Chapter 6 – Housework Service ①


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“I-I look forward to working with you today.”

“The pleasure is on my side.”

On the next day, Lisa visited Yuuta’s room at 10 a.m. Just as her profile had promised, Lisa was a whopping J-Cup. With her white tank-top and black, tightly-fit leggings, she had opted for sportswear that would allow her to move without hindrances.

The service activity began with a greeting from Lisa who looked somewhat tense. At first, her smile was a bit stiff as she began with the cleaning, but as Yuuta kept interacting with her politely while smiling, her tension gradually faded, and she started to smile naturally.

“Were you nervous?”

“Y-Yes. I am terribly sorry. Umm…it is my first time for someone to kindly accept my Housework Service request…”

“Isn’t it the first time for most of the people who do Housework Services like you, Lisa-san?”

If you considered the ratio of men and women in this world, it’d be questionable whether a woman would have her Housework Service request accepted even once in a lifetime.

“Y-You got a point there, but…if you don’t hail from a high family, it’s not said that you’ll get a chance to come in contact with a man even once in your life.”

“High family?”

“Ah, I’m talking about the women who became a man’s lover or wife and gave birth to his children.”

“Heeh~, so they’re called high families, huh?”

Yuuta had no way of knowing things Yuuta-kun didn’t. As such, Yuuta kept learning new things through his conversation with Lisa, who had started to prepare lunch after finishing the cleaning in around one hour.

“I hear in the past it had become a custom to call families with women, who married a man, adopted his family name, and gave birth to his children, as high families. Nowadays, the number of women calling themselves high family after giving birth to a man’s children as his lovers without having married him is growing. But, both of them are being categorized as high families.”

“I see. I didn’t know. So both types are regarded as high families, huh?”

“Yes. But, some friction has built up between these two types of high families. The older high families, where the women have received their husband’s surname as wives, seem to shun lovers calling themselves high family.”

“You mean like they’re claiming to be the one and only true type of high family?”

“Since a high family indicates women who have received their husband’s family name, a man’s lovers aren’t high family by definition, even if they gave birth to his children, or so they claim.”

“Okay, I understand. If you consider it like this, their argument sounds reasonable.”

“Yes. The girlfriend-only women haven’t contested the claims of the old high families either, because it is a fact that they haven’t received their husband’s family name. But, then those women apparently started to redefine the meaning of high family, insisting that they’re the man’s real partners since they truly comfort him unlike the wieves..”

Truly comforting a man?

Probably because his confusion had shown on his face, Lisa continued her explanation, “Many of the high family women, who manage to marry a man, come from very affluent family lineages. The girlfriends seem to believe that the women of high families buy their marriages with their wealth, and that they’re the ones being truly loved by the men…”

“Okaaaay…I see, there exist all kinds of circumstances.”

“So it seems. An ordinary citizen like me doesn’t know the full account behind these things, but given that it’s easier to receive services as you’re trusted by men, if you’re part of a high family, I think the girlfriends want to call themselves high family so as to make it possible for their daughters to receive services.”

Ordinary women believed that daughters of high families were treated favorably by men because of their family lineage which had already built a relationship of mutual trust with other men.

“But, I’m very happy that I was able to have you accept my Housework Service like this, Yuuta-sama. It makes me think that it’s great for me to be nothing more than an ordinary citizen.”


“Ah…umm…p-please forgive me!”


Lisa had prostrated in front of Yuuta, causing her huge breasts to get squished between her knees.

If it’s like this, even a kowtow can become somewhat erotic, huh…err, that’s not the problem here!

“Lisa-san, please raise your head. What’s wrong all of sudden?”

“U-Umm, just now I said something very inappropriate…I am terribly sorry. By no means did I intend to demean or slight you, Yuuta-sama.”


“I said that it’s great for me to be an ordinary citizen. That is…the Service requests of high family women…going by your age…you won’t be able to receive them below D-Rank, Yuuta-sama.”

Oh, I get it.

Yuuta somehow grasped what Lisa wanted to say. In short, the man had to be excellent to be allowed to accept a high family’s Service request.

