Chapter 131 – It seems to be a short stay

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For some reason the single-minded beastman hero decided to stay in Klinge for a short while.
For Renya, who fully believed that he would temporarily return to his own country like the dragonoid’s hero, it was unexpected, but there seem to be various reasons for that.
The biggest issue was Lepard’s personality.
Lepard’s character, who might as well be called a battle junkie, wasn’t something unusual for a beastman warrior, but even among them he’s clearly too strong and his obsession with battle is apparently abnormal. Since he snatches away other warriors’ jobs on top of forcing them into battles without reason, he was apparently told by his surroundings to stay away for a while.
Kaede explained these circumstances to Renya with a truly apologetic attitude while furrowing her brows.
The depth of her wrinkles was such that it made Renya worry that the wrinkles would deeply engrain themselves into her face without ever disappearing again.
Lepard was an excellent warrior to begin with, but he became completely uncontrollable after being granted power as the hero. However, this whole situation of him staying here apparently originated from Lepard being easily defeated by Renya. It seems that the beastmen’s king’s intention was to pay any amount of money for troubling the Margravate on this matter as he assumed that Lepard could likely be stopped by Margrave Kunugi if he were to lose control. Being forced to reluctantly agree with that opinion, Kaede’s group was dispatched in order to take care of the hero.
Of course all of this is nothing but a huge nuisance in Renya’s eyes.
It went as far as him having spontaneously considered going to the northern continent through the transfer gate to give the beastmen’s king a truckload of threats in the name of a sermon.
If no one had stopped him, Renya would have very likely put that into practice on the spot, but once Kaede pleaded, “There’s currently no one except for you, Margrave-sama, on whom I can rely on,” in tears, he somehow became unable to disregard her words without consideration. Furthermore, once he was promised that he will be paid a hefty sum of money during their stay in the land near his mansion, his brain got dazzled by the prospect of obtaining foreign currency.
In addition to that, matters concerning Kurz apparently turned into a benefit for Renya.
Kurz’ outward appearance is that of a boy with the face of a charming girl. This was strangely popular with the beastman priestesses.
Seemingly clinging to him like crazy fans, several priestesses started to appear who took care of Kurz while ignoring their own hero in reverse.
Having his work as margrave, Renya was in a position where he definitely didn’t have all day long time to take care of Kurz, but since the beastman priestesses, who had partly transformed into Kurz’ personal bodyguard squad, took over that task, it resulted in their enthusiasm being an extremely big help for Renya.
What was slightly worrying was Kurz’ nature of not stating his own opinion or putting up any resistance. That resulted in him being treated quite often as dress-up doll by the priestesses. Moreover, the clothes they made him wear are somewhat items a girl would prefer, or rather there were many clothes exclusively used by girls.
The clothes popular in Klinge are mainly practical attires made by the hands of human tailors. Clothes to be used for the sake of dressing up were rarely sold in the city.
For that reason the majority of the clothes, which the priestesses put on Kurz, were apparently reused attires which they had brought from their own country as spare clothes.
Renya couldn’t pinpoint whether it would be a good or bad influence on the accumulation of experiences and education for the emotional aspect, but Emil’s opinion was that Kurz would probably obtain a peaceful rather than savage personality, even if he grew up while developing slight tendencies towards girlish tastes.
However, as might be expected, when Kurz came running with his arms spread and a smile plastered all over his face while wearing a priestess outfit that had been retailored into a hakama with something like a miniskirt, even Renya considered that to have gone too far and filed a strong protest to Kaede.
Due to Renya declaring, “That person is a boy and a man,” several beastman priestesses opposed him by saying, “Isn’t it fine since making him adorable suits him.”
Because Kurz himself appealed to Renya, who started to say, “You guys, take his position, or rather the difference in social status as a problem of reality into consideration,” with upturned eyes, wondering whether it might be wrong for him to do that even though he likes being cute, Renya firmly shut his eyes towards this case and decided not to have seen anything regarding the matter.
Cuteness is justice, that’s the sole, absolute, universal rule.
Even Renya has no idea how to resist that right now.
Precisely because the materials shaping Kurz are as they are, Renya ended up wondering how it turned out like this.
Meanwhile the hero Lepard and his attendant Lion had been mostly neglected. Lepard was trying to ask Renya for a rematch at every opportunity.
He was apparently fairly frustrated due to having been taken out so easily the last time.

