Chapter 9 – Video Call ①


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『Ehh~! So you are planning to give working out a go!?』

『Yes, I am. I’m…umm…lacking fitness. So I thought that I should train my body from now on』

『That’s a wonderful idea! U-Umm! As a matter of fact, I…work at a sports gym as an instructor.』

『Huh!? Mayumi-san, you were a gym trainer?』


Mayumi-san’s voice sounded happy and contained some kind of expectation.

Right now, Yuuta was in the middle of a Video Call Service. He had scheduled five Video Calls in total, and his current call with the 24-years-old H-cup Mayumi already was his third call.

By now ten days had passed since he received Lisa’s Housework Service. Right after that, Yuuta had planned to immediately take a Training Service, but thinking that his current body was too embarrassing to show in a gym, he had discarded that idea.

Yuuta-kun’s body wasn’t healthy by any standard. If anything, it was too thin. During the three days when Yuuta was bedridden after his memories had been implanted into Yuuta-kun’s body, his body had actually become burlier, but just like his dick was one size smaller than the one from his memory, his body was also way too haggard when compared to the body he had in his old world.

Yuuta ended up having a slight inferiority complex, feeling too embarrassed to show his body to women until he didn’t tone it with some firm muscles. Given that his physical examination was more like medical treatment, he didn’t feel any particular reluctance about revealing his body there. But, he did feel hesitant about exhibiting his body to trained women, the ones who would request a Training Service in the first place.

『How about scheduling some Training Services or some such…?』

『I plan to do so in the near future. But, I still don’t have much confidence in my own body』

『Eh~? How’s that related to anything? I mean, you do a Training Service for the very reason of working out in the first place』

『Certainly…you’ve got a point there』

It was a rule violation for a woman to ask the man for something during a Video Call Service. Because of that, Mayumi suppressed her desire to tell him that she actually wanted him to receive her Training Service request. After all, the current Service Activity would be over the instant she mentioned it.

But, as with everything in life, there existed exceptions to this rule as well.

『Mayumi-san, have you put up a request for a Training Service?』

『I-I did! I totally did, yep, yep!!』

『Ahaha, so you totally did, eh? And have you already carried out a man’s Training Service then?』


Requests by high families weren’t shown in the list of Service requests visible to F-Rank Yuuta. All his Video Call partners were ordinary citizens, too.

The probability of meeting an ordinary citizen who already got in contact with a man or had their Service request accepted by one is like winning the big prize in a lottery, huh?

Even the two other women, whose Video Call request Yuuta had accepted before Mayumi, were both first-timers when it came to having a Service Activity with a man.

The chat with the first woman ended after one hour without leaving any good or bad impressions. But, the second woman clearly showed Yuuta that she was looking down on him as shut-in F-Rank trash. According to the story of that 19-years old woman, she was a university student who appeared to belong to the fan club of a certain man. She swooned about that guy currently being C-Rank, but slated to soon become B-Rank, and dropped many other remarks that were obviously aiming at belittling Yuuta.

Even so, Yuuta somehow managed to get through this call on behalf of getting his evaluation. Yet, it didn’t change the fact that the call itself was very unpleasant for him.

This was very likely the first time that I felt so bad about having to deal with a woman since waking up in this world, Yuuta assessed.

During the physical examination he was also slightly displeased with the doctor and her nurses, who had treated him full of disrespect at first, but if he had to rate it now, he’d label it as an event where he was able to enjoy himself.

Then again, any guy would get pissed if they were told that they were inferior in comparison to other men. Yuuta suspected that the only reason for this to happen to a man in a world like this was to be found in him being regarded as shut-in scum.

It led to him having become slightly annoyed with Video Call Services, but because he had already scheduled them and since he had to raise the number of completed Services, Yuuta had accepted today’s third Video Call. He decided that he’d later go to the gym and sweat off all the negative feelings.

A single glance at the profile of the 24-years-old Mayumi already gave away that she was a lively, cheerful woman with an H-cup. Thinking back on it now, it definitely looked like she had a lean, muscled, and healthy body. And if she worked as a sports trainer, it did explain her toned body perfectly.

Besides, she had a very bright personality.

At first, you could hear the nervousness in her voice, but around the time they had reached the half mark of their call, she had gotten used to it and was happily chatting away with a bouncy voice while dishing out one topic after the other. Even Yuuta felt happy over being able to have such fun talk, unlike with the previous two.

