Chapter 19: Case Worker Ayaka ②


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I managed to obtain a promise from Yuuta-sama that he wouldn’t take the Sperm Donation Service. And with this, he won’t achieve D-Rank.

The government has already decided to advance Yuuta-sama to E-Rank. The only open question was whether to alleviate him to D-Rank in one swoop, or limit it to E-Rank for now.

Accordingly, the government instructed me, as Yuuta’s case worker, to offer him a special Sperm Donation Service. If Yuuta-sama had agreed to accept that Service, it would have basically cleared his condition to rise to D-Rank. And seeing how this had been an order by the government, I couldn’t just keep the whole sperm donation matter under the rug either.

But with Yuuta-sama having promised that he wouldn’t accept the Sperm Donation Service, and him doing this out of his own will on top of that, I luckily managed to achieve the best-possible outcome.

I was already delighted about his wonderful ability to adapt, seeing how he went to take a physical examination right after waking up, but it got even topped off by his Sperm Rank being C. Yuuta-sama’s original Sperm Rank of E was already outstanding, but I would have never expected for that rank to develop into a C-Rank during his secluded life at home. Or is this another effect of having transplanted genes of an Old World’s man into his body?

Either way, I failed at concealing his Sperm Rank from the officials as Yuuta-sama acted faster than I had anticipated.

Even so, it would have been inconvenient for our organization if the state got a read on Yuuta-sama’s excellence from him standing out too much too quickly.

Luckily I managed to hide his liaison with Mayumi-san at Kanda Sports. If the government had caught wind of Yuuta-sama having offered Mayumi-san a deal to have sex with her, they would have punished him, and soon after, the state…the high families would have probably kept him at a tight leash to use him as a convenient tool for their little games.

Mayumi-san was also lucky that things ended without her getting punished for having agreed to such a deal as a common citizen.

We were cautious so as to find out what kind of man the awoken Yuuta-sama would be, but the organization has labeled him as 「ideal」. It was just the other day that the higher-ups of the organization decided to make a move in order to secure Yuuta-sama as a member before the powerful women of the high families realized Yuuta-sama’s marvelous qualities. After all, it wouldn’t make much of a difference how much Yuuta-sama were to stand out later on, as long as it happened after he became one of our members and took a liking to our organization.


•°• ⚠ •°•


Our organization is targeting men like Yuuta-sama. With him becoming a shut-in and refusing all Service Activities after the incident during his first Service, Yuuta-sama had cleared one of our organization’s key target conditions. Namely, him not being of interest for the women of high families and thus being unable to build connections to high family women, even if he wished to do so.

Hearing the rumors about Yuuta-sama, I immediately contacted Tomoe-san, Yuuta-sama’s case worker. Tomoe-san, a high family woman, was terribly devastated. She was crying and regretting that she forgot to properly instruct Yuuta-sama on only accepting a request of a high family woman for his very first Service.

I gathered information about Yuuta-sama while encouraging Tomoe-san. She was doing her utmost to somehow let Yuuta-sama recover, but all her efforts were in vain, and soon the state also gave up on Yuuta-sama who continued to refuse doing Service Activities.

That was the moment when I offered to become his case worker.

I’m Ayaka, a member of the Second Male Supervision Section in Nihon’s Male Control Department. Section Two gathers the common citizens who work as case workers for men. For the most part, our division members are in charge of below-average men who are usually referred to as 「Dropouts」 or 「Losers」. Section One consists of high family women who are in charge of the elite men.

As such, Yuuta-sama was assigned to me after being judged as a dropout. Using this as an opportunity, I had planned to let Yuuta-sama grow up as a dropout loser, before choosing an opportune moment to invite him into our organization.

Of course, I’m not talking about Section Two here. No, I mean an underground organization with the name of 「Dreamseducers」. I hear dreamseducers are imaginary devils appearing in the myths of the Old World. Their male version is called 「Incubus」 while their female version goes by 「Succubus」. Both incubus and succubus are charming devils who seduce the opposite sex to suck out their target’s vitality.

During that period of time, I was suddenly called in by the organization. And when I arrived at one of our hidden bases, someone unexpected awaited me there – the top of the organization.

We call her 「Boss」 because we have been forbidden to use her real name.

