Chapter 153 – It seems to be after the Squeezing

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“I’ve heard that Frau squeezed something out of Renya!”

In the early hours of the morning, Emil opened the door to Renya’s office without knocking and while having a smile plastered all over her face. Immediately after, she was hit in the solar plexus by some transparent object, which came flying at her as a consequence for what she said. The impact caused her to buckle over without so much as a sound and she started cowering on the floor. Frau, with cold and piercing eyes was looking down onto Emil, who had started to twitch uncontrollably while releasing pained groans. However, there was no chance that Emil would throw up, which was surprising given the fact that she was struck with considerable force, as such resistance could be expected from a demon.

“Emil-ane-sama…is there something you want to say ~no?” (Frau)

“E-…Excuse me. I have reflected, so can you please let me off with this…?” (Emil)

Once Emil lifts her head while still cowering on the floor and gasping painfully, Frau steps up and stands in front of her, holding something the size of a child’s head in her hands.
If I screw around any more than this Frau will very likely swing that down at my head without any hesitation, Emil immediately comprehended.
The object, which struck her solar plexus in the instant she opened the door, is lightly rolling around in front of Emil’s eyes.
It was a transparent, oval ball with the same size as the one in Frau’s hands.
While still being teary eyed, Emil looks at the sphere on the ground and then shifts her eyes towards Frau while patting the area around her solar plexus. As if having noticed something unbelievable, she looks a second time at the ball on the ground.
Its shape looked rough and it wasn’t stylish at all, but it had a high degree of transparency.
Emil, who picks up the ball with her right hand while holding her stomach with the left, soon uttered with a stunned voice,

“Don’t tell me…this is Frau’s and Renya’s child?” (Emil)

In no time Frau swung down the ball in her hands at the crown of Emil’s head.
Followed by a dull, wet sound, Emil’s head slams to the ground.
The ball, which was used to hit Emil, ended up breaking due to the impact, but once Frau tidily gathers the fragments, she goes back into Renya’s office and places them atop his desk.
Countless balls of the same size were scattered on that table.
From its appearance, Renya’s desk boasted a fairly large size, but it’s been covered with transparent balls to the extent that one can’t see the desk’s surface.

“Frau…what’s with the noise…?”

The one who asked that with a hoarse voice from atop the bed located in the room is Renya.
Although Renya’s attire, who’s laying on the bed in a state of having all the strength drained from his body, wasn’t disheveled, his voice is powerless and his body isn’t moving.

“I exterminated a vermin ~no.” (Frau)

“Vermin?” (Renya)

“It was a big vermin ~no. It’s fine, I crushed its head properly ~no.” (Frau)

“Isn’t treating me like a vermin far too horrible!?” (Emil)

Frau quietly clicks her tongue at Emil, who sat up all of a sudden.

“So the strike was still too shallow ~no.” (Frau)

“It’s because you haven’t…made sure of it, Frau…” (Renya)

“Renya!? You are also quite cruel, are…n’t…you?” (Emil)

Emil was about to raise her voice in protest while lifting her body, but seeing Renya laying completely exhausted on the bed face up and motionless, caused her voice to fall apart.
Seemingly having a bump located where she was firmly hit, Emil stroked her head while standing up, and then approached the bed.
Renya’s complexion is bad.
Even though he always had a good complexion that gave one the impression that he’s the very picture of health, his face is now drained of blood as if it had been bleached, making it ghastly pale.
The color of his lips had changed to violet. He continues to breathe shallowly while looking pained and slightly sweating all over his body.
Emil who instinctively sat down on the edge of the bed, gently placed her hand on Renya’s forehead, who wasn’t showing any response to her actions.

“It looks like…he doesn’t have a fever.” (Emil)

“I…can’t…get sick…in the first…place.” (Renya)

It’s a blessing from a skill which he received from that little girl, but for Renya that part is quite difficult to explain.
It’s not like there are people who will suddenly believe me, if I tell them something like “I have received a skill from god that prevents me from getting sick.”
And if there are people that believed such a thing, one would doubt either their intelligence or common sense, Renya judges.

