut off her respiratory system (choke her). He was trying to break her neck.

Don’t fuck with me! Because of you, wars are breaking out!” (Renya)

I understand what you are saying, but I can’t do anything!” (God)

The girl was desperately trying to escape, her expression full of fear.

You are God, right?” (Renya)

Since I already transferred the management rights of this world, it’s impossible! Though I can take it back forcefully, there’s a consequence, you know? So, basically-” (God)

While trying to protect her neck, she kept running a little while longer. Following this, she stood still while thinking and said.

If I can make 80% of the continent sink, then I might be able to do something about it.” (God)

Denied.” (Renya)

Then, I can’t do anything. Although, if we can make the warlords there return the management rights, then it would be a different story.”(God)

Having declared so, Renya stopped his chase.

Because of them, the death and life cycle in this world has stopped.” (God)

What do you mean? “(Renya)

After confirming that Renya had paused his pursuit, the chibi turned around and continued her explanation.

Although souls that died normally from disease or old age are fine, what about those who did not meet a normal end. Those who got captured and killed on the battlefield, those who got slashed into pieces, those who got eaten by dragons, those who died in raids by goblins or orcs. Do you think those souls will want to return to such an environment?” (God)

Well, that’d probably be impossible.” (Renya)

That’s right. Thus, souls that reject such a world begin to accumulate.” (God)

The chibi spoke with an exasperated expression.

Even if it came from the neck that Renya had tried to break a short while ago, somehow, he could sympathize with her.

I tried to persuade the warlords, presenting the benefits the rejected souls possess to their world. I had tried plenty of things, all of which were fruitless endeavors.” (God)

So you’ve at least tried something, huh?” (Renya)

Yeah, once. However, not only was it fruitless, I was blamed by the inhabitants. I, at the very least, planned to allow myself to get strangled.” (God)

Because I was from another world, she denied to get strangled by me, huh…(Renya)

Renya urged her to continue.

That’s why, because they get reincarnated to another world, this world’s resources began to decline.” (God)

Isn’t it fine to destroy such a world?” (Renya)

Not only do the warlords have no intention of properly managing things, the population continues to drop in such an environment. Even if it was left alone, such a world would probably get destroyed soon anyway. (Renya)

That might be okay, but thinking about the souls that will be lost,  it cannot be allowed to be destroyed.” (God)

Even if we can recreate it again, the angels and I will die from exhaustion. (God)

It’s technically impossible. There will be lot of souls that got reincarnated without my knowing. The number of souls that reject reincarnation into the other world are too scarce.” (God) (ED: All the souls would leave that world for better ones and there wouldn’t be enough left for a proper population after recreation.)

Souls with more than a certain quality consume the resources of the world that they are originally made from. Following this, the souls use even more of this world’s resources in order to immigrate to another. Those souls that got reincarnated to another world are slightly but surely reducing this world’s resources.

That was quite a complex story, huh…” (Renya)  (ED: Sounds legit.)

Yes, we need to somehow persuade the lords, and then get the world’s order back to normal. It’s very time-consuming. Basically, what I’m asking is-” (God)

“’I want you to go there to stall for time and preserve the world’s resources.’ Am I right?” (Renya)

If it was only bringing me resources, I wouldn’t need to ask you. However, just like how a file attached to an email and the file itself are completely different things, you’ll have to attach something to someone’s soul.” (God)

Something like a file attachment software?” (Renya)

It might be worthy to create it if there’s someone to take it, but I can’t since the warlords don’t understand and have denied my interference.” (God)

Even if you can send something, it’s meaningless if there’s no one to receive it. If they realized that their world is going to be destroyed, things would have been different. But they don’t. They only think that my interference is unnecessary. (God)

God spoke with a wry smile.

Can you explain the current situation?” (Renya)

I got rejected.” (God)

It’s obvious that it’s the warlords’ fault.” (Renya)

There wasn’t even a reply.” (God)  (ED: It feels like lolikami-sama has burned a lot of bridges.)

Watching the chibi hang her head, Renya sighed.

If he didn’t hear such a story, he could just ignore their troubles. However, now that he knew, he couldn’t pretend that it wasn’t his problem. Actually, Renya didn’t want to get involved with this sort of trouble, yet, he had decided.

I got it. Let’s team up.” (Renya)

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There may be many typographical errors and omissions but, if you were to point them out, I would be very grateful.



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