Chapter 174 – It seems to be the Defensive Battle of Klinge 4

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The two demons frowned at Frau’s overly abstruse actions, but it’s not like they lessened their follow-up-attacks because of that.
While dragging the surrounding monsters into the fight, Frau walks around and at times dodges and at other times wards off the great sword with her scissors’ blades.
In regards to weight, the great sword should be overwhelmingly heavier, but as long as Frau doesn’t receive its attack, the weight remains irrelevant, no matter how heavy it might be.
His slashes unleashed at full power only cutting monsters or air just manages to irritate the male demon even more, but as soon as he launches a careless attack, the scissors’ blades immediately cut his flesh in return.
Frau doesn’t treat the scissors as a tool to merely cut what’s in between its blades.
If she wields it while only grasping the ring on one side, the blade itself turns into a very long sword, and the back of the blade into a sturdy, blunt weapon.
Moreover, because its range is twice as long if wielded while open compared to when it’s closed, and since Frau repeatedly opens and closes the scissors as she sees fit, it’s difficult to grasp its range.
After a long exchange of blows, the male demon’s posture was thrown off balance.
In response, Frau thrusts the end of her scissors against the inner part of the great sword which he had swung vertically downward.
Frau, who was about to strike the male demon’s body with the scissors’ blade in the same motion, once again takes a distance while clicking her tongue.



The female demon had intervened with a spear thrust.

“As expected, 2 vs. 1 is quite unfair.” (Frau 2)

Frau grumbles while repelling the further spear thrusts with her scissors, but there’s no reply from the female demon.
That’s because she was desperate in her own way.
The heavy pressure she feels from the fact that her neck or torso will be cut apart if she relaxes her attention for even a second drains all composure from the female demon.
Even if the demons might be superior ability-wise, it’s not like they possess stamina allowing them to fight forever.
The speed of her frantic spear thrusts is gradually decreasing, but just as Frau is about to shift towards a counterattack, the male demon, who fixed his stance and breathing, cuts in-between with his great sword.

“This is never going to end.” (Frau 2)

Waving the hem of her skirt while sighing, Frau dodges the great sword while looking unperturbed.
There’s no fatigue visible on her face, nor is her breathing disturbed.
That only makes sense when viewing it as a dummy body, but even so, one could say that its performance is oddly high.
Seemingly because that doubt could be seen on the faces of the two demons, Frau once again shoulders her scissors, and smiles while facing the two.

“You look bewildered, but there’s nothing mysterious about it, you know?” (Frau)

“What do you…mean?”

The male demon readjusts his great sword while breathing roughly.
Frau answers without loosing her smile.

“I mean, this here is inside the furnace, and you guys are no more than fodder. And I’m on the side of the predators.” (Frau 2)

Smoothly dodging a slash that had lost much of its initial force, Frau delivers a kick against the sword’s blade.
The male demon, who almost dropped his sword due to the impact, frantically grasps the hilt tightly, but his body stumbles as a consequence of the force behind the kick.
The female demon, who tried to back him up at this point, is surprised by the heaviness of her feet as she steps in, causing the speed of her thrust to weaken significantly.
There’s no way for Frau to miss that chance.
Once she brandishes the scissors’ blade to slice the female demon’s right wrist, who had thrust out her spear albeit slowly, while grazing the right flank of the stumbling male demon, crimson blood splashed out of the wounds that had opened up widely.

“Given that power continues to be supplied to me, I will never get tired.” (Frau 2)

Once Frau says so as if disclosing the secret behind a sleight of hand while removing the gore clinging to the scissors’ blade with a sharp swing, the two demons collapse to the ground while pressing their hands against their bleeding wounds.
With his flank gouged out, the male demon is unable to hold and brandish the great sword any longer. And the female demon, who had her wrist ripped open, can’t ready her spear either.
Frau, who had sealed any counterattacks by precisely wounding her opponents in a way that’s adjusted to their respective weapons, thrust her scissors into the black cube accompanying her.
The scissors, whose tip stabbed the black cube, sank into the box.

