Chapter 64 – It seems a famous person has come

Why did it turn out like this? Renya thought while absent-mindedly rubbing the cup in his hands.
What has been poured into the cup is a tea that has a taste resembling what is called green tea in his previous world.
There are different kinds of black and green tea in this world as well, but although black tea has doubtlessly the taste of black tea, the green tea, drunk in the elven country, is somehow different, Renya had a feeling.
Even though its scent and taste resembles the green tea of my previous world, I can’t help but feel that there’s a sweetness and an unique fragrance in the green tea, albeit only faintly.
Although it is kind of like green tea, doesn’t it have a smell of fresh wood? Renya wonders.
Likely the preservation method is to store it by putting it into some wooden container, but didn’t the smell of that container end up permeating the leaves? That’s Renya’s conjecture.
It’s not a disgusting taste, but I cannot deny the impression that it has killed the refreshing aroma of tea all the same.
As for the sweetness, Renya doesn’t want to believe it overly much, but he wonders whether sugar has been added.
According to Renya’s knowledge there were people who drank something like green tea with sugar and milk in his previous world, but it’s not something he is fond of no matter what.
Summing it up, this beverage, he was offered, was something that didn’t suit Renya’s taste.
Well, it can’t be helped, he persuades himself.
It’s a truly impolite act to nitpick over the food offered even if I consider the differences in taste between elves and humans, Renya judges.
Setting aside his pondering related to tea, Renya looks at the situation he has been plunged into.
On top of his knees, Frau is sipping tea holding the cup with both hands while blowing on it to cool it down.
He has a feeling that giving her a shoulder ride or letting her sit on his knees has practically become her usual manner, but Renya allows it since there’s no real harm in doing so either.
On Renya’s left there is Rona in her priestess’ garb who is tasting the tea while holding the cup with both hands as well.
Although she has a calm expression, Renya felt uneasy about seeing her expression looking somewhat jealous when she occasionally glanced at Frau’s situation. However, since it has no relation to grasping his current circumstances, he has decided that he didn’t see that.
Even further on the left was Shion who had an appearance as if her clothes were those of a shrine maiden, if going by the design, with her usual black tunic and red hakama. She continues to send a gaze, as if threatening, to the opposite side of the table with the cup left standing there as is.
The one who is at the destination of that gaze is Kurowaal.
Without hesitation she is returning a glare at Shion with her cup being untouched as well.


