Chapter 152 – It seems to be a Report and Deliberations

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“That means our future anxieties have been resolved with this.”

In his own office Renya suddenly broached a new topic.
The ones who were summoned by him were just Shion and Mayria.
As for the other members, Croire and Grün weren’t participating because they told Renya to proceed with the necessary matters as they would ultimately agree with his opinion anyway, and Lepard and Kaede decided not to attend since it seemed like a troublesome matter.
Emil has disappeared leaving the message that she would entrust everything to Renya. Kurz is in the middle of taking a nap together with the priestesses in charge of taking care of him.
Rona, when asked to attend, spoke over her shoulder with a terrifying expression that she doesn’t have that much free time to chat as it would interrupt her document processing. Naturally, going by the rules of elimination, it means these two were the only ones summoned.
Only Frau took her usual spot next to Renya without having to be called.

“Renya…you should use the correct words, right? No matter how you look at it, it’s the world that had it’s future anxieties resolved there.” (Shion)

Shion, who read the document in her hand with a scrutinizing gaze as if questioning everything, lifted her face and expressly corrected Renya, but Renya continued speaking without paying any attention to her words at all.

“Our future anxieties were resolved.” (Renya)

“Is it something so important that you have to say it twice?” (Shion)

Immediately perceiving that it’s pointless to talk to him about it, Shion tilts her head to the side in doubt.

“It’s a relief because it was destroyed to such an extent that one could say, If you can come out from there, just go ahead and try, no?” (Renya)

“It seems so…” (Shion)

The document in Shion’s hand is something that was written by one of the archduchess’ subordinates, not Renya, and which was delivered to Shion and Mayria through a route that Renya doesn’t know of.
Even though it’s a document, which was expressly sent by the archduchess through such a route and which should be treated as extremely confidential, Mayria and Shion have readily shown it to Renya.
Renya felt uneasy, asking whether it was alright to disclose a nation’s confidential document to a single noble, but after receiving Mayria’s freezing retort, “You are the perpetrator here to begin with,” he agreed while saying “Well, that’s true as well.”
The document’s contents are something like a report regarding the air-strike performed by the Dragoon Liaris and the few dozen dragons the other day.
By the way, through yet another route, a written reprimand stating, “Please don’t use the dragoon, a valuable asset of our country, as you please,” was delivered to Renya, but since there was another document written by the archduchess herself attached to the letter, telling him that, “The reprimand has been sent for form’s sake to keep face in front of the other nobles, so please keep this matter quiet as there won’t be any punishment anyway,” Renya accepted the letter without kicking up a fuss while feeling pity as he says, “The archduchess sure has it difficult.”
Putting all that aside, the report can be summed up with the statement “The investigation is still ongoing.”
After the air-strike took place, sorcerers had urgently been recruited in Kukrika and dispatched to investigate the on-site details, but the heat of the dragons’ breaths, which blew the ground up, was far too fierce, hindering even the sorcerers, who cast defense spells on themselves, from getting close to the site where the Forest Labyrinth’s entrance had been.
On the contrary, quite a few sorcerers, that were harmed by the heat wave still hanging over the area, retired all of a sudden. The sorcerers, who had headed out to investigate, helplessly deployed a barrier at a spot that was far enough for the heat to be bearable, and carried out the investigation from there through the use of divine arts and investigative spells, but they couldn’t grasp almost any accurate information.

“Kukrika’s sorcerers are quite incompetent, aren’t they?” (Renya)

There was no ill will in Renya’s words or in his expression, but both, Mayria and Shion, sighed very deeply and Shion replied,

“If they heard that, the sorcerers living in Kukrika would cry, you know?” (Shion)

Shion believes that, In the first place, it’s unreasonable to tell people to investigate while in an environment where they would die if they were to get too close, but that was apparently a belief that didn’t get through to Renya.
Not being able to approach the area means that the sorcerers have to do something about the distance first. Even if they investigate through spells, that naturally means an increase in the amount of mana that has to be poured into the spells just to reach the target area.
Moreover, the further away the target area is from the caster, the lower the precision of the information gathered. Even at normal distances controlling the art or spell requires a high level of proficiency in delicate techniques.
In addition to these two detriments, the sorcerers also have to maintain a barrier so that they can get as close to the target area as possible. It’s to the point that Shion wants Renya to seriously consider and comprehend the sorcerers’ hardships, but to Renya that was just another meaningless matter.

“Is it that difficult?” (Renya)

“No, if one had the same amount of mana as you, Renya, it might be possible to investigate just by increasing the mana output.”

