Chapter 165 – It seems to be the Battle against an Ancient Dragon

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“Time to have it eat a full blow with some spunk behind it!” (Renya)

Renya lifted his arm and sixteen white flame lances surged out of his palm.
Those outlandish fire lances, which were filled with mana, to the point that any more would destroy the spell’s structure, forcibly made the surrounding atmosphere expand while also producing sounds similar to explosions as they assailed the huge evil dragon.
However, the lances crash into something that looks like a blue shield, which was produced by the evil dragon raising a single roar, and disappear all too quickly. Even the few fire lances, which reached the evil dragon as it apparently wasn’t able to block them all, disappear after colliding, leaving nothing more than few faint burn marks on the evil dragon’s scales.

“They were blocked!?” (Shion)

Due to Renya’s spell, which had turned its targets into ashes with just one blow so far – moreover 16 of those spells – not delivering any significant damage despite hitting it directly, Shion raises her voice in shock.
Although Rubydra wasn’t overly surprised as she had apparently expected something like that, she replies to Shion with an annoyed voice,

<The compatibility is bad. I told you that it’s a dragon of the Purple Water Dragon family, didn’t I? Isn’t it common sense that fire sorcery is weak against the water attribute?> (Rubydra)

Renya wanted to protest that he didn’t know about such common knowledge, but suddenly understanding a single fact from Rubydra’s word, he frowns.
Considering the breath unleashed by Rubydra, her body’s color, and the spell she taught Renya, there’s no doubt that she’s a fire dragon.
In other words, Rubydra’s compatibility should be extremely bad in relation to the attribute possessed by the evil dragons.
The reason why she still plunged into them must be owed to her prediction that she will very likely manage to power her way through as she’s a much higher-ranking dragon than the evil dragons flying around here.
However, that completely changes if it comes to opposing a dragon of the same rank or higher rank like the ancient dragon that’s calmly preparing in front of them.
The advantages and disadvantages caused by the compatibilities between attributes completely influences the power relation in battle.

“So that means it’s an opponent suited for Emedra, huh?” (Renya)

<Shut up! I’m much more useful than a young person like her who acts all mature! To begin with, Emedra is a descendant of the Jade Dragon, and thus she’s of the same attribute! Moreover, this fatty is of a higher rank!> (Rubydra)

Rubydra apparently wanted to say that it wouldn’t have mattered even if Emedra had come as she would have been at a disadvantage with her lower rank, but as she herself is not only losing out in rank but also in attribute, the current situation is worse in comparison to the alternative of Emedra being here. Despite admitting to this indirectly, she doesn’t even notice that she said it herself.
Renya smiles wryly in his heart while thinking, this is youth, but even if you add up the years of Renya’s former life and the time he has spent in this world, the sum will be miles away from Rubydra’s age.
The ancient dragon with its mouth gaping open jumps into Renya’s field of view, who’s in a somewhat fluffy mood.

<Its breath is incoming! With its attribute added to it!> (Rubydra)

Renya, who had started to deploy the <Magic Shield> just as with the time when he blocked the breath attacks of the other evil dragons, adds another seven layers of <Magic Shield> in response to Rubydra’s warning.
The violet breath that struck them penetrates the shields of mana without being scattered, unlike the breaths of the other evil dragons.
Renya slaps Rubydra’s nape, who tries to evade in panic, to make her calm down.
The last shield layer in front of their eyes breaks while being hit by the ancient dragon’s breath and disappears, but at the same time the breath attack loses momentum as if having used up all its strength, and vanishes as well.

“Just barely after piling up 8 layers, eh…?” (Renya)

The breath spit out by Rubydra like a return gift was a white, shining breath and not a red flash as it had been until now.
It seems she produced a normal breath, fearing that its power would deteriorate if she added her attribute to it, but that one shot disappeared after being fruitlessly repelled by the scales.
Rubydra grinds her fangs in vexation as the ancient dragon didn’t even bother to defend itself from her attack.
As if ridiculing Rubydra, the ancient dragon curves its muzzle up and then opens it once again.
Due to the mana gathered within its muzzle, Rubydra’s movements accelerate in response.