In reality, an F-Rank junior high first-year, who had assigned a rank to them for the first time, could receive a high family’s Service request. But, as a second-year, they’d need to be an E-Rank. And as third-year, a boy wouldn’t be able to accept such a request unless they were D-Rank.

It’s definitely not a world where men are unilaterally treated favorably. Basically, society tells the men to be superb if they want to accept Services from high families.

Of course, high family Service requests were out of reach for Yuuta as an F-Rank. He assumed that no high family Service requests would be shown on his tablet, even if he searched for them.

In that case, it means that, huh? The elites, who became D-Rank during the rank exam at the end of junior high’s second year, will preferentially accept high family’s Service requests when they enter their third year. If you pass your first and second year at junior high normally, you won’t be able to receive any high family Service requests, so from the standpoint of high family women, they’re most likely aiming for the elites among the boys who begin their third year.

“Don’t worry about it, Lisa-san. I don’t mind it. It’s a fact that I’ve been skipping on my responsibilities up until now. So it’s a logical outcome for me to be an F-Rank right now. Besides, I can have you service me like this because I’m an F-Rank, so I’m happy as well.”

“Y-Yuuta-sama!” Lisa lifted her face which had become slightly teary-eyed despite blooming into a bright smile.

Believing that he managed to close the distance between them, Yuuta rejoiced and continued chatting about all kinds of things with her afterwards. This allowed him to compensate for the lacking parts of Yuuta-kun’s knowledge.

“How about lunch now?”

The clock had just hit 12 a.m.

“You’re right. Please go ahead.”

“I’ll prepare it right away.”

“Oh, right. Won’t you eat together with me, Lisa-san?”

“Ehh!?” Lisa froze in surprise.

His words made her so happy that they transformed in her mind to “having been invited to a lunch date with my boyfriend.”

The women never ate lunch together with the men during a Housework Service. Hence, Lisa had prepared a box lunch for herself, and moreover one consisting of sandwiches which could be eaten in short time. She had planned to quickly wolf down her lunch in a private location while Yuuta was eating his lunch.

“It’s such a rare opportunity. Oh, but if you dislike eating with me, I won’t force you or anything like that.”

“T-T-That’s out of the question! There’s no way that I’d dislike it! It makes me extremely happy! U-Umm, is it truly alright for me to eat with you?”

“Yes. I enjoy eating with others over eating myself.”

All hail God, shouted Lisa in her heart. She was able to eat lunch with a man sitting opposite of her at the same table. And although she regretted only now that she hadn’t prepared something lovelier and more elaborate than sandwiches for her boxed lunch, her good luck still continued.

“Oh, sandwiches.”

“Yes, it’s slightly embarrassing, but I aimed at something that could be eaten easily. Usually I prepare proper boxed lunches, though.”

“Sandwiches taste well, so I do like them. …Would it be fine for me to take a bite?”

“Eh!? O-Of course! As much as you like!”

“Oki, then I’ll go with this.”


Yuuta had reached for the sandwich Lisa had put down after biting into it. Naturally, this was intentional as he felt a tad mischievous while enjoying Lisa’s reactions.

“Mmhh, delicious! Lisa-san, your dishes are all wonderful.”

“T-Thank you so much.”

With her face beet red, Lisa’s eyes were glued to Yuuta’s hand even as she felt her body temperature rising. Yuuta had bitten into the sandwich she had eaten moments ago. And Yuuta’s hand returned the sandwich into her lunch box.

That’s an indirect kiss, isn’t it? Yuuta-sama already shared an indirect kiss with me, but if I eat that sandwich, I’ll also share a…

Lisa excitedly stared at the sandwich that still had one or two bites left. Her eyes were pinned on the part of the sandwich where Yuuta had bitten into.

She was conflicted. Normally, she’d love to eat it at this very moment. But, she also wanted to take it back home as heirloom.

Yuuta cheerfully watched Lisa trembling as she wavered whether to eat it or take it back home. And then he got an urge to tease her even further.

