Chapter 3 – Medical Examination ①


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I guess I misunderstood, Yuuta thought as the examination proceeded without anything special happening. Going by Yuuta-kun’s memories, he had expected that he would be scorned by the women of this world as scum who was still an F-Rank after spending the three years of junior high holed up in his own room.

He thought the feeling of discomfort he experienced when he met the doctor and the three nurses came from them dealing with him as a target of abuse and ridicule, but the examination advanced without any issues.

The doctor’s interaction with him was polite, and the nurses treated him kindly as well.

The women of this world are trained to treat men gently, so they’re probably treating me according to their teachings, even if I might be an F-Rank shut-in trash, he believed. Looks like I can’t hope for a development as it’s commonly called “Lucky Pervert,” huh?

What was being expected by women from a man’s Service Activity was something akin to a lucky-pervert-like development in Yuuta’s old world.

No, even if it wasn’t anything you could describe as a lucky pervert event, it still seemed to delight the women. Things like holding hands, even if only for a short moment, pressing their chests against a man’s arm at some opportune moment, or being greeted by the man while having eye contact…just such small things were all bliss for women.

In the eyes of Yuuta, all of these were extremely low-leveled lucky-pervert-moments, but the women here saw them as very joyous. That’s what Yuuta had realized.

That’s why I thought they might come at me at least a bit.

A physical examination, where they could legally touch a man’s body, was prone to allow lucky-pervert-moments very easily. For this reason, Yuuta had slightly looked forward to it.

Moreover, he was a scorned F-Rank, so he suspected that the country wouldn’t reprimand them, even if they acted somewhat rudely towards him. And yet, the women didn’t try to touch Yuuta at all. They were simply and indifferently proceeding with the examination in silence.

Well, if some problem occurs, it’ll be them who will be in trouble, after all.


The examination, which had started at 10 a.m., had been going for one hour and a half. At that point, most of the physical checks had finished, and all that was left were the final interview and…a semen examination. The final interview was similar to life counseling as the doctor asked Yuuta whether he had any worries or if he felt anxious about something.

Yuuta answered the gently smiling doctor in a particularly harmless way because he had no plans to worsen their impression of him.

They’re going to evaluate me later on.

After a Service Activity ended, the women would evaluate the man. The ratings went from F to A with F being the worst and A being the best.

It’d sure be nice if I could have them give me a D rating~

When a woman evaluated a man, the ratings from F to D were 「Free」. All evaluations beyond C would require the rating woman to pay a 「Fee」 to the country.

Is that a system you could call well thought out? Then again, it allows women to show off as being superb enough to give C ratings and above.

When it came to rating a man with C or above, the system became complex because the ranks of the woman, who assigned the rating, and the man, who got rated, intertwined in an intricate manner. As for average fee pricing, you could say a woman had to pay 100,000 Yen for a C rating, 1,000,000 Yen for a B rating, and 10,000,000 Yen for an A rating.

Though that’s unrelated to me since the highest rating you can get for a physical examination is D.

With this time’s examination being regarded as a special exception, it was set that the evaluation by the women would be limited to D at most. In exchange, it featured a 「Sperm Examination」 which was important for men as well.

Once the interview ended, the examination would be over after the sperm examination. The sperm examination would be carried out in a separate room where the man would ejaculate into a test tube and hand it to the doctor.

But, at this point, the doctor said something unforeseen.

“Well then, please allow us to carry out the sperm examination last. Could I have you take off your pants and underwear please?” She asked as if it was very common.

But, telling him to take off his pants and underwear now and here meant she was asking him to expose his dick in front of her and the nurses.

This wasn’t forbidden altogether. But, it had to be included in the Service Activity’s details beforehand. In other words, the Service Activity request would contain a line stating that the sperm examination would be carried out by the doctor or a nurse. In such a case, the man wouldn’t ejaculate by himself, but have the doctor or a nurse accompany him into the private room as his assistant.

But even in such a case, it should be common sense for just the man and his assistant to go into the private room, and not do this out here in the open.

Right now, the doctor and three nurses were in the examination room. Something like taking off everything below the waist in front of four women could be called a humiliation for a guy. Yuuta suspected that the women believed this treatment to be just for the likes of F-Rank shut-in scum.

Normally, this is the part where I should fight back, but…I’d like to have a D rating… Besides, it’s not such a big issue for me. A part of me feels displeased with their treatment and attitude towards the men of this world, but I guess I should obey here.

“Okay… I understand.”

While acting somewhat bewildered, Yuuta remained where he was, about to pull down his pants and underwear. At that moment, the doctor and nurses couldn’t hide their excitement any longer, audibly swallowing.


We did it. If it’s F-Rank Yuuta, this much should be alright. I’m sure he’s panicking about still being an F-Rank despite being on the verge of graduating from junior high. He’ll likely comply with what we tell him for the sake of a D rating.

Those were the thoughts the doctor entertained, and the nurses were also expecting it.

Even if the Service Activity’s details had contained an additional assistance with the ejaculation, only one of them would have been able to become the assistant. Moreover, just the woman the man preferred.


The men of this word have normal sexual desires, don’t they? No, rather than sexual desires…they wish for popularity? High evaluation by women? Basically, they want to know how excellent a man they are.

