Chapter 122 – It seems to be a Battle with the Beastman Hero

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A great number of small explosions took place on the arena’s ground.
When Renya realized that those were the aftereffects of Lepardo kicking the ground, Lepardo was already right in front of him.
Brandishing his right hand that was covered by a crude tekkou, Lepardo launched a full-powered right straight towards Renya’s face. But Lepardo’s fist missed leaving them without any kind of feedback, causing his body to pitch forward overenthusiastically.
Renya delivered a simple front kick towards his defenseless back after having circled around him without Lepardo realizing it. Lepardo was thrown in the direction of the arena’s wall with the combined momentum of him lurching forward and the force of Renya’s kick.
Alongside yet another thunderous roar, Lepardo opened a large hole in the wall he crashed into, shaking the entire building.
At this rate it’s quite likely for the damage to reach such a degree that it becomes necessary to rebuild the whole building, Renya frowned.
Lepardo himself, who plunged into the wall, seems to to have come out unscathed. He immediately gets up and brushes off the dust that ended up raining down on his head when he destroyed the wall.

“Tsk! Don’t fucking move so skillfully! Once more! Let’s go again!” (Lepardo)

Lepardo stoops down in order to accumulate power once more.
His speed was quite considerable to begin with.
But since his movements are too linear, evasion was simple for Renya.
Even though it’s easy to dodge him, the building will get destroyed once he crashes into the wall again after I’ve evaded his strike.
Asking himself whether it was possible for him to take that Lepardo’s charge up front, Renya immediately concluded it as likely impossible.
On top of there being quite a difference in physique, Lepardo’s speed is abnormal.
Since he has introduced himself as hero, putting aside whether it’s true or not, he should possess considerable strength. Even if I were to receive his attack up front, for argument’s sake, I will probably get overpowered in an instant, Renya judged.
What should I do in that case?
The easiest method would be to cut him down with the katana at his waist, but Renya is currently inside a barrier that was designed to not allow any casualties in order to carry out mock battles. The moment the katana attack turned into fatal damage for Lepardo, his body will be simply ejected outside the barrier.
It would be a way to stop his charge, but since it won’t cause him any damage, he will likely come back right away.
Even if it won’t result in a viable solution, it will allow me to stop his rampage.
When Renya, who guessed that he had no other option but to keep sending Lepardo flying until he discovers some kind of strategy to resolve this, put his hand on the katana, people suddenly rushed into the audience seating enclosing the arena.
It was unknown from where they heard about this incident, but the people in the audience seating were the students and the residents living close to the school. The seats, which have been set up so that they could accommodate quite a large number of people, become fully occupied in the blink of an eye.
While Lepardo is dumbfounded and Renya watches the spectacle with his eyes turning into dots, horizontal banners are rolled out one after the other, and vendors, who shouldered baskets filled with bento and beverages, started to walk between the people.

“What’s this?” (Renya)

Renya mutters without finding any other words to express himself, but there’s no way for him to receive a reply towards his question.
Large, messily written letters stating “Lord-sama, do your best” or “We pray for your certain victory” are written on the horizontal banners, having been expressly stitched into them with embroidery.
Renya properly caught the improper phrases of “Association of Frau-sama Lovers,” “Croire’s Bodyguards” and “Squad of those desiring to be abused by Mayria-sama” that have been added in small letters below with his eyes though.
I wonder, just what criterions were used to choose the inhabitants of this city? Even though it’s his own city, Renya ends up harboring heavy doubts about the standards for the selection.
Once he sees a place where a small group of elves holding up a banner with “Group to be squeezed by Rona-sama” has blended in, it becomes apparent that there’s some person besides Rona processing the residents’ immigration applications.
Given that there shouldn’t have been much hope in recruiting civil officials, it’s bound to have been no one else but Mayria, if Rona is excluded.
“Team wishing to be embraced by Emil-sama” doesn’t make any sense anymore, and once it reached the address “16th Unit of the Shion-chan Cheering Squad”, even the residents pity Shion, who has been recognized as disappointing child, and feel compelled to question just what it’s all about for there to be squad members to the extent of forming 17 units, even if the the 16th unit consists of only a few people. Renya couldn’t do anything besides sighing really heavily.
In contrast, not only did Lepardo recover faster than Renya expected, he also adapted to the situation in the vicinity before even Renya did.
Each time he poses successfully as if displaying his forged body, high-pitched cheering flies at him from the audience seating.
Though that guy should pretty much be treated as criminal after suddenly attacking the feudal lord, Renya thinks, but that’s not something he can say in front of the excited crowd and Lepardo himself.

