Chapter 123 – It seems to be a Visitor 2

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Starting with the conclusion, Renya was unable to do any meaningful damage to Lepard.
And it’s not because of the barrier covering the school’s arena.
If he was eager about it, he could have pretended to seriously attack Lepard, since it’s easy to be moved outside the barrier, and then have slowly killed him once Lepard’s body was outside the barrier.
This beastman hero called Lepard didn’t cross over to the human country bearing some kind of grudge nor did he have some kind of plan. Instead he simply followed the information saying that there was a strong guy who had managed to defeat a hero to be found here. It was completely obvious that a part of Lepard wanted to fight against that guy and that he was likely stimulated by simplistic thoughts, after having fallen into the scheme of someone with a special plan. From the start, except for when he was fighting, Renya had the faint suspicion that that might be the case.
Moreover, although Renya snapped due to the pain of having both his arms broken, there was also the fact that not all spectators watching from the audience seats had evacuated, maybe due to their shallow thought process or to their boldness. Either way, a considerable number of residents hadn’t stopped watching.
If he beat up the beastman hero to his heart’s content in a place with so many eyes watching, it would refresh Renya’s own mood, but at the same time it was likely that he would implant a very scary impression of their Lord-sama into the minds of the spectating residents.
Did Renya finally comprehend what he was taking on there? Renya realized this after he had walloped Lepard, whose movements had dulled and whose face had become pale. Renya pulled Lepard’s body, which had been sent flying, towards himself by casting <Manipulation> on Lepard’s tekkou, and stepped on him from atop, sending him slamming into the ground facing up.
You might say that Renya realised his situation just a little bit too late.
Renya was alarmed that he might have made a mistake with his actions while feeling the sensation of Lepard’s bones breaking one after the other under the foot trampling down on Lepard.
However, the sturdiness of a beatman’s body went beyond Renya’s expectations.
Lepard should have quite a few of his bones broken after being hit, thrown and stepped on, but once Renya moved his foot aside, Lepard immediately started to move and tried to get up, albeit sluggishly.
Even Renya was astonished by that.
Since Lepard hadn’t been ejected by the barrier, Renya knew that the damage wasn’t lethal, but if it was a human, it wouldn’t have been weird for them to have died. Or rather, even though the damage looked as if he should be 80% close to death, Renya didn’t expect for Lepard to remain conscious, let alone try to stand up by himself.
His excessive surprise caused Renya to kick Lepard’s face, who was about to get up, with the sole of his shoe.
That one blow turned out to be the final straw, causing Lepard to collapse after finally fainting.
After making sure that the opponent had stopped moving, the arena’s recovery team finally entered the grounds.
In regards to the school’s students, they simply don’t retrieve them since it would trigger various complaints, but recovering the unconscious people in the arena was originally one of their jobs.
Having judged that there’s absolutely no way for the beastman hero, who had collapsed this time, to harbor the desire to be carried by Renya, they completely wrap up Lepard, who had stopped moving altogether, with ropes and bandages, and place him on a stretcher.
They were about to transport him to the medical treatment facility like that, but at this point a problem came up.
The largely-built Lepard, who was a lot taller than Renya, and his boorish boots and tekkou were so heavy that it was impossible for the two-man recovery team to carry him.
As a last resort they laboriously transported Lepard with four recovery team members.
A recovery team member also came up to Renya, who was observing the group around Lepard off, but Renya refused any help.
It’s not a mistake to say that the damage Renya suffered was originally something that merited him being sent to the medical treatment facility and getting hospitalized there for several days.
Renya himself knew that best, but as his Super Regeneration was something frightening, the broken bones of both his arms had already fully recovered. Even the bluish-black wounds at various places that had caused internal bleedings had only left something like a faint birthmarks behind by now.
Even though it’s his own body, Renya feels slightly spooked by it.
However there are also advantages in regards to this. Since even his current state, which would obviously trigger him being branded as a monster in his former world, was hardly minded by anyone – probably because there are things such as divine arts over here – Renya also decided not to care about it and forget about his injuries.
Despite not knowing where they popped out from, Renya has the audience leave their seats, and goes back home while brushing off his clothes that had become covered in dust due to the battle.
Although Renya’s home was a normal mansion in Kukrika, he lived in a designed building in Klinge that made it difficult to specify whether it still counted as a mansion or was already considered a castle.
It’s pretty much located in the heart of the city with a wall and moat around it.
What has been erected there on a fairly spacious plot is not something that has spires like a castle, albeit it’s a building made out of stone, but at the same time it’s far too tall and wide to be considered a normal mansion.
It was a half-baked building with an uncertain categorization, but for the time being it was referred to as official residence of the feudal lord Renya.
Though Renya only perceived it as something like a fortress with a little bit of extravagance added to it.
Its size is several times larger when compared to his mansion in Kukrika.
In proportion to that, the garden has become spacious as well. The seeds and seedlings brought from Kukrika by Frau were planted and grew strangely quickly.
As for the harmlessness of those plants and creatures that seem to dwell in the garden, Renya tenaciously made sure, going as far as checking twice.
The reason being that Frau won’t be able to manage all of it by herself once the plots’ size becomes as wide as it currently is.
And if Frau can’t cover it all by herself, they have to get the help of others by sharing the management.
Renya considers the appearance of a noble to be not worth worrying about, but in the end he also wants his own home to be in order and clean, to a reasonable extent.
Since he would feel sorry for having Frau take care of everything by herself just to fulfill his wish, Renya put up a recruitment ad for maids that would work as Frau’s subordinates.
Compared to the recruitment of civil officials which has close to having zero applications, a flood of applications rushed in for the maid positions for some reason.
Renya wondered whether he was too lax in his conditions by only stating that he’s looking for young, hard-working women. But as a matter of fact the cause for the rush of applications was Emil saying something unnecessary at an employment information desk-like spot, which was in charge of putting up the maid recruitment, unbeknownst of Renya.
As for the precise wording, Emil took Rona and Shion along to the employment information desk and said the following to the person in charge of the desk:

“Our master is a properly-behaved person to the point of not having made a move on these two even after they crept into his bedroom at night.” (Emil)

The problem is that it always heads in that direction whenever a noble tries to recruit maids, whatever the noble’s age may be.
There are times when the applicants accept it as inevitable so long as it’s limited to a certain extent, but in the end it’s not something that gives them a good feeling.
It is a cognizance to the point of “I guess I have no choice but to give up if I’m asked to have sex with them for the first time.”
However, with Emil’s brief comment, Margrave Kunugi of Klinge was recognized as a person with considerably good conduct, a fact that spread among the women wanting to be hired as maids.
After all, even if you only consider their appearance, Rona and Shion are high level beauties.
The existence of a male noble, who is capable of refusing their night crawling, is unexpectedly precious to an unimaginable degree. If it’s the truth, we probably won’t be forced into a sexual relationship that easily as we won’t be carelessly sought after as it would happen with other nobles. Also, in case it develops in that direction, we likely won’t be driven away with nothing more than consolation money, they thought.
Moreover Renya set the wages for the maids slightly high, because the burden on Frau would likely become big if no help came.
Furthermore he has added the conditions that their life needs will be taken care of as it’s possible to live-in and that they will be allowed to take days off, albeit in a shift system.
As the information that this offer was quite a good job prospect spread, the applications flooded in.
The number of maids started to fill up while Frau and Croire narrowed down the number of applicants.
By the way, Emil ended up being sent to the medical treatment facility due to Shion and Rona, who had been publicly exposed as pilloried criminals.
As for the matter of where, for what reason and how much Emil was beat up, Renya pretended not to know anything since he’s scared of asking.
But then again Emil came back home with an expression as if nothing had happened the next day after being hospitalized for only one night.
For that reason quite a large number of maids are already working inside Renya’s residence.
Among them there are also some in charge of cleaning the garden. Renya confirmed the safety of the garden many time over with Frau for their sake.

