Chapter 7 – Housework Service ②


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I couldn’t suppress the throbbing in my chest. While washing the dishes after lunch, all my attention was focused on the bathroom. Right now, at this very moment…Yuuta-sama was showering in there…naked.

Isn’t that way too lewd!? It’s too lewd, right!? Yuuta-sama is too much of a pervert!!

He has taken them off, hasn’t he? He has definitely taken off all his clothes, no!?

For a guy to undress while a woman is present in his room…in the first place, taking a shower while a woman is present is already outrageously indecent, but granted that he must do it anyway, wouldn’t he shower after putting on some swim-wear!?

In the super unlikely event that I were to enter the bathroom and assault Yuuta-sama…

Of course I won’t do anything so stupid, though. Above all, it would be unthinkable for me to do anything that could revive Yuuta-sama’s trauma after he treated a lowly commoner like me so kindly.


The 15-years-old Yuuta-sama, who lived in Toukyou’s Exclusive Male Zone, was famous among women…in a bad way. Despite being close to graduating junior high, he was still an F-Rank. Among women he was labeled as shut-in trash.

The ones who probably started calling him that were his classmates. Though I can’t tell whether it originated from his male or female classmates.

During his first Service Activity as a junior high first-year, Yuuta-sama played a game together with a certain woman. I think he chose this Service request because he likes games. But, why…wasn’t a woman of a high family chosen for that Service?

In the first place, Yuuta-sama didn’t even know about high families. Since his marks seemed to be excellent up until elementary school…that’s very strange.

Although I, as an ordinary citizen, have various thoughts in regards to high families, it’s a fact that women of high families excel in handling men. For this very reason, a man should be instructed to pick a high family woman for his first Service request.

And, because that didn’t happen, Yuuta-sama picked an ordinary citizen as his first female partner, leading to tragedy.

In the exclusive room for men to play games with women, that vicious woman not only sat on a sofa with Yuuta-sama while hugging him from behind, overlapping her hand with Yuuta-sama’s as he held the game controller, and touching his young body all over, but she actually took secret photos of it all with her smartphone.

As Yuuta-sama still didn’t know how to interact with women during his first Service Activity, he couldn’t refuse her at first, and ended up doing as told by her for a while. But, that woman was a fool as well. As if a room used by precious men to carry out Service Activities wouldn’t be monitored. Moreover, during a man’s very first Service.

Yuuta-sama really had terrible luck to run into a dumb woman who didn’t even know something so basic.

The woman, who freely tampered with Yuuta-sama’s body for a while, was quickly arrested by the police that had had soon stormed the room.

And now Yuuta-sama is apparently doing his utmost to overcome that incident.


That attitude is incredibly brave and wonderful. And him treating an ordinary citizen like me gently and tenderly is so deeply moving that I’m actually wondering whether it is alright for me to experience such a happy Service Activity.

But…but! Buuuuuutttt!!!! Yuuta-sama is too lewd!!!!

Being able to eat lunch with him will become a dreamy memory I will cherish for the rest of my life as it made me so happy that I felt as if I had been living my life for only this moment. During that lunch….I shared an indirect kiss with Yuuta-sama.

It was a kiss! A kiss! Even if it might have been indirect, it’s still a kiss!!!

I hear that even women, who manage to become a man’s girlfriend, will rarely experience a kiss. It’s said that men only kiss the women they truly love, even during sexual intercourse for child-making.

It looks like there exist all kinds of reasons why men take women as girlfriends or marry them. But, marrying or dating “just because he loves her” is very rare. Most of the time, men desire the power a woman wields, and that’s also the reason why high families always remain high families.

I have such good luck that I feel like I might have even used up all the luck of my next life with this, and on top of that I shared an indirect kiss with Yuuta-sama, but I wonder whether God will grant me even more of his blessing? Or, is this some kind of ordeal, resulting in me falling to the bottom of hell if I make a single mistake on this path?

Now that Yuuta-sama has undressed, his underwear should be in the dressing room. His underwear! Indeed, the underwear of a man.

When I put forth my Service Activity request, I requested to be allowed to wash his underwear, but I wrote it down under the assumption that it would be rejected anyway. Yet, Yuuta-sama was generous enough to make my wish, born out of indecent desires, come true.

