Chapter 166 – It seems to be the Heroes’ Entrance

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“No, no, you two, sorry for bothering you just as you had calmed down, but do you have a moment?” (Renya)

Renya turned around and looked into Shion’s eyes while tapping Rubydra’s back. Even as she grumbles in complaint saying that she hasn’t actually calmed down yet, Rubydra asks,

<What is it?> (Rubydra)

“The battle still hasn’t come to an end, you know? Those below are still at the same disadvantage as before, no?” (Renya)

<Then do something about it.> (Rubydra)

Renya smiles wryly at Rubydra’s irresponsible response, albeit short and precise.
Certainly, it’s a situation where I should probably do something if I’m capable of it, but the part that actually explains what I should do has been completely omitted.
That is the most important part, though. While thinking that, Renya looked down towards the ground.
Although they gained total control of the air space, the situation on the surface is still unfavorable.
The wall that should protect the city has already been breached at several spots. The battlefield has spread into the city’s inner parts and fires are blazing up all over the city.
As far as looking from above, the city’s center, where the military installations have been concentrated, is somehow safe, but the other areas have mostly surrendered, Renya judged.
And even for the sole remaining, safe-looking central part it’s probably just a matter of time before it falls.

“It looks like…the situation below has developed in a terrible direction.” (Shion)

Shion mutters bitterly.
It’s more than a safe bet that the fate of the residents, who were defeated in battle, was fairly tragic.
Not to mention that the opponents are monsters who don’t have a shred of compassion.
No matter what fate awaited them, it was clear that their final moments weren’t easy.

“Rubydra, how much longer until Emedra arrives?” (Renya)

<I don’t know. I will contact her, though.> (Rubydra)

“Hurry up and tell her that we gained air control. She is to release Kurz below right away once she arrives. As for the other heroes, I leave the decision up to them.” (Renya)

The only one Renya can order around is the human hero who is under his patronage.
Given that he has no choice but to treat the elven and beastman hero as visitors, he can only appeal to them, but not give them any orders.
Renya intends to ignore their visitor status if it becomes necessary, but based on the official stance, that’s how it works.

<Roger. If she hurries up, she will be here very soon.> (Rubydra)

Rubydra starts getting in touch with Emedra after responding to Renya.
Meanwhile Rubydra continues to circle above the dragonoid city while paying attention to her altitude.
In Renya and Shion’s eyes, they wanted her to lower the altitude a bit to allow them to examine the situation on the ground, but if she descends to a height where arrows and spells could reach, it’s very likely that they will be exposed to a rain of anti-air attacks.
As expected, the probability of Rubydra crashing due to arrows was exceedingly low, but her maintaining the altitude wasn’t limited to protecting Renya and Shion from stray arrows. There’s also the possibility that Rubydra will crash if she’s attacked by spells, given that demons are mixed in among the army.
As a result Rubydra remains at a height where those attacks can’t reach or will very likely be blocked by her defense due to losing power over the distance even if they reach her, but there’s no way to see what’s happening on the ground from such a height.

“This is unexpectedly boring, isn’t it?” (Renya)

“No, wait Renya, those below are in the middle of battle…” (Shion)

“We can’t make a move from our side, and they can’t make a move on us either. We have free time without having anything to do, right?” (Renya)

“Yeah, you’re not wrong there. It’s a correct opinion, but…I wonder what it is, this feeling of not being fully satisfied with such an explanation.” (Shion)

Shion groans while having an expression full of mixed feelings.
While thinking that she likely won’t reach an answer even if she ponders about it, Renya suddenly looks above and discovers a shadow overhead.


Due to the voice that’s audible from very far away and which is likely Kurz’s, Renya knits his brows.
At the same time as that voice reaches him, something leapt into the sky without any hesitation from the shadow flying overhead.

“Renya, that’s…” (Shion)

“Someone jumped off, huh?” (Renya)

<It seems to be the human hero.> (Rubydra)

After Shion and Renya looked at each other upon Rubydra’s calm voice, they both look up again in a hurry.
Rubydra said that Kurz jumped off Emedra who’s flying higher up than Renya’s group who’s already flying at a considerably high altitude.
Don’t tell me he wants us to catch him, Renya panics.
No matter how much Kurz’s body is similar to that of a small child, the momentum such a body possesses during free fall is nothing to scoff at.
Although you might say that Renya is quite strong, his body will most likely break if he tries to catch an object with such a momentum.
Ahead of Renya’s gaze, who ponders whether it would work to cushion the fall by manipulating the air with <Manipulation>, black wings spread from Kurz’s back.
Renya and Shion can only watch as Kurz’s descent speed decreased before their eyes.

