Chapter 70 – It seems to be Liaris’ great activity

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A/N: A lie is recorded in the title


The mithril-made dagger’s blade runs across the body of a wyvren.
The tough scales and skin, which are not penetrated easily if it’s a normal blade, have almost no feeling of a resistance-like repulsion towards the mithril blade, which absorbed the will and mana of its wielder, and are cut open easily. Read the chapter at Infinite Novel Translations!
The scales don’t have much value as raw material since they are nothing more than fairly tough, but even so they are in demand as raw materials for low-priced armours. Once you apply various treatments on them, they can also become an ingredient for medicine.
Since the skin is versatile on top of being durable, it fetches quite the high price as raw material.
Once you clear away the scales and skin, a whitish flesh will become visible below them.
It’s great that there’s no need to drain the blood as it has a large hole in the abdomen and the head’s gone, while thinking that, Renya briskly cuts out that flesh.
This part isn’t circulating on the market overly much, or rather the fault lies in the lack of a supply source, but since Renya heard that it’s a very delicious ingredient, which kept the refined taste of its fat while having a soft meat quality, he properly dressed the meat and put it into his inventory.
However, it doesn’t seem like we will be able to eat all of it. Mainly the meat from the breast, back, leg, the area around the neck and the tail are usable as ingredient.
Moreover, once he makes his way to the internal organs, there’s a candy-sized magic gem just above the heart.
Of course he secures that.
It’s an item that Renya doesn’t regard as anything but having the value of glass marble by now due to the mass-production by Frau, but it’s not like Renya has a leeway to the extent of neglecting and not collecting an item that can be turned into money.
Moreover, Renya was dying to secure the entrails as ingredients, but since he hesitates to make the stomach and guts of a carnivorous monster into ingredients, he leaves them alone although he’s interested in them.
I thought that at least the heart and liver would be alright, but although I was able to guess which is the heart since it’s moving, I don’t know at all which is the liver.
Even if I consider that this might be it somehow or another, I don’t have any confidence in my judgement.
It’s a kind of animal that didn’t exist in my previous world after all.
If I think that it might be the liver, there’s remaining the possibility of it being something completely different of which I don’t even know the name no matter what.
In the end Renya hesitated quite a bit and tearfully decided to give up on securing the liver.
Even if I wanted an advice, Croire has said that she hasn’t done something like the dismantling of a wyvren and the other person is…
Thinking up to this point, Renya looks up to the sky.
There, with a feeling of having given up in a lot of ways, human-shaped steel is flying in the air with both its arms and legs swinging around while they are dangling loosely.
When that body soared once again through the sky, a flower of bright red blood bloomed in the sky.

“15 targets have been shot down…” (Croire)

Croire’s voice has a somewhat hollow tone.
At the beginning she was clamouring around next to Renya, but stopping to make a fuss as time passed, she now limited herself to simply gazing with a somewhat distance look at the whereabouts of Liaris, who is continuing to soar through the sky, and the dismantling of Renya donning an expression of having given up in various ways as well.

“Although wyvrens are welcome, rock dragons are no good. They have no use.” (Renya)

Are they lured in by the smell of the spilled blood of the dead wyvrens? One sub-dragon after the other appeared at the location of Renya and the others.
Most of them were wyvrens, but sometimes there’s a rock dragon mixed in as well.
Just as its name states, the rock dragons have their whole body covered by a hard skin which is rugged and tough like a rock. The damage transmission through plain blows wasn’t good.
He tried to defeat them by changing it into a showering of Liaris blows as it couldn’t be helped, but once they were brought down, their hard skin became a hindrance in the dismantling next.
Moreover, with that skin being too hard, it isn’t suited for processing either.
Is the moving of that heavy body for the purpose of delivering a finishing blow? The flesh was also tough and hard to chew.
As result of his expectation maybe there’s delicious meat hiding below the hard skin being betrayed, Renya felt disappointed.
As it’s not possible to eat it and raw materials can’t be harvested either due to its plain toughness and sturdiness, it’s a harassment-like monster.
After having defeated several of them, Renya chops them up with wind magic as soon as he finds them and leaves them as they are.
Given that they are completely scattered after having been turned into mince meat, there’s no concern about them changing into undead.