“Then what the hell did you do to be in such a sorry state?” (Emil)

While asking, Emil secretly gathers mana in her hand and lowers the temperature of her palm by a little bit.
No matter how much she says that he doesn’t feel feverish, Renya was still drenched in sweat.
Emil judged that Renya would be a little bit more comfortable if she cooled him down somewhat, and confirming that her assumption was apparently correct, Renya’s breathing calmed down and became a bit deeper.

“Frau made…・・・a little blunder ~no.” (Frau)

“At squeezing out!? You failed at just that!? If you hold it in your mouth or rub it up and down properly…uh-oh.” (Emil)

Once again a transparent ball comes flying towards Emil’s face, who was acting surprised and speaking with a weird intonation.
While admiring Frau for being able to throw such a heavy ball with such force so easily, Emil caught the ball with her free hand.
Thereupon Emil fixedly stares at the ball.
Having babbled something quite childish before, Emil was downed by Frau, but now that she was holding the object in her hands, Emil sighs once after having examined it with her eyes.

“Don’t tell me, Frau…is this a magic stone?” (Emil)

When Emil asked that, hoping that she’s wrong, Frau throws her chest out energetically.

“That’s obvious at a glance ~no!” (Emil)

“Yeah, now that I see it from up-close, it’s obvious, but…a normal researcher or sorcerer probably won’t be able to trust their eyes if they see this.” (Emil)

Emil is also someone who refers to herself as a researcher.
Magic stones are materials she’s constantly using. She’s so familiar with magic stones that she can tell the price and quality just by looking at them.
That’s why she immediately knew that the mountain of balls, which are laying on top of Renya’s desk, are all magic stones after examining one of them.
The problem is their size.
With all of them being the size of a child’s head, it’s a sight that contradicts common sense.
In the first place, one wouldn’t be able to find magic stones of this size on the market.

“How much would you have to pay for one of these? To begin with, just how did you get your hands on them?” (Emil)

“Well, of course through the mana I received from master ~nano.” (Frau)

“All of them?” (Emil)

Once Emil asks that while pointing at the mass of magic stones forming a mountain on top of Renya’s desk, Frau shakes her head softly.
Frau corrected Emil who wondered whether she had made some kind of mistake.

“This is only a small part of them ~nano.” (Frau)

While listening to Frau’s response and experiencing a faint attack of dizziness, Emil carefully scrutinizes the ball in her hand.
In Emil’s eyes, the big magic stone was of considerably high quality.
It’s easily to imagine that the quality and amount of mana contained within the stone is proportional to its appearance and size.

“This is probably priceless…” (Emil)

It’s not impossible to give the stone a price if you force the matter, but Emil couldn’t believe that there would be anyone in these lands who would need magic stones of this size.
The stones are too large to work as power source for sorcery tools. Even if sorcerers wanted to carry them as spare mana reservoirs, its size would turn into a bottleneck.
In other words, it has a high rarity value, but it would be difficult to find a buyer.

“If you break them down into reasonably sized pieces…but that would be a waste, won’t it?” (Emil)

If you break it, it will likely lead to some loss, but it would be possible to change them into marketable sizes.
However, Emil didn’t really want to approve of breaking a rare, huge magic stone for the sake of selling it.

“They aren’t for sale anyway ~no.” (Frau)

“Aren’t you going to use them for fundraising?” (Emil)

“I will show you how I will use them ~no. But before that…” (Frau)

After having Emil remove her hand, Frau placed a wet, clean cloth, which she wrung once after taking it out from who-knows-where, on Renya’s sweaty forehead.
Moreover she wiped Renya’s sweat-drenched face clean with another cloth, and put the used cloth away into the pocket of her apron dress.

“Master, I have a feeling that I went a bit too far ~no. I ended up draining your mana until you were on the verge of running out ~no.” (Frau)

Frau says apologetically.
The cause for Renya’s bad physical state was his mana being drained down to rock bottom as Frau said.

“You did it too much!?” (Emil) 1

Frau silents Emil, who, as usual, retorts by taking it into a dirty direction, by driving an elbow into her flank once.
Renya, who was looking at those two as he somehow managed to turn his head their way, revealed a wry smile.

