Chapter 68 – It seems to be the choice of a subjugation target

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There’s always notices with requests posted on the guild’s message board to an extent that one might be baffled by their amount.
However, the requests posted there are either awfully easy or those where failure doesn’t matter. There are few people who know that there are suitable substitutes.
If really important requests and difficult requests were to be exposed in an unspecified large number to the eyes of all adventurers, that wouldn’t be a good thing either.
Requests of that type are secretly passed over to adventurers who have the appropriate skills and whom the guild deems suitable.
Naturally if they accomplish such requests, the fame and reward, they can earn with that, cannot be compared to requests like the ones written on the guild’s message board.
Having said that, it’s not like such requests exist all the time.
In the end Renya decided to accept a request from Liaris.
He tried to consult with Shion and Rona, too, but their answer was that they wouldn’t be able to accompany him as they were busy with various other issues though they couldn’t talk about the details.
Because of the information brought from the elven country the other day, continuous monitoring has been set up at the entrance to the Forest Labyrinth which is located in the forest that had been mostly destroyed by Renya and the construction of a fortress with a reasonable scale nearby has started with a quick pace.
There’s a rumour that they are hurrying the formation of the garrison after having decided a permanent stationing of soldiers.
As expected, it’s not like they can station a garrison there that will be able to repulse a group of monsters at the scale as the one which attacked the elven country. The fort puts emphasis on defence strength. Apparently there have been installed several escape doors so that the soldiers can escape swiftly in an emergency.
Renya is somehow able to understand that Rona is busy related to that.
Rona is calling herself a priestess for the time being, but in reality she’s a Knight.
You can pretty much call her an expert of military affairs in Kukrika which is close to the front lines.
Even if she has been invited by that side, it’s nothing particularly weird.
In contrast, what was odd was Shion being busy.
I don’t have the slightest idea about the reason for her being busy.
Even if one considers her as combat potential, she is just a mere sword-woman and if compared with Renya, she doesn’t possess anything but skills that fall far behind him.
It’s difficult to imagine for her to be summoned to get involved with the garrison.
Although it’s very doubtful, there’s no method to check whether she has been asked either.
It’s also possible for her to come for a talk sooner or later, if there’s some problem. Around this point Renya stops thinking about this matter.

“There are- no- good- requests- here-, you know-?” (Croire)

Croire, who gazed at the message board, says.
Renya made sure to have Croire accompany him as much as possible when he went out.
Realising from the reaction of Liaris at the time she saw Croire, humans are generally surprised by seeing an elf.
This was a reaction caused by their curiosity, but if that’s the case, they will likely stop being surprised each and every time once they are able to see an elf at a rate that doesn’t make it unusual, is Renya’s idea.
However, that’s also no reason for having Croire wandering aimlessly by herself all over.
Saying she’s unusual can also be paraphrased into her having rare value.
Renya doesn’t know whether the situation of the public order in the city of Kukrika is satisfactory, but he can’t definitely state that there’s no kidnapping.
And, in case such criminals became conscious of Croire’s existence, it might be possible for Croire, who would let them strike it rich, to experience a dangerous situation.
Since that’s the case, there’s nothing left but for Renya himself to act as Croire’s guard and stay together with her.

“Well it’s not like we can idle around with a suitably moderate request either.” (Renya)

There’s a single reason why Renya decided to accept Liaris’ request.
That’s because of the reward presented to Renya by Liaris.
Liaris, who carried out requests as regular adventurer before she became a school teacher, offered Renya to hand over everything as long as it’s money she possesses herself and items she gathered in her adventuring days.
As for the items she collected, Liaris, who apparently got a methodical character, wrote all of them on a list.
“There’s such stuff”, Liaris gave that list, she brought along when she visited, to Renya. Seeing that list, Renya discovered an item that caught his eyes.
The entry for that was written like this:
< A small metal box, colour is black, its shape is oval and strange ornaments have been installed on it. Inside there are many polyhedrons, which look globe-shaped, with uneven sizes of their surfaces. Their colours are jet black with red lines here and there. The polyhedrons are suspended in there by seven fulcrums and a belt that seems to be made out of metal. Their purpose is unknown.>
No way, was Renya’s frank impression.
There was for some unknown reason only one item, which applies to this description, within Renya’s knowledge.
By staring at them, the scenery of the underworld emerges in one’s mind and they will end up summoning what shouldn’t be called. It’s that.
However, this is knowledge from my previous world, it’s quite unlikely for the same thing to exist in a different world.
Even so, the resemblance is too much.
For argument’s sake, if it’s something else, there won’t be any problem.
However, if it was the same item as the one to be found in Renya’s knowledge, it’s a far too dangerous item to be in the hands of a mere adventurer.
While that may be true, I can’t say it will be safe in my hands either, but as I understand at least what it is, it should be difficult for me to make mistakes in its treatment.
In order to not appear overly unnatural, Renya told Liaris that he would accept the request on the condition of being given some money and goods, several items, that appear to be magic handicraft, and that small metal box as reward.
Of course, in case he obtained the small box successfully, he intends to consult with Frau and to seal it away so that it won’t ever be touched by people.