Shion emphasizes that he shouldn’t compare himself to the sorcerers.
The mana Renya owns is endlessly being supplied to Frau. And even though she earnestly keeps on creating magic gems, his mana continues to grow.
Since Shion and Mayria are no specialists, they don’t know how much mana Renya possesses at this point in time, but when they secretly asked the expert-like Emil about it, she said: “Assuming Renya’s mana was 100, then the amount of mana a normal sorcerer possesses in comparison is…

“Close to 0, I guess.” (Emil)

“…Pardon?” (Shion)

Upon Shion retort despite the fact that she did in fact hear the comparative value of mana of a normal sorcerer, Emil distinctly told her,

“As I said, close to 0. It’s so minuscule that it’s within the range of a measurement error. Making a comparison completely pointless.” (Emil)

That was how their exchange went.
If you raise the output by continuously pouring a vast amount of mana, results will appear, even if the accuracy remains somewhat bad.

“In regards to sorcery, you have the same way of thinking as a muscle-brain, don’t you Renya?” (Shion)

“That is…I have nothing to say in my defense.” (Renya)

Shion smiled sweetly at the slightly depressed Renya.
It’s a story that would make other sorcerers faint if they heard it, but Renya believes that he has no talent in sorcery.
Given that he received his aptitude from that little girl, it’s impossible for him to doubt that he has some, but Renya thinks that he has absolutely no talent in its practical use.
The reason is that his immovable thinking process makes him believe that his use of magic will only result in something sketchy with a high mana output, large firepower and an extensive range.

“Well, leaving that aside, what did this report want to tell us in the end?” (Renya)

“I don’t really know, but the conclusion states that the Forest Labyrinth itself is considered to have been completely destroyed.” (Shion)

“Then they should simply write that. Isn’t it pointless to mention the other parts?” (Renya)

“Renya, it would be best for you to never encounter a normal sorcerer. You will definitely make them cry.” (Shion)

Upon Shion’s remark, Renya thought that Az would likely agree with his own opinion.
If you consider Shion’s words and presuming his assumption is correct, it would mean that Az is not a normal sorcerer.

“Oh well, whatever. Seeing as our future anxieties have been resolved, we have to consider what path we should take next.” (Renya)

“Path?” (Shion)

“Aren’t we going to the dragonoid continent ~no?” (Frau)

Frau, who’s standing next to Renya, asks while looking curious.
Shion and Mayria shared her point of view.
Renya’s group’s stay in Klinge is just for the sake of preparing the city for the demons’ attack while Renya and the others are gone to the dragonoid country. The three of them believe it only natural for them to head over there once the preparations are finished.

“I feel the desire to reduce the Miasma Forest to ashes on a wide range with a kaboom though…” (Renya)

“I understand that feeling ~no. But, since that place also serves as a border for the demon territory, meaningless obliteration is problematic ~no.” (Frau)

What Renya fears is a monster attack from the Miasma Forest.
As it’s not possible to station scouting soldiers inside the Miasma Forest, Renya has limited his reconnaissance to just having his soldiers patrol near the forest’s boundary.
But, Renya believed that the patrolling soldiers will fall behind in battle the moment they are noticed by the attacking monsters.
Above all, it can be expected that the enemy army will be standing in front of the city gates by the time the patrols manage to send a report.
In order to prevent such a situation, there’s the solution of securing a good vantage point by burning down the forest and building several fortresses, but Frau dissuaded Renya from such an act.

“It’s not like the Miasma Forest itself is the humans’ enemy and the demons’ ally. Since even monsters will suffer many losses while passing through the forest, it’s quite possible that it will end up helping the the demons’ invasion if you open up the area by burning down the forest.” (Mayria)

“What’s living in that place…?” (Renya)

Mayria’s explanation had parts he could agree with, but also some he was unable to consent to.
It’s difficult to imagine that the monsters dwelling in the Miasma Forest would become an obstacle for other monsters.

“The forest…seems to be inhabited by plants that usually eat living creatures, therefore…” (Mayria)

“I see.” (Renya)

For plants it probably doesn’t matter what they eat as long as they can eat something.
They don’t have the hobby of being picky with their food.

“If that is done…there’s one little thing that worries me in regards to Klinge.” (Renya)

“Are you anxious about just leaving Keith and his men behind after all?” (Mayria)

Renya denies Mayria’s question by shaking his head.

“If it’s only the city’s defense, I think that they will be able to handle it somehow, but…” (Renya)

“What is it that troubles you then?” (Mayria)

“I think it’s possible to repel an attack once or twice, but…in case the city was besieged and the demons rely on their numbers…the defenses will run out of power sooner or later.” (Renya)

Keith’s forces are no more than 500 strong.
Even Renya’s confident statement that they will be able to defend Klinge with those numbers is strange. However, even if one considers Keith’s group’s abnormal combat power, it only means that they’re somehow capable of defending the city by devoting all their efforts on defense. In case they were besieged, they still wouldn’t be able to break through such a situation.
Seeing as they can’t break through a siege, they will gradually weaken the longer the siege lasts, and once they use up all their power, it will spell the city’s end.

