Chapter 69 – It seems to be the beginning of the subjugation

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Renya harbours the impression I wonder if it went slightly amiss? due to the attire of Croire who is walking next to him.
They are in the middle of a road that can’t be even called a road as it’s trying to weave it’s way through the mountain scenery which could be simply called a field of rocks. They had to push through until quite deep into the group of rocky mountains where the Tomb of the Recluse supposedly lies and which is the location they are aiming for.
Originally things started after questioning what will happen if you can make a mithril ingot as thin and wide-spread as possible by simply striking it. Renya noticed that mithril keeps a moderate durability once it becomes completely spread-out and thin like a gold leaf when he tried to hit it thoroughly.
If it’s like this, isn’t it possible to create something resembling what is called a gold threat in my previous world? and handed it over to Frau as I probably should request an expert related to fibres to handle it.
Frau, who received a rustling mithril foil that’s thinner than paper from Renya, returned to Renya’s location making a troubled expression after having asked something from Shion, Rona and Croire.

“What happened?” (Renya)

“Shion-ane-sama has said that something like mithril equipment is unusable and wasteful ~no. For Rona-ane-sama it looks like white is no good because she has decided on black for her priestess’ garb ~no. Only Croire-chan is okay with anything as long as she can wear it.” (Frau)

“I don’t understand why I’m expected to make clothes for the female camp, but… since it has become like this, isn’t it fine for you to create a complete set for Croire for the time being?” (Renya)

“That’s what I shall do ~no. Is it fine for Frau to make her own share as well?” (Frau)

“I don’t mind, but… I intend to pass you what I’d like you to create as prototype, you know.” (Renya)

It seems that the talk has suddenly turned into officially creating equipment, but once he sees Frau being full of spirit to give it a go, Renya decided to leave it alone not caring what she has to do or wants to do without any intention to meddle any further.
There was something Renya had to do.
Without informing Liaris of the destination, he simply told her to make sure being able to take days off from school at any time as they would proceed with a meeting once they were able to finish the common preparations.
Once they gathered and bought the necessary materials in the city, Renya began to create a certain something after secluding himself in the workshop.
It’s an indispensable equipment for Liaris to be allowed to accompany them on something like a dragon subjugation as it’s a task not accomplish-able for a normal low-ranking adventurer.
What he created after taking a full day is an extremely boorish complete set of a full body armour.
All of it is covered in bulky steel armour. It’s an item where one will immediately know that it’s likely not supposed to be worn by a human if one considers its weight.
Renya affixed one layer of the same mithril foil, he had given to Frau, all around the armour, regardless of back or front side.
Renya realized it while working with it, but the metal called mithril had a level of strength that could be called somewhat more durable than iron as raw material.
Even while processing it, he was able to treat it very normally just like the usual equipment.
Although it wasn’t completely the same, Renya couldn’t consider it a raw material that has overly much meaning except its rarity.
It was at the time he stabbed it with a small iron knife, he created as trial, that he noticed his perception of mithril being mistaken.
Of course, Renya tried to stab iron with a mithril knife as well, but far from stabbing the iron, it just caused a high-pitched clanking sound. Being disappointed by the mithril being useless, he tried to seriously slash the iron with the mithril knife after he decided to melt it down.
As result, the mithril blade split the lump of iron, he cut at, into two from the place where the blade bit into the iron without it breaking either.
Renya, who was surprised by the overly lacking resistance, guessed doesn’t it seem like the metal called mithril is a metal that changes its property responding to the user’s intention?
This was later on supported by the explanation from Croire.
Apparently mithril is a telepathic material which understands its user’s intention, absorbs their mana and changes its property by consuming that mana.
In other words, at the time of processing it, it would react to the intention of wanting to process it and thus it would accordingly become easier to process it. It was something said to become strong against fire and cold and turn solid after reacting to the will of protection once it was made into shields or armour.
The rice cooker, which was created by Renya, has a property of being usable as regular rice cooker because no one’s hand touched it while it was held into the fire. In case it was an utensil that will be touched by simple contemporaries like a fry pan, it will be reduced to a defective tool that won’t let any heat through as long as some of the people using it silently pray for it to not be hot.
What Renya created after he understood that is a full-body armour with a mithril coating which is definitely far too heavy to walk and wear with the power of a human.