“They got really riled up!” (Lepardo)
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Seemingly pleased by the cheers pouring down on him, Lepardo faces Renya while revealing a ferocious smile, but at that point Renya’s motivation had completely pummeled into negative regions.
Renya is filled with the desire to do nothing but go back to his room, but going by the circumstances, it’s difficult to suggest stopping the fight.
As a result, once Renya prepared to continue fighting Lepardo out of necessity, while being extremely reluctant about it, the audience got very excited all at once.
They simply don’t understand my feelings. While warily following Lepardo’s movements, Renya ponders about other things inside his head.
With there being almost no amusement facilities in Renya’s city, which had only recently been finished, the residents were thirsting for entertainment.
Since it was Renya’s opinion that it was probably alright to leave some parts to the residents, he had just secured the scheduled land, but the rest had been left up to the wishes of the immigration applicants moving there. Just like in the other districts, what should be build there hadn’t been set in advance.
Things similar to amusement facilities started to pop up here and there, but it was only at the level where one can call it completely insufficient.
For the residents of Klinge, who starved for such entertainment, the match-up of their feudal lord against a beastman, who had come from a distant, foreign country, probably seemed like a very fascinating spectacle.
If there’s still a doubtful point about it, it would be the all too prepared gathering of spectators although this was supposed to be an unforeseen event.
If it was only the students of the school coming to watch, it would still be possible to agree with the whole situation.
But, when it came to even the neighboring residents assembling, it would be weird if it turned out that no one had intentionally leaked the information.
Apparently because he was thinking about such things or maybe because he felt that this situation was somewhat like an away game for Lepardo, Renya reaction ended up being slightly delayed upon Lepardo’s charge, who was donning a glum expression.
However, in front of Renya, who started to move while thinking that it was probably pointless to only evade, Lepardo’s body abruptly came to a halt while sinking his feet into the ground.

“You are not going to charge?” (Renya)

Lepardo shows a smile before Renya’s eyes, who thought that Lepardo would charge straight ahead once again in a foolishly honest manner.
Having plunged forward with his charging speed, he forcibly brakes in front of Renya by putting all of his strength into his legs and sets up both his fists on the spot.
His wide-motioned attacks will have their trajectories read and will be easily dodged.
Did he understand that from his first charge? The attacks unleashed by Lepardo next were fast and repeated jabs.
The power behind themis kept on the lower end, but in exchange each and every single one of them is extremely quick.
Having those jabs unleashed at him at a speed capable of cutting wind, Renya twists his body, but finally receives one blow to his chest which he wasn’t able to catch with his palm or handle by evading it.
That one blow, which is likely a really light strike with an emphasis on speed in Lepardo’s eyes, successfully drills into Renya’s chest, causing him to leak a small groan of pain.
Seemingly because of the heavy tekkou or Lepardo’s own strength, he receives an impact that seems to squeeze out the air from within his lungs. Renya, who stopped moving albeit only for an instant, is attacked by Lepardo’s follow-up attacks.
Screams burst out among the audience.
Judging that he would unmistakably receive several blows if he stood still, Renya grandly jumps back.
However, that turned into a poor move.
As if having waited for that, Lepardo swiftly steps in and shortens the combat distance. With Renya’s feet still in the air, Lepardo releases a right jab with all his power.
Renya estimated that Lepardo, who’s a lot heavier and taller than himself, on top of wearing metallic gauntlets and boots, wouldn’t be able to catch up with him, but even though he regretted having taken Lepardo’s explosive power too lightly, it was already too late.
One blow of Lepardo hits Renya who somehow managed to adopt a defensive stance by crossing both his arms in front of his body.
In addition to the power of the charge which he used to shortened the combat distance, Lepardo possesses his forged physical strength and a far heavier weight than Renya.
The blow, which was released while capitalising on these factors, easily blew Renya’s body away, making it crash into the arena’s wall.
Being caught in-between the impact of him hitting the wall with his back and the metallic gauntlet’s impact, which hit his flesh-made arms, Renya spit out all the air remaining inside his lungs. Furthermore Lepardo is about to pursue him in order to finish the fight.

“Continuing to hit the opponent until they are completely defeated is the beastmen’s style!” (Lepardo)

He unleashes his fist while roaring.
Renya, who is still unable to even breath due to the pain and shock, is in a state where he can’t even move his feet to evade.
Lepardo was certain of his victory, but in the next instant his face cramps up for some reason and he increases the combat distance from Renya.
As if chasing his body, countless lightning bolts swooped down towards Lepardo.

“No way!? Chantless!?” (Lepardo)

Apparently being an item that had some kind of spell cast on it, Lepardo holds up his equipped gauntlets and the lightning bolts are erased after touching said gauntlets.
If there were one or two of these bolts, he would have likely been able to draw near Renya once again while erasing the lightning with his gauntlets, but the number of lightning bolts, invoked by Renya while he was leaning against the wall, reached the several dozen count.
No matter how many of those he could erase, it doesn’t seems as if he can completely negate the impact he receives while doing so. Lepardo’s body is gradually pushed down.
Exchanging his superfluous mana into lightning bolts, Renya strokes his injured arms while continuously attacking. He slowly, little by little, put his disheveled breathing in order.
Thinking back, I feel like it’s the first time that I’ve suffered a decent amount of damage after coming to this world, Renya thinks while stroking his arms.
It feels as if I have received quite the number of wounds that seem to be small and trivial since I got here, but it’s probably the first time that I get directly attacked like on this occasion, receiving damage that stopped my body from moving, he believes.
As a matter of fact, although he hasn’t received any more than a mere two blows, the damage killed his usual mobility originating from his feet. Both his arms, which defended against the blow of the boorish metallic lump-like gauntlet, were completely broken at the parts where they were hit.
However, that damage is slowly recuperating due to his Superior Regeneration ability.
Though it was apparent from the damage’s depth that it wouldn’t recover right away.