“At any rate, I don’t quite understand what kind of job meets Liaris’ expectations.” (Renya)

“A job- where you- can say- she- succeeded as- adventurer?” (Croire)

“Certainly it’s very unlikely for it to become some crazy story where she’s tossed into the vicinity of an orc nest and told to kill 100 orcs by herself, right…?” (Renya)

Once you assess the phrase of killing 100 orcs, it might be taken in a different meaning, Renya thinks.
In that case it would turn into the previous talk about fame or achievements and so on.

“Basically- it has to- be doable- by Liaris-san?” (Croire)

“No, that’s likely unreasonable, but you can’t definitely call it her achievement if she doesn’t fight herself to some extent, right?” (Renya)

Even if it was a talk about Renya searching as well as killing it and letting the credit go to Liaris, Renya himself doesn’t mind at all, but it might get easily revealed if the person herself doesn’t do anything.
In that case, if she fought a bit, even if I’m responsible for the greater parts, it will probably easier for her to say that it’s her achievement, Renya assessed.

“It will be fine even if she just stabs the target, that’s half dead from my attacks, to finish it off, but… I wonder just what kind of monster is convenient for that?” (Renya)

“If it was- about an- elf-, I- could tell-, but… if it’s- about a- human, I don’t- know.” (Croire)

“If it’s an elf, what’s required for them to defeat to be regarded as remarkable?” (Renya)

“That will- be a- manticore.” (Croire)

The monster called manticore is a monster living in forests and a being that has a strong appetite.
It has wings similar to the membrane of bats and a tail with with a scorpion stinger attached.
It is said that it possesses the body of a lion with a human face. It even has the nuisance of using magic even though only lower grade one.
At any rate, it is a monster that eats well. If it’s elves or beasts, as long as it’s something that can enter its mouth, it will eat endlessly. Among the elves it was decided to exterminate it as soon as it was discovered while treating it as harmful monster.
“Since it has a brutal and uncontrollable nature, the act of crushing this manticore alone will warrant high praises for such an extremely honourable deed among the elves”, Croire explained.
In elven language.
As it was impossible to explain it in common language, Croire gave up quickly, but she became teary-eyed from receiving Renya’s iron claw, albeit a weak one, once she finished her explanation.

“Don’t start rattling on and on in the elvish language all of a sudden, you idiot.” (Renya)

“You are- cruel, Renya-san. I’m seeing- stars- in front of- my eyes.” (Croire)

“Don’t worry as it will go away sooner or later. … However, I wonder whether Liaris defeating a manticore will be a cause for her to be regarded as remarkable…?” (Renya)

Moreover, will we be able to find it?, there’s such a worry as well.
As there are many large forests in the elven country, it looks like manticores themselves are monsters that appear fairly frequently, but one can’t say that it’s the same on the human continent.
There’s far less forests compared to the elven country. Since it’s normal for adventurers or a subjugation unit from the country to be dispatched as soon as such dangerous monsters are found, it’s difficult to find them as they lurk deep in the forests.

“Oh, ni-chan, it’s been a while. What did you do to have caught such extreme beauty?”

Coming to his senses from his thoughts due to the sudden voice directed at him, Renya turns his look in the direction of the voice’s owner.
The one who was there was not only a middle-aged man but also an adventurer who had an appearance and equipment that made it really clear that he worked his way up.
Renya, who remembered it’s a face I’ve seen somewhere, lightly greets him after recalling that it’s the adventurer who previously gave him information about the forest octopuses.
Earlier than Renya’s greeting, Croire bowed while smiling cheerfully.
It looks like she apparently reacted to the word “beauty.”

“It’s been a while. Didn’t you participate in the forest subjugation request, ossan*?” (Renya) (T/N: means middle-aged man in a slight derogative way, but kind of hard to put it in a proper English word)

“I intended to do so. But since my buddy told me that he received work in another matter and that I should go there, I wasn’t able to participate. Well, if I think about it now, it was quite fortunate. I’ve heard that almost all of those, who joined in on that request, were killed.”