“It’s an- armour-?” (Croire)

“Yea, well… you might be reluctant about it, Croire, but it’s something necessary.” (Renya)

If I normally take along Liaris on a dragon subjugation, she will definitely die.
Even if she just received the after-effects of something like proper breath attack, there was no doubt that she would likely be on the verge of death.
Therefore, what Renya created is that armour which is one-sidedly devoted to defence power.
Because he was worried about its defensive strength with just Liaris’ mana, he installed plenty of magic gems he had received from Frau, but as result Renya couldn’t see it as anything but a gorgeous coffin from his point of view.
At any rate, it’s an item where she won’t be able to take one step while wearing it.
It’s fine to say that it has no practical use.
Even Croire, who didn’t think overly well of Renya using the mithril for an armour at first, shows an expression filled with curiosity wondering “just how the heck will she use that with its current lack of practical use?”
As it looks that it will become troublesome in various ways if I explain it, Renya stored it away just like that in his inventory.

“It’s-fine-. Apart from- that, what do- you think, about- this attire?” (Croire)

While saying this, what Croire showed was the attire she is currently wearing while walking next to Renya.
From the top, a snow white long-sleeved shirt, a likewise snow white gown, a similarly snow white flare skirt and below that, knee-high jet-black socks.
Her hands have black gloves where the fingers are not covered and her feet are outfitted with high laced boots that reach up to below her knees.
The shirt and skirt have been made using something as luxurious as mithril foil that was stitched in with silver threads. Dazzlingly shining when basked by the daylight, she turned into a fairytale-like beauty coupled with the beauty of elves, but one might also say that she stands out too much in a certain meaning.
At least, along the path through the dreary rocky mountains she was extremely like a sore thumb with her conspicuousness.
The one one following while out of breath from behind them is Liaris.
Even though she came here for a subjugation, she wears her usual city attire without even having a sword or any armour.
Going by her own judgement, she cannot help but calling it madness, but those are Renya’s instructions.

“It suits you. It’s very cute. But… isn’t that an attire that is a bit unfitting for a mountain hike?” (Renya)

“That’s- also true-. But-, as those- socks- and such- are very durable- Frau-san- made them- so my feet- won’t be- injured.” (Croire)

“Re-Renya-san? Just how far do we have to walk… have you said? In such dress I…” (Liaris)

“Mmh?” (Renya)

“Ah, no, it’s not like I want to complain or anything like that though.” (Liaris)

Did she think Renya would take offence? Liaris waved her hand and head in panic, but Renya raised his voice in reaction to something totally different.

“Croire, does it look like something is flying up in the sky ahead?” (Renya)

“Renya-san-, your eyes- are good. I think- that’s a- wyvren. The distance- is around- 600m.” (Croire)

“I see. Just the right target for some testing before the real deal. Liaris, this way.” (Renya)

“Ye-Yes?” (Liaris)

Liaris, who doesn’t understand at all what will happen after this, approaches Renya while being beckoned by him.
In front of her eyes Renya took out the mithril-coated full body armour from his inventory.
Once he lays it down on the ground so that it faces up and quickly unfastens its clasps, the whole armour opens into two parts. Renya instructs Liaris to lie down into the part of the armour that is lying on the ground.

“Umm, what the heck…?” (Liaris)

“There’s no time. Listen, lie down quickly.” (Renya)

“Renya-san-, that side- seems to- have noticed- us. (Croire)

Once he directed his sight ahead of the path upon Croire’s warning, he saw the wyvren flying this way slowly.
The wyvren is a sub-dragon which is a large fore-footed lizard that has wings made out of bat-like membranes.
It’s overall length is around 3 m. Although it doesn’t use any kind of breath, it has a stinger at the tip of its tail that possesses a powerful paralysing poison, is the information Renya heard at the guild.
As for its strength; it’s not hopelessly powerful, but as it’s definitely classified as strong monster, it views adventurers, who aren’t used to attacks from the sky, as easy prey.

“It’s coming this way. Look! Get inside fast!” (Renya)

“U-Understood.” (Liaris)

Liaris lies down in the armour in a hurry.
Confirming that, Renya shuts the lid right away and fastens the clasps.

“Renya-san-, it’s here!” (Croire)

“Please defend against the first attack!” (Renya)

“You are saying something splendidly unreasonable, aren’t you?” (Croire)

Croire, who confronted the wyvren that tries to hit her with its hind-legs as it nose-dives from the sky, cried loudly while cursing at Renya in the elven language.