“Huh? Lisa-san, you’re not going to eat it? Then I’ll eat the rest.”

“Bon appetite!”

Lisa tossed the whole sandwich into her mouth at lightning speed.


═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


After finishing the enjoyable lunch time, Yuuta informed Lisa that he’d take his online course in his study during the afternoon.

“Since I’ll use the afternoon for my online classes, I’ll leave the cleaning of the other rooms to you.”

“Yes, of course.”

It pleased Yuuta that Lisa was making it clear through her attitude and big smile that she had a good opinion of him. He suspected that her nervousness at the beginning didn’t solely stem from it being her first Service.

I’m sure she must have been worried what kind of guy a shut-in F-Rank trash would be. After all, I can’t expect that she didn’t feel anxious about the possibility of being tormented or showered with insults. But, now that we’ve become so close, I think it’ll be alright. Besides…the really fun starts from here.

“Ah, I think I’ll take a shower before that, though. Somehow I feel sweaty.”

“Eh? Oh, o-okay. A-A shower, it is.”

“Sorry for increasing the amount of laundry to be done.”

“No, no! Rather, I’m happy…err, it’s nothing. P-Please take your time.”

Laundry was done automatically in this world. Then again, this was only normal since housework was handled by autonomous robots.

Completely different from Yuuta’s previous world, the device called washing machine was installed in the wall of the dressing room. If you placed your dirty laundry into the box there, the machine would automatically wash it, dry it, and put it back on the shelf or closet. Washing laundry by having it tossed around inside a washing machine, before hanging it up for drying on a veranda…wasn’t a sight you’d be able to see in this world.

Because of that, the laundry was often done during the second half of a Housework Service. Rather, if the laundry was put into the laundry box close to the very end of the service period, that part of the Housework Service would be done. The laundry of male underwear, which Lisa had requested, meant she’d be allowed to put the male underwear into the laundry box with her own hands.

Men, who hated women touching their underwear even for a second, would refuse the laundry of underwear during a Housework Service.

Yuuta knew about this, but naturally opted against doing anything like that. He couldn’t help but have a blast while taking his shower. He knew that Lisa wouldn’t have even dreamed of him taking a shower while she was present.

There existed no rule stating that men weren’t allowed to shower while receiving a woman’s Housework Service. On the other hand, no woman would write, “I’d like the man to shower while I do his housework,” on the request form either. It was unthinkable for a woman to be able to write something so indecent in a Service’s request description.

But, that impossible, indecent situation is occurring to her right now and here. Moreover, my underwear is freshly worn!

Yuuta had placed his still warm undershirt and trunks inside the laundry box in the dressing room since he was taking a shower in the bathroom right now. Lisa would pick it up afterwards. Yuuta had lots of fun just imagining how she would react at that time.

It’s a bummer that I won’t be able to watch it. Should I pretend to go to the toilet and take a little peek? I’ll set up a little trick from my side as well. …Isn’t this what you could call a darling trap instead of a honey trap? Though I don’t know whether honey trap is a coined term over here.

The term honey trap existed in this world as well. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said about darling trap, though. Afterwards, Yuuta would learn about the meaning of honey trap more than he’d like to.

Yuuta brushed his teeth while taking his shower. Then he threw the toothbrush, which he had used to thoroughly clean his teeth, into the automatic trash can. Just to take out another, clean toothbrush and use it to lightly brush his teeth. That one he left in the bathroom without throwing it away.

Moreover, he also left the sponge he used to clean his body inside the bathroom.

He didn’t know whether Lisa would notice these. Since she had finished cleaning the bathroom in the morning, she had no need to take another look at the bath. But, would Lisa really miss out on taking a peek at the bathroom which Yuuta had used moments ago?

I’m pretty sure she’ll take a look.

This was a situation which would be impossible in Yuuta’s previous world. And even if it were to happen, the gender roles would be most likely reversed.

Everything should be ready with this. All that’s left is the final darling trap, I’d say.

The darling trap, a term only Yuuta used  in this world, seemed to have one more stage.



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