Chapter 18: Case Worker Ayaka ①


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After finishing his Streaming Service, Yuuta energetically carried out his remaining Service Activities while diligently studying during his online courses.

The woman, who visited him for the Housework Service that had been set to take place after his Streaming Service, had watched Yuuta’s stream. Or rather, the Housework Service had been decided beforehand, so you could argue it was only natural for her to have watched it if she wanted to know what kind of man Yuuta would be.

Maybe because of that very game stream, that woman treated Yuuta very positively while obviously harboring a good impression of him from the very beginning of the Service. And as might be expected, Yuuta felt happier about being treated nicely, too.

Because of that it probably couldn’t be helped that he started to feel like laying a darling trap in the course of the Service Activity like he’d done with Lisa. He didn’t have sex with the woman through a deal like he did with Mayumi, but the housework lady took back three used cock sleeves.

Afterwards, he did a Training Service while filling up the numbers of Service Activities with Video Call Services. Naturally, all of his partners had watched Yuuta’s game stream, which clearly influenced their way of interacting with him. Or in short, unlike before, they all held him in high esteem and were nice to him from the very start.

The Training Service was carried out in a facility located within the Exclusive Male Zone, but the woman’s overly proactive way of assisting him went to such an extent that even Yuuta felt somewhat bewildered.

The extreme discrepancy to how they treated me beforehands is kinda funny. Then again, all the women, whose Service request I accepted before the stream, were nice to me once I treated them kindly during the Service.

Because the woman of the Training Service was so eager that she’d have jumped Yuuta on the spot if he had pulled his usual darling trap shenanigans, he limited it to doing his training regime before finishing it at that. That didn’t mean he didn’t want to offer her a sex deal, but the Service took place inside the Exclusive Male Zone and since Yuuta was smart enough to not pull such moves in a place monitored by the state, he knocked it off.

And then, with him finishing the Housework Service at the end of February, Yuuta managed to complete the number of Service Activities required of a boy to be performed during junior high. As he was able to lay a very funny darling trap during the last Housework Service too, Yuuta was as pleased as he could be under the circumstances.

“Pheew, that really rocked…so much fun… Hmm? Ah!”

A message had been delivered to Yuuta’s tablet after he finished his last compulsory Service Activity. In a certain sense, it was the message Yuuta had been waiting for all the time.

“So it’s finally come to this.”

The message informed Yuuta of a visit of Ayaka, his Caseworker. 1


═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


“It is wonderful to see you again after a long time, Yuuta-sama.”

“The pleasure is on my side. I’m glad to see that you’re doing fine, Ayaka-san.”

“Thanks to you. Your recent efforts give me more than enough reason to be proud of you.”

Anyone seeing Caseworker Ayaka, a 32-years-old woman who wore a neat and tight suit, for the first time would immediately identify her as a career woman. However, thanks to the two huge swellings pushing against her shirt, you’d need to correct their assessment into K-Cup career woman.

She engendered the aura of a smart woman with her black hair and glasses, but with her body being such an incarnation of lewdness, there existed a clear contrast within her appearance.

Ayaka wasn’t Yuuta’s first caseworker. That was a woman called Tomoe. But, after the incident during Yuuta’s first Service and the subsequent refusal of Yuuta to perform any further Services, Ayaka had taken over his case from Tomoe.

“Thank you very much for taking your time today to meet me.”

“No, don’t mind it. So, what business might you have with me?”

“I wish to have an important conversation with you.”

“Important conversation, you say…?”

An important conversation coming from Ayaka who likely cooperated with Yuuta-kun.

“Over the last two months, you were able to achieve the necessary number of Service Activities for the last three years of junior highschool. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Ayaka clapped cheerfully with her big honkers wobbling in tune.

“Your final ranking exam of junior high school is scheduled to take place on March the 8th. In other words, in four days.”

“Is it okay for you to tell me all that?”

“It is no secret or anything, so yes. That is what us caseworkers will answer whenever asked about it.”

“I see.”

“But, at this rate, you will not be able to reach E-Rank at the ranking exam, Yuuta-sama.”


“This, on the other hand, is something you would usually not be told,” Ayaka winked at him cutely with a smile, but Yuuta didn’t have the leeway to enjoy her smile.

He was also confused by Ayaka’s attitude which was a lot kinder than he had expected, but his head was filled with her shocking statement and the question why she’d tell him something like that.

“W-Why…are you telling me about that?”

“Is it not regrettable that your efforts of having worked hard at your Service Activities after recovering from the incident during your first Service Activity will go unrewarded? And all the more so seeing how it is grounded on your lack of knowledge and experience?”


Ayaka kept smiling without breaking away from her kind demeanor.

“W-What do you mean?”

“Yuuta-sama, you have not spoken much with your schoolmates, have you? Because of that you might not be aware of it, but it is not just the numbers that matter with Service Activities, but also their contents.”

“Are you telling me that the Services I chose were bad? Why? The ratings should have been decent enough.”