“Is that the end of your resistance? If it is, thanks for your hard work.” (Frau 2)

The demons lack the words to respond to Frau who truly thanks them.
They merely glare at Frau while holding down their injured parts in order to lessen the blood loss as much as possible.
Frau waited for a response from them for a short while, but guessing that there wouldn’t be any, she sighs.

“Since I heard in rumors that demons possess outrageous strength, I thought that you might give me a bit of a hard time, but it didn’t look like it.” (Frau 2)

Even her provocative words triggered no response from them.
Frau thought that they would react if she used such provocation, seeing as demons are a much more belligerent race, but in the end she was disappointed.

“You run way.”

Due to the subdued words of the male demon, Frau squints slightly.
The male demon removed his hand from the wound at his flank that kept shedding blood and clenched his fists in front of Frau.

“Bring back the information. That’s the least you must do.”

“Don’t speak such nonsense…”

“Your injury is lighter than mine. I will buy you some time. Go!”

Without waiting for the female demon’s answer, the male demon starts throwing punches at Frau while screaming out his fighting spirit.
Certainly it doesn’t look like he has enough strength to wield his great sword anymore.
Just because he tries hitting me with his bare hands, I’d like him to put himself in my shoes as the one who has to keep him company in that, Frau sighs.

“Don’t look down on the powers of demons!”

The demon delivers a right straight with all his power, but Frau nimbly evades it as if having predicted its trajectory.
However, seemingly having taken her evasion into consideration, he swings his right fist with a backhand blow in order to strike at Frau’s head from the side.
Yet, that doesn’t reach Frau either.

“<Fire Lance>!”

A fire lance appears in his free left hand.
That lance was released towards Frau’s chest who evaded that backhand blow with a back sway of her upper body, but Frau’s casual left hand chop transformed the lance all too quickly into countless sparks.


The male demon readies himself once more with his breathing disarranged as his flank is still bleeding.
He looks at the female demon running away while repeatedly looking back over her shoulder and holding her continuously bleeding wrist.
Frau gazes at the two with a nameless feeling, places her right index finger on her chin, and mutters,

“Somehow it seems as if I have become the villainess and you the protagonist who tries to let the heroine escape while risking his life, doesn’t it?” (Frau 2)

“What are you talking about…?”

“No, don’t mind it. I just felt like it was fine if I was slightly unreasonable, too.” (Frau 2)

Once she considers it very carefully, the conversation between the male and female demon from before may sound like the conversation between a heroine, who tries to return to the protagonist, and a slightly popular support character, who are both in front of a powerful enemy they cannot defeat.
Either way, Frau’s position is that of villainess 1 who ruthlessly defeats them.

“Umm. It was your side that invaded this land, wasn’t it? Somehow you’re making me lose confidence.” (Frau 2)

“What are you talking about?”

“I wonder, what was I talking about anyway…? I guess for starters I will get rid of you and chase after the woman.” (Frau 2)

“Do you think I’ll let you!?”

After dashing forward, he pretends to aim his fist at her face, but goes for a right body blow.
He attacked after judging that he might not be able to stop Frau from chasing the female demon unless he lands at least one hit, but as a result sharp pain assails him from his wrist instead of his fist.
Not evading his attack this time, Frau had attacked his wrist with her left knee from below and her left elbow from above.
The demon’s wrist was smashed with a blunt, wet sound.
As he falls to his knees while holding his painful wrist with his other hand, Frau delivers a right roundhouse kick to the demon’s temporal region.
Consequently the temporal region caves in with a very prominent cracking sound, and the demon’s head bends into an angle that’s normally impossible.
Just as Frau lowered her feet to the ground and brushed off the hem of her skirt with a tapping, the man slowly thrust his face into the ground with the whites of his eyes showing.
When it comes to broken neck bones and a depressed skull, such damage would usually result in death, but death doesn’t reap the male demon.
Frau picked up the great sword he had dropped and stabbed it carelessly into his back which was still twitching.
Without even confirming how the sword’s point pierced through the center of the man’s chest alongside sounds of flesh being ripped apart and bones being broken, Frau picked up the spear, which the female demon had left behind, and chased after the escaping woman with a light pace.
Limiting it to the outcome: The game of tag between Frau and the female demon ended in a flash.
Catching up with the female demon, who was staggering from the heavy blood loss and yet tried to somehow get out of Frau’s barrier, was no trouble for Frau at all.

