Chapter 121 – It seems to be a visitor

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While Renya was building his city, there were two institutions that called for a meeting at the foremost.
One was the adventurer’s guild.
One of the reasons for that was not only because of the guild’s distribution network, but also due to their belief in the advantages of gathering adventurers and making progress by investigating and subjugating the monsters in the surroundings.
Moreover, they could make use of the pretext that Renya himself was still registered as adventurer.
Renya’s authoritative pronouncement was, “Set up a branch quickly since it should be useful and convenient in one way or another if it’s there.” Seeing as that nicely agreed with the adventurer’s guild’s forecast of “There probably won’t be any lack in work considering the location,” the adventurer’s guild’s branch was established quite efficiently with the guild’s building being provided by Renya.
The second was the creation of an adventurer’s training school.
There were two reasons why the establishment of that was hurried. One was because Renya wondered whether he would be able to call Liaris and Az to his own city as teachers if he went skillfully about it.
However in this regard there were objections from among the nobles about allowing Liaris, who holds an important position within the Trident Principality as dragoon, to go to Renya’s place, who already makes others wonder whether he doesn’t have, even under normal circumstances, an excessive combat force. At that point in time it felt as if it wouldn’t go as well as he had expected.
The second reason was the transfer gate.
The transfer gate itself is something that has been set up in various institutions, but as it was necessary to make troublesome appeals and obtain permission, or due to its transfer destinations being restricted even if it was possible to set it up, it’s not a device that’s overly handy and usable.
However, only the adventurer training school was an exception because it was possible to set up a transfer gate there with quite the liberty in its work setting.
In Renya’s eyes a convenient transfer gate, allowing him to receive the goods sent from the elven country for Croire, was necessary. Also, going by the map he was shown before crossing over to this world, and for someone, who has been asked to get to know the entire world – with its outrageous size – he considered the existence of transfer gates, which enable instantaneous movement to quite distant places as long as there’s a connection set up, as absolute necessity. Therefore he naturally poured funds into the construction and recruitment of the school, regardless of the expenses.
As result of that, the school was provided with extravagant facilities and buildings to the extent of having no match anywhere else, no matter where you looked on the entire human continent. Due to the excellent teaching staff provided and its high level of education, the children of nobles not only from within the Trident Principality but also from far distant countries expressly arrived to study there.
However, for Renya that’s nothing more than a freebie. In his mind he thought about nothing else but the establishment of a transfer gate as his primary objective.
A good while after the city took shape with people beginning to immigrate and the economy and circulation of goods and money starting to get in full swing, a certain guest visited Renya’s place through the transfer gate.
One thing Renya noticed after coming to this world is the fact that there’s almost no climatic change if you go by the prerequisite of limiting it to the human continent.
There are periods where small amounts of rain falls and other times where it rains more often, but something such as the four seasons, as they exist in his former world, don’t exist in this world.
It was unknown whether it was owed to the world itself being on top of a tray or whether the supervisors scrimped on the settings, making Renya wonder at first whether that won’t lead to problems with the growth of crops.
However, what awaited him there – seemingly having been forced to match with the already sketchy setting – was the irresponsible reality of granting reasonable crop growth throughout the entire year, no matter what crops and at what time they are sown.
However, if seen from the side of those cultivating those crops, those can be called extremely welcome circumstances.
After all there’s no need to consider the time of planting the seeds.
Since all you have to do is to calculate the crops growth period and sow the seeds in accordance to the desired harvesting time while making as many as you want, it’s a very comfortable matter without any problematic issues.

“For that reason trees are thickly growing throughout the entire city. Given that it’s a little bit unreasonable to plant rice inside the city, we are cultivating a large quantity of elven beans in the open spaces.” (Renya)

Renya said, not speaking to anyone in particular, while also standing stock still and having his hands linked behind his back.
The answers towards those words were only groaning and rough breathing.
The location is the arena of the adventurer training school.
A great number of students were scattered on the ground around Renya, who stood all by himself in their middle, while holding onto the weapons they considered to be their forte.
Basically, Renya has too much free time after the city had, to a certain extent, taken shape.
He considered continuing to work as an adventurer, but after receiving the honest opinion from the guild staff that they have doubts about the feudal lord himself accepting guild requests and proceeding towards the settling of raw materials and the subjugation of monsters, he wasn’t able to meddle in that too frequently.
As for the practical matters of a noble’s job; since Mayria is frantically dealing with those while holding one of Frau’s special energy drinks in one hand, Renya doesn’t get involved with that part almost at all.

