Chapter 4 – Medical Examination ②


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“E-Excuse me.”

The nurse in her white nurse outfit extended a hand for Yuuta’s dick while unable to restrain her joy over having the unbelievable luck to experience something like this.

Ahh, I’ve already given up all hope that someone like me would ever be able to touch a man.

This stemmed from her assessing herself as lacking in charm when compared to the standard for women in this world. Back when her benefactor at the hospital, Kurumi-sensei, had looked at her during the gathering of personnel for the current examination, she had been torn between feeling happy and worried.

She had immediately realized that Kurumi-sensei was most likely up to no good. Yet she had raised her hand to participate in this examination, hoping to accompany Kurumi-sensei who had taken good care of her in the hospital.

This wonderful luck is a direct outcome of my decision. Moreover, it’s become an official Service thanks to Kurumi-sensei!

The nurse’s fingertips tenderly touched Yuuta’s dick. At that moment, Yuuta’s cock reacted by twitching.

What’s this…!? How cute!

Getting even more excited by that reaction, the nurse started to gently stroke Yuuta’s dick. His dick showing reactions to her stroking gave her the impression that his dick was happy about her loving touch.

Cute…adorable…lovely…ahh…a man’s…a man’s dick……

While the nurse stared at Yuuta’s dick from close-by with eyes gleaming full of lust and a face overflowing with emotions, she still did her utmost to keep her sanity, continuing to stroke the dick as affectionately and tenderly as she could.


On the other hand, Yuuta also felt an indescribable arousal from the nurse’s fingers.

Nice. This is…great. Incredible! I’m getting totally horny here!

A nurse’s hand was gently stroking his dick while two nurses and a doctor were excitedly watching him. Even the 42-years-old doctor had started to touch herself in front of him. The nurses behind her didn’t even try to hide how they were now fervently masturbating, apparently having stuck fingers in their pussies.

Such a sight…would be next to impossible in my previous world, wouldn’t it?

Yuuta’s dick kept getting harder. By now the examination room had transformed into a den of obscenity one wouldn’t be able to find anywhere in this world either.

Any man’s dick would get erect from a situation like this! Yuuta shouted in his mind as his meat rod towered, hard like wood.

But, even so…

Tsk…shit! The growth still hasn’t caught up? If my memory isn’t wrong, my dick should be bigger than this!

Yuuta’s erect dick had a length of around 15 cm. If you considered the sizes of men in this world, it could doubtlessly be considered as big. But, in Yuuta’s eyes it appeared to be one size smaller than the dick he knew.

“A-Amazing…aahh…such a big….”

Contrary to Yuuta who felt slightly dejected by the size of his own dick, the doctors and nurses were astonished by its size. Because of their jobs, they had learned much more about a man’s penis than ordinary people. For this very reason, they were able to fully grasp just how outstanding Yuuta’s dick was.


“Aaahh…cumming… I’m cumming…!”

“Nnh! Nnh! Nnh! Nnh!”

The doctor was masturbating while somehow attempting to hide the fact, but it was pretty obvious, nonetheless. One of the nurses had apparently climaxed while fingering herself. While the other nurse had started to masturbate even faster, seemingly consecutively climaxing by now.

And then, even the nurse, who assisted with Yuuta’s sperm examination, reached for her nether region with her remaining hand, and started to stimulate her clitoris from above the T-Back panties, the lucky panties she was wearing after hearing that she’d meet a guy, while panting heavily.


With her having started to masturbate herself, the nurse’s stroking of Yuuta’s dick kept getting more intense. Yuuta also enjoyed the feeling of pleasure he experienced from the wonderful stimulus for the first time in a while.

Kuuuuh, gimme a fellatiooooo!!! I’m pretty sure she’d happily oblige if I told her to do it, but…it might be bad if I don’t make this nurse my lover at least before having her give me a fellatio.

In a world with very few men, sex was considered as something very special. It was deemed an act of a man and woman showing their love to each other. A relationship between a man and woman had to advance through the steps of friends, lovers, and betrothed. After the betrothal, they would marry if the man wished for the woman to give birth to his child through natural conception.

For a woman, the chance to have sex was limited to just one man. It was impossible for her to have sex with two or more men. Of course, fictional erotic books or erotic movies hadn’t such a limitation, though.

For a man, sex was also deemed as an important act. If men put their hands on women, who were their friends but not lovers or distant acquaintances who weren’t even their friends, they’d be scorned by women as insincere. Turning it around, making a move on a woman would result in the man acknowledging her as lover at the very least, and if a woman is recognized as lover, she’d obviously want to have sex as well.

Because of that, Yuuta would have to recognize the charming, young nurse, who was currently rubbing her clit and pussy with one hand while happily stroking Yuuta’s dick with the other as she knelt in front of him and exposed a face of a female in heat, as his lover, if he were to ask her to give him a fellatio.

In the first place, these women…tried to satisfy their own lust with the sperm examination, believing that it’d be fine to do this to me as F-Rank shut-in trash… If I go by the standard of the women in this world, they’re almost like criminals, aren’t they? Thus I’d hate to turn such a bitch…into my lover.

“Uh…I-I’m about to cum.”

“Haaahaaa…nnh! Haaahaaa…o-okay!”

In concert with her own masturbation, her stroking had gradually become faster and rougher. Deciding to quickly wrap it up without holding back, Yuuta told her that he was close to ejaculation without even trying to suppress the urge to ejaculate welling up in his dick.

The nurse hurriedly picked up the examination tube with the hand she had used to masturbate, and held up the tube’s end at the glans while rubbing his dick with her fingers.