“The ratings you receive from the women are important, of course, but with content I mean the Services themselves. If we break down the eighteen Services you performed, it is one Game Service during the first year, and then one Physical Exam, one Game Stream, two Training, three Housework, and ten Video Call Services within two months.”

“T-That’s right.”

“With ten Video Calls being part of the total number of Services…the evaluation during the ranking exam will be low.”

Video Call Services were popular among men as easy, effortless Services as they could be carried out without having to meet the woman directly, but they had a low value as Service for the Male Ranking.

“The male ranking will be decided after taking into account all your Service Activities up until then. Normally, if you had performed the required amount of Service Activities during your first year at junior high, you would have been promoted to E-Rank almost certainly.”

“And yet you’re saying that I won’t be able to become an E-Rank.”

“Unfortunately so. I feel truly delighted about your newfound motivation for Service Activities, but you have been refusing to do them from the beginning of junior high’s first year all the way until two months short of your graduation ceremony. Moreover, your denial to get in contact with your female classmates also deducts from your overall rating for the Male Ranking. When it comes to interaction with your female classmates, it actually seems like you have been refusing to do so even during the last two months.”

It wasn’t as though Yuuta had refused getting in touch with his female schoolmates because they hated him. It was just that the girls in his grade would have nothing but scorn left for Yuuta, even if had attended School Day, but that in itself was only natural.

For this reason, Yuuta had planned to attend after his Male Ranking went up or strive during the class creation for high school.

“Because of all these reasons, it has been deemed difficult for you to achieve E-Rank during the next ranking exam, if things remain like this.”

“I see…and you telling me all that now means…you want me to do Services with highly rated content until the exam in four days?”

“Naturally all Service requests you accept until the exam will count towards the result. But even then, I doubt you could call this a fail-safe method.”

At this point, Yuuta became suspicious of Ayaka. He didn’t know whether she had been the one cooperating with Yuuta-kun as their conversation until now didn’t allow for such a conclusion.

But, there was one thing he had understood: Ayaka had silently watched how Yuuta had taken disadvantageous actions in an attempt to raise his Male Ranking.

Though this might be no more than my personal persecution complex…

Having been in charge of Yuuta-kun, the boy who refused all Service Activities, Ayaka might have felt very ashamed over her own failure to amend Yuuta-kun’s ways. As such, it was possible that she had given up on Yuuta-kun and didn’t hold any interest in whatever Service Activities Yuuta had carried out after waking up, resulting in her not knowing about him doing lots of low-rated Video Call Services.

But, I think that’s not the case here.

His intuition was telling him as much. He suspected that Ayaka had deliberately remained silent about his misguided approach as part of some greater scheme.

Yuuta’s intuition was correct on this.

Seeing disappointment clearly revealing itself on Yuuta’s face, Ayaka continued without breaking her smile, “Please allow me to apologize once more, but even the country has been assessing your recent activities highly. They said that they would need to also take that incident into account. …Accordingly…”

There comes the catch! Yuuta braced himself as he listened to Ayaka.

“I have two proposals for you. The first one would ask you to donate your sperm.”

“Isn’t a Sperm Donation Service only allowed after you are eighteen years and older?”

“Under normal circumstances, you would be right about this, but because your Sperm Rank is C, they have approved of you donating your sperm as a special exception. After all, C-Rank sperm can be perfectly used for artificial insemination.”

“I see…will I be able to become E-Rank if I donate my sperm?”

“It will likely give you a high evaluation. But…personally I would recommend you the second proposal.”


What does that mean?

“The other proposal would include me doing my utmost so that you can rise to E-Rank…as long as I can have you accept a special Service request from my side.”

Yuuta understood three things from what Ayaka told him.

First, the special Service request didn’t come from the government itself, but was a personal request by Ayaka. Although he didn’t know whether it was a right Ayaka possessed for having been entrusted with Yuuta’s case by the country or Ayaka’s private notion that differed from the government’s will.

However, Yuuta guessed it to be the latter.

This conjecture was based on the second piece of information he had extracted from Ayaka’s words. Her 「me doing my utmost so that you can rise to E-Rank」 wasn’t a solid promise that he’d be able to go up in rank, even if he carried out this special Service of hers. If she could have promised his rise in rank, she’d have said something along the lines of 「I’ll have you rise to E-Rank」. Or in short, she could have promised his rank-up if it was a special request following the government’s will, but her not being able to make it stemmed from it being a personal deal from her side, Yuuta surmised.

And thirdly, Ayaka had him choose between the sperm donation and her special Service request for some reason. As far as Yuuta was concerned, he wouldn’t mind doing both, but going by Ayaka’s 「personally I would recommend you the second proposal」, he was apparently supposed to choose one of them.

Has Ayaka-san not cooperated with Yuuta-kun?

