Prologue 5 – Returning to the orphanage?

Visiting after an interval of 2 years, the orphanage hadn’t changed and welcomed the three warmly.
Apparently the number of newcomers had increased a bit as well, but many are friends with whom they shared food from the same iron pot before. That didn’t mean that they were necessarily on good terms with all of them, however, as it has become a reunion after a long time, there is no one bringing back the  animosity from the old days. Everyone joyfully approached the three and began to ask them questions about this and that.
For the orphans, who have practically no chance to step outside the orphanage, the stories of Kamui’s group, who is living in a remote territory, were something that completely draws their curiosity, similar to tales of adventure.
Kamui wanted to slowly renew the old friendships with each of them, but unfortunately, there’s no way he can do that. Telling everyone that he hasn’t met the bishop yet, he left the place leaving Lutz and Alto behind.
Advancing without getting lost in the corridors of the orphanage, which he remembered from before, he finds himself in front of the bishop’s room.

“Oh my, aren’t you Kamui?”

An associate priest, who waited besides the door, called out to him. Since before she is a person who helps the bishop in a role similar to that of a secretary.

“Hello, it’s been a while. Is bishop-sama in?” (Kamui)

“Please, come in. Just wait a moment.”

Saying that, the associate priest leaves the waiting seat and enters the room. Returning before long, she invited Kamui in.
When Kamui entered the room, the bishop was sitting in his chair showing a displeased expression, which hasn’t changed from the past.

“It’s been a while, bishop-sama.” (Kamui)

“You returned, eh? I have received the message from Viscount Kreutz-sama. I hear you will attend the academy? Together with Lutz and Alto?” (Bishop)

“Yes. Today the entrance ceremony finished.” (Kamui)

“Uh huh. So, what’s your business?” (Bishop)

Despite it being a reunion after quite some time, the bishop does the greetings in a hurry and inquires about his purpose.

“This quickly? It’s been 2 years, you know?” (Kamui)

“My duty is to look after the orphans. I don’t have this much spare time to take people, who already graduated from here, into consideration.” (Bishop)

“The same as usual, eh? I have 2 matters to discuss. First, I brought something I was told to deliver to you by my parents, Bishop.” (Kamui)

“Something to deliver?” (Bishop)

“Yes. It’s this.” (Kamui)

Kamui suddenly thrust his hand into his pocket, took out a single coin from there and placed it on top of the bishop’s desk. It’s a gleaming honey-colored gold coin.

“This is?” (Bishop)

“It’s a donation to the orphanage. If I take out a leather bag and then put it down with a thud, it will be a bit more fitting. But, I don’t have that leeway.” (Kamui)

“Even a single gold coin is a large amount of money. I will express my feelings of gratitude to your honorable parents in a letter.” (Bishop)

“By the way, since there’s no point in having God remember the name this late in the game, book-keeping is unnecessary.” (Kamui)

“… You have my gratitude for your consideration.” (Bishop)

It has been decided that donations have the donors name and the amount of money entered into an account book. Officially it is for the sake of God becoming aware of the depth of the donor’s belief, but in reality that’s not it.
It’s simply for the purpose of allowing the church to control how much donations have been collected. Examining that account book, the church decides the sum of donations to be delivered by the orphanage. As result of the church having no means to grasp donations, which haven’t been recorded in the account book, those donations will become money freely usable by the orphanage.

“And, one more thing.” (Kamui)

“I wonder what it might be?” (Bishop)

“Is it fine for us to stay here?” (Kamui)

Kamui suddenly make a request in a familiar tone. It’s a way of telling that his role as his parents’ messenger has finished.

“What was that?” (Bishop)

“No, my family doesn’t possess something like a mansion in the imperial capital. If it’s the fees at an inn, that’s nothing to sneeze at, I guess? As I told you just before, we don’t have leeway with money. We have to economize.” (Kamui)

“This place isn’t an inn!” (Bishop)

Kamui’s explanation only angered the bishop.

