Chapter 65 – It seems we have increased by one person

“Then I don’t want it. All I want are things given without strings attached.” (Renya)

Without even listening to the details of the condition mentioned by the emperor, Renya instantly replied without even showing any interest.
Having been given that answer, the emperor opens his eyes in slight surprise.

“I haven’t talked about my condition yet though?” (Royce)

“It’s fine without you talking about it. No matter what condition it might be, the answer will be no.” (Renya)

Renya clearly brushes off the emperor’s statement.
As if he didn’t want to hear these words of denial, the emperor continued as before.

“If you enter the imperial family by marrying my daughter Kurowaal, is what I intended to say though?” (Royce)

“I refuse. You’re fucking kidding me.” (Renya)

Renya refused without delay, but once he sees Kurowaal’s expression with a glance, there are tears dripping down from her eyes and she is gazing in Renya’s direction.
Why is she crying!? Renya was flustered, but once he tried to ponder about it carefully, he suddenly realized that his answer towards the question whether he wants to marry this girl might also be interpreted as him completely denying this girl’s charm completely depending on how it’s heard. He hurries to follow up in panic.

“I-It’s not particularly like I want to say something like Kurowaal has no charm or that there is no worth in marrying her… since that’s not how it is, don’t cry, Kurowaal. Doesn’t it look like I’m somehow a villain here?” (Renya)

“Even if… you readily gave an answer due to being troubled to some degree… it somewhat feels like you completely denied me as woman.” (Kurowaal)

Due to Kurowaal saying that while sniffling consecutively, Renya feels strangely guilty even though I shouldn’t have done anything particular bad.

“I told you, that’s not what I mean. Even without a chest, your points as woman are high, right?” (Renya)

“Delivering the final blow, you are cruel, Renya…” (Kurowaal)

Kurowaal stopped crying more or less, but her expression didn’t clear up.

“If her points as woman are high, may I inquire about the reason for your refusal?” (Royce)

Watching the situation cheerfully, the emperor opens his mouth.
Snorting a little, Renya looked at the emperor’s face again.

“First off, becoming a member of the imperial family or such is impossible, isn’t it? On that occasion, I heard that Kurowaal is currently 70 years old. No matter how long I may live, I won’t get older than 100 years, but even if I have her keep me company until then, the age of 170 years means for an elf that she is still a minor, right?” (Renya)

“Regarding the imperial family, seeing that I’m currently the highest authority it will work out one way or another though? I’m capable of using the power of the state even if there’s someone voicing objections. Besides, setting her mental age aside, her body is that of an adult, therefore her age won’t turn into a problem, I think?” (Royce)

Kurowaal toppled over towards the back together with her chair due to the words of the emperor he stated nonchalantly.
Because her head clashed onto the ground while making quite the loud sound, the soldiers, who were on standby in the back of the emperor, dashed forward to help her up in a hurry.
The discerning eyes of Shion and Rona, who are observing the situation, aimed at the elven emperor reached a profound level of chilliness. Renya gently lowers Frau from his lap on the ground and stands up after drawing back his chair.

“Hey, Kurowaal.” (Renya)

“Ooouuuch… yes?” (Kurowaal)

Having her name abruptly called, Kurowaal replies while standing up and rubbing her head which hit the ground strongly.
While looking at such Kurowaal, Renya hit the katana, which is hoisted at his waist, with a *pon* without changing his expression.

“Do you have the intention to cause a coup d’état or similar?” (Renya)

“… What!?” (Kurowaal)

Kurowaal, who heard a somewhat preposterous and dangerous word, unintentionally returns a question with a question.
The expressions of the soldiers, who tried to help up Kurowaal, froze as one could expect.

“You know, I have a feeling that it would be best to have you sit on the imperial throne after killing His Majesty, the Emperor here.” (Renya)

“Ha ha ha. Just those words deserve to be judged as high treason, but… let’s ignore them since this isn’t an official venue either.” (Royce)

The emperor showed a bright smile, but Shion and Rona didn’t miss him leaking a bit of sweat on his face.
As result of Renya’s attention focussing on the emperor, there wasn’t any effect on Shion and Rona, however it looked like there was a fragment of seriousness mixed into the voice and expression of Renya.

“In that case, I shall change the direction of the talks a bit. Let me give you your reward. I feel regretful that it’s not a territory, but I can’t hand it over to someone who has no peerage, therefore there’s nothing left but for you to give up on that.” (Royce)

“So?” (Renya)

“Moreover won’t you look after my daughter, Kurowaal, as a request from me, the emperor? Of course our side will take care of all the various expenses.” (Royce)

“How is that any different from me taking her as wife?” (Renya)

Renya’s look is as if he is watching something shady, but the emperor doesn’t seem to mind at all.