<It has amassed mana! An attack bigger than the one before is coming!> (Rubydra)

The breath attack unleashed went far beyond the first shot in terms of strength.
Rubydra reflexively stiffens due to the breath which was large enough to engulf her whole body.
The ancient dragon’s breath was approaching and filling Shion’s field of view, who unconsciously comprehended that she will likely be engulfed by it.
Renya’s right arm crossed in front of Shion, who was about to give up due to the scale of the breath that made her think that even Renya’s <Magic Shield> wouldn’t be able to defend against it, in a flash.
Once cut with a cross slash in midair by the katana, which Renya was grasping in his hands before anyone noticed, the breath with its overwhelming size disperses and vanishes as if it all had just been a bad joke.


Then he stabbed a white, burning <Fire Lance> into the ancient dragon’s mouth, which had become frozen in mute amazement with its mouth wide open due to the spectacle that greatly deviated from its expectations.
Immediately after, there was an explosion bursting forth and a scream.
While several fangs that broke due to the impact fall out of its mouth, the ancient dragon struggles and writhes in pain. Several of the evil dragons that got hit by its movements are flicked away by the huge body and fall to the ground while scattering bodily fluids.

“Toug-!? Even that bastard’s mouth is friggin’ hard.” (Renya)

Renya, who looks like he wants to say that he’s flabbergasted, shakes his head while pressing his left hand against his forehead, but neither Shion nor Rubydra have the composure to concern themselves with Renya.
Both of them are unable to break out of the shock caused by the fact that it all ended with them being completely unhurt just after they had resolved themselves to suffer damage that would almost definitely put their lives at risk.

“What was that just now?” (Shion)

Renya smoothly answers Shion, who finally managed to squeeze out those words,

“I wondered whether I couldn’t offset the breath attack by making a sword flash fly, but it didn’t fly at all. What a failure, a big failure. But, well, since I succeeded in cutting it down, all’s fine.” (Renya)

<I wonder, are you an idiot? No, you are an idiot, right? You’re definitely an utter idiot.> (Rubydra)

“Don’t use idiot at all three stages…it hurts my feelings, you know?” (Renya)

Renya looks sullen, but neither Shion nor Rubydra pay him any attention.
Just who the hell would consider cutting a breath attack of a size that could swallow up a whole dragon with a single katana?
And just how big of an idiot would one have to be to not only think about it, but to actually put it into practice, too?
In the end neither Shion nor Rubydra could or wanted to believe that there’s anyone other than Renya on this world that could successfully implement such an idea.

<I can hear the sound of my common sense breaking.> (Rubydra)

“I still…somehow…know the convenient expression that it’s Renya we’re talking about here.” (Shion)

<Ah, yeah, I do like that way of casually settling matters…> (Rubydra)

“Don’t talk about someone like a cluster of irrationality.” (Renya)

Renya feels discouraged, but the voices of both, Rubydra and Shion, apparently wanted to say:
“Not like a cluster, right?”
Without even guessing their emotions, Renya turns the katana’s point towards the ancient dragon, and shouts, not knowing whether it’s listening,

“Hey big one over there! I cannot afford to spend much time on you! After all I also have to finish the disturbance below! That’s why I will promptly cook…err, defeat you!” (Renya)

“Just now you said cook…you are completely treating it as a food ingredient, aren’t you…?” (Shion)

<I wonder what you’re planning. However, no matter what you do at this point in time, you won’t hear me saying anything other than Yeah, right.> (Rubydra)

Ignoring the two, who mutter words filled with tiredness and resignation, for now, Renya shouts,

“I guess I will start with a practice run! Launching 16 <Fire Lances>!” (Renya)

The white fire lances rush towards the ancient dragon while drawing white lines, however the ancient dragon blocks these with a blue shield just like the first time.
Even the several lances that got barely past it have lost a lot of their power, and ceased after causing faint explosions on the ancient dragon’s body.
The ancient dragon twists its muzzle as if to say that Renya is doing something pointless despite knowing that it won’t work, but in the next instant it stops moving as if having observed something unbelievable.
The fire lances, which set out from around Rubydra who hovers in the air as if facing off against the ancient dragon, had increased drastically in number and were already waiting for launch.