“Ugh…i-it’s coming out!”

“Ah…yes! Please shoot it all out!”

In the next instant, white semen was released from Yuuta’s dick into the tube. Watching a man’s ejaculation inside this den of obscenity, the women climaxed while crying out in delight. Moreover, the amount, thickness, and smell of Yuuta’s semen was unbelievably incredible for them.

“Aahh…t-this much?”

The doctor naturally came to her senses and was surprised by the apparent thickness and amount of the murky liquid in the tube. Yuuta’s sperm rank was recorded as E – an excellent rank for a junior high first-year.

After having shirked any further examinations since then, Yuuta was supposed to have lived unhealthily over the last three years.

For him to release such an amount of semen, although he shouldn’t have worked out too much… The doctor couldn’t believe what she saw with her own two eyes.

However, the sperm rank was decided by quality and not quantity. They wouldn’t know how superb his sperm might be without a proper analysis.

The doctor called out to the nurse, who was staring at the tube with a slovenly expression, “W-What are you doing? Take Yuuta-sama’s semen to the laboratory at once.”

“Ah, y-yes!”

At that point, the nurses finally snapped out of it. The nurse with the tube immediately plugged up the tube with its cover, and headed to the lab after bowing at Yuuta once. The two nurses behind the doctor fixed their clothes and stood up properly.

Even if they tried to smooth it over now after all they did, it’d be completely pointless, but because Yuuta acted as if he didn’t mind, they straightened themselves and pretended as if nothing had happened.

He might not have noticed our foolish behavior since the F-Rank Yuuta had been desperate enough to request help in order to somehow ejaculate himself…, they prayed, as it was a very convenient solution for themselves.

“T-Thank you very much for your hard work, Yuuta-sama.”


Yuuta put on his trunks and pants, and straightened himself after sitting down on the chair. The long examination would be over with this.

“Thank you a lot for today. It is great that I was able to safely conclude my physical examination because of you.”

“W-We were also honored to have been of assistance with your physical examination.”

The initial feeling of discomfort was completely gone, and it was clear that the doctor and the nurses harbored a truly good impression of Yuuta. While guessing that his initial discomfort had really stemmed from him being regarded as a target of scorn, Yuuta stood up and started to walk towards the exit while being guided by the doctor and nurses just like during the time he came here.

“I would love to give you an evaluation above C-Rank, but I am terribly sorry. A D-Rank has been determined as the highest possible rating for a physical examination,” the doctor justified with a somewhat fretful voice.

“I am aware. I would be devastated if you rated me as F, but please evaluate me as you see fit.”

“Eh!? F!? That would be outrageous! Y-Yuuta-sama, you performed a very wonderful physical examination…that is nothing but truth! If possible, I would love to give you a rating of C…no, B while paying it from my own savings…”

“Thank you very much. Having you say that is very reassuring. Until now I have been influenced by various matters that happened in the past, but I am planning to be positive and work hard from now on. You have my heartfelt gratitude for today,” stated Yuuta with a smile to the doctor and nurses before climbing into the floating box which had been waiting for him at the exit.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t have been weird for the man to fly into rage due to today’s events. However, currently Yuuta was deemed a man of low esteem in this world. As such, he had to grin and bear it for the sake of raising his own evaluation. Besides, it was also true that Yuuta had a blast.


The doctor and nurses swooned upon Yuuta’s kind words. Only now they felt deeply ashamed of their shallow thinking that they might not get blamed for acting somewhat disrespectfully towards a lowly F-Rank.


•°• ⚠ •°•


The doctor’s evaluation report after this was packed with words to the actual limit on the word count. It was said that the doctor lamented over a D-rating being the highest possible rating while crying as she wrote up the report.

The nurses praised just how wonderful Yuuta had been to their coworkers after returning to the hospital. The reactions to their story were manifold, but everyone seemed to share the feeling that the nurses were exaggerating their praise of Yuuta. Most suspected that the nurses were so impressed because they were able to get in contact with a man, even if he might have been F-Rank scum.

For this reason, Yuuta’s rating wasn’t passed on accurately.

“Aww, it’d have been better if I had raised my hand as well~”

“Now it’s too late anyway.”

“I mean~, if you listen to the story of Kaori and the other two, you can only feel jealous.”

“That’s no more than them being on a trip over having been able to get a man’s Service. In the first place, do you really believe some shut-in F-Rank trash would kindly smile at women? No way. Absolutely, not. To begin with, something like smiling at women who aren’t even his lovers…yea, right, dream on. It’s actually uncommon for even lovers to receive gentle smiles from their men, you know? You should face reality, girl.”

“Yeah, I know. You got a point, but…still, I’d love to touch a real guy after all, you see?”

“2-D and 3-D men are much better than real ones anyway.”

“Satoko, you have no dreams, seriously.”

“You’ll be happier if you stop dreaming, instead. Come on, our break’s over, so let’s get back to work.”


In the end, Yuuta’s physical examination was treated as a fictional story made up by the nurses, who got too ecstatic from having had a chance to get in contact with a man thanks to the Service Activity.

It was something that happened often enough. Women, who got disappointed by the difference between their ideals and reality, exaggerated their experience during the Service Activity with a man as an absolutely wonderful event for the sake of bragging in front of their acquaintances after coming back.

However, Yuuta’s examination also possessed a fact that couldn’t be changed. Namely, the recorded result of the examination. It was treated as data managed by the country which the nurses couldn’t access. But, the doctor, who was able to access the result, got totally startled by it.




“Yuuta-sama’s…sperm rank is…….C!!!!!”



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