Chapter 8 – Housework Service ③


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Man, that was so friggin’ erotic.

Having returned to his study without being noticed by Lisa, Yuuta recalled Lisa’s lewd moaning while looking at his dick towering erectly. Lisa hadn’t realized it, or rather she was so aroused that it had been impossible for her to notice it, but Yuuta had listened to her moans and pants by pressing an ear against the dressing room’s door.

Yuuta was vexed that he couldn’t see Lisa’s perverted appearance inside the dressing room even though he really wanted to, but he somehow managed to suppress his lust through sheer willpower, and limited himself to just listening to Lisa’s heavy panting.

When Lisa had climaxed several times with her breathing having become rough, Yuuta quietly went back to his study. He was happy that Lisa had completely fallen for his darling trap.

The woman was happy, delighted, and enjoyed it, and I as man had my fun as well. That’s the perfect example of a win-win-situation, isn’t it?

His online classes had made no progress whatsoever, so it’d be necessary for him to finish the classes after Lisa went home. As for why only then; the darling trap still had a second phase.

The last part of the darling trap is jerking off with a cocksleeve!

While allowing Lisa’s earlier moaning to replay in his head, he used his imagination to add Lisa’s playing with herself to those sounds. His meat rod, which was already as hard as a rock…was one size smaller than the dick in his memories.

He had confirmed something similar during yesterday’s medical examination, so he felt disappointed, pinning his hope on its future growth.

Let’s work out. There also exist Service Activity requests in that direction. Men are recommended to train their bodies to maintain their health. And above all, I want to regain my previous body through bodybuilding, too.

Yuuta had played basketball as a hobby in his previous world, so he had had a lean, muscled body. As such he decided to frequent a gym to obtain a similar body.

Working out will start tomorrow. For now, I still gotta use this here, don’t I?

A cock sleeve to help men with masturbation. It was an item as it was sold by a sex toy company in his former world with its way of usage being almost identical. After easing up the sliding with lotion, Yuuta inserted his dick into the cocksleeve.

Oohh, that feels quite nice.

When he started to fap by moving the cocksleeve with his right hand, his dick was enveloped by a pleasant, comfortable sensation. In the past, he’d used a cocksleeve on several occasions, but the one he was using right now felt superior as a masturbation tool.

Jerking off while imagining Lisa-san….ngh! Since I don’t need to hold back, I’ll shoot it all out right away!


Yuuta’s jizz was vigorously released into the cocksleeve. While reveling in the entrancing sensation of having climaxed, Yuuta slowly removed the sleeve from his dick. And then, after plugging it up…he threw it away into the trash can located in his study.

If I had tossed it into the automatic garbage bin, it’d have been sent to the incinerator in the next moment. But, if I deliberately throw it into this normal trash can…

Yuuta suspected that Lisa had started to prepare dinner after having left the dressing room. Once she finished that, Lisa’s Service would end with her going back home, but he planned to ask her for a brief cleaning of his study at the very end. 1

I wonder how Lisa is going to react if she finds this cocksleeve then and there?

This was the last phase of his darling trap.

It looks like dinner preparations are still going to require some time. Then…I guess I’ll add a little freebie for her.

Yuuta was young enough that jerking off once wouldn’t tire him out. He prepared a second cocksleeve, and began to fap while imagining Lisa’s lewd moaning once more. Because it was his second round, it took more time for him to climax.

The indecent sound of him fapping filled the room. Masturbating while imagining Lisa was irresistible. Originally, he wanted to enter that dressing room, push down Lisa, and enjoy that perverted body of hers.

Lisa had a whopping J-Cup chest, a tight waist, and a hot, plump patootie. All of her, including the outfit that emphasized her figure, was attractive.

Damn it! I wanna have sex! I wanna have sex with Lisa-san!

His thoughts went even as far that he might as well make Lisa his girlfriend as he wanted to fuck her, but this was his fifth day after waking up in a new world. And his second day after he became able to move around.

Today’s conversation with Lisa showed him that there existed many things he still didn’t know. It’d be tough to live in this world with just the knowledge based on shut-in Yuuta-kun’s memories.

As such, Yuuta decided that he couldn’t have sex connected to girlfriends and marriage as long as he didn’t get hold of a lot more information so that he could make a proper call.

“Nnh! Nnh! Nnnghh!”

Although Lisa might hear his heavy panting, Yuuta didn’t mind that in itself and continued his fapping. And once he felt how his urge to shoot out his jizz welled up within him, he unloaded his junk inside the second cocksleeve without holding back anything.


