Chapter 144.5 – It seems to be Interlude 13

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The reason why he chose that was because it was the weakest individual among the race referred to as demons.
It was awfully menial and diminutive, and yet that was owed to it being very, very hungry.
The demons as a race place the greatest importance on power.
A demon was seriously treated as a being as long as they were endowed with power, even if they had various other problems.
To give an example; even though Emil had so many problems in regards to her character and conduct that it was difficult to call it a trifling matter, she’s well-known as a superior being even among the demons thanks to the extent of the powers she’s been gifted with.
As for the powers mentioned here, it doesn’t matter what kind of power it is.
Simple physical strength, mana in possession and accumulated knowledge; all of them were recognized as powers as long as they were excelling.
However, that hadn’t been endowed with a single excelling power among those.
The fact that it was born as a noble might also have been its misfortune.
The more expectations were placed into it, the bigger the disappointment by its surroundings when it failed to deliver.
That, which should have received the same education as the people around it in the same circumstances, had hope placed on its future from the very beginning, but it immediately fell behind and thus was separated from the others.
Due to its overwhelming worthlessness, its parents lamented why such a failure had been born into their bloodline each time they saw its face. They cursed at each other, blaming the other for the worthlessness of the child.
Continuing to endlessly watch that scene, that soon lost any motivation to do anything as it was abandoned and completely forgotten.
Being in such situation, that always felt hungry.
It constantly desired some kind of power so that it might not have fallen into its current circumstances, even if it had to attain that power by itself.
That spent its time as if in a stupor, excreting and taking in enough food so that it wouldn’t die while being locked away in a room of the mansion, having its existence completely forgotten.
The sole desire it could feel while inside that mental idleness of stopped time, was its hunger. It seethed within it, a locked-up emotion that gnawed at it like a sordid black mass.
He targeted that black mass.
At first he considered calling upon a being, which has ability from the start, as a method to achieve his objective, but once he saw that, he entirely abandoned that notion.
If you’re going to give something, it’s easier to do so when the other party is starving for it.
If you give something to someone that’s already satisfied, they might end up complacent without even trying to use what was given to them to its full potential.

“You want power?”

He asked that.
Being asked by him, whose true identity and ulterior motive was unknown, that nodded its head without any hesitation.

“Somehow it’s strange.”

In a space that can be said to be somewhere but not here and at some time but not now, Giliel tilted her head to the side in confusion.
The phenomenon that caused her to be weirded out is the situation that has been progressing since a little while ago.
The origin of the current situation came from the encroachment running day and night for the sake of opening a path into the domains of the other supervisors to invade those spaces.
Usually they would thoroughly resist and then speedily escape to another domain when the path was finally about to form. It was a routine task that made her stamp her feet in frustration, but it looked like she would finally be able to capture the opponent.
Without any indication of the other party trying to escape, Giliel had almost completely grasped them inside her attack range.
All that’s left was to carefully form a path into that domain, pass through it and enter the domain of the other party.
As long as she encounters them. Giliel won’t lose.
Thanks to her master’s workmanship, her combat ability has been risen a couple dozen times above that of a supervisor in this world.
Even if all of them faced off against Giliel together, she possesses so much strength that she’s capable of turning the tables on them.
Even the supervisors of this world should be aware of that. For them not escaping isn’t an option.
And yet, this.
The connection to the target domain finished forming in the lower strata of Giliel’s consciousness, who cocks her head in contemplation, wondering whether the opponent overestimated their own ability to asses the situation.
Confirming that she had even finished the countermeasures in case the other party tried to run away at the last moment, Giliel wavers for a tiny bit.
She is wondering about the reason why the other party isn’t escaping despite being in a situation where they will definitely lose if they encounter her.
About the case that the other party believes that they can win even if they encounter her by themselves, she believes:
It’s impossible.
If that was possibly true, I can’t evaluate the supervisor in the seized domain as anything but an utter fool. Giliel didn’t want to imagine that her own master had such an idiot bear part of the world’s supervisory authority.
However, that possibility cannot be ruled out completely either.
After all, my opponents are retards to the extent of amusing themselves with playing around with the world they are supervising.
Giliel didn’t want to believe that they had such characters from the very start.
After all it would mean that her own master didn’t see through their level of stupidity.

