Chapter 6 – It doesn’t seem like getting along well with the Imperial Princess-sama is possible

“Claudia-san, do you have brothers or sisters?” (Kamui)

In the classroom after school Kamui does something unusual and starts a conversation with Claudia on his own accord.

“Ahh, yes. I do.” (Claudia)

Even while being perplexed by that, Claudia replied.

“Elder? Or younger? Since you don’t give off a elder sister-like feeling, Claudia-san, it’s the elder one I guess?” (Kamui)

Kamui has known for a long time about Claudia having siblings. He is asking while being aware of it.

“There is an elder sister above me.” (Claudia)

“Hee, I see. Only an elder sister?” (Kamui)

“That’s right.” (Claudia)

This point was slightly off Kamui’s expectations. Claudia mentioning only the older sister is likely referring only about her elder sister from the same mother. If she answers like this, I won’t be able to ask about the prince, who is first in the succession order.

“What kind of elder sister is she?” (Kamui)

“Why are you asking about such a thing?” (Claudia)

Wariness slowly welled up within Claudia due to Kamui asking about her elder sister.

“I’m an only child, so…” (Kamui)

Kamui talks while slightly casting his eyes down. Because of this poor acting, Claudia easily lowered her wariness.

“… She’s gentle, I think?” (Claudia)

However, the answer to his question is truly ordinary. With only this much, I won’t understand anything about her nature.

“Is that towards you, Claudia-san? Or is she kind to everyone?” (Kamui)

“My elder sister is kind to everyone.” (Claudia)

“That’s great.” (Kamui)

Being kind is a good thing. It would be best, if her kindness extended to the border territories and the other races as well.

“Great?” (Claudia)

“It’s great, isn’t it? To have a kind elder sister.” (Kamui)

“Yeah.” (Claudia)

“But, will your elder sister succeed the household since there are no brothers?” (Kamui)

“It will be nice if that happens, but…” (Claudia)

“Oh?” (Kamui)

Unintentionally Kamui’s mouth leaks a surprised voice. Claudia in fact readily gave the answer Kamui desired. Moreover, the answer isn’t “That’s true”, but “It will be nice if that happens.” In other words, Claudia is wishing that her elder sister succeeds.

“What?” (Claudia)

“It’s nothing. How old is your elder sister?” (Kamui)

“… It’s only about older sister*.” (Claudia) (T/N: She uses aneue here, formal way to address her elder sister)

“Eh?” (Kamui)

“Why are you enthusiastically asking about my elder sister, although you don’t ask anything about me?” (Claudia)

Claudia felt happy about Kamui starting a conversation with her, which is rare, but she has become slightly sullen with Kamui’s interest being only centered around her elder sister.

“How old are you, Claudia-san?” (Kamui)

“… I have the same age as you, Kamui-san.” (Claudia)

“I see. So, you elder sister is?” (Kamui)

“… 3 years older.” (Claudia)

Kamui didn’t consider Claudia’s feelings at all.

“Then she graduated already, didn’t she?” (Kamui)

“No, my elder sister doesn’t go to the academy.” (Claudia)

It’s rare for the imperial family to study at the academy. An education environment, at the same level as the academy or above, is prepared in the castle. There is no necessity to deliberately study at the academy. There is also the reason that it’s not advisable for them to become close to specific noble households.

“I see. Are you living together with her?” (Kamui)

“Yes, but we don’t meet each other very often.” (Claudia)

“Although you are living together?” (Kamui)

“That is…” (Claudia)

“Claudia-sama, let’s go home.” (Theresa)

It’s Theresa who came interrupting. As usual she is looking at Kamui as if glaring at him.

“But…” (Claudia)

“It’s wrong to talk with such man. What will you do, if it even causes bad rumors?” (Theresa)

“What kind of man am I?” (Kamui)

Kamui complains due to her usual harsh way of speaking about him.