Moreover, that underwear will be still warm as he has worn it until just a little while ago!!!

Aaahh, underwear soaked with Yuuta-sama’s scent…c-can I really pick it up!?

No, I mustn’t…my reason…my reason will go awry. I’m different from the woman who planted a trauma in Yuuta-sama. I’m a woman who can properly receive a man’s Service Activity while keeping my sanity and reason.

And although that should be the case…if I’m being led on to such a degree, I start feeling as if Yuuta-sama is actually “inviting” me.

If I consider that the woman, who got arrested in the end, did something so terrible after losing all her reason to the charm of the innocent, small natural devil Yuuta-sama, I feel a pang of pity for her.

After washing the tableware and cutlery, I checked my own bag.


That item…is still there. This is…legal…no, it’s not, but it’s an implicit rule, so to say. My bag contains male underwear.


Usually, the country would take care of all daily necessities and living ware for men. Of course, men could buy their own things if they liked something in particular, but if not, they would use the items provided by the state. This also included underwear.

The women, on the other hand, share the information on what kind of underwear was being handed out to junior high third-years in Toukyou’s Exclusive Male Zone as if they’re talking about the weather.

Provided a woman, who was allowed to perform a Housework Service, was permitted to wash the man’s underwear, and granted the underwear was the standard set provided by the country, then it was fine for the woman to swap the underwear with a set she had prepared herself, was the implicit rule I heard of. And because of that, I, as a woman who got permission to wash Yuuta-sama’s underwear, brought a new standard set of underwear with me.

I felt relieved when I made sure that the spare underwear was still inside my bag, but that’s when a certain thought crossed my mind. A thought that was even more wicked.

Towel…towel…if I had only prepared a bath towel in advance…!!!!

Because it was next to unthinkable for a man to shower while a woman was performing her Housework Service, an implicit rule about swapping towels didn’t exist, unlike with underwear. So even if I had brought spare towels with me for argument’s sake, I can’t tell whether it’d be okay to swap them out for the ones used by Yuuta-sama.

No, that’s most likely taking things too far.

And yet, I would have probably swapped the towel to get my hands on the one Yuuta-sama used to wipe his own, lovely body…if only I had brought a bath-towel.


“Pheew, that felt really great. Okay, I’ll go and do my online courses now.”

“O-Okay! Please do your best!”

Yuuta-sama entered the study right next to this room. It looks like he’s going to do his online courses for the next two hours. In other words…he won’t enter this room for the next two hours. Nor the dressing room or bathroom.

Given that the study comes equipped with a separate toilet, that part is taken care of as well.

By the way, the toilet wasn’t included in a Housework Service, so I won’t be able to clean it…unfortunately.

Without any hesitation, I grabbed my bag and headed over to the dressing room. And once I looked into the laundry box after firmly locking the door…


It’s there. Yuuta-sama’s…underwear. A white undershirt and black trunks, or in short, the standard underwear provided by the country.

I put the spare underwear I brought with me inside the washing machine and was about to store Yuuta-sama’s freshly-used underwear in my bag…

My hands were shaking.

Calm down. It’s alright.

No one is going to get in the way, and Yuuta-sama is in the middle of classes.

I slowly picked up the undershirt…and unconsciously brought it close to my face, sniffing Yuuta-sama’s scent.


A very lovely scent…passed from the shirt through my nose…and then melted my brain. For a while, I enjoyed the excitement as I kept sucking in the shirt’s scent.

I felt like wanting to masturbate right now and here, but I somehow managed to hold on to my reason, and barely managed to stuff the shirt inside my bag before things escalated.

Next up are the trunks.

I picked up the black trunks…


As expected, I immediately brought them close to my face. Yuuta-sama’s scent…and moreover the scent of that place. If you don’t call this happiness, then what is?

I was aroused. And in a spell of absolute bliss.


Oh my god, just what am I doing? My own hand has naturally reached for my nether region all by itself…trying to fiddle with my clitoris, I suspect.

I stopped my own hand in a hurry.

Naturally the rooms inhabited by men inside the Exclusive Male Zone were under surveillance. But, the rooms themselves weren’t monitored firsthand like it was done when a man used an external facility for a Service Activity. As far as I know, at least.