“No, I’m well aware of that. I lived here after all.” (Kamui)

“Then, even if I don’t approve, you will understand, right?” (Bishop)

“Isn’t it somehow possible? Once we find a way to earn money, we will leave. So, just until then.” (Kamui)

“… It’s impossible.” (Bishop)

The bishop pondered about it a bit, but the answer, that came out of his mouth, was a refusal after all.

“You are as stubborn as usual.” (Kamui)

“That’s not the problem here. You have to consider your own situation a bit more. You aren’t an orphan anymore. You are a person of the Viscount Kreutz household. And, although this place is called an orphanage, it doesn’t change the fact that this place is part of the church. Won’t the Viscount Kreutz household’s situation deteriorate, if it’s deemed that the church has been accommodating a specific noble?” (Bishop)

The empire itself doesn’t consider it desirable for the church and a specific noble to have a connection. If a noble gets stronger with the backing of the church’s authority, it will weaken the power of the imperial family by that amount. It is very unlikely for them to stay silent about that.

“… I see. As expected of an old man’s wisdom. My thinking didn’t come around that far. The accommodation towards a noble by the church, huh…? Ah, then how about the opposite?” (Kamui)

“Opposite, you say?” (Bishop)

“Is it fine, if it takes the shape of the noble’s side cooperating with the church? How about us three working as live-in’s in the orphanage to teach the orphans? Isn’t it natural for us, who originally were orphans ourselves, to return the favor?” (Kamui)

“… That’s quite the crafty sort of thing to work with.” (Bishop)

Following up on Kamui’s words, the bishop showed an attitude of revising his thinking. Before long he raised his face and formed words making it difficult to understand whether he was praising or blaming him.

“That means that there’s no problem?” (Kamui)

“Yea. If it’s like that, it will probably be alright.” (Bishop)

“O, hooray.” (Kamui)

“But!” (Bishop)

“What’s up?” (Kamui)

“It’s only teaching related to study. I won’t approve anything besides that.” (Bishop)

The bishop prohibited them to teach swordsmanship and magic. That was prohibited since the time when Kamui was at the orphanage, but the bishop reminded him of that once again.

“Why?” (Kamui)

“There will be those who will misunderstand while holding half-baked powers. That will only invite disastrous consequences. Everyone is everyone, it’s not like they are geniuses. Not to mention, you won’t be able to continue teaching them always either. You guys will sooner or later return to your territory, right?” (Bishop)

He wants the orphans to walk the path of a peaceful life. This is the bishop’s hope.

“That’s true as well… Got it. The basis will be characters and arithmetic. The intelligent ones will be taught beyond that.” (Kamui)

At the time of being at the orphanage Kamui didn’t comprehend the bishop’s view, but he has reached the point that he understands it a bit as well. It’s thanks to him knowing the pain of being burdened with something.

“Yes, please do so. However, are you guys able to teach?” (Bishop)

“I was able to study.” (Kamui)

“I’m aware of that. But, the other two aren’t very different from the orphans, right?” (Bishop)

“No, they have been cramming quite intensely. They are completely different from the time when they were here. Especially Alto, when it comes to craftiness, he is even one or two steps ahead of me.” (Kamui)

It’s a very modest evaluation, but at that time the bishop hadn’t realized it.

“Although I don’t remember telling you to teach them craftiness… Well, I see. Even those two.” (Bishop)

Even while frowning the bishop appears to be somewhat happy. ‘If it was the previous me, I wouldn’t be able to notice it, this side of the bishop’s heart’, the current Kamui found out.

“How are the other two, Ignaz and Maria, doing?” (Bishop)

‘Did his attitude soften during the talks?’ At last the bishop was frankly asking about personal matters worrying him.

“They are in the middle of special training in the territory. Since those two’s strong point is magic, their training is especially harsh. We didn’t bring them along because the magic learnt at the academy will likely be unsatisfactory for them.” (Kamui)

“To that extent?” (Bishop)

The bishop has been surprised by Kamui’s explanation. The academy is the most prominent school in the empire. If one is able to say that such a place will be unsatisfactory, the bishop can’t begin to imagine their level anymore either.