Their conversation up until here made it even less clear. If Ayaka had cooperated with Yuuta-kun, she should know that Yuuta-kun’s body was currently inhabited by a personality that had been remade from the genetic information of a man who lived in the Old World. And yet, without making sure of that, she was trying to force her own request by using the E-Rank, which Yuuta desired as shut-in F-Rank trash, as bait.

Or is this actually her way of sounding me out? In the first place, does the collaborator actually know what kind of ideology and value system the men of the Old World possessed? Maybe she doesn’t know, despite their technological level being fairly advanced, seeing how they can reconstruct a personality from genetic information. Is she trying to find out what kind of man I am by doing this because of that? …No, I can’t tell for sure.

Yuuta didn’t have enough time for an extended, deeper brooding either as Ayaka was waiting for his answer.

“Could you first tell me about the details of that special Service request?”

“Sorry, I cannot. Me telling you about it has the prerequisite of you accepting it. But, I am quite confident that its details will be very attractive to you, Yuuta-sama.”

“And if I refuse?”

“That will not pose any particular problem. Ah, you might be misunderstanding, so let me tell you now and here: I am not the one who is going to receive the Service. Assuming you refuse the special Service request, will you be choosing the Sperm Donation Service instead? If you do, it will be plenty if you simply masturbate into a tube for sperm collection.”

Apparently, the only one troubled here would be Yuuta. Seeing Ayaka smile with an air of composure, Yuuta wondered what he should do.

I don’t understand the reason why Ayaka-san doesn’t want me to accept the Sperm Donation Service either. But, going by the way of her speaking, there can be no doubt about her unwillingness. Is Ayaka-san going to become my enemy if I choose the Sperm Donation over her special Service request? I can’t tell whether it’s smart to trust her, but it’s not like I want her to be my enemy either.

Seeing how it was highly likely that Ayaka used to be Yuuta-kun’s collaborator, Yuuta wanted to be on good terms with her.

It’s not like she promised me that I’d definitely rise to E-Rank if I accepted the special Service request. But, it’s the same for the Sperm Donation Service, isn’t it…? If I consider what the women of this word desire, the special Service request shouldn’t be anything overly difficult for me. There’s no loss in playing along.

Yuuta made up his mind.

“Very well. I’ll accept your special Service request, Ayaka-san.”

“Thank you very much. I believed that you would pick that choice, Yuuta-sama. Is it alright for me to interpret it as you not doing the Sperm Donation Service?”


Ayaka cheerfully retrieved a tablet from her bag. That tablet wasn’t white like the one which Yuuta owned, but completely black.

“Please take this.”

“This is?”

“We call it an Underground Tablet.”

“Underground Tablet?”

“Yes. Please make sure that no one other than you sees this Underground Tablet. In case someone does spot it, please tell them that it is a tablet you bought yourself. On top of requiring your fingerprint and authentication through facial recognition, it will only unlock if you tell it 「Boot up」. Because the OS will be immediately erased as soon as the system registers a fingerprint other than yours, the probability for someone else accessing the tablet is low. But even so, please do your utmost to keep the existence of the Underground Tablet hidden from others.”


Going this far with their security measures must mean they really don’t want others to see what’s on this tablet. Is the special Service request a crime or something like that!? Yuuta became worried.

“Okay, could I have you say 「Boot up」 while it scans your face and finger? It will start the initial registration.”

“…Boot up.”

Once Yuuta looked at the screen after finishing the registration, he noticed that it was no different from the tablet he was normally using.

“Hmm? It’s the same, isn’t it?”

“It looks like it’s the same, but it has two differences. First, it comes with an exclusive chat room allowing you to contact me directly.”

“I see.”

“Please use this function whenever you wish to get privately in touch with me from now on.”

“I understand, I will do so.”

Even his normal tablet had a function allowing him to contact Ayaka as his case worker. But, if he used that method to contact her, not only Ayaka, but also the government would know about their conversation, Yuuta suspected. Hence, Yuuta grasped her words in the sense of him contacting her through the Underground Tablet whenever he wanted to talk with her about things related to what would come next.

“And the other difference can be found within the Service Activities.”

“They look the same to me, though?”

“Over here you have an 『Underground Service』 request.”

“Underground Service?”

“Yes. Only women, who have been carefully selected by us, can request Underground Services. The special Service request I would like you to accept is one of those Underground Services. Moreover, you will not be the one offering your service during an Underground Service, Yuuta-sama.”


“Just as its name suggests, Underground Services are the opposite of regular Services, meaning you will receive a Service from a woman.” 2



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Translation Notes:

  1. The raw uses 男性担当官 (dansei tantou kan) which would literally mean “Official in charge of man.” That sounds comprehensible in Japanese but nuts in English, so I’ll go with “Caseworker” since it’s easy to understand and less of a mouthful.
  2. This is basically a play on the Japanese kanji used here. 裏 (ura) can basically mean behind-the-scenes, bottom, underground, inverse, opposite, and some more. I chose underground because it fits better with all the secrecy and the tablet naming etc. But you could actually also go with Inverted here or some such.

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