“As long as I’m here, we can break through a siege as many times as we like, but…” (Renya)

“Well, yeah, that’s certainly true.”

The three people present don’t have even the slightest intention to retort Renya, who has said that he’s easily capable of something which 500 soldiers can’t accomplish.
And, since he’s actually able to follow up on his words, there’s no way for them to refute him either.

“Not knowing how much time we are going to spend in the dragonoid country is worrisome.” (Renya)

“In that case Frau will stay home this time ~no.” (Frau)

Frau hit the shoulder of the troubled Renya once.
Everyone’s eyes gather on Frau.
While showered by their gazes, Frau pushes her chest out energetically and hits it with her small fist.

“Master, you can entrust Klinge’s defense to Frau so that you can go to the dragonoid country without worries ~no.” (Frau)

“Are you sure?” (Renya)

Renya had also considered the idea of leaving the city’s defense to Frau, but since he thought that Frau would likely object if he told her to stay behind by herself, he hadn’t proposed it so far.
Even if Frau is separated from Renya, as long as she stays in Klinge, Renya’s base, she will be able to exhibit all her powers.

“It can’t be helped ~no. Though it will be painful to act separately from you, master.” (Frau)

“Frau, it will be a huge help if I can rely on you. Can I request that of you?” (Renya)

Even though he feels slightly bad towards Frau, who had a somewhat gloomy expression, it doesn’t change the fact that he won’t be able to escape the current problem without making some kind of sacrifice. Once Renya asked earnestly, Frau accepted with a nod.

“Leave Klinge’s defense to Frau ~no.” (Frau)

“Yeah, if I can have you stay behind, I will feel relieved.” (Renya)

Frau quietly approaches Renya who shows a somewhat relieved expression.

“But master, before you go on your trip, I have a request ~no.” (Frau)

“Request…” (Renya)

Renya rummages through his memories feeling a sense of déjà vu.
At that time she had demanded an armor with mithril coating which ended up in the birth of Kurz, a result from that black thing which couldn’t hold back its hunger.
Renya felt a chill in his mind, wondering what she might request this time, but as if giving Renya peace of mind, Frau showed a sweet smile.

“It’s alright ~no. This time it’s a personal request for you, master ~nano.” (Frau)

“Me?” (Renya)

“Yes ~no. You know, actually…” (Frau)

While attracting everyone’s attention by deliberately inserting a pause in-between her words, Frau dropped a bomb shell.

“I’d like you to let me squeeze you dry for a bit ~no.” (Frau)

“””Pardon?””” (Shion & Mayria)

Without minding their feelings, which obviously made it clear that they didn’t understand, Frau continues with a smile plastered all over her face.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt ~no. It will be done by the time you finish counting the stains on the ceiling ~no. Ah, since the ceiling of this castle is always cleaned properly, there are no stains ~no.” (Frau)

“Eh? Hey? Just a moment?” (Renya)

“Well then, I’m going to borrow master ~no.” (Frau)

Grasping Renya’s hand, who started to become flustered due to his confusion, Frau, while partly dragging him along, takes him somewhere.
While harboring an emotion similar to having given up, thinking I’m sure we are going to lose sight of them somewhere and we won’t be able to find them, even if we chase after them, Shion simply saw them off.

“Ane-sama!? Squeezing Renya dry…you don’t say, Frau is going to…eh? Eeeeeh!?” (Mayria)

“Calm down Mayria…it’s probably not what you’re imagining.” (Shion)

Shion, in a calm mood for some reason, chides Mayria while watching her, whose face was flushed bright red from her ears to her nape, placing her hands on her cheeks and becoming completely flustered.
Mayria’s face after being rebuked became even redder.

“I-Imagine, you say, ane-sama!?” (Mayria)

“Even if, for example, the thing you are imagining happened, we have no means to stop it.” (Shion)

However, in that case Renya will likely resist with all his power as long as he doesn’t feel like doing it, Shion judges.
In case he doesn’t resist, it will basically mean that he feels up to it, which would make our meddling nothing more than boorish.

“If you proceed in that direction…I don’t think you’ll be able to join us as comrade…” (Shion)


While being shaken in all directions as she has her collar grasped by Mayria, who had raised her voice to an extent that one might as well call it screaming, Shion pondered somewhat absentmindedly, Now then, the real question is what she intends to squeeze out of Renya.




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