Did something happen between those two? There wasn’t any cause Renya was aware of, but it was definitely something dangerous going by the mood.
There’s a reason for this.
If you make a round trip by going through the transfer gate and returning it is also necessary to delay it by two days for various formalities in the case the destination being the elven country.
Without letting “we just went back and forth a moment ago, so let us return” simply pass, the procedure is for the sake of redoing it from the beginning again.
Using that, Kurowaal tried to take Renya along to the imperial capital, which is the capital city of the elven country, during those two days after Shion and Rona returned to the city of Kukrika.
On paper it was to discuss and hand over the reward.
In truth, after inviting Renya deeply into the elven country, she had the intention of asking him to take permanent residence there without returning to the human continent if possible.
Even more than the benefit of detaining Renya, who possesses such an incredible mana and fighting strength, in the elven country, it has originated from Kurowaal herself not wishing for Renya to go back.
The title emperor’s daughter, albeit it might be the 35th, is capable of exercising this much authority.
Although it’s a digression, but if you have a pedigree with an accordingly prosperous status in the elven country, it’s not unusual for the number of sons and daughters to surpass 30.
If you are able to support them after producing them, there probably won’t be any feelings of guilt in making them either, is the elves’ sense of value. Because they possess life spans and youthfulness which make that possible, that’s something natural, one might say.
The elves’ fertility is fairly strong in this world.
If that wasn’t the case, the elves likely wouldn’t be able to conquer a continent with only one race.
Let’s return to the story.
Kurowaal’s plan ran into troubles because of the resistance by Renya who sensed her intentions, even if just slightly, but it was Shion who gave it the final blow.
Shion, who originally shouldn’t have been able to return within those two days, easily came back to the elven country the next day.
As expected, even Kurowaal was surprised by that.
She re-examined the formalities in panic, however it looked like Shion got the permission to use the transfer gate with the quite forceful method of bypassing the regular formalities.
It’s not like that’s impossible.
It’s not like it was impossible, but one has to be able to request a suitable authority for the sake of doing that.
Kurowaal was in a hurry to simply get Renya’s promise to go to the imperial capital before Shion returns to Renya’s location. Shion barged in while Kurowaal was in the middle of persuading Renya.
Just like that Shion, who quickly grasped what kind of situation it was, began to quarrel with Kurowaal, it started to turn into mayhem and in the end Renya swiftly silenced Shion and Kurowaal by freely using both of his hands as iron claws while smiling cheerfully.
While being suspicious what kind of quarrel came into existence without translation between the human and elvish language, Renya gave them a warning that he will break off with them if they persist on kicking up a fuss any further and, since it was unbearable for them to get separated from him, Shion and Kurowaal only glared at each other.
With Rona and Frau maintaining an indifferent stance towards this whole spectacle, the elven guard nearby, who started to ponder how Renya was able to cope with such situations, politely called out to Renya telling him to go to the guest room due to the arrival of a visitor.
And like that we arrived in the present time, but, Renya turns a fed-up look to the head of the table.
The one sitting there was, in a single word, a handsome man.
The existence called an ikemen.
With beautifully arranged blonde hair which is short and silky, I guess there’s no doubt that 9 out of 10 people would look back twice, if they pass him, wondering whether he’s a woman with that well-featured look.
The light green attire, he is wearing, is adorned with ornaments at a level of not being gaudy although they are gorgeous. He is grasping a bishop’s staff, which has jewels embedded, in his slender and supple hand.
Behind him there are several fully armed elven soldiers. They are waiting for orders while standing at attention with quite the nervousness which matched the atmosphere caused by the sitting person. It was easy to guess that this is an elf with a considerable social status.

“Hey… are you the real deal?” (Renya)

While wondering whether he is the real deal, Renya tries to ask in order to make sure more or less.
Kurowaal previously explained who this person was, but he isn’t quite able to believe it, or rather the actual feeling hasn’t sunk in yet.
Thinking normally, the person Kurowaal talked about shouldn’t be able to go out readily.
Even when Renya pointed a look of distrust at him, that person at the head of the table didn’t seem to take any offence and only tilted his head to the head slightly.
With each of his movements being strangely refined, Renya thinks that he is the real deal after all.

“Real deal, that means?”

The replying voice is a low and beautiful voice that is well able to pass.
It contains a charm to it at the level of possibly paralysing one with only a whisper close to one’s ears.

“What I’m asking is whether the you, who’s visiting in front of me, is really Royce Pas Tifalet who is from the viewpoint of a human like me an unbelievable studhorse who made 35 children?” (Renya)

Due to Renya’s question, the the air in the room froze, is not what happened.
Just as before the the soldiers had tense expressions. The person himself, who was denounced as studhorse, has a so-so, calm expression where one doesn’t know whether he has heard it or not.
So far as it goes, Shion’s and Rona’s expressions became stiff. Kurowaal has fallen onto the table and isn’t moving anymore, even not a twitch.

“Let’s answer with “no” if it’s that question.”

Renya believed that he would undoubtedly lose his temper, however the person at the head of the table shook his head slowly left and right in a graceful manner and denied Renya’s question.
Wondering whether it was the overflowing elegance in the act of shaking his head or the tremendousness of a noble person, Renya was immediately puzzled.
That answer means that the person in front of me isn’t his Majesty, the Emperor, Kurowaal talked about. Isn’t that so?

“What do you mean?” (Renya)

“That is.”

The person at the head of the table continues his words after straightening himself a bit.

