Chapter 173 – It seems to be the Defensive Battle of Klinge 3

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“Kill her! Kill that woman!!”

A yell, which is too heartbroken to be called an order, echoes across the battlefield.
As if pulled by that voice, the army of monsters begins its advance.
However, it’s not the advance of predators marching towards their prey as it had been until now, but it’s a reaction triggered by the fear that they will be preyed upon if they don’t kill that woman in the apron dress right now.
Without seeming perturbed, the woman muttered with a calm voice at the monsters who came charging with bloodshot eyes and foaming mouths,

“Begin the attack.”

Countless light spheres set out from within the city towards the other side of the wall.
Once the light spheres hit the flying wyverns, they penetrated through their hard scales as if they didn’t exist at all, causing flowers of blood to bloom in the sky.
The wyverns, who stop their advance while raising agonizing screams, have their bodies pierced by more light sphere attacks. Riddled with holes all over, they become unable to stay airborne and crash towards the ground.
The sub-dragons and orcs frantically avoid the areas where the free falling wyvern bodies are going to impact so as to not get buried under their huge builds. They strike the ground together with the monsters riding on their backs, but the wyverns and monsters, who should have died at this point, remain alive while suffering in anguish due to their broken bodies and their weirdly bent limbs.
If it were orcs and goblins tossing around in pain, there likely wouldn’t be any problem, but if it comes to a wyvern, they will definitely get their surroundings dragged into it.
Shells that came flying in curves impact on the locations where the wyverns are mowing down monster soldiers by chaotically swinging their tails and flapping their wings around, and explode into carpets of fire.
The wyverns, whose holey bodies are now on fire, start to rampage even more intensely while raising screams as if they have gone mad. Monsters, who turned into living torches, roll around on the ground, trying to extinguish the flames covering their bodies.
Even though it’s such hellish scene, not a single person or body is visited by death.

“It was a simultaneous attack by the flak and the sorcery howitzer battery of master’s castle, but…you guys, you are unexpectedly fragile, aren’t you?”

What should be called emplacements, which had been built all over Renya’s castle by Frau and Emil, are now manned by a hundred of Keith’s subordinates, who had waited for orders.
And, at the same time as they received those orders, they started to ceaselessly fire the ordnance installed at the emplacements, just as they had been instructed in advance.
By nature the soldiers of this world aren’t familiar with guns and similar, and thus there’s no way for them to be accustomed to handling them. As such Frau and Emil decided to disregard efficient usage and accuracy from the very start.
They were installations with the underlying idea that it’s fine as long as those weapons can stall an invading army by laying a barrage on the ground and in the sky, but as a result of the fortunate combination of the enemy army’s density and the barrages’ density, they caused substantial losses.

“I have problems deciding whether this is owed to our soldiers performing better than expected or the enemy being a let-down.”

The monsters, who had tried to extinguish the fire by rolling around, finally put out the flames and raise their bodies unsteadily.
Depending on their movements, body fragments, which had transformed into crumbly charcoal, broke off across their whole bodies and fell to the ground.
White bones are peeking out from the places where the charcoal had fallen down from. The parts that had been burned down to the bones, expose red flesh.
The monsters don’t understand why they are not dying even after having turned into such a mangled state.
They only raise incomprehensible groans and wailings after seeing their now exposed bones and flesh.
The woman in the apron dress, who soundlessly descended to the ground from the foothold created by the vines, suddenly spreads both arms without caring about the disastrous scenery around her.

“Spell Name <Maid’s Toy Box>.”

In response, a pitch black cube appears in front of the woman chest, between her extended arms.
Without hesitation the woman grabbed the newly manifested box with her left hand, thrust her right hand inside and moved her arm around as if rummaging for something while humming.

“Now then, I wonder what will come out?”

What she pulled out of the box as soon as she finished speaking was a rabbit plush toy that looked extremely cheap but exceedingly well-made.

“Oh my, how cute.”

