Chapter 130 – It seems the Beastman Hero has come back

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It was several days after Renya, Shion and Kurz played when a letter in Kaede’s name, the priestess of the beastmen, as the sender arrived in Renya’s hands through the archduchess.
The letter itself was folded carefully and a slight scent of burned incense clung to it. The contents were attentively written seasonal greetings, inquiries about the present status and similar, using quite the skillful wording.
These kinds of contents are similar to a rite of passage characteristic for people with a reasonably high social standing. Renya follows the words with his eyes while somehow feeling as if he’s only skimming over the content.
If this was written by a politician, it would use difficult sentences to indirectly hide their intentions all over the document as if harassing the recipient, but as expected of one in the priestess position, she apparently didn’t intend to be so roundabout it to begin with. And thus she wrote a text that accurately transmits the intent of each sentences.
Because it has been written in a very polite and literary style, it took Renya some time to translate it. But before long he somehow managed to succeed in reading between the lines of the letter’s content.
Since she apparently overcame the beastman hero’s skin-pass, she seemed to request permission for them to directly meet the human hero soon.
In Renya’s eyes, he couldn’t believe that the beastman hero could be tamed at all, as he was a person who had even his brain full of muscles and possessed a way of thinking that didn’t even try to comprehend that a baseball pitch such as a curve ball is a lure for the batter to swing in a straight ball match, but if it’s the words of that priestess, who went home after apologizing to him while prostrating herself in front of him, it reached the point of him believing that it might be fine to give her the benefit of the doubt to some extent.
Even if the letter was a lie in the worst case scenario or something if it were something written with an overly optimistic forecast, that beastman hero would only be arrested once again and he would be able to watch the fox-eared priestess kowtowing once again.
Renya was a person who didn’t possess any particular fixation towards what is commonly referred to as animal ears, but he believes that it might be slightly cute to see that fox-eared priestess, who seems to have high pride, letting her ears and tail hang despondently while looking really apologetic.
Renya himself feels some doubt as to whether that in itself isn’t such a particular fixation, but as for the panther ears of the beastman hero, he senses no strong emotions for them at all.
In other words, having an interest in a cute woman is a very normal feeling harbored by any man. By no means is it a reaction towards animal ears, was the conclusion that felt somehow like an excuse to Renya.
Putting that aside, as for the letter, which had an additional note from the archduchess attached telling him “Please deal with them appropriately on your side,” Renya gave a short reply of “My side has no particular thoughts regarding this matter, so I leave the decision up to you” after thinking it over for a little while.
In the first place it has been decided to treat the case from a few days ago as if it never happened in exchange for adzuki beans and sugar.
The one who caused trouble for Renya was the hero’s younger brother, not the hero himself. That’s the official version that has been announced. Renya doesn’t harbor any thoughts towards the hero himself.
And so he responded with a reply telling her to do as she likes, but the response was swift.
Once they received Renya’s reply, the beastmen immediately dispatched a diplomat to the capital of the Trident Principality.
Once they received permission from the archduchess, they returned to Renya’s place with a non-stop trip and started the coordination of the date and time for the heroes’ direct meeting.
Due to the praiseworthiness of the priestess’ performance, Renya could only shake his head, wondering why the hero was a person that would carry out such disappointing actions.
By the way, the one who headed out to deal with that diplomat was Mayria who is one or two steps ahead of the other members on the political field, but once she finished the conference with the diplomat, she stopped by at Renya’s place and whispered,

“The diplomat was a fat, middle-aged, bald man with rabbit ears…” (Mayria)