As might be expected, his body felt languid after jerking off twice in a row. And yet, his head still hadn’t fully cleared up from his sexual desires and his dick remained hard. He thought that he sure was young to be so aroused that he could have a third go whenever he felt like it.

Did Lisa-san listen? There was a presence and footsteps in front of my door, as if someone had approached it.

He removed the cocksleeve from his dick, plugged it up, and threw this one into the trash can, too. After he cleaned his dick with a wet tissue, he fixed up his clothes, and quietly got up from his chair. And then he slowly opened the door with an expression as if nothing had happened.


“Oops, sorry.”

“N-No! It is I who should apologize. U-Umm, I just wanted to tell you that I finished preparing your dinner.”

“Oh, I see. Thank you very much. Your cooking is very delicious, Lisa-san, so I’m definitely looking forward to dinner tonight. Ah, there’s just one little thing I wanted to ask you. Could you possibly clean my study as well?”

“O-Of course, I can!”

“Thank you. I’ll wait in this room, okay?”

Yuuta left the study and sat down on the sofa in the living room. After confirming that he was seated, Lisa went inside the study.

It was right after he had shot out his jizz for a second time. Yuuta was sure that the smell of his semen still lingered inside the room.

I wonder, does Lisa-san know how semen smells?

He thought that maybe the women of this world couldn’t tell a man’s semen apart by smell as they didn’t have that many chances to smell it, if at all.

But, that was a misconception. Yuuta didn’t know about it, but the women of this world did know the smell of semen. After all, goods that reproduced that particular scent could be bought normally. As a masturbation tool for women.

Well, I called it cleaning, but in the end it’s just wiping the desk a bit and tidying up my tea cup…it won’t take much time. Did she notice the trash can? Is she going to take the sleeves back home? Ah, wait, she can’t take them as long as I’m here, can she?

The study’s door was situated in a way that allowed Yuuta to see it from where he was sitting, and it wasn’t as though Lisa had taken her bag into the study either. The outfit she was wearing wouldn’t allow her to hide the cocksleeves either.

So, even if Lisa had noticed the used cocksleeves and wanted to take them back home, she couldn’t do so under the current circumstances. Of course, it was possible to take the can out of the room under the pretext of wanting to throw its content into the automatic garbage bin, but as long as Yuuta was sitting here, he’d see what she was doing.

I guess I’ll head over to the bedroom for a bit.

He didn’t have any business over there, but Yuuta stood up, opened the bedroom door, entered, and deliberately slammed the door shut after him.

Once he picked up the sounds in the living room by pressing his ear against the door…

Looks like she made her move right away.

Right after he had closed the bedroom door, he could hear some movements in the living room. Those sounds caused a smile to unconsciously form on his lips. Though, it wasn’t as if he was making fun of Lisa.

I thought it’d be fun to pull this off, but this should also please Lisa-san.

Once he went back to the living room after giving it some time, he found Lisa standing there while being all smiles.

“Sorry for taking up some of your time at the end.”

“No, no, not at all! I am truly happy that I was allowed to clean your rooms, Yuuta-sama! I-I also made sure to neatly clean your study…”

“Then allow me to thank you for all your hard work today.”

“It was my pleasure… It was a truly wonderful Service. I-I will gladly give you the best evaluation I can!”

“Ah, Lisa-san…”


“About that evaluation, and only if you’re planning to give me a high evaluation…”

At that time, Lisa was planning to give Yuuta a B rating. The average price for such a rating was roughly a million Yen. However, if she took into account it being F-Rank Yuuta and her own circumstances, she expected the actual costs to range somewhere between 700,000 and 800,000 Yen.

Because an A rating would be ten times that, it would equal to eating up almost all savings of Lisa who was an ordinary citizen. Yet, she felt like she’d immediately agree to give him an A rating, if Yuuta wished for it.

She had been granted way too much happiness by Yuuta. Freshly worn undershirt and trunks, just-used toothbrush and sponge, and two used cocksleeves.

When it came to the two cocksleeves, Lisa actually wondered whether it’d even be possible to have a virgin pregnancy, if she used the content of the two cocksleeves immediately after coming back home. Though it might require her to request an 「Adult Entertainment」 Service so as to avoid awkward questions about the origin of her pregnancy.

If I play my cards smartly, I’ll be able to legalize the pregnancy even without it becoming Yuuta-sama’s child. That is, as long as I’m chosen for an Adult Entertainment Service, though. If that’s impossible, I’ll even use illegal means that are only mentioned in rumors!

Lisa was brimming with the will to use Yuuta’s sperm inside the used cocksleeves.