“A bug, which sticks to Claudia-sama.” (Theresa)

However, she returned even crueler words.

“… Cruel. That’s cruel, isn’t it, Claudia-san?” (Kamui)

“Ah, well, that’s true. Theresa, I think that you were rude towards Kamui-san just now.” (Claudia)

“I’m sorry…” (Theresa)

Silencing an annoyingly barking dog should be left to its owner. Kamui’s idea was right.

“Which reminds me, where do you live Theresa-san?” (Kamui)

“Why do I have to answer that?” (Theresa)

“Well, then forget it.” (Kamui)

“Oy!” (Theresa)

He was able to make sure that Theresa wasn’t a real idiot either.

“How about you, Claudia-san?” (Kamui)

“Let me see, … it’s at home. You, Kamui-san?” (Claudia)

“Mmh?” (Kamui)

“Where do you live, Kamui-san?” (Claudia)

Being asked one-sidedly, Claudia returned the question.

“I live in an orphanage.” (Kamui)

“What?” (Claudia)

“We are originally from the orphanage, thus we are receiving their help even now. We are paying donations properly and are also doing voluntary work.” (Kamui)

He only wanted to say that it didn’t mean that they are accommodated for free, however Claudia got stuck on an unexpected point for Kamui.

“Voluntary work, you say, what are you doing?” (Claudia)

“We are giving the orphans lessons.” (Kamui)

“How unexpected…” (Claudia)

Kamui’s reply was unforeseen for Claudia as well.

“What do you mean by that?” (Kamui)

“No, I didn’t think you were so fond of studying, Kamui-san” (Claudia)

“Hee? I like it quite a lot though.” (Kamui)

“However, you don’t seem to listen to the lesson with very much enthusiasm…” (Claudia)

Claudia’s seat is right behind Kamui. Whenever Claudia observes him, Kamui is always not listening to the teacher’s class properly and is doing something else.

“Something like teaching by only reading from a textbook, that’s annoying even if you listen to it, right? Besides, if it’s the textbooks, I have advanced further than those.” (Kamui)

“A lie?” (Claudia)

“It’s the truth.” (Kamui)

In fact Kamui is trying to progress ahead in his studies with quite the speed. The time he has in the Imperial capital is only until he graduates from middle school. Considering that, Kamui has quickly finished the teaching material of the middle school wanting to study other things.
The Imperial Academy has a library that boasts a number of books ranking next to the Imperial Public Library. In this place, that has the best environment for studying, Kamui planned to study as many things as possible.

“Of course there are parts I don’t understand though. I make it a rule to properly listen to the lesson to check those parts.” (Kamui)

“Is that so…? Umm, what do you do the rest of your time?” (Claudia)

“I prepare to give lessons. Although it’s nice to be relied on, it’s quite the chore. It’s almost every day after school ends.” (Kamui)

“Today too?” (Claudia)

“Indeed, I will teach them once I get back.” (Kamui)

“… Is it fine for me to come with you as well?” (Claudia)

“Haa!?” “Claudia-sama!” (Kamui & Theresa)

Kamui and Claudia raised their voices at the same time. It might be the first time that their opinions matched for a moment.

“I’m interested in what you call voluntary work. Besides, I also want to know in what place the orphanage might possibly be.” (Claudia)

“That’s right. I’m interested as well. Alright, I will go together with you as well.”

A voice suddenly cut in. Thanks to this voice, Kamui missed the time window to refuse.
Someone notices that and a stir spreads in the surroundings. It’s the entrance of a celebrity of the academy.

“Diefried-san… you are kidding, right?” (Kamui)

“I’m serious.” (Diefried)

“It’s an orphanage?” (Kamui)

“As member of the nobility it’s necessary to know such places. Besides, we are expected to donate to the imperial capital’s orphanages, too. It’s also indispensable to make sure whether the donations are being handled appropriately.” (Diefried)

It’s obvious that he is forcing the matter. Diefried only wants to accompany Kamui, that’s all there is to it.