“<Wind Wall>!” (Croire)

The flight of the wyvren, that was going to attack, is disturbed by the rolled up wind.
Did it think it might crash to the ground if it started a forced attack? They wyvren temporarily abandons its attack and takes a distance by circling.
Its jaw, that had jagged fangs lined up, raised a terribly grating roar.

“Renya-san! That guys is calling its friends!” (Croire)

“… Hey, Croire.” (Renya)

“What is it!? The second time will be quite close, I’m sure!” (Croire)

“That skirt… it’s an impregnable wall, isn’t it*…” (Renya) (T/N: expresses disappointment)

Due to Renya saying that calmly, Croire’s cheek became slightly red while she’s holding down her skirt’s hem.

“If you want to see, I will roll it up for you as much as you like! Bah, what am I saying!?” (Croire)

“That will get you fired up once more, won’t it?” (Renya)

While laughing frivolously, Renya, who fixed the last fastener, calls out to Liaris who’s inside the armour.

“Listen up, Liaris. If you don’t want to die, desperately pray to become tough. Got it? It’s also fine to think about you hating pain or you not wanting to die. At any rate, be proactive about it, understood?” (Renya)

“Y-Yes!” (Liaris)

“Alright, get ready in various ways.” (Renya)

“Eh!?” (Liaris)

Liaris was flooded with scruples due to Renya’s remark, but she was already in a situation where escape by her own power was impossible.
It’s an armour where the person inside can’t remove the armour with their own hands if they are even unable to get up thanks to its weight.
Once he took his eyes off Liaris and looked up to the sky, the number of wyvrens, who were observing the situation over here while circling, had increased to four.

“They are increasing! They have increased, Renya-san!” (Croire)

Since the shouting Croire started to talk fluently she has likely been continuously using the elven language.

“Alright, let’s go, Liaris. It’s okay, I have experimented with it myself more or less!” (Renya)

“O-Okay?” (Liaris)

“Non-attribute, enhanced activation, <Manipulation>.” (Renya)

“Hyaa” (Liaris)

The armour, which was stretched out on the ground, jumped up to the sky with a terrific force while leaving a short scream behind.
Likely the scream itself was something long-lasting, but it probably became quickly inaudible as she ended up attaining quite the altitude, Renya judged.
The manipulation spell is a non-attribute spell which moves items without using one’s hands.
For a common magic practitioner it’s a spell that allows moving item, which are at the level of being holdable by one hand, with a suitable momentum. Never, ever is it a spell that can lift up something to a distance where a scream can’t be heard and that lightly raises an armour with a weight, that makes it sink into the ground, by only one person.
It’s a technique accomplishing a questionable cutting of corners by making an item reach a place with magic by using only its initial force without continuing to prolong the spell’s effect in addition to an amplification of the effect by consuming large amounts of mana.
In other words, for Renya it’s a feeling of playing a juggling game with the heavy armour, which had Liaris inside, with an invisible, huge hand.
Even the wyvrens, who are circling above Renya’s head, were apparently surprised by this. Their attention turned towards the armour which suddenly came flying.
In that instant Renya activated the second manipulation of the spell and threw Liaris’ body vigorously at one of the wyvrens.
The wyvren took evasive measures in panic, but it was already too late at the moment it realized the approach.
The mumbling and screaming lump of metal clashes into the abdomen at the flank of the wyvren that failed to evade.
At that moment the wyvren raised a scream and the abdomen’s flesh at the flank burst open.
Scattering around fragments of flesh and drops of blood, the wyvren falls down.
At that time there’s already a sudden change in the flight direction of Liaris’ body. It blows off the head of another wyvren.


Ahead of the look of Croire, who is gazing at the sky in a daze while being taken aback, the armour, which had Liaris inside and continued to freely soar through the sky, pierces the bodies of two more wyvrens and comes down just like that.
Falling down to a location visible by Renya and Croire, it lands gently on the ground after being stopped as if being caught by an invisible hand just on the verge of crashing into the ground.

“Renya… -san…” (Croire)

Did her eyes roll over? Croire turns a somewhat accusing gaze at Renya due to the armour’s posture of not moving with a twitch anymore and only raising groans of “uh uh”.

“Hasn’t Liaris defeated four wyvrens with this?” (Renya)

The sounds of four dead wyvren bodies crashing to the ground in succession reverberated in the surroundings of Renya who declared that nonchalantly without showing any remorse.


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