“I haven’t told you to marry her. Neither am I telling you to not marry her. Though I’d like you to take responsibility if you have an affair with her.” (Royce)

“So?” (Renya)

“It’s fine with you keeping her at your side. How about that if it’s just this much?” (Royce)

Renya ponders about the emperor’s words for a while.
Speaking honestly, it was something he wanted to refuse right away.
However, there are also circumstances that Renya can’t decline upfront.
Going by the expression and atmosphere of the emperor and the flow of the talks, which is indicating that it’s not something Renya himself wishes, one could guess that this emperor is trying to push Kurowaal onto Renya at all costs for some reason.
In other words, he will likely use all usable means, is a feasible prediction.
It’s still fine if it’s at the level of compromising and gentle persuasion, but various troubles will spring up if it turns into him using threats and force.
Even if I’m still fine with that, it will cause huge effects to my surroundings.
The situation won’t change even if we scurry back to the city of Kukrika.
If it’s the emperor of the elves, he can probably use the transfer gate as much as he likes.
If he ends up using the power of his nation on that occasion, you might say that even the Trident Principality will definitely put emphasis on the emperor’s wishes if they weigh the opinions of the emperor and a mere adventurer.
If I consider this, it might be best to say that it’s not an overly excellent plan to freely turn him down here.

“Renya-san, I’m requesting it as well. Please allow me to travel with you.” (Kurowaal)

Seeing Renya staying silent and thinking it over, Kurowaal interjects.

“My base of operations is located in a human city on the human continent. The matter of her accompanying me, is it really fine for me to take Kurowaal along to the human continent?” (Renya)

Renya tried to turn it down wondering whether he can’t turn the talks in a direction where the other side will give up after all, but parent and child readily end up accepting it.

“Even that I don’t mind. You don’t mind either, right, Kurowaal?” (Royce)

“No, I don’t, father-sama.” (Kurowaal)

While watching Kurowaal who displays a distinct nod, Renya breathes out quietly.
As for Renya, he is somehow able to understand why Kurowaal wants to follow him.
The first reason is doubtlessly because I assisted in the battle against the monsters.
Although Renya didn’t know at what point in time he hit Kurowaal’s soft spot, he grasps that she likely ended up getting somehow emotionally attached to him during that battle at least.
What Renya didn’t comprehend were the intentions of the emperor.
At the beginning Renya thought that the emperor is maybe trying to tie him to the elven country.
‘For this reason I was probably given an usually unthinkable treatment of obtaining territory, being given patronage by the imperial family and taking Kurowaal as wife.
However, Renya can’t see the idea behind the request of having Kurowaal accompany him after he refused those.
If he wanted to attach a collar to Renya’s neck, Kurowaal would be inadequate.
At least Kurowaal isn’t able to influence the actions of Renya.
All the more once he returns to the human continent.
Living on the human continent should be accompanied by quite a few difficulties for Kurowaal who hasn’t lived anywhere but the elven country until now. She will likely lack the free time to do something to Renya.
The emperor himself should understand that too, but based on that Renya can’t understand the aim of him wanting her to travel with Renya at all.
There shouldn’t be any ulterior motive, but I totally can’t see the backside of it.
What are you planning? Renya glares at the face of the emperor, but the emperor in question wards off Renya’s stare as something that doesn’t concern him at all while not having a single change on his expression.
Renya continued like that for a while, however he slowly opens his mouth after quite a bit of time has passed.

“Since you will be living on the human continent, you will of course learn the common language, right?” (Renya)

Renya, who heard that the elves with their high pride don’t use something like the human language, but he tried to broach that topic as last struggle.
He will be able to confidently reject them if the emperor or Kurowaal mention that she won’t use such language in this place.
However, Kurowaal immediately answered Renya.

“I will do my best to learn it!” (Kurowaal)

Where did the setting of elves having a high pride came from? Renya is at his with’s end in his mind.
Rather, aren’t they far more honest than that bunch of human nobles? He assesses.

“… To say nothing of living expenses and such, your side will take care of that, right?” (Renya)

“Of course. I won’t act as shamelessly as asking you to provide for the costs while entrusting my daughter to you. I promise you that everything from, daily necessities to money will be covered by us. However, I’d like you to provide a room for my daughter to live in.” (Royce)

Will he decline if there’s no room? Renya thought about that for an instant, but stopped that thought right away.
One wouldn’t be able to call Kurowaal accompanying me if she took an inn by herself, he judged.
Since it has reached this point, I feel like there won’t be any issue whatsoever to accept her living in a place close to me.