“…Still, it’s possible that….” (Giliel)

Giliel mutters a line that would make the loli goddess clench her fist with a smile if she heard it.
As for the other possibility, a trap might have been planted at the exit point of the path.
Given that she forcibly connected the path, it wouldn’t be strange even if it had been leaked to her opponents from where and through which path Giliel would enter the domain.
Once she puts a little bit of strength into both of her arms, she covers them up to the elbows with tekkou that have a completely-visible, sinister design.
After checking her condition by tightly clenching her fists several times, Giliel suspended the process of managing the human continent temporarily.
As far as it goes, even if Giliel abandons supervising the human continent it’s not like it will suddenly be riddled with abnormal events that bring it close to destruction.
In addition, as a result of Giliel frantically endeavoring on her administrative tasks, she has a bit of leeway as several angels specialized in office work have been sent in as helpers by her master. If it’s just maintaining the status quo, it should be possible to barely keep the processes running with only those angels.
A few calamities might take place, but as all the abilities Giliel posses are tailored towards combat, she deliberately took this measure.

“If it’s a trap…I just have to crush it…” (Giliel)

While putting her overwhelming power at full throttle, Giliel, an existence that can be treated as a god in this world, passed through the path she had created.
But, Giliel’s resolve ended up being almost completely in vain.
The path’s destination was a small domain. It was in such an unstable state that it could vanish any time soon.
For an instant Giliel was cautious of whether it might be a trap after all, but she immediately sees the reason for the domain’s instability in front of her eyes.
It was the figure of a man with long, blue hair gathered around his nape.
What he’s wearing is simple clothing, but the cloth that should have been white has a red liquid oozing out from around the man’s flank. The white cloth is dyed black rather than red.
He has lost a considerable amount of blood.
To be precise, Giliel and the other supervisors don’t possess a body made out of flesh in their domain.
Since they don’t possess a body, there’s no way for them to bleed either.
The scenery that meets Giliel’s eyes right now was no more than the result of her visually perceiving the blue-haired man in such state.

“The Dragonoid Supervisor…?” (Giliel)

The domains instability was caused by the supervisor, the owner of the domain, being at the verge of death.
If she leaves him alone like this, it’s very likely that the domain will vanish alongside the Dragonoid Supervisor.
Once that comes to pass, various problems will arise, even if Giliel’s abilities excel the supervisors’.
Specifically, in the worst case scenario it’s possible that she’ll be destroyed due to getting mixed up in the collapsing domain.
Pondering whether she should temporarily return to her own domain through the path while carrying the supervisor’s body, Giliel stretched out her hand to grab the body of the fallen Dragonoid Supervisor while snorting.

“I don’t get the point at all. What the hell happened here?” (Giliel)

“…S-Stop. Don’t touch me…”

“Please obediently allow me to capture you as there’s no way for you to be capable of escaping in such a condition. I’d like you to not take up my time.” (Giliel)

Saying that with a fed-up tone, Giliel tried to grab the supervisor’s body.

“S-Stop! This is a trap…!”

“What!?” (Giliel)

Blood sprayed from the yelling supervisor as a blade flew out of his body.
On a glance it looked like the blade of a longsword. That blade protruded out, aiming at Giliel who was about to grab the Dragonoid Supervisor’s body.
Giliel was taken by surprise, but her reaction was swift.
Clenching the hand, which she had extended in order to grab the supervisor, into a fist, she repelled the blade aimed at her, breaking it in the process.
A high-pitched, metallic sound reverberated.
With that sound as a start, a stream of blades appeared, breaking through the supervisor’s body.
The supervisor screams of pain from having his body penetrated by blades. His blood splattered all over with splashing sounds.
Giliel flicked off the blades that were about to pierce her with the tekkou on both her arms, but there was no end to them. Moreover, she leapt back, trying to avoid the flying blood clots, and in the next instant looked back in the direction of the path she used before.