“Then it mustn’t be today or anything, right?” (Kamui)

“No, today I have time to spare. There is no need to say why I’m free, right?” (Diefried)

He has decided to have a talk with Kamui.

“Well, then let’s go? You will also accompany us right, Claudia-san?” (Diefried)

“Yes, I will come with you.” (Claudia)

Ignoring Kamui, who has an expression as if being completely against it, Diefried advances the talks.
In the end his resistances were overcome with this and it was decided that Kamui will take Diefried’s group to the orphanage.


If Claudia goes, Theresa will naturally go with her as well. Taking the three people along, Kamui is heading towards the orphanage.
Compared to the academy, which is in a safe place close to the castle, the orphanage is in an area with not overly good public order. In addition it’s far away. It takes more than 30 minutes to walk normally from the academy to the orphanage.
For the sake of shortening those 30 minutes, Kamui is following his usual course.

“Oy, you? Are you really heading to the orphanage!?” (Theresa)

Theresa complains to Kamui, who walks in front, in a loud voice.

“That’s obvious, isn’t it? There is no other home in the Imperial capital I can return to, but the orphanage.” (Kamui)

The path chosen by Kamui was a shortcut to the orphanage, but naturally it follows back streets. There was no issue as long as they were close to the academy, but as they got further away, the surroundings gradually changed into something questionable.

“Are you alright, Claudia-sama?” (Diefried)

“Y-Yeah.” (Claudia)

Diefried calls out to Claudia, who looks uneasy.

“Of course it’s alright? I’m taking this path everyday.” (Kamui)

Kamui, who is walking in the lead, said that in a grumble.

“It’s not dangerous?” (Diefried)

“This ain’t the slums. It won’t go as far as having your life taken… Ah.” (Kamui)

Without being aware that it was Diefried, whom he addressed, Kamui ended up answering in his usual manner of speaking.

“It’s fine. That’s your usual tone, right?” (Diefried)

“I will be careful. There are no particular problems around this area. Well, for a person who doesn’t know the vicinity, to walk around by themselves is a bit (dangerous)* though.” (T/N: Typical Japanese case of letting the describing word away as it’s clear from the context, added it in brackets)

“You see! Isn’t that dangerous!?” (Theresa)

Latching onto Kamui’s words, Theresa complained once again.

“Theresa-san, don’t nag about every little thing. I told you, that’s if you walk alone, right? With how many people are we walking right now?” (Kamui)

“3 people and 1 animal.” (Theresa)

It’s unnecessary to ask about the fact that the one animal means Kamui. If there’s something impulsive, Theresa will think it up.

“Ho. I don’t particularly mind, even if you stop following me?” (Kamui)

“There’s no particular problem, even if you aren’t here.” (Theresa)

“Then, we will do that. Well, it will be alright since Diefried-san is here.” (Kamui)

Kamui readily decided to leave as Theresa asked for it. At last it has reached a point, where it became difficult to deal with her.

“Yeah, he is 10.000 times more reliable than someone like you.” (Theresa)

“Then, by all means, follow from behind as I will be going ahead. If you follow this path straightforward towards the orphanage, there will be a building in front. As you can tell at first glance it’s impossible to go inside so take the alley next to the building. Be careful since it’s a narrow alley. You will probably be fine since it’s still bright, but don’t forget to be cautious towards attacks from above. Once you get out of there, go right. Once you walk for a bit, there will be a light brown building on the left. That’s the rear entrance of the orphanage. Never, ever, enter other alleys. Ah, there’s also the option to go from the main street by returning the way we came. As for me, I would recommend that way. Bye.” (Kamui)

Once he has finished saying up to that point in one go, Kamui tries to go ahead by himself.

