Chapter 175 – It seems to be the Defensive Battle of Klinge 5

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Asking for an enemy’s identity while in front of them is something that happens frequently, but that doesn’t apply to Frau.
Because Frau believes that she should attack before greeting someone, as soon as she knows that she’s dealing with a hostile entity.
Since it’s a situation where it doesn’t seem like she would receive an answer even if she were to ask in the first place, she immediately decided it was pointless to ask.
Frau, who charged forth with such a power that she gouged out the ground, unleashes a thrust with the readied spear tightly grasped in her right hand with a force that made it seem like she was going to throw it.
Once the attack penetrated the female demon’s chest as she was trying to draw closer to Frau with unsteady steps, the spear is buried up to the spear handle while blowing the demon’s body backwards.
Originally this was an attack capable of inflicting a fatal wound, but as long as the temporary immortality effect cast by Frau remains active, the female demon won’t die.

“Pu-chan! Drag them down!” (Frau 2)

While shouting, Frau cancels the barrier and the temporary immortality which continued in the back of her consciousness.
The fact that the monsters, who were lucky enough to still be alive in a perfectly good health, guessed that the barrier cutting off their retreat apparently vanished and thus scrambled to get away was trifling for Frau at this point in time.
Even the circumstance of the corpse bomb, which had continued its chain, stopping and vanishing due to its targets running away was of no consequence to her.
In the next instant a ghastly spectacle took place with all beings present disappearing from the surface.
If there was someone unlucky enough to watch such a spectacle, they might have seen how countless pure white tentacles covering a vast area around Frau appeared from underground and dragged each and every thing in the vicinity into the ground in little to no time.
That person would very likely fallen into a state of craziness due to their mind being broken within moments.
That’s because the confusing scenery possessed such a sinisterism that it would affect the mind of any life-form that even just glanced at the spectacle while still being completely lost on what was what’s going on.
The only thing remaining on the ground, which was completely devoid of anything as if the scenes until now had been a lie, besides Frau, was the female demon’s corpse which had tentacles of various thicknesses hang down from it while being torn apart all over.
Completely different from before, Frau’s eyes narrow in wariness. In contrast to her vigilantly putting herself on guard, the female demon staggers left and right with her body being full of openings which could be seen at a simple glance.
But, Frau saw how the tentacles dangling from the demon’s body repelled the pure white tentacles that tried to drag her underground.
Moreover, not only did she repel several of them, she even tore them off.
The being waiting for orders below Frau’s feet possesses considerable strength as it had been created by Emil and endlessly raised by Frau.
The fact that the demon avoided capture through a feat of strength boosted Frau’s wariness all the more.
However, it seems like the being below Frau’s feet hadn’t only been repelled. Its tentacles were entangled with several of the tentacles growing out of the female demon’s body, trying to pull it underground.
It was a competition of strength with the demon’s tentacles, which in return pull the underground tentacles upwards in order to resist, but the demon’s body seems to be fastened to the spot.

“You…acting quite…mercilessly, aren’t you?”

A cracked voice that’s difficult to understand could be heard.
It was the female demon who’s staggering around in front of Frau. She’s in no state to produce a voice as her throat had been crushed by a tentacle.
While the tug of war between the tentacles that seem to be causing creaking sounds continues in front of Frau who wonders where the voice came from, the voice speaks up again,

“To suddenly…aim for the heart…impolite woman.”

“Unfortunately I’m only interested in being regarded as a woman by a limited number of people.” (Frau 2)

A laughter resounds through the throat upon Frau’s reply.
Although Frau believes it to be absurd seeing as it should have been crushed, it can’t be helped since she’s actually hearing the laughter.
Each time it laughed, the demon’s shoulders trembled and the spear handle growing out of the center of her chest shook lightly.

“Oh my, oh my, so you were a female dogbitch that shakes her ass to entice men, eh?”

“To not name yourself even though that female dog introduced herself also means that you’re lower than a dog, doesn’t it?” (Frau 2)

Once she pointedly retorts the provocation, the voice laughs with the demon’s body trembling even more violently as if it had heard something very amusing.
Matching those movements, new tears appear all over her body, and new tentacles grow out while scattering blood.