“If I schemed to hijack this territory, it would become mine in no time, wouldn’t it?” (Mayria)

“You want it? It’s all yours.” (Renya)

Mayria tried to threaten Renya with a voice full of resentment and a worn-out expression, but she ends up falling apart tragically in front of Renya all too simple reply.
Each time he looked at Mayria prostrated on top of the table in silence, Renya thought that it would be great if he could somehow assign an assisting civil official to her, but although it was fairly easy to create or find civil officials in this world, the same wasn’t true for civil officials that possess education above a certain degree.
In the first place, Renya doesn’t possess the know-how to educate civil officials.
Speaking of what he’s capable of, it would be investigating the salaries of the civil officials working for other nobles and trying to recruit them by paying higher wages.
After giving up on what he couldn’t do, the bored Renya quite often intruded upon the practical skill lessons of the adventurer training school and killed some time by keeping the students company.
At the beginning the students were quite nervous due to having the feudal lord, with his various complicated circumstances, as their opponent, but they were immediately forced to realize that they didn’t have the leeway to stay tense.
Although Renya didn’t do something like shredding the roots of their awareness and spirit into little pieces just as he had done at the adventurer school in Kukrika, he isn’t the type of person that would hold back due to the name of “practical skill lesson”.
As a result the students, who experienced Renya’s training in practical skill even if only once, immediately gave up on wearing frilly garments such as robes and skirts, and wore attires such as patched trousers, where it wouldn’t matter at all if they got torn.
This stems from Renya’s combat method during the training.
During training Renya himself wouldn’t initiate any attacks.
He does nothing but make the opponents attack him consecutively while continuing to easily evade those attacks, but if the attackers’ stance fell apart even for a bit or if they tried to attack him with an unnatural stance, he would grab their hands, lightly trip up their feet and start to turn their bodies over and over.
A certain female student, who suffered this attack, was thoroughly whirled around and then finally fainted upside-down at the arena’s wall. The precedent of her fully exposing her underwear due to her shirt and skirt sliding down, is the reason the students changed their training clothes.
However, this was apparently owed to her own mistake of not wearing appropriate training clothes according to Renya.

“This disastrous scene and… the speech about growing beans inside the city… I don’t understand just how that’s related to each other.”

A male student, who was lying upside-down below Renya’s feet, mutters those disconnect words.
Having heard that, Renya looked down at his feet with a puzzled expression.

“I guess you are certainly right about that. Just how did it turn into a conversation about beans?” (Renya)

“Don’t ask… me.”

The male student, who somehow managed to retort after having mustered his last remaining strength, completely stopped moving like a puppet that had its string cut while revealing a somewhat satisfied expression.
Just like at other schools, a proper barrier for mock battles has been deployed in this arena.
Therefore one could say that something like dying most likely won’t happen, but Renya became somewhat worried since that male student seemed to have completely let go of his consciousness in an excessive manner.
At once Renya starts to collect the students by himself in order to send them to the medical treatment facility where they would get their wounds treated and allowed to recover their stamina.
Just as usual, stretchers for the students should be lining up in rows outside the arena, and the staff in charge of medical treatment should be on standby there.
If they are waiting outside the arena, they could at least help with the collection of the students, Renya thought, but there’s a reason why the staff of the medical treatment facility insists on not helping with this job.
It’s something Renya doesn’t know, but this collection work enjoys a secret, which is that it has great popularity among the students.
This is because Renya carries each student to the stretcher while properly holding them in his arms (princess carry).
In the eyes of the students the ability to directly touch the body of someone, who is far above them in skill and physical prowess, counts as precious time. Moreover, the other party is an esteemed Earl, the genuine article with the biggest accomplishments during the war against the Holy Kingdom and a person who would hear no objection even if he called himself a hero.
Renya believes that the story about that hasn’t spread much, but the Archduchess has secretly and indirectly spread the information between nobles of reasonable standing.
Otherwise it wouldn’t be weird for one or two flames of rebellion to surge up due to a mere adventurer suddenly receiving a peerage.
For that reason those wishing to participate in the practical skill lessons were unable to do so unless they won against the total applicants that were several, no, ten-odd times more than those being able to join in on the actual training.
The frightening fact is that this popularity didn’t only stop at the female students, but also spread to a large degree among the male students.
In order to enjoy this sweet and yet short time, the minimum required ability demanded of them was to keep their consciousness until the end of the training, but the students, who wished to participate, were capable of clearing this criterion very easily.
In other words, it means that the students, who are currently lying around at Renya’s feet, are all conscious without a single exception, but even Renya could guess as much.
However, he thinks, They are very likely exhausted to the extent of being unable to move, even while conscious, or they are declaring their intentions of being spared any further.
Just how would Renya react if he knew the real reason?
Since it was difficult to imagine that, this matter was treated as the most important secret among the students and all of them have been given detailed instructions to never disclose it for any reason.
Putting that aside, Renya carefully carried the students, who don’t move while on the ground, outside the arena one by one as usual and gently puts them down on the stretchers.
The faces of several students grinning slovenly bothered him somehow, but even so he finished carrying all the students without treating them roughly. At that time, in front of Renya, who unconsciously tensed his body after sensing some kind of presence, a different entrance from the one from where he carried out the students, was blown away with a thunderous roar.
The destroyed door was vigorously blown towards Renya’s location, and after being transformed into small, chopped-up fragments in an instant, it fell to the ground.
Before anyone realized, Renya grasped the drawn katana in his hands while storing the scabbard at his waist.