“However, if this skirmish ends up being this showy… I have a feeling that it’s fine even if we don’t go especially for a dragon in reverse.” (Renya)

“Do- you intend- to- defeat a- dragon- with that- as well?” (Croire)

“That’s right… It’s difficult to speak about having participated in the battle, if she doesn’t land at least one hit, right?” (Renya)

“Even in- the current- state it’s- hard to call- it like- that, I- believe.” (Croire)

“Is that so?” Renya looks up to the armour flying above his head.
Certainly, the one doing the manipulation is me, but it’s an unmistakable fact that they wyvrens are defeated by the ramming attacks of Liaris who’s inside the armour, if you only look at the results.
However, it’s nothing more but the person herself having absolutely no freedom of action.
Even if they were to examine the authenticity with a divination*, it’s likely unthinkable for them to judge it as lie, Renya is certain of that. (T/N: I misinterpreted the wording in the chapter where Renya, Shion and Rona come to the gate of Kukrika for the first time. The kanji is 法術 (houjutsu) which translates as practising law or art of law, but as a magic spell is meant here and as it seems to be connected to faith, I will translate it as divination)

“I wonder if the dragon won’t come this way, too, due to being tempted by the smell of blood?” (Renya)

“If it did so, it would save us the trouble of searching for it”, Renya says.
While hiding on the other side of her faint smile the thought if possible, I don’t want to encounter it though, Croire says,

“Do you want- me to look- for it?” (Croire)

“Are you able to?” (Renya)

Croire nods towards Renya who asks with a slightly surprised expression.

“Can you even use the divination <Investigation>?” (Renya)

“Elves- aren’t able- to use- divination. That’s- because we- don’t believe- in god.” (Croire)

“Then, how will you do it?” (Renya)

“For the- time- being, leave it- to- me, please.” (Croire)

Once she takes over by hitting her chest with a *pon*, Croire focusses her consciousness.
It’s not a type of magic. This translation belongs to Infinite Novel Translations!
It can’t be called skill either.
Instead it was something named 「Amplification of Perception」 the elves possess from the time of their birth.
Originally it is used to probe the state of the surroundings within a forest, but even if they aren’t in a forest, they perceive things like the sound of wind, scents, slight vibrations and sounds and although it’s only vaguely, they are able to picture the scenery of quite a range in their minds.
Of course this isn’t something they have usually deployed.
As long as they don’t think about wanting to use it, it’s something similar to a hidden talent.
If that wasn’t the case, the elves would continuously be scared of small sounds and faint presences while leading their everyday’s lives.
Elves won’t usually use this ability at places where there are other races besides them.
That’s because that would expose one of their powers.
And thus there are only few people who know about the elves possessing such ability.
Currently, Croire who judged to use that ability in front of Renya has first the feeling that it won’t particularly hurt if I show it to Renya and second, if I don’t find the dragon quickly, Liaris will likely continue crashing into wyvrens and rock dragons forever while being swung around in the sky, she believed.
Beginning to spread the range of her perception, Croire immediately noticed two unusual phenomenons.
One is her own range of perception.
If it’s a normal elf, the range is limited to a circle of several hundred meters in diameter.
Very skilled elves barely reach a space of one to two kilometres.
However, the perception of Croire, who went full throttle from the beginning, easily surpasses 2 km and spread up to places reaching 3 km.
That change doesn’t stop with the perception, but also extends to my skill in magic, my swordsmanship and my agility, Croire realized.
It’s a change that occurred after she fought the monster army together with Renya.
What happened to my own body? Although Croire didn’t understand it, she isn’t in a bad condition. Given that it’s not a bad situation either, she doesn’t care about it overly much.
Maybe it’s influenced by performing the last rites to the demon as was recommended to me by Renya is the level of her thinking about it.
The second phenomenon is an event happening within her extended perception.
Croire picked up several big reactions within the sphere of her perception.
As those were powerful reactions that couldn’t be compared to wyvrens, Croire thought isn’t that likely the response of the dragons?
Although she thought that, it was particularly incomprehensible for all those reactions to simultaneously move with quite the speed in a direction away from the location where Renya and the others are.
Moreover, as for incomprehensible situations; in a place with a slightly opened level ground that was somewhat apart from them, only one largish reaction has stayed behind, but it’s not trying to move from its location at all.
What the heck are these reactions representing? Unable to understand it, Croire tilts her head to the side.
Renya, who looked at her state from the side, sees Croire tilting her head and calls out to her.

“Did you discover something?” (Renya)

“In this- direction…” (Croire)

Croire pointed in the direction of the reaction that doesn’t move.

