Chapter 14: Kanda Sports ④


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Just what the heck is going on? I don’t understand at all.

“Nngh! Nngh!”

I could hear Mayumi-san’s heavy panting from the locker room. Moreover…after she had entered it together with Yuuta-sama.


═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


As I watched Yuuta-sama’s Service in the training room after it had been decided for me to join the cleaning rotation on a short call, something unusual occurred during the after-excercise stretching. Yuuta-sama and Mayumi-san adopted a posture as if being glued to each other.

The two continued stretching in that posture for a short while, and then got up as if nothing had happened. Seeing Yuuta-sama smile gave me peace of mind. It meant Mayumi-san hadn’t overstepped her boundaries or anything.

Huh? But, why is Mayumi-san’s face lowered and bright red? Well, I’m sure Mayumi-san’s breasts must have pressed against Yuuta-sama, if she stuck so close to him.

Oh? It looks like they’re done.

Both left the training room. And thus I also moved away so as to not wake Yuuta-sama’s suspicion. I already sent the women, who finished their peeping, back home to avoid Yuuta-sama catching sight of them in some unlikely event.

I’m sure all of them are currently comforting themselves while recalling Yuuta-sama’s figure. Even I want to masturbate as soon as possible, if I’m completely honest here.


One of the women in the gym already lost to her own desires and was masturbating – the receptionist Sarah-san. Mayumi-san’s best friend participated in today’s Service as receptionist to welcome Yuuta-sama. Unlike the mob-like cleaning staff, she was assigned a proper role in this whole event, and it looked like she experienced great joy when greeting Yuuta-sama.

Yuuta-sama, whom we had expected to simply walk past, enjoyed his conversation with Sarah-san, and he even asked her to register him as a member. And because he was kind enough to tell her that he would pick up the membership certificate on the way back home, Sarah-san didn’t go back home like the other women and was waiting for Yuuta-sama at the reception in order to hand him his certificate.

While thinking of Yuuta-sama and masturbating.

But that was only understandable. It would be unreasonable to ask Sarah-san to refrain from masturbating after she got so deeply touched by Yuuta-sama’s kindness. Any woman would masturbate under these circumstances.


When I watched Sarah-san pleasing herself with a smile on my face, something that made me doubt my eyes happened in my visual field.

Did Yuuta-sama and Mayumi-san enter the same locker room just now? Eh? That’s a lie, right? Why? How? Huh? Eh? Eeehh!?

Given that I was scheduled to greet Yuuta-sama when he was heading back, I had to change out of my cleaning staff outfit and wait for him. For this reason, I had to head back quickly, but…due to the shock from what my eyes registered just now, my feet naturally steered towards the locker room the two had entered.


On the way towards the locker room, I heard Michiru-san’s moaning from within the shop. She had also stayed behind since it was possible that Yuuta-sama might buy something before returning home. Just like Sarah-san, she couldn’t endure any longer and had started to masturbate as well.

Arriving in front of the locker room, I realized the possibility of my eyes having played a trick on me. The locker room used by Yuuta-sama was the dressing room of our VIP members. Mayumi-san had been using the locker room for the ordinary members.

I peeked into the locker room for normal members. After all, I would be immediately able to tell without a doubt, if Mayumi-san was in there.

“……Not here.”

But, she wasn’t. Mayumi-san wasn’t in the locker room she should use to change her clothes. Where did she go then? Is she really inside the locker room used by Yuuta-sama? Why? I don’t see any need for her to be there.

If Mayumi-san had lost all control over herself and forced her way into Yuuta-sama’s locker room, Yuuta-sama would have shouted, causing police robots to flood the place in no time.

“What does that mean…?”

Once again I headed back to Yuuta-sama’s locker room.

While feeling extremely nervous, I pressed an ear against the door. In response, I could faintly hear Yuuta-sama and Mayumi-san’s voices. I didn’t understand what they were saying. But, as far as I could tell from Yuuta-sama’s voice, he was calm and didn’t seem angry to me.

Has Yuuta-sama invited Mayumi-san into his locker room for some sort of reason?



I feel like I heard a lewd moan from inside the locker room just now? Moreover, it was Mayumi-san’s? Huh? What’s this about?

“Nngh! Nnnhh!”

Just what the hell is going on in there? I can’t get a read at all.

“Nngh! Aaaahhnn!”

What I heard from inside the locker room was definitely Mayumi-san’s moaning. But, why? Just what is happening inside?