If there’s a woman they like, a man will also show off in an attempt to make her his own. And men have to be outstanding in order to win the favor of their crushes.

While continuing with his act of being confused, Yuuta lowered his pants, exposing the black trunks underneath.

The eyes of the doctor and nurses were pinned on Yuuta, their faces flushing in arousal.

“I-I’ll take it off now…”

The four women became even more excited due to Yuuta undressing further while looking confused and uneasy. One of the nurses slid her hand towards her nether region, and started to rub her pussy with a finger as she was apparently unable to endure any longer.

Even while fully taking off his trunks, Yuuta hid his dick with a hand, looking embarrassed. After he had removed the last piece of clothing, he stood there while covering his dick with both hands.

“C-…Could I…have you move your hands to the side…? I must…perform the sperm examination.”


Whoa! This is crazy shit. I’m totally enjoying it though!

In his mind, Yuuta had a blast with this whole situation. Watching the doctor and nurses becoming inadvertently excited as they looked at him hiding his dick in confusion and embarrassment was fun to Yuuta.

I think I’ll try to act completely submissive to whatever the doctor says. It might lead to a development that’s a lot more interesting.

Unable to rein in his buzz, Yuuta acted like a timid sissy in a theatrical manner. He slowly moved his hands to the side.

What got exposed was Yuuta’s dick which had actually started to become slightly erect instead of shrinking away due to being watched by the women.

“O-Oh my!”




One of the nurses had apparently climaxed from her own finger. Masturbating while watching a man’s dick, and moreover the dick of a junior high’s third-year student, had granted her a rapt pleasure. On top of that, another nurse couldn’t hold back any longer either, and started comforting herself with her fingers as well.

“I-Is it f-fine like this…?”

“Y-Yes… U-Umm…I think i-it’s splendid…and very lovely. Ohohoho.”

The strained laughter of the 42-years-old doctor echoed throughout the room. She was apparently checking out Yuuta’s reaction. In her mind, she was uneasy how Yuuta would react towards her who told him to take off his pants and trunks in this place. She had planned to stop at once if he had shown even the slightest hint of anger or rejection, intending to excuse it away as her having misread the Service Activity’s details.

But, Yuuta’s reaction had been drastic. Even while looking uneasy and bewildered, he had taken off his clothes as told.

The way he looked was so lovable, and at the same time, lewd that her own female desires raged passionately despite her already being 42 years old. Moreover, Yuuta’s dick was a lot more imposing than she had anticipated.

It was knowledge Yuuta-kun hadn’t been aware of either, but the penises of the men in this world were one size smaller than those of the men in Yuuta’s old world. Yuuta’s body had changed to match his soul’s memories, resulting in his dick becoming quite big for this world.

“U-Umm…what should I…do…next?”

“Eh? Ah. yes…right. Y-You over there, hurry up and bring the test tube.”


The doctor turned to the sole nurse among the three who hadn’t started to masturbate, and told her to bring the test tube. The nurse quickly came back with the tube in hand.

“Yuuta-sama, you know…the way to use the test tube, right?”

Of course I do, but…let’s have some fun with this!

Yuuta decided to lie.

“U-Umm…the last time I received a physical examination was two years ago…a-and this is my s-second sperm examination, so…”

He answered full of anxiety, in a way as if he had absolutely no clue how to do it.

In response, the nurse, who had brought the test tube, cheerfully offered, “I-If you do not mind, I will gladly assist you!”


The doctor and the other two nurses became startled when they heard her. For this nurse, who had restrained herself from masturbating, to say something so daring caused the doctor to become extremely frustrated as the nurse had said what she wanted to offer herself.

Guuh! I…I want to do it! As the doctor, I should do it, right!? Why did you butt in!? Kuuh…b-but, if it’s written in the report that I did it…things won’t end with me just being shunned, will they? I guess I should yield…this task to a young nurse who has some good prospects.


With her reasoning having somehow won out at the very end, she asked Yuuta with a cramped smile, “W-What do you wish to do? This person…offers to help you…with the sperm examination, Yuuta-sama. Umm, if you could kindly accept it as Service Activity…she will assist you.”

I see. So that’s how she’s going to play it, huh?

Yuuta had immediately realized that this doctor was trying to justify her own actions. An assistance during the sperm examination wasn’t mentioned in the initial details of the Service Activity. However, if Yuuta requested assistance during the sperm examination on-site, it’d be legitimate.

Yuuta looked at the woman who had offered to help. He guessed her to be in her mid-twenties. She was around 160 cm tall, making her slightly small for a woman of this world. As far as Yuuta could remember, the average was approximately 165 cm. She had short, black hair, and her face was that of a lovely beauty. She had pretty, white skin, and her nurse outfit bulged visibly around the chest area.

An estimated E-cup? If it is, it’d be on the smaller side for the women in this world. Due to the evolution of women to become as charming and arousing for men as possible, many of them should have cup sizes of F and above. But, it doesn’t change her being an attractive woman in my eyes.

“U-Umm…please do.”


As soon as Yuuta asked her to do it, she replied with an overjoyed expression.



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