Mayria’s words, who bluntly declared such a thing while looking at Renya with glazed eyes as if she had seen the end of this world, delivered a terrible shock to Renya and the others.
Certainly as long as the beastman race isn’t a race made up by only women or a special race who grows very old while not experiencing any change of their outward experience like the elves, men and women of all ages should exist among them. It’s really no wonder for a elderly beastman to exist if there are also little beast-girls.
However, not a single person among Renya’s group could accept the truth of the lovely trait referred to as rabbit ears being placed on top of a bald ossan. 1 What’s even more dreadful is the fact that the beastmen aren’t only endowed with ears, but also possess tails.
The view of a perfectly round, fluffy rabbit tail sticking to the butt of a fat, middle-aged man…
As soon as Mayria, who ended up taking a straight look at that, started to talk about it, Croire and Shion, who imagined the picture, went down with foam bubbling out of their mouths.
Rona barely avoids imagining the scenery. Renya ended up imagining it, but mustering his emotional strength at full power, he barely endured.
The only ones who kept a totally calm faces were Frau and Kurz. Emil looked as if she was hyperventilating due to laughing far too hard, resulting in her being carried to the bed in her own room while she was leaking wheezing sounds from her throat.
Although he couldn’t say it clearly with the other members nearby, Renya became pale due to the destructive power of a middle-aged man with rabbit ears which made Emil, a demon, powerless with nothing but her own imagination.
Due to this terrible spectacle, Renya belatedly noticed that the visit of the other beastmen in the city might very likely turn into a very dangerous situation. In a hurry he sent a request to the beastman country to provide a simple summary of the age, gender, names and appearance of the beastman members, who would visit, ahead of time.
Due to this request, the beastmen side was puzzled wondering just what kind of meaning it might have, but seemingly not deeming it acceptable to displease Renya by hesitating to provide the information, they immediately sent the member list to Renya.
Renya checked the delivered member list with eyes opened wide like saucers.
In case there had been such a dangerous being like that diplomat in the group with the hero, Renya thought that he would decline their entry, or if that’s not possible, at least mentally steel himself for it.
Almost all the members mentioned on the list were young women if one excludes the hero Lepard, calming Renya’s worries.
Renya wondered whether it was over excessive with that being the case, but he more or less agreed with Rona’s words that their side probably considered his feelings and did something tactful.
They probably don’t know what disastrous scene the outward appearance of a single diplomat caused among Renya’s group, but it seems they do at least know that young, animal-eared women are more popular than a flock of middle-aged men with animal ears and tails.

“Fuhahahaha! It’s been awhile, Margrave! Previously it was my defeat, but this time for sure…ah, ouch!? Wha-, hey!?” (Lepard)

Since the number of people that arrived from the beastman race was relatively large this time, Renya gave up on meeting them in the parlor, and instead used the biggest dining room of the several located in the castle to meet the beastman hero’s group.
As for the style; Renya held something like a buffet party and tried to let Kurz and Lepard meet there.
Since it’s also a room that more or less can be called an audience hall, Renya thought that it might be fine to use that place, but as he wasn’t overly familiar with it going by the room’s title, Renya didn’t consider using this room at first.
It’s not like it’s such a formal meeting, so it will be probably be fine just to prepare food and welcome them, Renya thought.
He entrusted the dish serving to Frau.
Renya believed that to clearly be the most efficient option, and there was not a single person objecting to Renya’s decision.
Renya instructed her to order things that looked as delicious as possible from the market, but thinking that it would probably be better to also have some unusual dishes, he provided wyvern hearts and flesh, which are still being preserved inside in large amounts inside his inventory, as ingredients.
Whenever he remembered that he still had wyvern meat, which was at least worth ten wyverns, he would knead it, chop it up and grill it, but there was no sign of the amount of flesh available having decreased.
Apparently it didn’t rot during the time it was stored inside the inventory, but since there weren’t that many occasions to consume large amounts of it, Renya was inclined towards using it only when it could be used.
Once Frau examined it and then dried, roasted, boiled and pickled it, she applied various ideas and managed to finish a plethora of different dishes.
Lepard, who was guided to Renya’s castle after passing through the transfer gate and then entered the dining room that had just become the place to welcome the beastmen with dishes lining up that used an abundant amount of wyvern meat, a delicious – on top of being rare – high-class ingredient, suddenly entered and spoke those words alongside a loud laughter. However Kaede made him shut up by mercilessly hitting his head with her fist.
It apparently didn’t have the power to rob him of his consciousness, but as it seemingly made him suffer a significant amount of pain, Lepard tried to raise his voice in protest while holding the place where he was hit.
Kaede, who kicked his crotch without a shred of hesitation, faced Renya, who dumbfoundedly watched the spectacle, and bowed courteously without sparing a single glance towards Lepard who fainted in agony while squatting.

“We are extremely delighted to have been granted an audience with you today, Margrave-sama. I am Kaede, the priestess of the beastman race.”

The beastmen, who stood behind Kaede, bowed their heads all at once.
Almost all of them were young women. All of them wore shrine maiden garbs, but compared to the one worn by Kaede, their clothes gave off a slightly plain impression.