“Say, Kamui-kun.” (Diefried)

“What is it?” (Kamui)

“Is it really safe?” (Diefried)

“I don’t know? I will be alright, but how about all of you? That much I don’t know.” (Kamui)

“After all.” (Diefried)

“I have explained it to you pretty well, but the one who was hostile towards me, is Theresa-san, no? Please don’t ask me to take responsibility, if something happens. Then, until later.” (Kamui)

Saying this, Kamui advances ahead this time. As if forgetting about the three, he headed directly forwards.
Only once, at the time he talked with a man who approached him from somewhere, Kamui looked over his shoulder. After exchanging a few words with that man, Kamui glanced in the direction of the three and shook his head.

“… Let’s return?” (Diefried)

At the moment when Kamui’s back became distant, Diefried suggested to retrace their steps.

“Why? That guy has taught us the way.” (Theresa)

Theresa insists on her doubt towards that suggestion.

“We probably won’t be able to proceed safely, if it’s just us. The looks in the surroundings have already become strange.” (Diefried)

They almost didn’t see any figures of people up until here, however once Kamui left them, they could feel the stares of people from all over. Those were stares which didn’t seem to be good-natured in the least.

“That guy!” (Theresa)

Being told by Diefried, Theresa apparently realized it as well.

“How about reflecting about your own behavior before getting angry?” (Diefried)

“Eh? Me?” (Theresa)

Diefried’s tone is unusually harsh. Even Diefried has gotten angry at Theresa’s overly thick-skinned manner.
Although it was his long-awaited chance to get close to Kamui, Theresa might have ruined that. Diefried felt uneasy about the fact that he was left behind as well.

“You have personally made an enemy out of him. The result of that is this situation.” (Diefried)

“An enemy…” (Theresa)

“That’s how it is, isn’t it? He stopped protecting us because of that. Don’t you even understand something like that?” (Diefried)

“No, that is…” (Theresa)

“Your behavior has caused troubles for Claudia-san as well.” (Diefried)

“However, that guy always takes a rude attitude towards Claudia-sama!” (Theresa)

“And rudeness towards an Imperial princess won’t be forgiven?” (Diefried)

“Yes!””Eh?” (Theresa & Claudia)

Due to Diefried’s words, the two of them, Claudia and Theresa, raise their voices in surprise. Seeing that, Diefried’s expression changed from anger to astonishment.

“Claudia-sama, your identity has been exposed a long time ago already. It’s not only me, but likely Kamui-kun knows about it as well. I remember that your classmate has mentioned that. Now then, with him knowing about you being an Imperial princess, do you understand why he is taking that kind of attitude with you?” (Diefried)

“… It’s for my sake. He is trying to hide my identity.” (Claudia)

That’s a misunderstanding. The one, who leaked Claudia’s background, is Kamui. It’s not that he paid attention to her for the sake of Claudia herself, but since it’s troublesome to mind her, he merely used the fact that she’s hiding her identity.

“Watching Theresa-san making a fuss, being rude and impulsive towards him, what will the surrounding students think? Claudia-sama has been thinking of Kamui-kun as a low standing child of a feudal lord in the border regions, and that isn’t restricted by there being no people who are observing, either.” (Diefried)

“Such a thing is…” (Claudia)

“The conduct of the close aide reflects their master’s intention. Do not forget that. Theresa-san, as well.” (Diefried)

“Yes.””I’m very sorry.” (Claudia & Theresa)

The situation, similar to provoking the animosity of their surroundings, is exactly opposite to Claudia’s objective. Both of them obediently apologized due to Diefried’s preaching.

“Well, then let’s go back for real. If we believe in his words, our lives’ aren’t in danger, but if you turn that around, it also means that there are plenty other dangers besides that one.” (Diefried)

“… Yes.” (Claudia)

Diefried decided for their group to return the way they came from before. He explains to the two to consider being cautious of getting attacked from behind.
However, in reality Diefried isn’t worried to such an extent. If something similar to them getting attacked happens, it will be serious trouble for the opponents. Kamui shouldn’t wish that.
It’s not for their sake, but for the sake of the inhabitants in this place. We are of lower importance than the inhabitants for Kamui, too. Alongside feeling a slight shock, Diefried was also happy for some reason.