“It’s because their teacher is that great.” (Kamui)

“The wife of Viscount Kreutz is holding onto ability of such a degree?” (Bishop)

“No, magic is mother’s speciality too, but the teacher is someone else.” (Kamui)

“Oh?” (Bishop)

The bishop, who listened to Kamui’s words, is showing a rare smile on his usually surly face.

“… What is it?” (Kamui)

Kamui, who saw something like the bishop smiling for the first time, asked with a timid feeling, and finding the reason of his smile eerie in some way.

“Mother. You have reached the point to call her like that, eh?” (Bishop)

“Ah… be quiet! Mother is mother, right?” (Kamui)

“But, I’m well aware that adopted children often don’t reach the point of being able to call their adoptive parents like that. You calling her like that, without hesitation and in front of others, means that your relationship has turned out well, no?” (Bishop)

Especially at around Kamui’s age it’s difficult for the children to lower their reserve, since their ego hasn’t completely formed yet.

“I guess so. Both of them are good parents.” (Kamui)

“I see, I see.” (Bishop)

“It makes you this happy?” (Kamui)

“My wish is for all orphans, who leave this place, to have a happy family. If I consider that you were blessed with that one way or the other, I’m unable to suppress my joy.” (Bishop)

‘He is truly happy, I guess.’ It’s rare for the bishop to show his true feelings.

“If you convey those words to the orphans as well, they will probably follow you even more.” (Kamui)

“What’s the point in them following me? They should follow their new families or those possessing families. My role is to have the orphans hold onto emotions enabling them to endure the severity of the society and to not succumb to it. For that reason, the way of living with me was distant, strict and harsh. It can’t be helped if it appears to be like that.” (Bishop)

“…” (Kamui)

Kamui ended up staying silent with his eyes wide open due to the bishop’s words.

“What happened?” (Bishop)

“… No, I resisted the urge to burst into tears. You are really an awkward person.” (Kamui)

He is saying that as a joke, however it was true that Kamui withheld his tears. Currently, in his surroundings, which he believed to be besieged by the malice of society, there are many people he is able to respect. Kamui was able to actually feel this fact once more.

“It’s none of your business.” (Bishop)

“Well then, my business here is finished. Should I return to everyone, I wonder?” (Kamui)

“Is that so? There’s a single request from me as well, but is it alright?” (Bishop)

“How unusual, what’s up?” (Kamui)

“Could you talk with Dierk?” (Bishop)

As orphan, who was also there at the time when Kamui was one, Dierk is a comrade, who was able to declare his friendship in the same way as Lutz and Ignaz.

“Did something happen?” (Kamui)

Kamui believed there to be quite the circumstance for him to be asked to talk with that Dierk.

“It looks like he has been associating with the wrong bunch. I’m worried whether he is being dragged onto the wrong path.” (Bishop)

“That Dierk is? As far as I know he is a prudent person though?” (Kamui)

Something like an orphan heading down a wrong path isn’t unusual. But Dierk wasn’t that kind of type.

“That’s why I’m worried. Actually I have discovered that he is entering the slums.” (Bishop)

“… Only talking is fine, right? I think that he most likely has some reason. If that reason is something understandable, I won’t be able to stop Dierk’s activities.” (Kamui)

Kamui doesn’t believe that he went off the right path. Dierk had such a reliable character that Kamui was able to believe in that.

“Are you able to stop him, in case it’s some irresponsible reason?” (Bishop)

“Yes, I will do what I can.” (Kamui)

“That’s fine then.” (Bishop)

“Has that Dierk properly come back?” (Kamui)

“Yes, he leaves many times, but he regularly comes back before it gets too late.” (Bishop)

At the moment he heard this, Kamui understood that he won’t be able to stop Dierk. ‘After all that means that he isn’t attempting to lead a life of depravity. There has to be some special circumstances.’
Still, now that he promised it, he should at least talk with him. Thinking like that, he didn’t voice out the things he thought about, for now.

“… Got it. Once he returns, I will try talking to him.” (Kamui)

“Of course, I leave it to you.” (Bishop)


Kamui had decided to speak with Dierk immediately on that day, but unlike what the bishop had said, Dierk didn’t come back for quite some time.
When Dierk returned, it was deep in the night, at a time when the orphans had already fallen asleep.