“I see. Which reminds me, the information from the other day saved me quite a bit of trouble. Those forest octopuses were certainly delicious.” (Renya)

The middle-aged adventurer makes a slightly surprised expression due to Renya’s words.

“You managed to survive, didn’t you? That’s amazing.”

“It was probably good luck.” (Renya)

“You are absolutely right. It is said that the forest was destroyed almost completely. Moreover that it was the deed of demons. It looks like there’s currently an uproar about them building a fortress with a garrison in that neighbourhood.”

It has been turned into a deed by demons? Renya is slightly surprised about the information he heard for the first time.
Certainly, calling it a natural disaster lacks persuasive power. Even if Renya decided to claim it, no one would probably believe him.
Since that the case, the way of accusing the demons of being at fault for everything is easy. It seems to be something that is easily believable.

“So, ni-chan, why the hack are you pulling such difficult face in front of the message board… eh, the beauty next to you is an elf!?”

Finally having noticed Croire’s ears, the adventurer raised a loud voice in surprise.
Croire’s smile changes into something similar to being slightly troubled. Renya tells the adventurer while sighing once,

“Please don’t raise your voice too much. It would be pitiful, if she became frightened.” (Renya)

“Ah, yea, sorry. I have been doing this business for a long time, but leave alone counting elves on a hand, I haven’t seen them at all. I wronged you, too, ojou-chan.”

“No, no need- to do- that.” (Croire)

“Oy, ni-chan. The elf talked in the common language…”

“At the moment she is studying. Don’t worry, the difficulties will vanish before long, too.” (Renya)

“How unbelievable… won’t the higher ups of the city indulge in a bloodshed tomorrow…?”

Due to the adventurer declaring that somewhat dumbfoundedly, Renya decided to try asking as he had nothing to lose anyway.

“There are a bit of special circumstances and it’s only for short term, however there’s a fellow who wants to raise achievements in order to obtain agreement from quite a noble.” (Renya)

“A noble, eh? Ain’t it difficult to just get their agreement as those fellows always find a way to find fault one way or the other?”

“That’s true. We have taken that matter repeatedly into account. Don’t you happen to know about a monster where even a noble likely won’t be able to complain if it’s subjugated?” (Renya)

“Well, I don’t know…”

The adventurer placed his hand on his chin and thought for a while and finally opened his mouth after he put his thoughts in order,

“If you want to obtain such an achievement, there’s no point in talking about small fry. There ain’t no doubt that if you finish off one demon, there won’t be anything beyond that necessary, but no matter how many lives you’ve got, it won’t be enough if you fought against such a thing.”

“Hmm.” (Renya)

“Otherwise, isn’t at least something like a dragon living inside the group of rocky mountains where the <Tomb of the Recluse> is located at, I wonder?”

“Eh? The Tomb of the Recluse is close-by. A dragon is dwelling this close to the city?” (Renya)

The gathering of rocky mountains, where the Tomb of the Recluse can be found, is a place where Renya went once.
It’s a place that is just roughly 20 km away from the city.
Renya pondered about the question whether it is a good thing for a dragon to dwell this close, but the adventurer denied Renya’s words by shaking his head left and right.

“Ni-chan, do you remember at least the geography of the surroundings of the city, you are in? I told you that the dragon’s dwelling is deep inside the group of rocky mountains, right? It takes a few hours to walk to the gathering of rocky mountains, but you won’t arrive there unless you advance north for another full day between the rocky mountains from thereon. Furthermore, you won’t get there if you go at it half-heartedly since monsters appear on the way. Sub-dragons appear in that area, too.”

“Sub-dragons?” (Renya)

“It’s wyvrens or rock dragons. They are weaker than a dragon, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are formidable enemies.”

“Will those guys turn into reasonable achievements?” (Renya)

“That is, it will be no good if it’s only one or two, but… if you defeat a number of them, it will likely result in quite an achievement.”

“Is that so? If we go, we will generally run into a dragon?” (Renya)

“Well, that’s mostly certain, but… ni-chan, do you seriously intend to go?”

Renya answered the adventurer donning a shocked expression with a smile.

“It looks like an opponent that lives in a place where I don’t have to search overly much. If it’s impossible to subjugate them, it looks like I will be able to use the move of making do with defeating a number of those sub-dragons in the vicinity.” (Renya)

“It’s- unlikely for- there to be- a subjugation- request, but- it appears that- you can- make money- from- the raw materials.” (Croire)

The elf’s look isn’t overly surprised due to Renya talking about it thoughtlessly.
Usually, if you were to talk about dragons, they are monsters above A-rank which can be defeated one way or another by adventurers joining together into a bigger party, but do these guys really know about that, I wonder, the middle-aged adventurer became worried.


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