“Yo margrave, what fine weather. Such nice weather is the best for moving your body, isn’t it? I happen to be free right now, so how ’bout a mock battle against me…oomph!?” (Lepard)

The neck of Lepard, who was about to enter the office, where Renya was processing documents, with a smile while opening the door, was pulled back similar to a decayed piece of wood being knocked down due to the rope that Renya had tied around his neck.
Renya was about to immediately seethe with anger telling him, “You are a damn nuisance during work,” but without being allowed to even get up, Lepard, who was lying face up on the other side of the door, was beaten up with clubs, kicked and trampled on by several priestesses starting with Kaede. Seeing that scene, his bloodthirst ends up dispersing.
Before long priestesses arrived all of a sudden out of nowhere, placed Lepard, who had stopped moving completely while covered in blood all over, and carried him away somewhere. Kaede, who had stayed behind, deeply bowed her head towards Renya from outside the door.
It was a quick job that took mere seconds to finish.

“Sorry for disturbing you, Margrave-sama.” (Kaede)

Because she had carried out an intense exercise, Kaede, whose breathing has slightly sped up and whose face is flushing, looks somewhat alluring.
However, if that’s the result of her having half-killed a single person, it doesn’t make me feel that she’s beautiful.

“Y-Yeah, okay. Good work.” (Renya)

Renya has pulled back quite a bit from her in his mind, but he nods generously without showing an inkling of that on his face.
He had a feeling of wanting to retort with, “So the reason for your hakama being red is so that the blood spurts won’t stand out?” if at all possible, but he didn’t know what would happen to him right after he told her that.

“We ended up dirtying the hallway. As I will quickly call for a person to clean up, I would like to beg for your forgiveness.” (Kaede)

What Renya thought due to Kaede’s apology was only the somewhat chilly judgment, You sure did it with a power to make his blood fly.

“…You have it difficult, don’t you?” (Renya)

Because the other party is a hero, it might allow him to escape or counterattack unexpectedly which would hinder making him powerless, if they went easy on him.
Considering it like that, one could even say that the actions of Kaede’s group make sense, but while Renya wonders just how many times that Lepard would have died if he wasn’t the hero, a sigh escapes Kaede’s scarlet lips once hearing the grateful remark by Renya.

“…If the time comes, please do as you see fit…” (Kaede)

Kaede bowed while warping her composed expression slightly in mortification, and left.
Wondering, Isn’t it a lie that you weren’t able to manage the hero’s actions in the beastmen country?, he pondered, Does that ‘time to come’ mean the situation where the hero would become increasingly uncontrollable, or does it refer to the time when Kaede herself would collapse out of anxiety? Moreover, there was a mountain of things he wanted to tell Kaede such as “For starters close the door.” But, swallowing all of that, Renya stood up quietly and shut the door himself.
It’s a digression, but the hero Lepard, who had all this done to him, surprisingly would visit Renya’s office doing the same thing with a face as if nothing happened on the next day.
Should I blame him for his inability to learn? Should I praise his stamina and healing ability allowing him to be knocked down so much and yet come back on the next day as if nothing happened? Renya has absolutely no idea.
He saw off the priestesses and the hero with such a feeling every day, but the attendant Lion dropped out, unable to join in on this uproar, at an early stage. He spent every day groaning while being heavily wrapped up in bandages as he laid on the bed of the medical institution.
According to the medical diagnosis of the medical institute’s staff, he will need 2 to 3 months for a full recovery.
If healing arts were to be used, it would take less time, but Rona refuses any treatment and since the beastman priestesses hated to cast divine arts, a healer of the medical institute is diligently applying healing as a last resort.
It looked as if he was more or less getting better, but as the emotional scars were apparently deeper than the physical injuries, he showed symptoms of getting scared after seeing Shion’s face and succumbing to panic once Emil arrived.
Once Renya ask just what she had done, Shion awkwardly answers,

“Umm…because he said something along the lines of wanting to learn the strength of a human soldier…” (Shion)

“You were the one who did this?” (Renya)

“I-It wasn’t just me! Keith was the one who started it.” (Shion)