“You are late.” (Kamui)

“Kamui!?” (Dierk)

Dierk has been surprised by the fact of Kamui, who shouldn’t be there, suddenly appearing in front of his eyes. He is blinking his light brown eyes peeking through his grown bangs. His childish face and small build haven’t changed from before. “You haven’t grown taller” isn’t something Kamui can say about a person either though.

“It’s well past curfew. You will go out without food for today and tomorrow.” (Kamui)

“Yeah, I know. Rather than that, why are you here Kamui?” (Dierk)

“It has been decided that I will attend the Imperial Academy from spring onwards. I’m allowed to stay here for a while.” (Kamui)

“I see. … You seem to be in good health.” (Dierk)

“Yes, everyone including me is doing fine. Compared to that, you aren’t fine no matter how you look at it, are you?” (Kamui)

“… That’s right.” (Dierk)

Dierk’s expression has a gloomy shadow to the extent that Kamui might have realized it even without listening to the bishop’s talk.
Observing that face, Kamui hesitated slightly, however he decided to get to the core of it as there was no way he could ignore it, all the more if it’s a big problem.

“Did something happen?” (Kamui)

“Well.” (Dierk)

“Try telling me. I might be able to help you a bit.” (Kamui)

“That’s impossible. You won’t be able to do anything anymore.” (Dierk)

“Even so, there might be something if you tell me, right? Even if there’s nothing, rather than carrying all of it by yourself, it might ease your feelings a bit.” (Kamui)

Eventually, once Dierk pondered about it for a little while, he decided to explain the situation. As Kamui said, it was too painful to endure it by oneself.

“… I didn’t choose to go together with you, Kamui, right?” (Dierk)

“That’s right.” (Kamui)

“In truth, I was quite troubled. I wanted to go with your group Kamui. Those were my feelings.” (Dierk)

Even Kamui believed Dierk to be someone who would follow him. At the time he understood that Dierk woldn’t come, he received a slight shock.

“But you chose to stay behind. You had some reason, didn’t you?” (Kamui)

“Right. There was someone I didn’t want to leave.” (Dierk)

“It’s not your parents, is it?” (Kamui)

“I don’t even know where my parents are.” (Dierk)

In this orphanage there isn’t anyone knowing the whereabouts of their parents. At the point in time they enter the orphanage, they are obligated to part with their past, whatever the person’s own will might be.

“That’s true isn’t it? So, who is it?” (Kamui)

“A girl of the slums.” (Dierk)

“I see. Did you hide from us that you had a girlfriend?” (Kamui)

“It’s different. She’s just a friend.” (Dierk)

If she’s just a friend, Kamui’s group is like that as well. There was a reason for Dierk to choose that girl.

“In other words, it’s an unrequited love?” (Kamui)

“… Well, you can say so.” (Dierk)

“Don’t be careless. Is it currently still an unrequited love? It’s been 2 years since then, no?” (Kamui)

“It’s an eternally unrequited love.” (Dierk)

Dierk mutters it as if spitting out. Knowing about love, Kamui felt like teasing Dierk, but it didn’t seem to be such a simple story.

“… You were rejected then, it doesn’t seem to be that though?” (Kamui)

“Right. It’s even impossible to be rejected by now.” (Dierk)

“Did she go somewhere?” (Kamui)

“She died. That’s what I found out today. Since she didn’t come to the place we promised to meet, no matter how long I waited, I went searching to know what happened. At last I was told by someone who knew of her situation.” (Dierk)

This is the reason why Dierk’s return was late today.

“… Was it an illness?” (Kamui)

“It was suicide.” (Dierk)

“… Suicide. Do you mind if I hear the reason for it?” (Kamui)

The severity of the situation had increased even further. However, even Kamui, after having come this far, wanted to listen to the story till the end.