Returning to the main street, they head towards the orphanage. In the end it took them more than half an hour since leaving the academy to reach the orphanage. This time the entrance of the orphanage has been opened widely.
Without having a particular invitation, they entered the building.
It’s a building that is bigger than they expected. However, the orphans’ figures can’t be seen anywhere. Once they asked a priest, who happened to pass by, they were told that almost all orphans are in the middle of studying in the community room.
That might be something which Kamui has them do. Hearing about the location of the community room, they went to that place.
Once they quietly opened the door, many children were sitting in a line. The one standing in front was Kamui… and not only him. A schoolgirl, who wore the academy’s uniform, is talking about something close to the children.

“Selene-san?” (Claudia)

Claudia immediately understood who that schoolgirl was.

“An acquaintance of yours?” (Diefried)

“Yes. She is in the same class as me, it’s Selene-san.” (Claudia)

“Is that so? Her being at this place means that she is Kamui’s friend?” (Diefried)

“She is in the same group as him.” (Claudia)

“That’s their connection? Has he invited her to the orphanage just because of that…?” (Diefried)

That last sentence; rather than asking Claudia, he is asking himself. Kamui isn’t the type to easily accept strangers. Diefried has that impression.

“Okay. Today is finished with this. Review it properly!” (Kamui)

Kamui brings the lesson to a close.

“Oh! I will get it done without fail!”

“It’s not revenge! Even if it’s a joke, it’s no good. Don’t forget anything! If you leave things lying around, the bishop will get angry at you!” (Kamui)


“This is…”

Diefried was a bit surprised over Kamui acting as a proper teacher. Diefried’s interest in Kamui has gotten even stronger due to Kamui showing an unexpected side of himself.

“Onee-chan, good-bye! You will come again, right!?””See you later!””See you soonish!”

The children bid farewell to Selene. From the attitude one could see that they got completely used to her.

“Yes. See you later.” (Selene)

“Nee-chan, go on a date with me next time!””Ah, with me too!””Me as well!”

“Bad luck. I’m not into younger boys.” (Selene)

“Dang, then, if I became a little bit bigger.””Me too.””Me as well.”

“At that time I will be older though… Oh well, I will consider it.” (Selene)

“Way to go!”

The children leave the community room while saying their goodbyes to Selene. At the time all of them left, Kamui starts to talk with Selene about something.
Selene reveals a surprised expression and faces in the direction of Diefried’s group. Realizing that they had been noticed, Diefried headed to Kamui’s location.

“You got here without losing your way, huh?” (Kamui)

“Yeah, it was alright. We didn’t encounter any dangers either.” (Diefried)

“That’s only natural. There are no reckless fellows who would meddle with Her Majesty, the imperial princess.” (Kamui)

In other words, Kamui told them that. Diefried expected that, but he was slightly surprised about Kamui clearly referring to her as Imperial princess here.

“Umm, Kamui-san…” (Claudia)

“How may I help you, Your Highness, Princess Claudia?” (Kamui)

Kamui formally addressed Claudia as imperial princess. And not only that. He is displaying upper courtesy towards Diefried.

“Excuse us for before.” (Claudia)

“I don’t recall having done anything that requires the apology of Her Highness, the princess though.” (Kamui)

“But, Theresa has been impolite.” (Claudia)

“The one who was impolite has been me. It’s as Theresa-dono says. I wish to express my deep apology for my rudeness towards a member of the Imperial family.” (Kamui)

“Umm?” (Claudia)

As expected, even Claudia noticed the strangeness in Kamui’s behaviour. Kamui, who receives Claudia while floating a gentle smile, seems to be a completely different person.