“Damn it!” (Giliel)

The instant she had turned her focus on the blades and blood sprays, the maintenance of the path had escaped her consciousness for a tiny moment.
Originally it would be impossible for the path to disconnect with only that much, but Giliel sensed how someone interfered with the path and severed its connection as if having waited for that momentary fluctuation.
It was a trap after all, Giliel thinks bitterly.
However, although it might be called a trap, its craftiness exceeded Giliel’s expectations by far.
Of all things the mastermind, who had planted that trap, lured in Giliel by preparing the Dragonoid Supervisor as bait and then intended to erase her along with the bait.
The one who set up this trap is someone among the remaining supervisors.
In other words, it can’t be anyone but the Elf Supervisor, the Beastmen Supervisor or the Demon Supervisor.
Even so, it’s probably too much of a desperate decision, Giliel believes.
Giliel didn’t think in her wildest dreams that just because they had realized that they wouldn’t be able to win against her in a direct confrontation with their united power, they would set up a trap, going as far as forcibly sacrificing one of their own.
Moreover, Giliel turns her eyes in front of her.
In the corner of her eyes, the Dragonoid Supervisor is slowly trying to stand up with his body riddled with countless blades like a hedgehog while leaking blood from all over his body.
By now there’s no focus in his eyes anymore. He totteringly starts to walk towards Giliel with a vacant expression.

“So you’re saying the bait becomes the finishing blow against the prey that was caught in the trap, huh…? The one who came up with this has a really nasty character.” (Giliel)

Blades that grew out of the supervisor’s body flew at Giliel as she cursed.
Beating down the approaching blades, Giliel’s movements were slightly dull.
It meant that Giliel’s combat ability has deteriorated.

“In addition to reconnecting the path…I have to maintain an unstable domain and furthermore settle the fight with the supervisor, who’s equivalent to the domain’s core, before his death while being tight on time…” (Giliel)

If she attacked him with her full power, she would be able to blast away the supervisor in an instant.
But, if she did that, the death of the Dragonoid Supervisor, who is the domain’s origin, would spell the end of the domain she’s currently in.
If the domain collapses, Giliel won’t come out unscathed as she will be dragged down with it.
In order to avoid that, it was necessary for her to first reconnect the path, through which she had passed, in order to evacuate to the Human Supervisor’s domain.
And now the domain, which was already influenced from the supervisor being half-dead when Giliel arrived, is in a state of extreme instability.
If she stole the management authority, it would be possible for Giliel to maintain it a lot more comfortably, but even when he’s on the verge of death, the Dragonoid Supervisor still exists, making it impossible to usurp his authority.
In other words, Giliel had to cover the maintenance of a domain, which is in a terribly fragile and unstable state, while not holding complete management authority.
Due to this Giliel had been corned into a situation, where she has to resolve those issues while at the same time splitting up her faculties. That fact directly lead to the decline in her combat abilities.

“I have to either open the path before that terminates due to the damage from the blades growing out of its body…or I have to immediately steal the management authority of this domain right after that was terminated. For either choice I won’t have any surplus in time and faculty…” (Giliel)

Giliel mutters scattering, breaking and repelling the approaching blades with her tekkou in succession.

“Dangerous stuff. Giliel-chan, it’s a pinch, isn’t it?” (Giliel)

Twisting her lips into a wry smile, Giliel purposely talks foolishly.
Once again countless bloodstained blades protrude out of the supervisor’s body, who screams hoarsely due to the pain caused by the blades penetrating his body, and assail the prepared Giliel.
While pushing the grating, shrill sound of breaking the blades with her fists out of her mind, Giliel suppressed her feeling of panic and turned her focus towards coping with the situation after having decentralized her consciousness as much as the situation allowed.



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