“Don’t come! Stay away!”

The female demon, who noticed Frau approaching while partially skipping, shouts while trying to somehow get away from Frau, but unable to hold on because of her injury and the bleeding, she falls on her backside.

“Yes, what bad luck. Even if you managed to escape from me, how did you plan to break through the barrier with that body of yours?” (Frau 2)

Frau approached the demon, who was still trying to get away even while lying on the ground, with a smile while whirling around the spear in her hand as if to show off.

“The barrier has been set up to prevent demons escaping, you know? To say nothing of your wounded body. There’s no way that you will be able to get away, is there?” (Frau 2)

“What about him…?”

“Him? That demon-san who displayed a spirit of self-sacrifice? Since he has gone sleep as he seemed exhausted, he might have become prey of the corpse bomb around now. That chain is still running after all.” (Frau)

It’s the combination of corpse bomb after head-hunting bunny that Frau had used.
It’s a heinous combination leading to a chain because the corpses are used for the instant death technique, but the more enemies, the further the chain spreads and the longer it lasts.
The only worrying aspect was whether the corpse bomb would activate at the first blow as it requires corpses, seeing as a temporary immortality has been activated, but now that it has successfully activated once, the chain continues at a good pace.
The frightening part of the corpse bomb is its thorough continuity as long as the chain isn’t cut at some point.

“Setting that aside, I will have you accept your end here.” (Frau 2)

Frau abruptly stops the rotating spear and aims the spearhead at the female demon’s chest.
The female demon has no strength left to block or to evade the next attack.
The instant the female demon shut her eyes tightly in anticipation of the pain that would assail her due to the next blow after having resolved herself for the worst, she heard a splashing sound.

“Eh?” (Frau 2)

“…Ah? W…hy?”

Unable to believe the view in front of her eyes, Frau stares while forgetting to even throw the spear.
Even the female demon in front of her stares at her own abdomen as if seeing something unbelievable.
It’s the place where the looks of both women cross.
Something like a tentacle of a mollusk-like creature with the thickness of an adult man’s arm pushed out from her abdomen and broke through her clothes.
It’s something that seems to be originating from the demon’s body. The torn clothes become dyed in a darkish red color in an instant.

“This is…?” (Frau 2)

In front of Frau, who alertly puts herself on guard by fixing her two-handed grip on the spear, a new tentacle pushes out of the demon’s belly.
The sound of flesh being ripped apart mixes with the female demon’s screaming.
At first Frau suspected this to be some kind of countermeasure in response to being cornered, but watching the female demon writhe in pain as she holds down her abdomen that’s being penetrated by squirming tentacles, she realizes that her assumption was wrong.
And at the instant when the third tentacle pierced through the demon’s belly, the female demon raised a shout.

“Your Majestyyy!”

While maintaining a distance allowing her to deal with whatever might happen, Frau frowns at the content of the demon’s scream.
As far as Frau knows, there’s only one being that demons would address as His Majesty.
However, she didn’t understand at all how that person is connected to the scene taking place in front of her.
Without concern for Frau’s deliberations, the female demon continued to scream towards the sky while writhing on the ground due to the incessant pain.

“Why, Your Majesty!? Why!? In accordance with your orders, we…”

The screamed appeal suddenly stopped.
It’s not like the female demon died due to the pain.
The temporary immortality continues to be in effect.
What stopped her screaming was the next tentacle which was vomited out of her mouth as it pierced her throat while blowing off the demon’s lower chin.
Having become unable to breathe, not to mention scream, the light vanishes from the female demon’s eyes turning them into hollow pupils.
The throat, which raises a groan instead of the interrupted screaming, stops producing any further sounds before long. After turning into such a state, the female demon stands up and faces Frau.

“Just what the heck…does that mean?” (Frau)

The female demon with blank eyes, a tentacle sprouting out of her mouth, and several more tentacles growing out of her belly has the appearance of some kind of fused being which is a person and yet again not.
She limps while blood drips to the ground as the clothes that were absorbing it are gone. While watching the demon, who tried to escape until now, slowly approach, Frau felt her hands get slightly sweaty as they grasped the spear.



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