“That’s a really handy ability, isn’t it…?” (Renya)

The true identity of the black wings was the black mist contained in large quantities within Kurz.
The pair of wings, which were created by solidifying that mist, isn’t an ability that allows him to soar freely through the sky, but if it comes to decreasing the falling speed or gliding, it’s certainly capable of doing so.
As he draws an elegant spiral trajectory, Kurz shouts loudly while waving his hands with a smile as he approaches Renya’s group.

“Margrave-sama! I’m off!” (Kurz)

“Aye…be careful, okay?” (Renya)

“Yeees~!” (Kurz)

Kurz leaves a lively reply behind and continues to descend.
Emedra, who tries to chase after him, lowers her altitude, passing Renya’s group in the process.

<I will drop off the remaining heroes. What are you guys going to do?> (Emedra)

Upon Emedra’s telepathic message, sent while passing by, Renya ponders.
No matter how big the monster army might be, the charging combat forces are three heroes.
They are endowed with extraordinary combat abilities for the sake of fighting the demon king at some point in time.
Actually even Renya couldn’t imagine the maximum output of their powers, but deciding to consider it under the assumption that there were three of himself, who’s just a swordsman, Renya mutters after a short time,

“Doesn’t that feel like overkill?” (Renya)

If the heroes had been able to listen into Renya’s thoughts, they would have simultaneously told him to stop bullshiting while shaking their heads.
It’s a story where the surroundings would be suspicious whether he’s messing around if they heard of it, but Renya is very serious.

“The situation might change if the demons come out. I guess we will wait and watch how things unfold.” (Renya)

Since it’s not a game, there’s absolutely no problem in going for an overkill.
Rather, annihilating the enemies promptly with excess firepower should lower the losses amongst our allies.
However, it’s not like Renya wants to particularly annihilate the monsters and demons.
The more obedient they are in staying in their own territory, the less necessary it becomes to hunt them down.
In other words, Renya is harboring the faint hope that they’ll escape by themselves in front of a huge combat force like the three heroes.
Of course that’s not owed to a benevolent heart.
It’s an action stemming from the truly calculating thought that having the enemies run away will put an end to this ordeal with the least amount of troubles.

“They probably won’t escape, though.” (Renya)

While quietly muttering that, Renya and the others look down towards the ground, just barely being able to make out a pitch-black flower unfolding.

“I~t~is~w~o~rk~” (Kurz)

Kurz, who was surrounded by monsters as soon as he landed on the ground, shouts with a loud voice alongside a broad smile while hardening his clenched fists without the least sign of agitation.

“f~ro~m~Ma~r~gr~a~ve~sa~ma~” (Kurz)

The black wings on his back lose their shape, and at the same time as they turn into mist, more black mist vigorously gushes out from Kurz’s entire body.
Seen from above, it looks like a black flower suddenly unfolding in the middle of the battlefield. At the same time as the mist touches the monsters crowding around Kurz, it bares its fangs and attacks them.
Among the bellows and screams that arise all at once, the black mist separated and a huge silver armor appears from within.
While all fired arrows and spells are easily repelled by its surface, the mist gradually transforms into countless thick and long snakes squirming around the silver armor that begins to step forward.

“Does it mean he has to manifest it each time he uses it? I feel like he really got skilled at it.” (Renya)

Renya casually shares his impression.

“In my opinion, he’s not hero-like at all…” (Shion)

It’s only natural for Shion to have such an impression.
Arrows are repelled by the surface, and spells don’t achieve anything even if they hit.
Even attempts to slash at it fail as the blades are unable to penetrate the thick armor. The sight of countless snakes immediately swarming their pitiful victims and devouring them once they stop moving wasn’t a spectacle that would make anyone believe that he’s a hero, even if he’s introduced as one.
Even those, who try to run away, are not spared.
The black snakes, which attack them from behind, tear their torsos apart with one lunge. The upper and lower bodies, which were snapped apart, are swallowed down by other snakes before they even hit the ground, and disappear.
Those trying to escape while crawling – seemingly unable to stand up out of fear – have their limbs bitten and torn apart. And once they turned into caterpillars, they were gulped down whole. The ones begging for their lives are swallowed down from the front without any consideration towards their pleas.