“I’ve come for a duel! Can I find Earl Renya Kunugi here!?”

Renya squints slightly after catching sight of the person who shouted loudly while sluggishly showing up from within the densely-rising smoke.
It was a tough, toned man who was around two or three heads taller than Renya.
His upper body was naked, exposing his forged muscles. Below he only wore trousers made out of a thick cloth.
Both his hands were covered by tekkou shining with a golden color. Even his feet were equipped with the same golden metallic armor.
His skin color was swarthy. His looks felt as if calling him wild was the best description.
His sharp, conspicuous, discerning eyes were facing Renya from below his unkempt, ruffled black hair, but what attracted Renya’s attention wasn’t his outward appearance, but the beast ears, which unexpectedly peeked out from between the man’s hair and the tail which extended towards the back through a hole that had been prepared in his trousers.
Going by his figure and the lie of his hair, Renya judges him to be similar to a leopard, if put in the terms of his previous world.

“Beastman…?” (Renya)

“Indeed! I’m the hero of the beastman race, Lepardo Panther!” (T/N: OMG what naming sense…!)


Pressing his hands against his waist, the male beastman laughs loudly while leaning back.
Renya didn’t remember having heard that name, but being triggered by a single word, Renya asks,

“Hero, you say?” (Renya)

“Correct! Matching with the summoning of the human races’ hero, the other races each selected a hero! It was decided for this me to be the beastman hero!” (Lepardo)

He points with his right hand’s at himself and grins. His mouth is a lot bigger than that of a human’s. Canines that might as well be described as fangs peek out of his mouth.
While feeling stumped by each of his big motions and loud words, Renya stores back his katana into the scabbard while asking,

“So what kind of business do you have with me after having destroyed a part of a human city’s structure, hero-sama? Or rather, from where did you pop out? The lack of coherence is overwhelming here.” (Renya)

“I just arrived here through the transfer gate!” (Lepardo)

Anyone that listened would understand that Renya spoke coldly because he was in quite the bad mood, but it seems like the male beastman, who introduced himself as Lepardo, didn’t grasp that at all.
The transfer gate, which had been installed in this school, was one with very loose usage limitations in comparison to those located in other cities.
That was because Renya felt that it would just worsen the flow of goods and people if the formalities were to be bothersome, but Renya believes that it might be necessary to reconsider things a bit if the transfer gate is used by such kind of people.

“If it’s about business, I have some! Have a bout with me!” (Lepardo)

“I have to decline.” (Renya)

Renya’s response towards Lepardo, who determinedly pointed at Renya and demanded a match, was short and indifferent.
Renya adds even more words towards Lepardo who unconsciously stiffened up.

“Pay the repair costs for the door you destroyed and get out of here quickly. This is my official demand… no, I guess, my order as Earl Kunugi of the Trident Principality. Either way is fine with me, but if you disobey, you will be dealt with as a thug.” (Renya)

“T-That’s dirty… You’re going to wield your authority here!?” (Lepardo)

“I use what’s usable. It’s very natural logic. In the first place, you suddenly come to a human city, break a building and finally demand a match? Keep your sleep-talking till after your death.” (Renya)

“I won’t be able to talk if I’m dead!” (Lepardo)

“Oh my, so you understand at least this much? I wondered whether even your head was only filled with muscles, but I guess 5% of it consist of brain tissue.” (Renya)

“Don’t fuck with me! At the very least acknowledge that it’s 10%!” (Lepardo)

Renya ended up wondering whether Lepardo was really fine with it being 10%, but in the next instant his face was faintly tinged with tension due to the impacts caused by Lepardo’s strong stomping on top of the arena’s grounds.
The ground, which should have been thoroughly prepared and hardened for the sake of carrying out mock battles, deeply caved in after receiving one of Lepardo’s stomps, and the vibration triggered by the impact shook the entire building.
Lepardo broadly grins after displaying a portion of his unusual power.

“So you do understand, Earl Kunugi-sama. I heard that this time’s human hero was defeated. The one who did it was you bastard, right?” (Lepardo)

“… I know nothing about that.” (Renya)

“I don’t mind even if you play dumb. However, even if it’s against your will, I will have you accept the match against me!” (Lepardo)

Lepardo declared while glaring at Renya with a sharp, discerning look after suddenly lowering his body into a crouching, forward-bent posture, just like a large carnivorous animal that caught sight of its prey.


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