According to Shion, Lion, who intruded on Keith’s and the others’ training, said that he wants to request a bout. Therefore Keith took him on and easily repelled him.
Knowing that his opponent is an attendant of a hero, Keith apparently went quite easy on him.
“It would have been fine if I had lost to save the face of my opponent if possible,” Keith said later on.
This consideration of Keith caused Lion to misunderstand that he might be able to win if he goes down the ranks a bit.
As a matter of fact, Lion should have noticed that the soldiers in this place are somewhat weird at the moment when he lost against a common soldier as a person following a hero, even if Keith was the Soldier Leader.
Next, hearing of a reasonably distinguished man among Keith’s soldiers, Lion challenged him to a fight thinking that he will likely win if it’s a subordinate, but he had a little too much trouble with the soldier chosen as his opponent, resulting in Lion getting crushed in the end.
Not learning by experience, Lion challenged the sole woman, Shion, after finding her among the soldiers, but Shion, who was unable to stomach Lion’s attitude who was under the impression that he will be able to win if he had a woman as his opponent, showered him with blows with her rod sword, sending him to the medical facility for the first time.
Lion suffered injuries that would heal completely within one week, but at this time a beastman priestess healed him, allowing him to leave the hospital quickly.
Although it would have been great if he had gotten smarter at this point, Lion – seemingly misunderstanding something – challenged Rona to a fight next.
Since Rona very likely gave him the impression that she’s gentle, he apparently estimated her to be weaker than Shion.
However, contrary to her looks, Rona piled up combat training as a knight.
Given that she also had her ability as a priestess on top of that, she was able to heal and strengthen herself.
Rona was completely overpowered by his strength, but she somehow managed to obtain a narrow victory by continuously shaving off Lion’s endurance with skill and stamina.
Lion should possess reasonable ability since he’s accompanying a hero, but because he kept losing until this point, his thoughts seemingly took a different turn, resulting in him choosing the worst possible option.
Of all things he set his sight on Emil, who might be considered a civilian, and challenged her to a fight.
Certainly, judging by her usual attire, Emil, who had put a white robe above her tube top bra and hot pants attire, is completely unsuited to battle.
However, in reality she’s actually a demon, although that’s a secret.
The challenged Emil smiled sweetly after pondering it over for a bit and then it apparently turned into a one-sided, violent scenery.
One of the watching soldiers said: “If he wasn’t a beastman warrior, it’s almost certain that he would have died.”
It went even as far that weird opinions – regarding it from a different angle – judging him as amazing for surviving all the excessive violence appeared among the soldiers that watched Lion continually lose until then.
By just having received the first charge of blows, he lost his fighting spirit due to their power. Lion declared his will to surrender.
Emil entirely ignored that sign of surrender and continued to torment him to her heart’s content, going as far as feeling good about ignoring him weeping and screaming.
In the end, Frau, who came flying after hearing Lion’s screams, clung to Emil’s waist, pulled her forcibly away from Lion and finally brought the incident to a close, but this chain of events left a deep scar in Lion’s heart. Even now Lion is unable to do anything but tremble weakly on top of his bed in the medical institute.
It was obvious that Lion’s naive view invited all of this. Paying for his own mistakes, he has become a mere shadow of his former self, but Renya ends up thinking that it would have been best to not drive him into a situation where traumas are planted.
However, allowing the beastman priestesses to speak, even if the fights have certainly been different as well, they apparently considered Lion as pathetic for a warrior.
“It’s not like his opponents have done this or that. Him continuing to lose has turned into a problem,” Kaede says.
At the moment when a person calling themselves a warrior thinks that he might win if it’s women or children, they are a lost case in Renya’s eyes, but it’s said that they will be given a reasonable assessment among beastmen as long as they win.
Good grief, are the brains of all their race’s members filled with nothing but muscles? Renya was completely fed up.
Therefore Lion, who was denied healing by the beastmen priestesses, was refused by Rona as well. While receiving the minimum required healing, he was unable to leave the medical institute.

“For better or worse he was a warrior belonging to a considerably excellent group within the tribe, but…”

Kaede came to inform Renya that Lion, who was of no use any longer, was sent back to his country to heal and re-train, and said while looking at Renya slightly reproachfully,

“Not only was he easily defeated, it’s said he even suffered a trauma to the degree of becoming unusable…I’m curious what kind of training the people over here carry out allowing them to obtain such strength.” (Kaede)

“In this world…there are many things you are better off not knowing about.” (Renya)

As far as possible Renya stuck to audacity, repelling Kaede’s persistent questioning.
Renya and the others passed reasonably peaceful days after one person dropped out in such a manner. And then, early in the morning of a certain day, a handwritten letter from the elven emperor was delivered to Renya’s place.


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