“She was a half. You know what half means, right?” (Dierk)

“A child born between a human and an elf or a human and a demon.” (Kamui)

“You have known?” (Dierk)

“Well, yeah. So which was it?” (Kamui)

“Elf. She was a half elf.” (Dierk)

“Somehow the story took an unpleasant turn. Is it possibly the mother of that child?” (Kamui)

“It’s a prostitute of the slums. Or you should rather call her a slave, right?” (Dierk)

There’s also a pleasure quarter at the main street, close to the entrance of the slums. Regardless of which of the two, brothels and gambling dens, those types of establishments are lining up there. Brothels, especially high-class brothels, are employing many different kinds of races. Most of those have people who have been made slaves illegally.

“Tsk, as expected. Was she a beauty too?” (Kamui)

“It’s because she was a half elf.” (Dierk)

The elven races have many people with excellent looks. It’s at a level you might say that there are only beautiful people. To the bitter end that’s the evaluation of the humans’ sense of beauty though.

“In other words, the cause of the suicide is… no, let’s drop it.” (Kamui)

“It’s as you’ve imagined, Kamui. It had been decided that she, who has turned 15, would also entertain customers. She, worrying about that… chose death.” (Dierk)

“Is that so?” (Kamui)

Certainly, with this he won’t be able to do anything. If she was killed, there would still remain the talk of getting revenge, but with suicide even that won’t happen. If there’s something that can be done, Kamui is able to think of one option, but whether Dierk would do that or not is uncertain.

“Did you go to the slums for the sake of meeting with her?” (Kamui)

“That’s right. That’s the number one reason.” (Dierk)

“Number one, you say, that means there are other matters as well. Bishop-sama told me that you are hanging out with a bad bunch. Since it’s likely not about that girl, it means that there has to be something else, too.” (Kamui)

“You grasped it to that extent?” (Dierk)

“Well, it’s because it’s that bishop. Unexpectedly, he was able to follow after you.” (Kamui)

If it’s for the sake of an orphan, the bishop will do anything. Kamui has come to the point of being able to believe in that.

“The bishop went to the slums? Moreover, to the pleasure quarter I have been going to?” (Dierk)

Dierk’s side isn’t holding anything but the same sentiments towards the bishop as Kamui at the time when he was at the orphanage.

“Bishop-sama doesn’t care about such things. He will go through hell for the sake of an orphan, that’s the feeling I get.” (Kamui)

“… That’s surprising. You have approved of the bishop’s work, Kamui, right?” (Dierk)

“Guess so. I understood that the face he showed us isn’t his real one.” (Kamui)

“… So that’s how it is.” (Dierk)

Now that Kamui has gone as far as saying up to here, Dierk considered that it might be the truth.

“Rather than this matter, your other comrades, what kind of people are they?” (Kamui)

“Those guys are from the slums. Most of them are orphans, just like us.” (Dierk)

“Are they your friends?” (Kamui)

“They are comrades, I think?” (Dierk)

“Really? That means you tried to do something which required having comrades.” (Kamui)

Due to him deliberately correcting that they were comrades and not friends, Kamui felt Dierk’s determination.

“Isn’t your intuition a bit too sharp?” (Dierk)

“If I wanted to do something for that girl, I would gather comrades after all.” (Kamui)

“So?” (Dierk)

“If you increase your comrades, you will be able to control the slums. In that situation it might be possible to free her from the brothel, right?” (Kamui)

“Eeh!?” (Dierk)

Dierk releases a voice of surprise from his mouth. Kamui’s way of thinking was far ahead of Dierk’s.

“Huh? Wasn’t this what you tried to do?” (Kamui)

“I haven’t considered such an outrageous thing. Gathering comrades, we wondered whether it wouldn’t be somehow possible to let her, though there is in fact another girl as well, get away.” (Dierk)

“Is something like that possible?” (Kamui)

“It’s more realistic than controlling the slums.” (Dierk)

“Is that so?” (Kamui)

Although Dierk’s idea is something extremely ordinary, Kamui’s way of thinking is different from others. He has been truly puzzled by Dierk’s words.