“A dog that’s never at a loss for words, eh? But, I guess I shall first praise you for taking such an attitude in front of me.”

Making sure to drag along the legs, that, which had already changed into a cluster of tentacles adopting a human shape, takes one step forward.
Just that move caused several of the white tentacles that were restraining it to be torn apart.
While soothing the hints of trembling perceptible from below her feet with a thought, Frau retreats as much as it advanced.

“I don’t feel anything from being praised by someone whose name I don’t even know.” (Frau 2)

While saying so, Frau considers various options in her head.
The owner of the torn tentacles, “Putrid-chan,” as it’s called by Frau and Emil was given powers that wouldn’t allow any wounds being inflicted to its body with superficial strength.
Much less now that it had devoured three demons and an army of monsters.
That, which easily succeeded in tearing off Putrid-chan in its reasonably filled state, could be called such a dangerous being that it couldn’t be compared to the demons which had until recently invaded.
If she were caught by just one of its tentacles, Frau’s personal strength wouldn’t be enough to slip out.

“I guess the maid’s tentacle attacks will be meaningless…no, isn’t the performance of this body being closely watched by Keith-san and those around him?” (Frau 2)

The cluster of tentacles apparently didn’t hear Frau’s muttered words.

“You desire mine name? I shall tell you if you can endure this.”

As soon as one of the tentacles released a violet phosphorescence, it’s brandished towards Frau.
The blow was outside the combat distance, but the violet phosphorescence, which clad the tentacle, transformed into a blade, still tracing the tentacle, and swooped down on Frau.
Without panicking, Frau is about to cast the <Magic Shield> spell, but then immediately changes her mind.

“<Roaring Lightning>!” (Frau)

The lightning, which flashed down in a straight line from the sky, clashed with the violet blade.
<Roaring Thunder> is a rare high-ranking spell that someone used to drive a section of a city into annihilation, and continued to block the hero’s attacks, but the instant it clashed with the violet blade, Frau’s expression warped.
It’s because Frau became aware that her own spell loses out to the blade’s power, albeit only slightly.
And that is despite the fact she chose and used something with a high power output among the spells used by Renya.
However, the effective time of <Roaring Lightning> is short.
Due to being outpushed, the blade assails Frau while maintaining its power.

“Yaaa!” (Frau 2)

For the first time Frau raises a yell full of fighting spirit.
Fraw thwarted the violet blade that struck down trying to bisect her by catching it between her bare palms, which were charged with so much mana that they shone white.
The clashing violet and white mana cause a violent wind to form round Frau. Frau stands stock still while pressing her hands together in front of her chest with her hair and skirt fluttering in the wind.

“Hoh, you endured it? I suppose that’s quite the feat.”

While the tentacle said so with a smile hinted in its tone, the right shoulder and left flank parts of Frau’s apron dress tore open.
It’s proof that the power, which she couldn’t kill completely, reached Frau’s body.
Her white skin peeks out beneath the black fabric, and bright red blood appeared on that white skin. Without holding down those wounds, Frau says with a subdued voice,

“You said you would tell me your name, didn’t you?” (Frau 2)

“Very well. You shall have the honor to hear mine name.”

Veins appear on Frau’s forehead due to the voice released by the tentacle cluster putting on airs, but the tentacles don’t notice that.

“I am the demon king. Demon King Stolas Vasargo. Etch this name into your soul.” (Stolas)

“Haah, as you wish. By the way, is this your real body?” (Frau 2)

“Are you stupid? There’s no way that something like this could be mine real body, is there?” (Stolas)

Stolas answers Frau’s question, obviously laughing scornfully.
Deciding to ignore the matter of being ridiculed for the time being, Frau ponders.
In other words, the cluster of tentacles in front of me is an offshoot or terminal of the demon king. Either way, that means it’s not their real body but something that’s operated by the real body.
Hence it’s the same thing as the dummy body currently being used by Frau, but the one big difference is the distance between the terminal and the operator.
Frau’s real body is resting in the audience hall of Renya’s castle. The distance to the dummy isn’t all that big.
However, if you assume that the demon king offshoot-like creature is operated from somewhere in the demon territory or likely inside the demon king castle located in the demon country’s center, it would mean that it’s manipulated over an unknown distance that might be several ten thousand times further away than Frau.