“Next! Launching 32 <Fire Lances>!” (Renya)

The fire lances that had doubled in number in comparison to the first attack fly towards the ancient dragon while leaving white trails in the sky.
The ancient dragon releases a roar in a hurry, making a blue shield appear, but there’s no way for a defense, which allowed several lances to pass even when it had been 16 , to completely block twice the number of fire lances.
This time a two digit number of fire lances gets past the blue shield and pierces the ancient dragon’s body, but these also disappear without delivering a decisive blow due to the ancient dragon’s attribute in addition to the dampening caused by the shield.
The breath attack, which it released as a counterattack as if to declare that it still has some leeway, was cut down by Renya’s katana. Furthermore, a great number of fire lances appeared around Renya.
While smiling happily, Renya watches how even the ancient dragon’s expression starts to be dyed with the color of panic.

“Now then, how about trying to do your best? Launching 64 <Fire Lances>!” (Renya)

For the first time in a long time did the ancient dragon feel danger approaching its body due to the fire lances hurled at it, which were making the surrounding atmosphere warp due to their heat.
The blue shield, which it manifested while putting all its might into the roar, is several times thicker than the ones from the previous two times.
The fire lances successively explode on the surface of that shield.
The shield, which had been constructed with the ancient dragon putting all of its power into it, continues to block the increased number of lances. The ancient dragon, who was about to ridicule the attack as just being the action of a measly human who’s not even worthy of being taken serious, sees an unbelievable scene taking place on the other side of its shield.

“Launching 128 <Fire Lances>.” (Renya)

The fire lances that continuously struck the shield bloom into large and beautiful fire flowers in the sky.
In the eyes of Shion and Rubydra, who watch that spectacle from safety, it’s no more than something along the line of “What a beautiful scene” as long as they endure the impacts, which make their intestines tremble, and the roaring sounds, which split their ears, but there’s no way for the ancient dragon, who’s on the opposite side of all this, to not be scared to death.
The shield, which has been constructed by the power of a dragon, breaks apart as it’s unable to bear the power of the fire lances. Several lances, which slip through while a new shield has to be set up, reach the ancient dragon’s body.
Their power is lowered due to the difference in compatibility, but it’s not like they don’t cause any damage at all. The ancient dragon has lost the ability to ignore the accumulated damage, once it’s pierced by many lances all at once.
Before long the roar turns into something like a scream. And then, for some reason, Renya’s voice reaches the ears of the ancient dragon, who frantically continues deploying shields, throughout all the explosions.

“Shall I increase the numbers? Launching 256 <Fire Lances>.” (Renya)

The frequency of impacts and explosions accelerates even further.
The number of destroyed shields begins to remarkably increase, and so does the number of lances that get through in proportion.
Even though the ancient dragon considered running away, it immediately understood from the flood of fire lances, which rushed at it at full power as soon as it came out from behind its own shield, that it wouldn’t be able to get away.
Even when it tries to launch a counterattack, its defense is overtaken in an instant as the power, which is used for the breath attack, is taken away from the new shields.
As for what the ancient dragon, which could neither advance not retreat, could actually do: It had no other choice but to merely pray that the human’s mana would run out sooner or later.
No matter how much training he might have piled up, it’s impossible for the mana of a human to be infinite.
If only the downpour of fire lances stops for a single moment, it probably won’t be all that difficult to run away, the ancient dragon believes.
As if smashing such a hope, Renya quietly declares:

“Launching 512 <Fire Lances>.” (Renya)

At last the fire lances, which should lose out in regards to attribute compatibility, broke the defense level of the shields produced by the ancient dragon into smithereens.
The lances reach the defenseless ancient dragon’s body without experiencing any dampening of their power, and stab into it.
Since it’s not like the attribute superiority of the ancient dragon itself has vanished, the lances lose power when they hit its body, but if it’s hit by several dozen lances all at once, it will be unbearable for the ancient dragon, even if its body is fairly sturdy.
Even though it tries to remake new shields, the damage caused by the impacts, shocks and heat of the fire lances snatch away the ancient dragon’s composure to wield its own power.
Having its whole body jostled by the impacts, and being grilled all over by the flames’ heat, the ancient dragon heard its death sentence while having its sight completely filled by fire.

“I guess this is the last one. Launching 1024 <Fire Lances>.” (Renya)



Even though it wants to lose consciousness, its consciousness is forcibly pulled back from the edge by the spells’ impacts.
Having already lost the power to set up a defense, the ancient dragon doesn’t even know whether it’s still flying or already falling due to the overwhelming heat and the countless impacts assailing its entire body.

“I wonder, how do you feel about being finished off by attacks with an attribute that ought to be inferior to yours?” (Renya)

In the space that should be dominated by explosions, only the words of that human were clearly audible for some strange reason.

“The experience of being violated by an overwhelming power is unpleasant, isn’t it?” (Renya)

Indeed, the ancient dragon thought, but until just now that was something the dragon itself did to others as well.
In that case, I wonder, does this conclusion mean that I reap what I sowed? The ancient dragon asks itself.

“I expressly stepped up the number of attacks to the next level for the sake of you being chewable after all. It’s fine for you to perish after I can fully savor your taste.” (Renya)

The ancient dragon wanted to spit out curses such as “You’re malicious,” “You have a nasty character,” and “Isn’t your heart pitch dark?” However, its body doesn’t listen to it anymore, and even if it could open its mouth, nothing more than a coarse groan would leak out.

“Well, if you have learned your lesson with this, I think you will live a more honest and modest life in your next reincarnation.” (Renya)

The ancient dragon wonders whether there’s something like a reincarnation, but the voice mentioned the term reincarnation with an awfully strong conviction.
Maybe his words are based on some kind of knowledge. Yet the ancient dragon already lacks the means to make sure of that.

“I will be happy if you choose correctly and don’t escape to another world if possible, but…I guess I went a bit too far.” (Renya)

Renya mutters while watching the huge, violet body fall while drawing a trail of smoke with its whole body having become flaccid.
After a short time the ancient dragon’s body grazes the city’s defense wall situated below Renya’s group and crashes into the ground outside the city.
It felt like it decelerated somewhat thanks to its continuously opened wings, but if a huge body that exceeds that of Rubydra falls from a fairly high altitude, its impact is unfathomable.
A considerable amount of the landbound monster forces that surrounded the city should have been squashed.

“Ah…we have to recover and completely wash it afterwards…” (Renya)

Even if a dragon loses its life, the sturdiness of its scales and skin is an established fact.
No matter how many monsters might have been buried beneath it, I don’t think that the dragon’s main body has been damaged, Renya decided to think optimistically.

<That was a very cruel display of a brute force approach.> (Rubydra)

“Well, it’s Renya after all.” (Shion)

<True, it’s Renya after all.> (Rubydra)

Having seen the ancient dragon fall, there’s no way for the other dragons to consider fighting against Renya.
The evil dragons literally tucked their tails between their legs and started to escape.
And then, while slowly circling in the empty sky, Shion and Rubydra couldn’t help but to pray for the fallen ancient dragon’s happiness in the next life despite it having been an enemy due to their feelings of pity towards it after having seen how the dragon was thoroughly trashed by an overwhelming power.



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