A certain woman was with Boss back then. Someone I also knew. Anyone hearing about her being a member of our organization would be likely quite surprised. After all, the scientist Liris-san, a specialist in the scientific field and especially genetic research, was standing there while hooded.

“Thanks for coming.”

“Boss, what kind of business might you have with me?”

“We don’t have much time, so I’ll get straight to the point. You have a Yuuta-sama among the men you’re in charge of, right?”

“Yes, that is correct. I have not invited him to the organization yet since he is still a junior high third-year student, but I will do so once he enters high school, if he remains in his current state.”

“We will use Yuuta-sama as an experimental body.”


“You see, the state actually carried out a top-secret project, and Liris-san over here has been one of the key figures of that project.”

“A top-secret project?”

“Yes. I’ll omit the details, but basically, they discovered the genetic information of Old World men inside a certain ruin from that era. Moreover, those genes had been preserved in a superb state. It looks like the Old World had an agency which gathered the remains of people, who killed themselves or died in loneliness, and performed research on their genes. Fortunately, the remains of that agency survived the times as an ancient ruin. And our country was trying to create an Old World man from that genetic information.”


“You’ll be killed without a doubt if you tell anyone about this project, so be careful.”

“…I will keep it in mind.”

“The project didn’t go well. Or you could also say they ran into a dead-end.”

There’s no way it would be easy for people to create other people.

“Accordingly, Liris-san came forward with a certain suggestion, but…her idea was rejected.”

“I succeeded in creating genes that reproduced the personality of a man from the Old World. You could also describe it as his soul. One part of the project was to build a vessel capable of accepting a soul and thus recreate the body of an Old World’s man. But, the fusion between soul and vessel kept failing, no matter what we did. The section that created the vessel claims that the soul is defective, but from my point of view, the problem lies with the vessel.”


Personally, I have no idea who is in the wrong here.

“My theory shouldn’t be wrong. And thus I suggested transplanting the genes I created into a man of this world.”


“The project team rejected my suggestion, claiming that they wouldn’t be able to sacrifice a precious man for human experiments.”

“T-That makes sense. Huh? Wait, you’re basically saying…”

“Indeed. We’re going to run the experiment of transplanting the Old World personality into Yuuta-sama, your charge.”

“T-That’s…I-I won’t allow you to do anything like that!” I raised my voice in yelling and rejected their idea, despite being in front of Boss.

After all, this little project of theirs had absolutely nothing to do with the objective of Dreamseducer.

“Calm down. It’s not like I’d have accepted Liris-san’s suggestion without any conditions either.”

“But! How is any of this connected to our organization’s activities!?”

“That’s why I told you to calm down. First off, I set the condition that we’d only use Yuuta-sama for the experiment if we could find genes having a compatibility of 95% or above with Yuuta-sama’s genes among all the Old World male genes managed by Nihon. We have already finished the screening process and found an Old World man with a match ratio of 99%.”


“A fusion with Yuuta-sama will almost certainly succeed. But, there’s one more condition to this. Yuuta-sama must agree to this gene transplantation.”

“Yuuta-sama has to agree…”

At that point, I comprehended why I had been called over.

“Ayaka-san, I’d like you to obtain Yuuta-sama’s permission for the personality transplantation.”

“N-No way. How should I even bring that up with him?”

“Going by Yuuta-sama’s present state…don’t you think he’ll agree unexpectedly willingly if he obtains the prospect of becoming someone else?”


I thought that this was quite possible. Because I wanted Yuuta-sama to stay a dropout, shut-in trash during his junior high for the sake of inviting him to our organization afterwards, I always interacted with him kindly whenever we met while never guiding him towards accepting Service Activities. After all, I had planned to heal his heart and get him back on his feet after he joined Dreamseducer.

“What are we going to do if Yuuta-sama disagrees after I tell him about your offer?”

“If you talk to Yuuta-sama while keeping the project and our organization secret, and he refuses, please corrupt him.”

“Why!? I have been guiding Yuuta-sama so that he would freely choose to become a dreamseducer! In the first place, why would the transplantation of an Old World man’s personality be of such an importance? How is that related to Dreamseducers’s activities?”

“Men and women had an even ratio in the Old World, you know? Don’t you think a man, who lived in such a world, wouldn’t be kind to women?”