“Excuse me, I have to immediately inform bishop-sama about Her Highness’ visit. Bishop-sama will personally guide you through the orphanage. Ah, it seems he came.” (Kamui)

As Kamui said, a priest, who wore a white robe, appeared. He has a slightly flustered look.

“I hope you didn’t offend them in any way?” (Bishop)

“I handled them courteously.” (Kamui)

“Really?” (Bishop)

“If you believe it to be a lie, try asking the person herself.” (Kamui)

“What’s with your way of flapping your mouth in front of Her Highness? Good grief, when you told me that you would bring Her Highness over, my innards froze.” (Bishop)

“It’s fine. Then I will leave the rest to you.” (Kamui)

“Kamui-san, won’t you go with us?” (Claudia)

“I might once again offend someone by accompanying Her Highness. Please, don’t concern yourself with me.” (Kamui)

Receiving that question from Claudia, Kamui’s attitude completely changes once again.

“Something like…” (Claudia)

Watching the attitude of such a Kamui, Diefried didn’t miss how the bishop’s complexion changed. There’s no doubt that the bishop is snensing something due to Kamui’s attitude.

“It’s better for me to stay together with you though, Kamui.” (Diefried)

“Please go today together with Bishop-sama as well, Diefried-san. Bishop-sama is quite the interesting person.” (Kamui)

“No, that is…” (Diefried)

Kamui makes his refusal of Diefried’s invitation apparent. Diefried’s uneasiness only grows with that.

“Kamui, this person is?” (Bishop)

The bishop asked about Diefried. He hasn’t been informed about him.

“Diefried-san. A son of the Earl of the West.” (Kamui)

“… What? Why haven’t you properly told me about such a matter!?” (Bishop)

“There’s nothing more important than the coming of Her Highness, right?” (Kamui)

“That’s certainly true, but… Then, Diefried-dono, this isn’t a significant facility, but please let me guide you.” (Bishop)

“… Understood. Please do so.” (Diefried)

It’s impossible for him to refuse after being told by the bishop. Though it’s different from nobility, a bishop has authority. Diefried’s group leaves the community room following the bishop.
In their back Selene complains to Kamui. “Tell me these things as well” is the gist of it.
But then again, far from listening to Selene’s complains, Kamui teases her that her surprised face was amusing.
Diefried grasps that the relationship of those two is more than just being in the same group, after hearing that conversation.
While observing the two in worry, Diefried noticed that Selene was in a position of arguing with Kamui as a partner.
Nevertheless, it’s not like he is able to deduce anymore from that. Hastening his pondering of the two’s situation for a moment, he decided to lend an ear to the bishop’s explanations.
He has a rather too serious character in such aspects.
On the other hand Claudia wasn’t able to tolerate it. Being bothered by Kamui’s sudden change in attitude in various ways, she didn’t listen to the bishop’s explanations. Eventually she resolutely decided to try asking the bishop.

“Umm, there’s something I’d like to ask though?” (Claudia)

“What is it?” (Bishop)

“Kamui-kun’s; it’s about his behaviour, but…” (Claudia)

“… Did he do something impolite? If that’s so, I will severely scold him afterwards.” (Bishop)

The bishop answers with an innocent look, however it completely fails to answer Claudia’s question.

“No, that’s not it. I was surprised because it was a considerably polite attitude.” (Claudia)

“Kamui’s usual tone isn’t something that can be praised at all. Well, that fellow only takes such attitude in close friendships. Please overlook that aspect of him.” (Bishop)

The bishop once again dodges the topic delicately.

“It’s not about that… He didn’t talk to Bishop-sama in an overly polite manner either.” (Claudia)

“He used such a way of speaking since he came back. It’s something that was indoctrinated by his parents, I guess?” (Bishop)

“You seem to be happy.” (Diefried)

At this point Diefried cut into the conversation. He didn’t fail to notice the true feelings of the bishop which peeked through a bit.