“In order to meet with the human hero-sama, I brought the beastman hero Lepard and his attendant, the warrior Lion, with me today.” (Kaede)

Even as he’s introduced, Lepard, who’s still crouching, shows no signs of getting up and only twitches at times.
The young man next to him, who wore a ceremonial dress of the beastmen that made it difficult to say that it fits his figure very well, has unkempt brown hair and a swarthy skin. He bowed his head towards Renya while checking Lepard’s state with sideways glances.
Going by the member list obtained in advance, he seems to be the sole male except for Lepard within this group.
The ears and tail attached to him were close to what-is-called a lion in Renya’s previous world.
Since his name is like that as well, there’s probably no mistake in him being one, Renya thinks.

“The ones who were selected for the demon king subjugation from among the beastmen will be these two and me.” (Kaede)

“Eh? It’s not six people?” (Renya)

While looking curious, Kaede honestly answers Renya, who is under the selfish impression that six people would be a party in such case, regardless of the demon king subjugation,

“No, the number of people chosen for the hero’s party isn’t really set in stone, but…” (Kaede)

“I see…well, it’s my arbitrary imagination anyway. I’d like you to not mind it.” (Renya)

Come to think of it, it’s a party consisting of two warrior types and a single priest type.
It’s not like the balance is that bad.

“You did well to arrive here from a distant place. …Although I say that, it probably only took an instant with the transfer gate. Anyway, I shall welcome you. Let me introduce Kurz over here, the human hero.” (Renya)

Even while being poked by Shion who stood behind Renya as if making sure that he doesn’t say anything unnecessary, Renya introduces Kurz, who stood next to him, to the beastmen.
Having been introduced, Kurz took a step forward and quietly bowed his head.

“Thanks for the introduction. I’m Kurz. I am pleased to meet you, everyone of the beastman race.” (Kurz)

Once he reveals a sweet smile after raising his lowered head, Kaede blushed while revealing a startled expression. Although they were small, shrill screams were raised by the group of priestesses behind her.
Kurz’ looks, which don’t seem like anything but those of a young girl no matter how you look at them, apparently have no influence on his charm even if the other party are beastmen.
Looking at Kurz who manage to grab the hearts of almost everyone of the beastman group by just smiling at them brightly, Renya ends up thinking, After all beauty is a kind of power.
If it’s like that, I probably should have asked that little girl to give me beauty as well when I crossed over to this world, was the stupid thought popping up in Renya’s head, but completely unable to imagine himself with a beautiful appearance, Renya shrugged his shoulders and stopped letting him imagination run free.

“Well then, as I don’t like being too formal, just stay at ease. Because the numbers of the visiting group today are high, I had the meeting take the form of a party. I intended to gather as many delicious dishes as possible, so I will be happy if they suit your taste.” (Renya)

Lepard still hasn’t revived.
However, everyone present started to chat while naturally ignoring Lepard as if he didn’t enter their field of view.
Renya wanted to ask anyone whether that’s really okay, but there’s no one to ask.

“We are grateful for your consideration, Your Excellency.”

“There’s no need to mind it. It’s my happiness to assist in restoring the energy of the heroes and his friends who are going to fight together. Now, please eat before it gets cold.” (Renya)

As if responding to Renya’s words, the maids on serving duty surged into the dining room and started to skillfully set the tables.
Watching that, Kaede silently nods towards the priestesses behind her and taking that as their signal, the priestesses swiftly started to pick up the prepared dishes and sit at the tables they fancied.
Renya, who is the organizer, invites Kaede and Lion to the table that had been prepared for him and his group.
Renya didn’t mind at all, but according to Mayria’s proposal that he should be accompanied by a woman at such occasions, Shion, who wore a dress that used the very unusual basic color blue, has joined him.
It was a simple dress that had an opening at her back while supporting her breasts, but on top of her wearing it stylishly, several accessories have been added to it. Shion, whose black hair naturally flowed down along her back, looked just like a young woman from a good family, that is as long as she stayed silent.
Shion claimed that she’s the daughter of a high-class family even without staying silent, but being easily rejected by Frau and Emil, she has been given strict instructions to not talk at all while smiling at the party from the beginning to the end.
Seeing that he isn’t all that fluent in various topics himself, Renya thought that it wouldn’t be that strange for his pretense to be stripped off right away since it’s not like he’s well-bred, but going by his position, he was required to talk with Kaede and her followers. While casting a sidelong glance at Kurz, who started to innocently gulp down the food, Renya frantically dragged out topics and a proper way of talking from within his head while striving to not get worn-out.
Thus the get-together with the beastman hero’s party was carried out in a very calm manner, except for one person who didn’t revive until the very end.


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Translation Notes:

  1. ossan is a slightly derogatory term for middle-aged man. I don’t think English has any equivalent.

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