“Yes. The men of this world only direct their kindness at women they can use, right? Even you should be well aware of that fact, Ayaka-san.”

I am. I know that a man will never be kind to me, a common citizen, who won’t be of any use to him.

“Even the kindness men show the high family women is calculative at best. That’s why I want to give it a test. I want to see the kindness of an Old World man. And I want to judge whether it’s something desirable for the women of this world, or… I doubt that he will conveniently be something like a perfect incarnation of our wishes as common citizens. Still, a man who’s not only kind to high family women, but also common citizens…if we can have Yuuta-sama turn into such a man, it won’t be a loss for anyone, right?”

If that came to pass, it’d be a very attractive prospect. Even I wanted Yuuta-sama to grow into such a man after he became a member of our organization.

Many of the men belonging to our organization are in their late twenties. They were chosen among the men who didn’t possess any connections to lead a luxurious life, while making sure that they’d meet the organization’s policies. But, in the end, they were all losers.

Of course, our organization doesn’t have the leeway to be picky about who to choose among those losers, seeing how the number of men is extremely limited to begin with. And as a result of that, many of those chosen men give free reign to their own desires.

We call such men 「Corrupted」, and have them work quietly for our organization by fabricating some sort of crime or liability to use as a lever against them. The men probably regard this act as them being threatened. And well, I suppose you could actually describe it like that too.

But, that sort of relationship doesn’t lead to any form of trust between both parties, and basically we’re just somehow making the men work for our organization one way or another.

For this reason, the organization had decided to grow its own dropout losers from among the young men. Yuuta-sama is a perfect candidate for being nurtured by our organization. But, we didn’t know whether he would grow into the ideal type of man for us.

So, could we have Yuuta-sama become such a perfect man for us if we got him to accept a personality transplant? I had to admit, the idea sounded quite fascinating.

“What will happen to the current Yuuta-sama…if we transplant a personality from the Old World into him?”

“Nothing in particular.”


“I told you it’d be a fusion, didn’t I? The current Yuuta-sama and the Old World personality are simply going to become one. They will be reborn as a new man, but that doesn’t mean that the current Yuuta-sama will vanish.”

“I-I see.”

So the current Yuuta-sama won’t disappear. In that case…

Besides, if I refuse the task here, I’ll likely be killed. And once that happens, someone else will take over my post and bring up the personality transplantation story with Yuuta-sama. That’s something I won’t tolerate. I will be the one to guide Yuuta-sama.

“Would it be fine to invite Yuuta-sama into the organization…if the personality transplantation succeeds?”

“Of course. But, first make sure to find out about the nature of the awakened Yuuta-sama.”


•°• ⚠ •°•


This is how it developed into me bringing up the topic of a personality transplantation with Yuuta-sama.

I didn’t mention the secret project of Nihon or our organization, only telling him, “If you so wish, you can change your situation by accepting a personality transplant, Yuuta-sama.”

Yuuta-sama immediately went along with my suggestion. I had already thought that I would get him to perceive it positively if it would allow him to change himself.

Yuuta-sama’s personality transplantation was carried out on December the 31st. The state agencies would be closed on New Year, and thus the date was perfect for securing a location to carry out an operation in secrecy.

The operation finished around the time when the date, and thus year, changed. According to Liris-san, the operation was a success.

We carefully transported Yuuta-sama to his bed. It was at that time that I found the letter Yuuta-sama had addressed to his future, new self. Going by its contents, it seemed as though Yuuta-sama himself believed that he would disappear.

But, no need to worry. I couldn’t tell him the full details, but Yuuta-sama will live on inside the new Yuuta-sama.

I visited Yuuta-sama every day up until the moment he woke up, taking care of him all by myself. My days at his side were restless as I couldn’t suppress the worries and expectations surging within me. Moreover, I had been forbidden to contact him right after his awakening, too.

Even so, I would have likely rushed over right away, if he had called for me.

January the 10th.

I observed the first signs of Yuuta-sama’s impending awakening. So I’m going to limit tomorrow’s care-taking to monitoring.

After reconfirming that all necessary things were stored in Yuuta’s room so that he wouldn’t experience any inconveniences after waking up, I bowed to the sleeping boy and left his room.



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