Because illegal methods would require money, Lisa wouldn’t shy away from going into debt, if she used her savings on an A rating, for the sake of seeing this through. But, the words that left Yuuta’s mouth next were completely opposite of what Lisa had anticipated.

“If you are planning to give me a high rating, I’d like to request that you limit the evaluation to a D rating at the most, Lisa-san.”

“O-Okay! An A rating, it…eh? W-What was that just now?”

“I was asking you to cap my evaluation at D, the one that can be handed out for free. I don’t wish to become a burden on your finances, Lisa-san.”

“T-That is out of the question! For me to evaluate you as D after you blessed me with such a wonderful Service would be outrageous!”

“No, a D rating would be ideal for me as well. I mean, I’m Yuuta, the shut-in F-Rank trash.”

“Yuuta-sama, you are absolutely no trash! You are a god! Yes, a god (though you have to add sexfiend to it)!”

“Thank you. I feel very happy to hear that from you. But, society doesn’t think so, right? What do you think the other people would say, if you gave an A rating to…shut-in F-Rank trash like me?”


“Moreover, if you did it now when I’m right before my last ranking exam of junior high? People would immediately suspect that I pulled something illegal there, wouldn’t they?”

“T-That is…!”

Lisa’s heart almost leaped out of her mouth upon his remark. After all, she was almost perfectly…with a probability of close to 99%…doing something illegal herself as well. Not only had she taken the undershirt and trunks which was permitted implicitly, but she had also taken a toothbrush and sponge, consumable goods that were fated to be incinerated after being tossed into the automatic garbage bin. At that point, her actions had already become illegal, and as if to add insult to injury, she even took Yuuta’s used cocksleeves, which made the whole endeavor a criminal act at best.

Lisa felt cold sweat running down her spine as she was trying to take those back home after losing to her own desires.

“I decided to stop being a shut-in and do my best. But, I’ve only started to put that into action. The evaluation by those around me, and especially my classmates, remains at rock bottom. That’s why I don’t want people to think anything weird… If you find it in yourself to consider my circumstances, I’d be delighted if you could limit your rating to D.”

“A-Are you truly okay with that?”

“Yes. I’m planning to slowly improve my situation from now on. But, at present, a D rating is the optimum for me.”

“I-I understand. I shall follow your wish, Yuuta-sama.”

“Thank you very much. I was truly fortunate to have been able to receive your Housework Service, Lisa-san. Umm…it’ll be impossible for a while, but once my situation improves, I’d like to request your Housework Service again.”

“Eh!? S-Seriously!? T-Thank you very much!!”

Just like this, Yuuta’s first Housework Service ended with a D rating. Although the official wondered why the requester would only give a D rating after writing such a passionate review, the evaluation was recorded with a D rating in the end.

Lisa promised herself to never forget Yuuta’s smile as he saw her off until she left through the entry hall. Inside Lisa’s bag, were two cocksleeves, placed in a way that allowed them to glitter for an instant.


═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


“Well, it’d be weird if I stood out all of a sudden.”

Yuuta enjoyed Lisa’s dinner after properly finishing his online classes.

Just as he had expected, the two used cocksleeves had vanished from his trash can. Usually you’d think that they had been dumped into the automatic garbage bin, but Yuuta was certain that Lisa had taken them back home. And the same applied to the toothbrush and sponge he had left in the bathroom.

“That was such a fun day.”

Even perverted actions, which would earn him scorn and disgust in his previous world, moved the women of this world to tears of joy, and moreover, allowed them to feel bliss. Yuuta felt truly great about that.

With this he had completed his second Service after waking up. Adding Yuuta-kun’s single Service Activity, he was at three in total right now. He needed fifteen more to meet the required amount of Services during the three years of junior high.

Last night he had already decided on five Video Call Services, starting with tomorrow. Each of them would last one hour. If he finished all of those, he’d need another ten.

“For the rest, I’ll take a Training Service. I must build up my muscles. Also for the sake of my dick’s growth.”

Training Services were split into two different kinds: one where the woman would help the man with his exercises, and one where the man would help the woman with her exercises. Because both included lots of physical contact, that particular type of Service was popular among women as ideal Service. On the other hand, men didn’t like this Service much.

“That’s quite a waste, isn’t it? Isn’t the toned body of a sporty woman a dream come true?”

Yuuta looked up Training Services while imagining a moderately toned female body.



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Translation Notes:

  1. Originally I planned to go with “Service Activity,” but I think just “Service” will do the trick as well. I’ll use that as short version from now on, only using “Service Activity” when I feel it’s necessary.

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