She rubs her cheeks against it and then starts to walk across the gruesome battlefield.
Mysteriously the black box matches her pace and follows the woman while floating in midair.
Won’t we be able to break out of this hell if we kill that woman?
As if clinging to that last hope, the monsters, who are still capable of fighting, rushed towards the woman with their weapons drawn.

“Spell Name <Head-Hunting HopperHopping Vorpal Bunny>.” 1

The woman quietly tosses the rabbit plush toy high into the sky.
The bunny disappeared as if dissolving, and in the next instant something passed through the monsters that were just about to attack the woman.
Although the monsters wondered for a moment just what was going on, they didn’t have the leeway to concern themselves with something like that. Without checking any further, the monsters try to dash towards the woman, but then each of them noticed that their own field of vision had become upside down or tilted to the side.


Just as one of the monsters leaked a voice, deep crimson rain pours down in the vicinity.
What fell to the ground with rumbling sounds were their heads.
And then blood sprayed towards the sky with a force similar to that of a fountain from their severed necks.
Normally it should have ended at that point. But, thanks to the temporary immortality bestowed upon them, they can’t die.
Thus their lopped-off heads scream as they suffer in pain, and their bodies move about in confusion, searching for their heads while feeling the same.
Even those that luckily found their heads have no means to stick it and body back together at this point in time.
There are even very cruel cases where bodies frantically try to stick heads, which were not their own, onto their necks.

“I wonder, what will come out next?”

Once she quietly holds her left hand up, the following black box lands on her palm.
The woman in apron dress, who thrust her right hand into the box and pulled out something in one go, looked at what she’s holding in her hand, and revealed a blatantly disappointed expression.

“This one is a miss.”

It’s a charm.
Some characters are written in red on the surface of the tattered charm.

“However, since it’s a rare opportunity, I will give it a try.”

Once she mutters so to no one in particular, she slapped the charm on the back of a headless monster loitering around right next to her.

“Spell Name <Zombie Bomb>.”

The body with the charm on its back trembles with a start.
It immediate extends its hands to its back, trying to tear off the charm, but apparently because of its missing head, it can’t really get the charm off.
Meanwhile the charm’s red characters start to blink.

“This gives me…an unexpectedly good vibe…”

While the woman watches with keen interest, the body with the charm grasps at its chest all of a sudden.
It seemed as if it’s putting up with something, but the reason became apparent right away.
Alongside the sound of something being torn, the orc’s chest opens to both sides.
While something like a disembodied soul possessing only a mouth with transparent fangs laughs shrilly, three souls appear from within the scattering blood and flesh, and each of them sinks its fangs into another, nearby monster.
While devouring the flesh, the souls slip inside the bodies. After a short time of struggling in pain, the bodies open the chests in the same way as the first victim, and another three souls are spit out.

“Zombie Bomb is a chain technique. Devouring the enemy, it grows in power thanks to the devoured enemy, and then attacks other enemies, however…”

She grumbles to herself while folding her arms and tilting her head to the side.

“I thought that it might be impossible since the temporary immortality is in effect, but this looks like it’s going to work.”

She caresses the head of a soul that got close with a “there, there.” While making its fangs clatter in delight, the soul then looks for a new victim and flies away.
Various fluids and solid objects that are difficult to describe have fallen to the ground or are flying around in the vicinity, but there’s not the slightest indication of the woman’s apron dress having been dirtied.
The filth doesn’t touch her body, as if avoiding her.
She, who wanders across a battlefield that would make any normal person hesitate to traverse it in such a leisurely manner, raises her eyes, seemingly having suddenly noticed something, and draws her body back slightly.
A slashing attack that tears the atmosphere apart assails her, chasing after her body.

“Oh? Oh my, oh my?”

She dodges by turning round and round while raising a listless voice.
One slash after the other is unleashed at her in an attempt to somehow seize her body, but not one of them even grazes her.

“You fuckin’ bitch…!”

“I’m a lady, you know? What terrible way to address me.”