“Just what kind of abilities does your main body possess…” (Frau 2)

Exactly because it’s something she’s doing herself as well, Frau understands. In this kind of work, the grade of difficulty goes up in proportion to the distance between main body and manipulated body.
At least Frau doesn’t believe that she would be able to operate her adult version body as she is now from the same distance as the demon king.

“You might call it a splendid waste, though.” (Frau)

“You bitch, what are you mumbling there…” (Stolas)

Lightning pours down on the offshoot.
It safely blocks the spell with defense magic, but noticing that Frau approached from the front at the same time as the lightning stopped causes the tentacles to stir.
On the other hand, Frau unleashes a right front kick towards the core of the tentacle cluster as she draws close. After the thick sound of her boot drilling into the flesh could be heard, one tentacle coils itself around her right ankle. Using that tentacle as foothold, she performs a flying kick with her left leg.
A small, dry sound could be heard from her right ankle at this moment, but Frau’s expression didn’t change.
The offshoot, which ended up releasing Frau’s ankle due to the second kick, is sent flying quite a distance, using the momentum to escape the restraint of the white tentacles binding its body.

“Right ankle bone fracture…cutting off sense of pain.” (Frau 2)

In defiance of her ankle that seems to be broken, Frau firmly steps down on the ground with both feet.

“This body is more or less set up for combat, but above that, it’s something that was created to attend master.” (Frau 2)

Frau, whose voice was full of anger, glares at the demon king’s offshoot.

“Thanks to you, I’ve been put on the spot. I have to dispose of this now.” (Frau 2)

As soon as Frau mentioned “dispose,” the apron dress’ fabric from both sleeves up to her shoulders is blown away in one go.
The pure white arms that became visible below are clad in a mana radiance as if burning brightly, making her flaxen hair and the remaining clothes flutter.

“Does your master like playing around with dolls?” (Stolas)

The offshoot mostly didn’t feel the damage from being kicked away.
Countless tentacles attack Frau, who once again charged while being provoked.
Frau repels those with her arms while charging, but compared to Frau who only has two arms, the offshoot has countless tentacles.
The difference in numbers leads to her being unable to repel all of them, resulting in Frau’s body repeatedly being injured.
However, Frau doesn’t stop her advance.
One blow, which she didn’t manage to handle, pierced deep into her abdomen. Frau proceeds without minding the wound widening as she moved forward, and then stabbed her mana-clad arms into the core of the tentacle cluster.

“Even though it’s a dummy, that’s a drastic way of using it. I’m sure creating something of that extent took time and labor, no?” (Stolas)

“There’s no way I can show master a body that had been injured by the smelly hands of a demon king.” (Frau 2)

“What a nasty mouth you have.” (Stolas)

The offshoot retracts the tentacles that had been shot out and twines them around Frau’s whole body as both her arms are stabbed into the core.
Frau’s body, which got restrained without any means of evasion, was constricted by the tentacles, and the sounds of bones breaking could be heard all over in no time.
But, there’s no change in Frau’s expression as she has had cut off her sense of pain.

“I don’t know what you’re planning to do, but I will twist and crush you before that!” (Stolas)

The sounds of bones breaking become even louder. Bones pierced through flesh and blood splattered out from Frau’s entire body.
Joints bent in direction they mustn’t. She looked exactly like a doll that had been broken after experiencing the temper of a child.

“It’s too late. I have already finished executing what I set out to do.” (Frau 2)

Even while her entire body is tattered, Frau’s face, which remained unchanged, grins broadly within the tentacles.
The demon king, who can’t understand the meaning behind that smile, becomes speechless due to the torrent of mana they perceived welling up within Frau’s body in the next instant.

“A blow with the mana I received from master. That’s nothing the likes of a demon king offshoot can block.” (Frau 2)

“This is…the mana of a human, you say? Oh my, that makes me look forward to meeting the person himself, you know?” (Stolas)

“Indeed, look forward to it.” (Frau 2)

Her body, which keeps getting smashed, sinks even further into the cluster of tentacles. While blood runs down the edges of her lips, Frau whispers,

“If you happen to run into master, that moment will become your time of death.” (Frau 2)

Using those words as a trigger, anything and everything was filled by a white light.



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