『Okay, then let me look it up right away~』

『For real!?』

Mayumi screamed in delight, her voice teeming with hope and anticipation.

『Oh, found it. I found your Service request, Mayumi-san』

『Aww, that makes me super happy~!』

He didn’t say that he’d accept her request yet, but Mayumi was full of hope. It was against the rules for a woman to request something from the man, but it was absolutely no problem for a man to request something from the woman. Rather, that was actually one of the major reasons for the popularity of Video Call Services.

Talking with a guy, the guy taking a liking to them, and him directly accepting a Service request allowing them to meet in person…was a dream come true for any woman, and especially for ordinary women. And even though the women knew that it was, just like the dream already suggested, an event as it’d only happen in erotic books and novels, the women of this world prayed that they’d be lucky enough to have such a dream-like story happen to them in reality.

But, just as it was forbidden for women to ask men for something from their side, it was also considered a taboo to tell the man about their own job without any context whatsoever. This time it was no problem since Mayumi had only told Yuuta about herself being a sports trainer after Yuuta had mentioned his training in a gym. But, it wouldn’t have been allowed for Mayumi to tell Yuuta that she’d love him to accept her Service request.

Even Mayumi’s roundabout 『How about scheduling some Training Services or some such…?』 would be a rule violation for a man who interpreted it as her requesting him to take her Service request, and it wouldn’t have been strange for the Video Call Service to have ended then and there.

As a matter of fact, Mayumi’s heart was racing like mad out of nervousness when she made that remark.

The outcome of her daring insinuation led into their chat completely shifting towards the question whether Yuuta would be accepting Mayumi’s Training Service. And no woman in her situation would not pin some hope into this.

Probably because of the clear difference in quality between this call and the last two, Yuuta also wasn’t unwilling to receive Mayumi’s training. He wondered whether it’d be okay to let the bright and gentle-looking Mayumi see his slightly thin body.

It’s alright since it’s going to be training in order to fix it, right? Besides…it’ll also allow me to clear the other condition at the same time.

『Mayumi-san, you work at 「Kanda Sports」, right?』

『Yes. It’s a gym located close to Kanda station. It doesn’t have large facilities, but it’s a fairly decent gym with the newest equipment and even a pool』

At this time, Mayumi would have never been able to predict the following development, even after listening to Yuuta’s words up until now over and over again.

『I think I’ll accept your Training Service, Mayumi-san』

『Kyaaa! Seriously?! I’m happy! So happy!!!』

『Aye. It’s a good opportunity, since I wanted to take a look at the outside anyway』

『Thank you! …Eh? Wait, what was that just now?』

『I said that I wanted to take a look at the area outside Exclusive Male Zone anyway. I’ll receive your training at Kanda Sports』


It was only understandable for Mayumi to be shocked. It didn’t happen often that men left the Exclusive Male Zone. But, many women, and especially ordinary women, didn’t really know that there were some strings attached here.

It’s advised to carry out one of the junior high third-year Service Activities outside the Exclusive Male Zone…or so they say. I’m gonna clear that condition with Mayumi-san’s Training Service.

It wasn’t as though that condition had to be achieved no matter what. However, as far as Yuuta had found out, it was common for E-Rank boys to clear that condition in order to reach D-Rank during their last ranking exam of junior high.

In my case, it’s impossible to jump from F-Rank to D-Rank even if I finish the least required number of Service Activities, but I have to do my best so that I’ll be reliably able to become E-Rank.


『Yes, seriously. If you can’t believe me, I’ll accept the request now and here』


Mayumi ended up crying out in surprise due to the sudden chain of crazy events, but once Yuuta used his tablet to accept her request, Mayumi received a confirmation on her own tablet.

『I-It’s true…』

『I told you』

It was typical for a Training Service request as Mayumi had put forth to mention that the man could freely choose the location of the Service Activity, in case suitable facilities also existed outside the Exclusive Male Zone. Given that boys had their rooms inside the Exclusive Male Zone, Services like Housework would always be carried out inside the zone.

And even when men were allowed to freely choose the location of a Service, it was commonplace for men to choose dedicated facilities within the Exclusive Male Zone, and not a facility of the woman’s choice. As long as the man didn’t plan to clear this special condition, of course.

When it came to situations where men would leave the Exclusive Male Zone, it was mostly limited to cases where they wanted to show their sincerity to a woman they liked. After all, it’d become necessary for men to visit a woman’s house, if they planned to enter a relationship with a woman holding power in a high family.