There’s only one path to the house after entering the grounds of Renya’s residence. A gatekeeper is standing by the entrance gate built on the path.
Originally either the national army’s soldiers, which were dispatched to Klinge, or the private army gathered by Renya should serve as sentries at the gate. Renya had hired the members of Keith’s unit, which he had trained himself, from within the national army in the city of Kukrika. Moreover, since the private soldiers gathered in Klinge have been sent for training to Keith, Renya didn’t have the capacity to dispatch soldiers to his own residence.
Accordingly Renya has appointed that armor as the gatekeeper as there won’t be an issue to have it stand by the gate for 24 hours without rest.
There are likely very few nobles who would entrust the job of watching their gates to an autonomously moving armor, no matter what era or country it might be, but if it comes to an armor with the powers of a hero, it should be fine to openly say that there would be no nobles doing something like that.
However, as mentioned, apart from there being no problem with it standing there without rest, this armor possesses combat abilities equal to a hero’s. As it’s a being that unconditionally adheres to Frau’s and Renya’s orders, Renya regarded the armor as extremely convenient as there was no other being as befitting as the gatekeeper.
Renya returned to his room after giving a light greeting to the armor and receiving bows from the maids cleaning and washing laundry in the garden, and flung off his coat. Frau told Renya about a guest who looked for him before his return.

“Guest?” (Renya)

“Yes ~no. It’s a proper visitor who orderly announced their visit through the main gate ~nano.” (Frau)

This condition seems to be the minimal, unyieldable, required condition for someone else to be acknowledged as a visitor by Frau.

“Who is it and where are they from? I don’t remember having made any appointments?” (Renya)

Once he became a noble, various people requesting a meeting had appeared.
The type of people span from managers of some companies to representatives of other nobles and messengers from the archduchess herself.
Those people interested in a meeting made appointments a long time before the actual date as general custom of courtesy, and visited afterwards, but it’s not like it doesn’t occasionally happen that people request a meeting unannounced without any previous appointment.
In such a situation it’s up to Renya’s discretion whether he will meet them or not.
Seeing as there’s no promise, it won’t develop into a problem even if he chooses not to meet them.

“They had no appointment ~no. It’s a woman ~no. She’s an incredible beauty ~no. After telling her to wait until you come back home master, I had her wait in the parlor ~no.” (Frau)

“I don’t really feel like deciding whether I will meet them or not according to their appearance, but who is she and where is she from?” (Renya)

Renya sits down on the chair in his room and asks while sipping the black tea prepared by Frau. Frau takes out a piece of paper from a pocket in her maid clothes and scans it.

“She’s a beastman visitor hailing from the southern continent. She was able to come here through the transfer gate ~no.” (Frau)

“… Somehow I feel like I heard that story just a short time ago.” (Renya)

Not much time has passed since he had sent someone like that to the medical treatment facility.
Even if someone were to come with a topic related to that, the response is far too fast.
Having said that, it was a visitor coming from a place with heavily pinpointed relevance to the current situation making it hard to assume that they are here for a totally unrelated matter to the hero.

“By the way, her present was the southern speciality, steamed buns filled with red bean paste ~no. It’s extremely scary how perfectly it fits with green tea ~no.” (Frau)

Renya feels as if he implicitly heard “If it’s just meeting with her, please do so since we have received a present” within Frau’s words.
While we are at it, there’s red bean paste in the south? Renya is surprised by the newly obtained information.
Since elven beans, which serve as ingredients for miso and soy sauce commonly exist in this world, it’s not weird for adzuki beans to exist as well.
I’m sure there was someone among the past great Lost who drifted to the southern continent. They probably imparted the existence of adzuki beans and their processing methods to the locals. Renya offered his gratitude to his predecessor whose name he doesn’t know.

“On that subject, how come you know about its good affinity with green tea, Frau?” (Renya)

“… As head of the maids, I don’t neglect checking the food entering your mouth, master ~no.” (Frau)

“In other words you snatched some food, right?” (Renya)

“I’d like you to call it poison testing ~no.” (Frau)

Renya shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Frau who quietly averts her eyes from Renya while wiping away her dripping cold sweat.


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