“There sure is a lively show going on over there, ain’t there? As expected, it’s the human hero, eh?” (Lepard)

Clanging “Fang King,” the exclusive hero equipment of the beastman hero, equipped on both his arms, Lepard laughs.
Dark red objects, which were broken and crushed to the extent that it was impossible to distinguish what exactly they were before, are scattered at his feet as if fully covering the ground. The stench of iron rust hangs in the air.
His entire tekkou are stained with crimson, slippery fluids. Lepard laughs while looking really happy, but the monsters surrounding him already had fear dwelling in their eyes.
He suddenly fell down from above, or so they thought, but gradually beating monsters to death at random without even giving them the chance to counterattack, the largely-built beastman hero had already created an extensive carpet of minced meat by thoroughly smashing up even the corpses.
Due to his appearance of laughing while ferociously baring his fangs, the fighting spirit of the surrounding monsters was broken all too quickly.

“Ah? What are you people? It’s a war, right? I’m your enemy, no? Come on, hurry up!”

Even though Lepard knocks his fists together, there’s not a single monster that tries to make a move, even after being provoked.
After waiting for a short while, Lepard looks at the monsters, who – far from charging at him – are even trying to run away with an indecisive attitude, and snorts in a bored manner.

“What, how boring. Ain’t there anyone with some guts among you? No helping it then. Serve me as a distraction.” (Lepard)

Knocking his fist together with a noticeably loud sound, he creates a space with his palms facing each other in front of his chest, as if holding something.
The air in the surrounding is quickly sucked into the space between his palms.
The absorbed air causes a shrill sound, forming into a transparent sphere that continues to rotate.
The monsters, who witnessed that, understand.
That the sphere must be something absolutely dangerous.
However, by the time they were able to comprehend that, there was already no time to escape.

“Let’s go with a big one! Feel the roar of Fang King, you little shits!” (Lepard)

The instant he pushed out his palms as if thrusting them forward, the compressed sphere is liberated.
The air drill that can’t be referred to as wind any longer ran through the swarm of monsters with a thunderous roar.
Sand, earth, flesh are all broken at the same time and stirred up. Nothing remains in the path it took.

“He possessed a Mass Amplitude Preemptive-strike (MAP) Weapon?” (Renya)

“Eh? What? What happened? Or rather, Renya, what’s a m-a-p weapon?” (Shion)

Ignoring Shion, who’s shaken up due to the surprising scene of carnage that took place below her and the unfamiliar term used by Renya, for the time being, Renya looks at yet another place.
If you compare that location to the previous two, it was extremely calm, but the phenomenon taking place there was just as gruesome.
A shadow is slipping and squirming through the gaps between the army of frenzied monsters.
Even though something is definitely passing right next to the monsters, no one’s eyes can catch the shadow.
Although that’s all that happens, one monster suddenly grasps its throat and collapses.
A quantity of blood, which is life-threatening no matter how you look at it, spews out from in-between its fingers. It notified the surroundings that the monster had already suffered a fatal wound.
As a commotion rises up, wondering just what happened, even though there’s no sign of the one that launched the attack, another monster holds down the inner part of its thighs next.
The spot, where a thick blood vein passes through, has been roughly and very deeply gouged out. The bleeding, which is too strong to be held back, trickled down to the ground.


Another monster shows the whites of its eyes and falls down.
The wound on its back is a puncture wound that reached its heart from behind. Most likely the monster died without even the time to comprehend what had happened.
Once it reaches the point were such scenes can be seen throughout the monster army, the monsters succumb to panic.
After all, even though there are so many victims, the perpetrator, who’s causing all these casualties, is nowhere to be found.
Quickly slipping his body from blind spot to blind spot, he moves without making a single sound.
While repeatedly moving in a way that can’t be perceived by anyone’s eyes, Grün mutters,

“Their movements are slow and boring. There’s no big difference to cutting a scarecrow.” (Grün)

That mutter reached the ears of several monsters that were nearby, but when they looked towards the source in a hurry, they didn’t find anyone.
Instead those monsters end up seeing how their own wrists spout out blood after being pried open.
It’s such a large monster army that Renya doesn’t know how many tens of thousands troops there are in total, even after looking at them from the sky.
That army was little-by-little driven towards annihilation by the hands of only three heroes.



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