“There’s no doubt that I’m the 12th Emperor called Royce Pas Tifalet.” (Royce)

“I see?” (Renya)

“But, although it’s an unbelievable story from the standpoint of a human like you, the number of children I produced surpasses more than 100 if you also include the illegitimate children that haven’t been acknowledged. The number of children I produced with my legal wife is certainly 35, but it’s a mistake if you say that it’s all of my children, therefore I answered with no.” (Royce)

“Hey, you worthless father? Acknowledge them…” (Renya)

“Father-sama!?” (Kurowaal)

The words of Renya, who even said them in a low threatening sound, overlap with the scream of Kurowaal who apparently heard about this for the first time.
Was she surprised by the number or was she surprised by His Majesty’s, the Emperor’s manner of putting everything on the table without holding back? Rona slides down from her seat while Shion, who doesn’t understand the elven language, is blinking her eyes in surprise not understanding what has happened.
Only Frau, who is on top of Renya’s knees, still cools cup filled with tea by blowing at it.

“Worthless father is unwarranted. All of them are growing up without any inconveniences within my capabilities.” (Royce)

“Your resourcefulness is wonderful, old man… but, what will you do about the succession of the imperial throne…?” (Renya)

Rona has returned to the seat she slid down from before. At the time of her sliding down several soldiers in the back of His Majesty, the Emperor, had turned a look at her, you might as well call staring, as her breasts shook and her thighs became exposed to a dangerous degree. The wave of reformists has reached even this far? Renya asks himself while trembling.

“There’s no need for worry. Since my rule will likely continue for further 300 years, we will somehow deal with it in the meantime.” (Royce)

“Perish, elves…” (Renya)

“Renya-san… I do understand your feelings, but since it’s pretty much my country…” (Kurowaal)

Kurowaal doesn’t seem to have recovered from the shock she suffered by hearing the truth for the first time, but even so she somehow squeezes out her voice. Due to pitying her somewhat, Renya decided to avoid pursuing the matter any further.

“So, you are called Renya? I heard that this city received your protection from the attack by the monster army on this occasion. First I ought to give you my thanks. Thanks to you it finished with a great number of my soldiers and people not dying. I shall demonstrate my gratitude like this.” (Royce)

Seeing the emperor bowing his head to Renya, a stir occurred amongst the elves.
Meanwhile Renya waves his hand, looking reluctant.

“Please stop. This was something I did following my own intentions.” (Renya)

“Try asking what you desire then?” (Royce)

The emperor asked him while raising his head. Renya says in a state of thinking it over while counting with his fingers,

“Umm, that is. A stable supply of soy sauce and miso or some rare food would be nice. The best would be something that is difficult to obtain on the human continent. If Alos has crops, I’d like those too. And metals, I’d like to be able to simply get them if types of precious metals are possible. You have something like that, don’t you? Materials that have rare metals or foils attached? That elven unique magic is nice. I’d like to be taught if it’s possible to do so. And I’d like to have one house. It’s fine if it’s small. I don’t particularly intend to live in it, but there’s nothing better than having plenty of bases. It’s not like I won’t accept it if you give me territory or such? Since I won’t enter nobility, please restrict it to the right to collect taxes. And then~…” (Renya)

“As expected, you are too greedy, I think~…” (Shion)

Shion who received a translation of what Renya is saying by Rona, mutters in astonishment.

“His Majesty, the Emperor, went as far as expressly asking me what I desire. It doesn’t cost anyone anything if it’s only desires.” (Renya)

Naturally Renya doesn’t look timid either.
The emperor, who silently listened to Renya’s demands, bent himself over the table, placed his elbows down, crossed his fingers and said while firmly staring at Renya.

“This me has the rank of emperor, therefore I can’t grant all of your desires at present.” (Royce)

“What a pompous way of talking. It’s fine to frankly say that I’m an idiot desiring too much.” (Renya)

“No, if you consider the value of all lives of the soldiers and inhabitants in a single city, granting territory feels like going a bit too far, but besides that the rest is fine. Ah, it would be better if you gave up on learning our unique magic. That has the prerequisite of being of the elven race.” (Royce)

“Then, except territory, you will give me everything else, you are saying?” (Renya)

No matter how you put it, isn’t he far too generous? Renya wonders.
The emperor shook his head to Renya’s question.

“I will even bestow territory to you if you accept a single condition that I present. How about it?” (Royce)

While fixedly looking into Renya’s eyes, the emperor’s mouth showed a crooked grin.


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