Though, it’s definitely possible that someone is watching, unbeknown to an ordinary citizen like me and Yuuta-sama. But, normally it’d be absurd for the officials to take peep shots of a man’s privacy.

So what are they doing to monitor a man’s apartment?

The answer is brain waves. The entire apartment is filled with sensors to analyze Yuuta-sama’s brain waves. If Yuuta-sama feels danger to his life, that information is passed on through his brain waves, leading to the police rushing over at a moment’s notice.

In other words, everything will be fine as long as Yuuta-sama doesn’t feel at risk. And right now, Yuuta-sama is doing his online classes. Even if I masturbate…a bit over here…

Argh! No! I mustn’t! What wonderful…err, wrong! What obscene thoughts!

Since I was able to receive Yuuta-sama’s underwear, doing something weird in a place like this is out of the question. The fun time will have to wait…until I get back home. Until then, I must endure.

I put Yuuta-sama’s trunks inside my bag, putting an end to this.

An end…it should be, but there’s something that irks me nonetheless.

The bathroom.

I finished cleaning the bathroom in the morning. So while it may be true that Yuuta-sama used it afterwards, it’s unnecessary to clean it once more.

Yes, it’s unnecessary, but…if there’s some dirt by any chance…maybe I must clean it once more.

That’s why…this is only to make sure. Yep, it’s just me making sure that the bathroom is still clean and has no other problems.

As I persuaded myself like that, I opened the door to the bathroom.

“It’s clean and there’s no pro…eeehhh!?”

It was a parade of problems! For some reason, the toothbrush and the body sponge were left laying around.

How!? Why!? As if…as if anyone would leave such lewd things out in the opeeeeen!!!!

Just as I thought, Yuuta-sama is a pervert. No, at this point, it’s an understatement. He’s a sex fiend!!! Yuuta-sama was an utter and hopeless sex fiend!!!!

I mean, something…something like this…his toothbrush and sponge…

These are consumable goods, and would usually be disposed of after usage. That’s why there should be no reason to leave them in here. Unless Yuuta-sama considered tossing the brush and sponge into the automatic bin to be too much of a hassle, that is.

Under normal circumstances, something like that might be an explanation. After all, it’d be okay to just clean them up on the next day.

But, right now I am here. Why would he leave these things in the bathroom while I’m doing my Housework Service…?

Is this a message from Yuuta-sama for me to take these with me? I can’t think of any other reason, to be honest. Isn’t it also possible to take stuff back home when at a hotel? It’s the same as that. Right? It’s okay to take them back home with me, isn’t it?

Of course, he would have me clean the bathroom once more and toss the leftovers in the trash bin, if I were to ask. I put the toothbrush and body sponge in a plastic bag, and after storing them inside my bag, I extended a hand for my private parts while wrapped up in happiness.


═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


I exited the dressing room with a feeling as if having returned from a battlefield. It took one hour for me to leave that place. Of course, there was no way that doing the laundry would require one hour…

Excitement, happiness, lethargy…a jumble of various emotions swirled inside me. To the extent that I didn’t know what kind of situation I was in right now.

But, I still knew what had to be done next.

Yuuta-sama’s dinner.

Once I finish preparing dinner, the Housework Service will come to an end. When I was allowed to send over the schedule with the starting time being at 10 a.m., I did not specify the ending time. As Yuuta-sama has not mentioned anything about the time for the end, it is not set.

Yet, it is only logical for the Housework Service to end once the dinner preparations are done.

I proceeded with cooking dinner while making several times sure that Yuuta-sama’s underwear, the toothbrush and sponge hadn’t vanished out of my bag. Given that I don’t know when Yuuta-sama is planning to eat his dinner, I went with a menu that would be tasty, even if reheated.

I had been blessed with the permission to eat lunch together with him, but I cannot do the same for dinner. When it comes to eating dinner together, that is already a sign that of being lovers, so… Me as Yuuta-sama’s g-girlfriend…gufuu.

Argh, a weird voice escaped my mouth, causing me to get all flustered while hoping that Yuuta-samahadn’t heard me.


Now that I finished dinner preparations, I planned to inform Yuuta-sama and end the Service Activity at that point. Just when I planted my feet in front of Yuuta-sama’s study, about to knock on the door…






Just as I tried to knock, I heard…a very…very lewd voice from inside the study!!!!



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