“It’s a- large- reaction, but- it’s only- one. And, I don’t- understand the- reason.” (Croire)

“Uh huh.” (Renya) Translation at Infinite Novel Translations

“As it’s a bit- larger- reaction, many are- moving- away from- it.” (Croire)

If one considered only the whereabouts of the reaction, they wouldn’t get away even if trying to escape, but speaking of dragons, they are high-classed beings that can also be called the strongest monsters.
Since there are all kinds albeit being labelled as dragon, it wasn’t like all of them were transcending existences, but even the lowest ranked dragon, on top of having to gather several a-rank adventurer parties, they would need to resolve themselves for a considerable amount of losses as there’s no mistake in it being a formidable enemy.
If it comes to superior dragons there even exist specimen which have combat ability to degree of the possibility of failure being quite high even if a country embarks onto a subjugation en masse.
The dragons, who are inhabiting this group of rocky mountains, seem to be relatively low-ranking dragons Croire has investigated beforehand, but even so they aren’t opponents that you can flee from with a party that has only three people.

“They are running away?” (Renya)

“Such is- the reaction. However, for them- to have chosen- to run- away- this easily…” (Croire)

“It might be”, Croire changes her thinking in the middle of her words.
The monster called dragon is also intelligent. It seems to be quite the clever creature.
Given that usually a dragon has very few meetings with beings who can match it, there are no situations for a dragon to force it to flee, but currently among the members who have come to hunt them, there are pretty much normal beings like Croire herself and Liaris who is flying in the air, but the problem is Renya.
Boasting of a mana capacity that’s simply able to shoulder almost all of the mana used by an army by himself, he is the owner of the ability to slaughter even that demon in one-on-one combat.
Regarding the aspect of danger, isn’t this person already rivalling a dragon?
Such thoughts gain strength within Croire.
Those don’t seem to be such foolish considerations, Croire believed.

“What’s wrong?” (Renya)

“No, nothing. So. Only one- reaction has- remained- ahead of- here.” (Croire)

“Did it fall behind in escaping?” (Renya)

“I wonder- about that? If it- intends- to run away, it will- escape- quickly, I think. But, the- reaction isn’t- moving from- its- place.” (Croire)

“Is it a dragon, I wonder?” (Renya)

Even if he asks, I don’t know that much.
Croire shrugged her shoulders. Reading this anywhere else but at Infinite Novel Translations means you are supporting thieves.

“Going by- its size, the- possibility is- high, I think.” (Croire)

“Well then, shall we check up on that one?” (Renya)

Saying this, Renya turns his look towards Liaris who is soaring through the air.
The armour, which flew through the skies with Liaris inside, directly descended to the location of Renya and Croire while being guided by Renya’s look. It completely stopped close to the ground.

“Liaris, are you awake? Could she have possibly lost consciousness or died?” (Renya)

“R-Renya-san… this treatment is… far too cruel…” (Liaris)

The broken voice of Liaris was audible.
Being swung around to such an extent, she apparently felt at ease with not losing her consciousness even when she was thrown around.
Seeing that mithril is a metal that reacts to the will of the person having it equipped, its effect will decrease considerably if its wearer faints and loses consciousness.
While being conscious the person equipping it won’t receive almost no damage that might turn into an injury even if the treatment is fairly relentless, Renya finishes his confirmation.

“Since we found something dragon-like, we will go there. Are you able to keep up your motivation properly?” (Renya)

“I-… I will do my best.” (Liaris)

Due to the unexpectedly clear answer, albeit it coming across in a murmur, Renya judges it’s still fine for the next while.
Because weight is weight after all, Renya was worried about the consumption of mana while transporting the armour, however although he certainly expended a large quantity of mana if assessing what was used by now, it’s also not an amount that can’t be maintained either.
Given that it will take time to equip it once again if taken off temporarily, Renya decides to transport the armour with the <Manipulation> spell as is.

“Well, then let’s go?” (Renya)

Urging on Croire, Renya heads towards the place where the reaction, which Croire sensed, is located at.
Renya and Croire, who walked for a while, came out at a slightly open place before long and immediately came across an unbelievable spectacle there.

“Hey… what do you think is that?” (Renya)

“Even if- you ask- me…” (Croire) Copyright by Infinite Novel Translations

The spectacle, which appeared in front of Renya and the others, was a somewhat indescribable view.
It was the slightly opened space according to what Croire felt, but in the middle of that place a red-scaled dragon with a length of around 10 metres struggled violently while being tied at the neck with thick chains which were nailed to the ground on one side.


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