“Well, don’t worry about it…I recover quickly, so…it will be fine.” (Renya)

“If you can cum many times because you recover quickly, something like this is…gafuu!?” (Emil)

Frau, who realized that an elbow strike wasn’t enough, now punched the same place she had hit before with her fist.
With a sound of something obviously being broken, Emil opens her eyes wide with only the whites showing and collapses, falling on top of Renya, though it’s not clear if that was done on purpose or if it was just a coincidence.

“Ah, hey! What are you trying to pull during the confusion ~nano!” (Frau)

“He he he, if it’s now, Renya won’t be able to resist.” (Emil)

Emil immediately recovers from her state of having the whites of her eyes showing and begins to raise strange laughing noises while continuously rubbing her cheek up against Renya who is in a state where he can’t tear her off or escape.
Behind her, Frau hurriedly took a magic stone from atop the desk, brought it with her and held it high in the air.

“Get off master ~no!” (Frau)

Due to the sound of two hard objects clashing against each other, Renya absentmindedly thinks, I’m sure it’s the sound of a skull clashing with a magic stone, while still unable to put up any resistance.
Emil’s body limply collapsed on top of Renya’s body again after she lost consciousness.

“Master, sorry for having caused trouble ~no.” (Frau)

Forcefully pulling up Emil’s body, Frau drags her off the bed. Then she bows courteously in Renya direction.

“It’s the usual. Don’t mind it. …Don’t be too hard on Emil, okay?” (Renya)

“I will handle her carefully ~no.” (Frau)

Even while answering she carelessly tosses Emil’s body on the ground.
The dull sound of Emil’s head hitting the floor could be heard, but without showing any sign of caring about it, Frau begins to diligently stuff the magic stones on Renya’s desk into her pocket.
No matter how you look at it, just one of these magic stones should have easily exceeded the capacity of her pocket, but one magic stone after the other vanished into Frau’s pocket as if it was some kind of magic trick.
After a short amount of time, Frau had finished collecting all the magic stones. She then violently grabbed, for some reason, the back part of the still unconscious Emil’s tube top bra and started to drag Emil along.

“Hey, wait…like that it’ll be rolled up and her bare chest will be in plain sight, right…?” (Renya)

When Frau seized the bra, most of Emil’s lower breast part, which are proper albeit somewhat moderate according to herself, had already been exposed.
It wouldn’t take much time for her breasts to become visible if she were to be dragged along like this for a little while longer.
It’s not clear whether Frau actually realized what’s going and as such Renya stops Frau who was about leave the room.

“You have noticed it, haven’t you? …It’s…an act that’s…not very admirable…” (Renya)

“It can’t be helped if it’s been exposed ~no. I will switch the place from which I’m holding her ~no.” (Frau)

Ducking her head, Frau separated her hand from Emil’s bra, circled around to her feet, grabbed her ankle and resumed dragging Emil’s body like that. Emil’s right leg, which could be seen as it extended from the hot pants, is long, slender and well-proportioned.
While being dragged, the unconscious Emil continuously hit her head against even the smallest of bumps on the floor while also successively bumping into walls, corners or furniture, each time causing a blunt sound. It was unclear whether this was just bad luck or done deliberately but seemingly because Frau had been cautioned by Renya, only Emil’s clothes aren’t pulled up.
For an instant Renya hesitated on whether he should stop Frau or let her go, but he decided to silently see the two off.
Since Frau certainly doesn’t wants to hurt Emil to a point past recovery, she will likely be considerate to some extent. Besides, Emil is a demon who is quite powerful.
She won’t die from something like being dragged across the floor, he concluded.

“Probably…” (Renya)

In the first place, Renya doesn’t know where Frau’s is heading to.
There are several places in Renya’s mansion he doesn’t know of.
If it’s a very bad place, even Frau surely won’t drag Emil’s body while holding it like that.
Renya, who finished this matter by reaching such a baseless conclusion, quietly shut his eyes on top of the bed in order for the mana to recover as fast as possible.


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Translation Notes:

  1. It’s a pun playing with the word ヤり過ぎ (yarisugi). Frau used the same word above hidden behind “went too far.” ヤり can also be read as “doing it” (as slang also in a sexual way) whereas 過ぎ is “too” or “over-”.

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