“What’s your doubt then?” (Dierk)

“What will they do after they ran away?” (Kamui)

“They can’t stay at the imperial capital, right?” (Dierk)

“It won’t be just the imperial capital. It will be the same no matter which town they go to. Even if they escape from the guys, who have made them into slaves, they will be caught by other people. They have to secure a hiding place that can be called absolutely safe. Moreover, it has to be close to the imperial capital. There’s no way you can take an elf on a long trip or such.” (Kamui)

Dierk isn’t able to deny Kamui’s arguments. A solution to Kamui’s doubt doesn’t pop up in his mind either.
Dierk knew that it’s not like Kamui has told him to gain total control of the slums by mere force.

“… That why we have to seize the slums?” (Dierk)

“Right. There won’t be any necessity to run away anymore either, right?” (Kamui)

“No, that’s true, but we are still children.” (Dierk)

“That’s why you have time.” (Kamui)

This matter isn’t something that can be resolved within one day. Even Kamui is aware of that. On the contrary, Kamui is planning ten or twenty years ahead.

“The slums’ boss is a guy who has a few hundred subordinates under him. How many people besides him have influence?” (Dierk)

“If the opponent’s influence is large, it will be about breaking it up first. Moreover, it will be great if they oppose each other. You will crush each of them on the verge of exhaustion. That’s the basics.” (Kamui)

“Don’t make it that simple.” (Dierk)

“But, if you don’t do it, there won’t be any solution either. Your girl can’t be saved anymore, Dierk. However, for your gathered comrades, there are still companions they can’t abandon.” (Kamui)

“Indeed.” (Dierk)

“It’s not only that either. If you aren’t able to change the slums, there might once again appear a guy after this, who has the same experience as you, Dierk. Will you ignore that?” (Kamui)

“I don’t want anyone to experience the same.” (Dierk)

What Dierk is currently burdened with is a broken spirit at a degree that he won’t ever be able to forget it. It’s an emotion that seems to break his heart.

“Then do it.” (Kamui)

Let alone him having completely forgotten what he was told by the bishop, Kamui is asking Dierk to go with his actions even beyond that. To say nothing of him dissuading Dierk to hang out with questionable fellows, Kamui is telling Dierk to stand at the top of those comrades.

“Even if you tell me to do it. What should I do?” (Dierk)

“First you have to increase the number of trustworthy friends. Do you understand?” (Kamui)

“Yes.” (Dierk)

“Find friends who will never betray you. Those will become the core of your group, Dierk.” (Kamui)

“I guess so.” (Dierk)

“However, that’s not something you can accomplish at once. Once you have gathered a small force, you will have to be cautious all the more, or you will just be crushed quickly.” (Kamui)

“How should I go about it then?” (Dierk)

“The ideal situation is to increase friends with equal strength each. You will gather influence little by little from the power belonging to each of them.” (Kamui)

“And then?” (Dierk)

“And once you begin to act, settle it all at once. Make sure your opponents aren’t aware of your group’s strength until the last moment when you mobilize.” (Kamui)

“I see.” (Dierk)

Dierk is carefully and seriously listening to Kamui’s words. By now his feelings were mostly inclining towards Kamui’s suggestion.

“Next is the gathering of information. The enemy’s information is something you have to grasp. Investigate the strength of their top, their number 2 and their number 3 each. And it will be best if you can get hold of their characters, natures, preferences, hobbies, who’s close to them, with whom they are on bad terms and their weaknesses. Anyway, if it’s possible to check up on it, then simply investigate it.” (Kamui)

“Once I’ve done that?” (Dierk)

“Work out a strategy. How can you negate the top’s strong point? If he’s on bad terms with his subordinates, how can you spur that on? If you crush them from below, the top will be naked, there’s that as well. And, ponder how you will strike with your forces at the stage when each force’s strength has diminished. The order of things isn’t important. You have to advance them at the same time.” (Kamui)

“Why?” (Dierk)

He is told one after the other what he should do by Kamui. Although he is gradually getting overwhelmed by that, Dierk asks one question after the other as well.