Using a headless monster body as a shield to avoid the attacks for the umpteenth time, she leaps back widely in order to open a distance while blocking her opponent’s sight by spraying the blood of the body she had just used.
The one who was fixing his hold on the large sword while breathing roughly on the other side of the blood spray was one of the male demons.

“To assault an unarmed woman with such a boorish weapon, how very inelegant, demon man.”

“Who’s unarmed, you damned monster!?”

“I believe there’s no mistake in me being unarmed, though?”

While warily shifting her attention to the demon’s sword, she validates that there’s no error in what she said.

“What the fuck are you!?”

“Ah, I didn’t introduce myself, now did I?”

Pressing her right hand against her chest, and pinching her skirt with the left, she introduces herself while performing a refined bow.

“I am working as the Head Maid at Margrave Kunugi-sama’s place. Frau is my name.”

“Head Maid!?”

“Well, this body is a dummy, however.” (Frau 2)

“Dummy, you say!?”

“Indeed, my real body is in the middle of checking and controlling the sorcery formulae inside the city.” (Frau 2)

Declaring so nonchalantly, Frau’s dummy suddenly inclines her head to the side while raising her body.
What grazed her head from behind was a spearhead.

“A surprise attack from behind in a two vs. one, don’t you consider that to be unfair?” (Frau 2)

Frau lightly leaps to the side, seemingly cautions of an attack from her flank and a follow-up attack from behind.

“However, I feel like there were two more male demons left.” (Frau 2)

The one who pulled back the spear and got back in her stance was the female demon.

“Have they passed away somewhere?” (Frau 2)

There’s no reply to Frau’s question.
Frau pondered while staring back without any emotions in particular at the two pairs of eyes that were glaring at her. Then, as if having abruptly realized something, she clapped her hands together.

“Oh, they got involved with the head-hunting rabbit from the beginning, and are now headless.” (Frau 2)

Although she heard teeth gritting without knowing which of the demons it might be, Frau doesn’t care at all.

“Or did they get dragged into the range attacks as they were about to launch a surprise attack? That would be the height of stupidity, though?” (Frau 2)

“Shut up, monster!”

“Moreover during the first attack?” (Frau 2)

“I’ve told you to keep your mouth shut!”

While smoothly evading the large sword, which was swung down alongside that yell, and keeping the spear-holding demon in check with her eyes, Frau thrusts her hand into the black box.
Without groping around this time, she speedily pulled out her hand without delay.

“Oh my, this one, eh…?” (Frau 2)

While seemingly astonished, she held a pair of huge scissors in her hand.
Frau, who got ready by shouldering those scissors with blades that have a length of around one meter, quietly mumbles their name.

“Spell Name <Flesh-Severing ScissorsButcher Scissors>. That’s something relatively tame, you know?” (Frau 2)

“You’re spouting bullshit!”

Once again smoothly dodging the large sword which was swung upwards this time, she repels the spearhead that had been thrust in the direction of her evasion with the scissors.
Although the female demon checks the repelled spearhead with a glance, there are no traces of it having been cut or fractured.

“This has yet another quirky spell.” (Frau 2)

Once she whirls around the surrounding bodies, Frau rotates the scissors’ blades and returns to her stance of shouldering them.
The monster bodies that stood around in the vicinity split apart after being completely cut and then fall to the ground in pieces.

“It doesn’t have much attack power against objects. However, it can easily sever flesh like this.” (Frau 2)

“Your taste is really bad…”

Frau smiles sweetly at the female demon who spilled that unintentionally.

“As such words are coming from a demon, I shall take them as compliment.” (Frau 2)

While shouldering the huge scissors with her right hand and pinching her skirt with the left, Frau displays a little bow. The two demons twist their faces in response.




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Translation Notes:

  1. Vorpal – a word invented by the author Lewis Carroll, apparently with the sense “keen, deadly.” For those who don’t know, Lewis Carroll wrote “Alice in Wonderland.”

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