Not only managed Mayumi to obtain the dream-like development of a Video Call Service leading directly to a Service where she’d be able to meet the man in person, but it was even a Service Activity where the man would head over the woman’s location, something that was as rare an occurrence as a blue moon. At this point, Mayumi was so confused that she had started to believe that she might be dreaming, or that she had died at some point and went to heaven or something like that.

But, the tablet in her hands clearly displayed the message informing her of Yuuta’s acceptance of her request, and that message also noted that the Service would take place outside the Exclusive Male Zone.

『Do you believe me now?』

『Y-Yes! Thank you so much! I’ll pour all my heart into this!』

『Please take it easy on me. So, about the date: I need to prepare myself, so you don’t mind giving me a week, do you?』

『S-Sure. Umm…I must sort out many things, too』

Because a man would leave the Exclusive Male Zone, a fair amount of preparations would be necessary. This was a world where you’d never see a man walk around outside by himself. In the first place, men couldn’t leave their room without any scheduled task to fulfill. In a certain sense, they were doomed to house arrest that was imposed on them by society.

Were Yuuta’s visiting of Kanda Sports was concerned, that day’s traffic alongside the entire route he’d take to the gym would be regulated in a way so that no woman would be able to approach him. Yuuta himself would only be required to enter the floating box and let himself be driven to his destination.

Given that the state would organize the whole trip from and to the gym, that part would pose no problem. However, the same couldn’t be said about the preparations inside the gym. It was set in stone that Kanda Sports would be reserved for Yuuta on the appointed day, but the question whether women other than Mayumi would be present was an issue.

All would be fine if Mayumi could use the gym by herself without any problems. If not, it’d be necessary to receive Yuuta’s consent for women other than her to be present.

In reality, it’d probably be fine for Mayumi to be in the gym by herself on that day. They just needed to finish all the preparations ahead of Yuuta’s visit, which would make the presence of other women unnecessary during Yuuta’s training session.

Completely autonomous robots would be deployed as a crime-prevention measure, but then again, no woman would think of attacking Yuuta anyway.

Mayumi had to at least inform the manager of Kanda Sports about Yuuta carrying out his Service Activity at the gym since the whole place would be reserved on that day. It was also necessary to come up with some reason such as a temporary closing or an inspection of the gym’s facilities to justify the gym reservation in order to hide Yuuta’s visit as much as possible.

However, any outlandish reason would naturally cause rumors and speculations among the women working there. They’d start asking, “Eh? Is a Service Activity possibly going to be carried out here?”

『I will need you to inform the gym director about this』

『Of course. Ah, about the preparations, I will leave all of it to you, Mayumi-san』

『Huuh!? You leave them to me, you say?』

『Yes. I don’t really know how this works, so I entrust it to you』

『T-Thank you…』

Yuuta hadn’t considered things overly deeply at this point in time. Her request had mentioned that the preparations were up for discussion, but since he found it a chore, he decided to simply leave everything to Mayumi. Without knowing how big a boon this was for Mayumi.

Yuuta-sama…what a gentle boy he is.

When a man visited a place outside the Exclusive Male Zone, the women working at that place naturally wanted to look at him, even if limited to just a glimpse. Even if they couldn’t receive his Service in person, the opportunities to see a man were few at best.

If they heard about Yuuta performing a Service Activity at Kanda Sports, all the women working there would likely beg for permission to be present at the gym on the appointed day, even if they had to prostrate themselves in front of Mayumi. On the other hand, the women, who learned about Yuuta’s Service Activity afterwards, would likely resent Mayumi and the other women, who were able to attend, from the bottom of their hearts.

『So you are truly giving me permission…to handle all the preparations, correct?』

This Video Call Service was Mayumi’s first Service. In this situation where she didn’t know how she should handle a Service that would welcome a man at her workplace, she couldn’t estimate the correct range of what was covered by Yuuta’s permission.

『Correct. I leave everything in your capable hands, Mayumi-san』


Mayumi quickly blocked her mouth after allowing a weird grunt to escape her lips.

Is it alright that I pushed all the annoying preparations on her? But, I’ve got no clue about the necessary preparations on-site. It’s best to leave such things to a professional like Mayumi-san, isn’t it?

『I’m really looking forward to the training session』


This spelled the end of Yuuta’s third Video Call Service.



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