“Once you crushed them one at a time, they will end up getting absorbed rapidly by others right? That will only make the enemy larger. Weaken them and at the same time scatter the hostile force’s power, that will strengthen your ally’s power in relativity. From there it will be an instant contest. It will be better to listen to Alto’s thoughts for the detailed account. It’s that guy’s strength to scheme these kind of things.” (Kamui)

“Alto? That guy’s ideas are alright?” (Dierk)

Back in the days of being at the orphanage, Alto only talked with sarcasm to Kamui’s group. Hanging out with Kamui back then, Dierk’s impression of Alto is naturally bad.

“I have trust in him. Alto is a genius when it comes to craftiness. Alto is absolutely out of reach for me in regards to nastiness and unscrupulousness.” (Kamui)

“It doesn’t seem to be like that…” (Dierk)

Dierk is different from the bishop. He didn’t ignore Kamui’s unconscious modesty.

“What is it?” (Kamui)

“After all, this story is something you told me, Kamui. You hit upon these things quite naturally, right?” (Dierk)

“That’s because it isn’t something I came up with just now.” (Kamui)

“Huh?” (Dierk)

Dierk shows slight surprise at the unexpected reply.

“We have attempted to do the same thing as well. Half the objective of coming to the academy is in order to find friends we can rely on. And it’s for the sake of probing into those guys, who might become our enemies.” (Kamui)

“Hey, if you say the same thing, are you trying to go against a noble opponent?” (Dierk)

What can be found at the Imperial Academy are only imperial nobles. Opponents, that might become enemies, are naturally the young people of noble households.

“Right. The frontier area is a puny force in the empire. It’s a target for being exploited. It will be hopeless if we don’t possess the power to protect our own territory. It’s indispensable to consider various things.” (Kamui)

“That’s amazing.” (Dierk)

Dierk became able to judge something like gaining total control of the slums as something trivial, compared to the matters Kamui is planning.

“I will cooperate as much as possible with you during the time of our stay here. As I cannot afford to have them remember my face, I won’t be able to move openly though.” (Kamui)

“Is that fine?” (Dierk)

“Although I feel sorry to you, Dierk, it will be a good rehearsal. I want to test whether our plan will go smoothly.” (Kamui)

“Oi!?” (Dierk)

“That doesn’t particularly mean that I will do it under the assumption that it will fail. I will properly do my best so that it turns out well.” (Kamui)

“If that’s the case, it’s fine.” (Dierk)

The conversation of these two will become a disaster for the scoundrels, who were managing the slums at this time.

“But then again, at the most it will be three years. Once we graduate from middle school, we will probably return to our territory.” (Kamui)

“A mere three years, huh…?” (Dierk)

“I guess until the preliminary arrangements are done. Gathering companions and intelligence. As we are trying to do that within three yeas too, the starting point is the same. Afterwards it will be a competition.” (Kamui)

“Me settling the slums or you unifying the empire, Kamui. It will be a competition who of us will be faster.” (Dierk)

“No. I don’t intend to unify the empire.” (Kamui)

“Eh? Is that so?” (Dierk)

Once you unify the empire, you will become the new emperor.

“Even for me that’s unreasonable, right? At most I want to at least obtain the power to improve the treatment of the frontier area.” (Kamui)

“However, if it’s you, you will accomplish that, Kamui.” (Dierk)

It’s not like he has some basis for that statement. Dierk simply sensed it vaguely at that time.

“Whom do you see me as?” (Kamui)

“Kamui Kreutz. Ours, the orphan’s ray of hope.” (Dierk)

“… How exaggerated.” (Kamui)

“I think you knew that this was a joke. I will reform the slums. Therefore I won’t tell you to unify the empire either, Kamui. But, can you change the empire to a better country?” (Dierk)

“… Yeah, got it. Although I gave you such an answer, I feel that I was burdened with something very heavy. Changing the empire? Will I be able to do such a thing?” (Kamui)

“If it’s you, you will be able to, Kamui.” (Dierk)

Dierk ―― in a stern manner, one wouldn’t be able to imagine from his gentle outward appearance, he will bring together the underworld of the imperial capital’s slums in his youth, and before long, his influence will spread across the underworld of the entire empire.
It’s the first steps of the man, who will even be called emperor of the underworld later on.
Moreover, there were only very few people, who are aware of him having something to do with Kamui Kreutz.


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