“Kuh… T-This! Even though I’m erasing and erasing one after the other! Just how much mana do you have!?” (Lepardo)

Lepardo continues to defend against the lightning bolts launched at him in succession with an unbelievable speed considering he’s wearing heavy, metallic gauntlets.
Not even one of Renya’s spells, which were being continuously fired for such a long time that it would cause an average sorcerer to faint, reaches Lepardo’s body.
Even so, because they are meaningful as restraint, Renya doesn’t stop releasing them repeatedly.

“Don’t hide behind such cheap tricks! Fight me square and fair from the front!” (Lepardo)

“Square and fair, eh…? Geez, give me a rest…” (Renya)

Regardless of liking or disliking them, there’s absolutely nothing decent in getting involved with a hero, Renya sighs while looking sullen.
It looked as if it would take a long time for him to recover his arms oozing with pain to a level that would allow him to wield his katana perfectly again.

“You did defeat that human hero, didn’t you!? Don’t fuck around with such petty stalling for time!” (Lepardo)

“That’s why I told you that I don’t know anything about that incident, didn’t I?” (Renya)

“Don’t play dumb! I properly investigated about the guy, who defeated the hero summoned by the Holy Kingdom inheriting his powers, being in Trident.” (Lepardo)

“I have been telling you that it’s not me…” (Renya)

It’s not like Renya is lying.
Since it’s actually a fact that he hasn’t finished off the hero, Renya boldly and confidently denied Lepardo’s word.
Being denied far too clearly, Lepardo’s expression becomes gloomy.

“… For real? I got the wrong person?” (Lepardo)

“That’s what it looks like. It’ll be fine for you to meet with the fellow who inherited the hero’s powers afterwards. Well, it’ll be fine for you to meet them, but…” (Renya)

Renya ascertains the state of his hands by lightly clasping them.
There was still some dullness and a little pain left, but as the regeneration had apparently advanced quite far, he was able to grasp them tightly with his full strength.

“Well, before that… on top of having broken the arms of another person, you had them experience such a pain for the first time in a long while.” (Renya)

The lightning bolts that sealed Lepardo’s movements cease.
Lepardo adjusted his two arms, which continued to erase the lightning bolts, and set them up against Renya.
Seeing Renya’s arms starting to be clad by something like heat haze with his eyes, Lepardo’s face warped in surprise.

“Originally I’m a swordsman, so it’s logical for me to oppose an opponent with the sword, but… since you beat the hell out of me with your fists, it would be rude if I don’t pay you back with the same, right?” (Renya)

“You, that…” (Lepardo)

“Unfortunately I don’t happen to have gauntlets to equip at hand. So I’m substituting them with mana.” (Renya)

It seems to be a state where he raises his fists strength by cladding them in something like a defensive barrier, so to speak.
Because he is pouring an enormous amount of mana into them, it looks as if Renya’s fists are clad by heat-haze-like fluctuations.

“There are various unarmed techniques, but I’m not very knowledgeable about boxing. … So, I pray for your forgiveness if it’s only rough, full-powered attacks, okay? What, there’s nothing to worry about. Even if you are sent to the medical department in the worst case, I will have the guy, who inherited the hero powers, visit your hospital bed.” (Renya)

“How amusing. Go ahead, make my day.” (Lepardo)

Renya releases a very casual right punch straight after taking a wide swing towards the prepared Lepardo.
It’s a telephone punch that’s easy to evade due to its wide motion. Lepardo dodges that at the last moment and tries to shift into counterattacking immediately.
Even though Renya’s fist didn’t even graze his body, he’s still sent flying at full force while swirling in the air.
Ahead of Renya’s fist, which finished striking and missing at the same time, Lepardo witnesses the arena’s wall breaking into small pieces and dispersing.

“Eh!?” (Lepardo)
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He heard a voice from the audience shouting at the others to take refuge.
Without even looking at the figures of the panicked audience in the stands evacuating outside the arena, Renya turns his eyes towards Lepardo, who had immediately adopted a fighting stance after getting up, although in the end he was suddenly slapped onto the ground.
Lepardo didn’t understand what the hell had happened.
Even though he was sure that he had dodged Renya’s attack, he was sent flying, and moreover, the attack completely destroyed the wall which is at an unreachable distance.
For argument’s sake, what if this damage was brought about by the impact caused by his motion of swinging a fist?
If that is the case I wonder just how much power the actual fist possesses?
Arriving at that thought, Lepardo’s expression becomes pale within no time.
Renya wasn’t moving any faster than at the beginning right now.
While simply pasting a smile on his face, he very slowly, one firm step after the other, approaches Lepardo.
Seeing Renya’s fists being clad in an even thicker fluctuation than before, Lepardo thought:
I might possibly die in this place.


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