“Frau, can you prepare a room?” (Renya)

“There’s a place which was originally a child’s room ~no. It will be possible if I clear it out ~no.” (Frau)

“How about your burden if we increase the load by one more person, Frau?” (Renya)

“No problem ~no. But…” (Frau)

At this point Frau looks fixedly at the eyes of Kurowaal for the first time.
Kurowaal looks back without getting overpowered by that look that’s similar to an appraisal.

“I’d like you to abide to what Frau says in the mansion ~no. You have no problem with that, do you?” (Frau)

“I don’t mind. Pleased to meet you.” (Kurowaal)

Kurowaal bows to Frau.
Seeing that, Frau removes her sight from Kurowaal looking somewhat satisfied and said while returning her attention to the cup with tea in it again,

“Master, Frau has no objection ~no.” (Frau)

“I’m against it, Renya.” (Rona)

Rona, who up till then devoted herself to translating the elven language for Shion, voiced out her opinion.

“Kurowaal-san is an imperial princess directly descending from His Majesty, the Emperor. If something happened to her, it might create an international issue between the Trident Principality and the Elven nation.” (Rona)

“I see. That worry is justified.” (Royce)

Nodding once towards Rona’s statement, the emperor faces Renya.

“In that case, regarding the safety of my daughter, let’s make it that it’s fine even if you don’t guarantee it. As this is a condition I agreed upon by myself, we will write it down. So, how about it? Of course, as someone who will live right next to her, I’m talking about it from a standpoint of expecting you to be accordingly mindful of that.” (Royce)

“There has to be a limit to lavish hospitality as well. In other words, you are saying if Kurowaal experiences something dangerous, you won’t accuse me of any crimes even if she happens to die due to me not dealing with it?” (Renya)

“As you’ve said. You have no objection to that either, right, Kurowaal?” (Royce)

“No, father-sama.” (Kurowaal)

“Hey, as somehow just about everything is weird about this, won’t you honestly confess what you are scheming, Your Majesty, Emperor-sama?” (Renya)

Renya asks while glaring at the emperor due to the suggestion of absolutely impossible conditions if once considers it sensibly.
Even if he say that there’s nothing behind it, who will believe that?

“It’s scandalous to frame me of scheming.” (Royce)

Making a sad expression which is expressing that such accusation is really unthinkable, the emperor says,

“If you are telling me that you want to listen to the truth, I will tell you though. There’s not a single thing like schemes or pretence.” (Royce)

“Tell me since I want to hear it?” (Renya)

“If that’s the case, let’s talk honestly.” (Royce)

*cough* with a single clearing of his throat, the emperor begins to speak with a serious expression.

“Although you might say that Kurowaal is directly descending from me, she likely won’t have any chance to even get anywhere close to the talks about the imperial succession as her position is low since she’s my 35th daughter. In other words, she has no important position and thus her existence won’t be taken into serious consideration.” (Royce)

“… Oy?” (Renya)

“Father-sama…?” (Kurowaal)

Both, Kurowaal and Renya, retort at that, but the emperor continues as if he didn’t hear anything.

“And so, even if she passed away in some situation, the impact will be small.” (Royce)

“”…”” (Renya & Kurowaal)

Renya and Kurowaal are speechless.
They are simply staring at the face of the emperor talking fluently with half-opened eyes.

“Moreover, if she is within the country, she will only cause pointless expenses. Concretely, we have to pretty much provide appropriate things for a daughter of the emperor going as far as a housing and everything from food to clothes.” (Royce)

“Pointless… it is, father-sama…?” (Kurowaal)

“Since the official stance is that there’s no reason for her being allowed to have the same level of livelihood over there on the human continent, if she accompanies you, it can be expected to become a large cost reduction.” (Royce)

“Although that’s likely the truth, it’s cruel, oy.” (Renya)

“Moreover, this chain of talks isn’t something ordered by the emperor but something coming from what the person herself wishes for, thus it’s possible for me to put it into effect without any feelings of guilt.” (Royce)

As if saying “how’s that?”, the emperor shows a satisfied smile.
Kurowaal, who had a somewhat blank expression, tells Renya in a mutter while facing him,

“Renya-san… I’m considering whether I should seriously consider a coup d’état, but…” (Kurowaal)

“I see… call me once you put it into practise since I will help you. For the time being, come with us. It has become somewhat pathetic.” (Renya)

“Sorry, Renya-san. Sorry for the troubles.” (Kurowaal)

Did they regard Kurowaal’s appearance of lowering her head as very pitiable? Rona, who was against it before, held her tongue and Shion stayed silent as she completely missed the timing to cut into the conversation.
Kurowaal ended up being quite downhearted, but the reason for that, the emperor, laughs radiantly.

“The talks seem to have been settled. How splendid, how splendid.” (Royce)

Strangely everyone, who happened to be present in the room except the emperor himself, doubted whether this emperor will really continue to reign for 300 more years.


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