“It’s because of how he has been treated by his family. I consider all the orphans here, including those who graduated, as my family. If it results in the other party acknowledging that as well, I can’t hide my joy.” (Bishop)

These are also the bishop’s true feelings. Though Kamui is saying that he doesn’t know such things, as a person who graduated, his true feelings are different.

“In other words, if he uses such courteous manner to that extent, it means that the person is someone distant to him?” (Diefried)

However, what Diefried wanted to know wasn’t the bishop’s feelings but it was about Kamui’s attitude.

“… That’s something I don’t know.” (Bishop)

Diefried’s question results in the bishop hiding his true feelings.

“Wouldn’t it be possible for you to tell us? Why were you so surprised just now when you saw Kamui-kun’s behaviour?” (Diefried)

“I was astonished that Kamui was able to use such a way of speaking.” (Bishop)

“… Won’t you tell us the truth? I will swear to never to do anything disadvantageous towards Kamui-kun, no matter what I’m going to hear.” (Diefried)

“Even if you say that…” (Bishop)

“I’m requesting the same of you as well. I want to also understand why Kamui-kun changed his attitude like that.” (Claudia)

“His attitude changed?” (Bishop)

The bishop played dumb, but he unintentionally ended up reacting to Claudia’s words.

“Yes. Until now he didn’t show such attitude, but interacted with us a lot more normally.” (Claudia)

“What did you say!? What is that guy thinking!? How rude towards Her Highness, the princess!” (Bishop)

The bishop gets angry in a exaggerated way. Although it’s impolite towards Claudia to show his anger, he considers that as not important.

“No, that’s because he has considered my situation. I have been concealing my social status at the academy after all.” (Claudia)

“… You don’t mind it?” (Bishop)

“Of course not.” (Claudia)

“That’s great.” (Bishop)

Hearing Claudia’s words, the bishop shows an expression of relief.

“So, why were you so surprised?” (Diefried)

Feeling that the talks had been somehow diverted by the bishop, Diefried once again raised the same question at the bishop.
As he apparently tried to dodge the issue in fact, the bishop shows a bitter expression due to Diefried’s question.
Even so, did he judge that he won’t be able to dodge it any longer? He turned his sight towards Diefried and opened his mouth.

“… It reminded me of the old Kamui a bit.” (Bishop)

“The old Kamui-kun?”

“It’s about the time when that guy just got here. How to say it? His interactions were courteous, but within those you couldn’t see an ounce of feelings. I immediately understood the reason once I heard about Kamui’s circumstances. The Kamui at that time didn’t believe in anything. He had built an invisible wall towards his surroundings, and he never showed his true feelings. Therefore, it was completely as if one was associating with a doll.” (Bishop)

“You saw the same as back then in today’s Kamui-kun?”

“No, he might have worn a mask because the other party is an Imperial princess.” (Bishop)

“However, until now Kamui-san didn’t do so.”

“It’s because an imperial family member is visiting the orphanage, even if it’s unofficial. As that’s how it is, isn’t he taking the orphanage into consideration? That’s what I believe.” (Bishop)

“I see.” (Claudia)

In the end he didn’t tell the true story. Diefried assessed while Claudia is agreeing next to him.
This shouldn’t be the reason for the bishop’s face to change colour in that way. Diefried didn’t feel surprise but anxiety.
He understands what he felt uneasy about once he sums up the bishop’s talk. Kamui had decided to build a wall between himself and Claudia as well as Theresa.
From the bishop’s viewpoint that’s the outcome of Kamui harbouring distrust towards an Imperial princess. As expected, it likely cannot be helped that he would feel uneasy.
As for Diefried, he intended to smoothly join up with Claudia, but that apparently ended in failure.
Diefried’s relief is that Kamui’s attitude towards himself isn’t different. He will advance his relations with Kamui without retreating either. Such is today’s result.


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