I pressed my ear so strongly against the door that it almost hurt, continuing to pick up the sounds within. Before I realized, one of my hands had slid inside my panties. I think a woman pleasing herself by playing around with her soaking wet pussy and clitoris when aroused is inevitable.

For a while I could hear Mayumi-san’s panting inside the room, but just when I was about to reach my second climax, the sound disappeared. I got panicked that they could have finished whatever they were doing inside, and so I quickly dashed away from the door, thinking that Mayumi-san might come out of the room at any moment.

But, she didn’t. At least one minute should have passed by now, and yet she hasn’t come out.

Maybe they’re continuing…I thought and excitedly pressed my ear against the door once more. But, I couldn’t hear anything. It felt as if the room was empty?

Thinking about it now, it makes me wonder just what drove me, but back then, I had lost all my calm and rational thinking because of the excessive arousal. My hand instinctively reached for the door knob.


Even I myself was surprised by how loud the sound of turning the knob would be. Usually I didn’t pay any attention to its clicking, but I almost scolded the knob to stay quiet.

I slowly opened the door and went inside. Immediately following, I could hear faint voices from somewhere. They were so quiet that it’d be impossible to hear them through the closed door.

What’s going on?

I must check it as the manager who runs Kanda Sports. I mean, I’m the boss here. That’s why!


As I slowly advanced though the locker room…the place where Yuuta-sama has likely changed his clothes…O-Oh my god! Sportswear!

Moreover, it’s not just one set, but two that are lying over here!

Given that one belongs to Yuuta-sama…the other must be Mayumi-san’s!!


And then I heard a sweet moaning. Mayumi-san’s voice. It came from the bathroom.

Our VIP locker rooms were equipped with a bathroom allowing the VIPs to take a bath, and not just a shower. Just what were the two doing inside the bathroom…after taking off their training wear?

No, I think it’s about time for me to stop rejecting reality. This…they’re doing it, aren’t they? They’re definitely going at it, right!? I’m positive, they’re having sex right now!!!!!!

Resolving myself, I peeked inside the bathroom. The bathroom’s door was made out of glass, allowing you to look inside.



I recalled something my mother told me when I was in puberty.


•°• ⚠ •°•


“Mai-chan, somewhere in this world you’ll find a place called paradise.”


“Yep. It’s a fantastic place surrounded by peach trees. Within that enclosure of trees exists a hot spring, and inside rests a very dreamy man.”

“A man!?”

“Right. That man is gentle, kind, and lovely… But, he’s asleep.”

“Ehh? He’s asleep? Won’t he drown then?”

“No, he won’t.”

“Why is he asleep?”

“Yeah, why indeed… But, there exists a method to wake him.”

“What is it? Tell me, please tell me!! I want to wake up that dreamy man!”

“It’s the golden peach.”

“The golden peach?”

“Just one single tree among all the peach trees growing over there bears golden peaches as fruits.”

“Then I just need to look for that tree!”

“True. If you find a golden peach, feed it to the man and he’ll wake up from his slumber. And he will reward…the woman who woke him up.”

“A reward!? A reward from a lovely man!”

“Hehehe, Mama prays that you’ll be able to receive a reward from such a dreamy man someday.”

“Yep! Mama, I’ll look for a golden peach!”

“Do your best. I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.”


•°• ⚠ •°•


Mayumi-san…you were able to find a golden peach, weren’t you? Aahh, for your boobs to shake so intensely. You’re being rewarded.

You’re experiencing…the reward from a lovely man…with your whole body right now and here. Being embraced by Yuuta-sama’s strong body…I have no doubt he’s thrusting his dick into your deepest parts.

How enviable. I’m truly jealous of you.

But, even so, congratulations. I’ll bless you who has grasped the happiness of a woman. Did you manage to become Yuuta-sama’s girlfriend? Or did you become engaged to him? Or maybe you’re going to marry him!?!

I quietly left the locker room so as to not disturb Mayumi-san’s time of happiness. Even so, I’m sure I’ll never forget the scene that has burned itself into my mind.

I went back to my office and changed my suit for the sake of greeting Yuuta-sama when he’d go back home.


═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


“My name is Mai and I am the manager of this gym. I am deeply grateful for you having been so kind as to perform a Service at this facility today.”

“The pleasure was on my side. Thank you very much. Please forgive me for having made you wait by taking my time with a bath.”

“No, not at all. All that matters is that you were able to relieve the exhaustion of your body.”

The clock was about to hit 1 p.m. After Yuuta-sama had enjoyed himself plentifully in the bathroom, he arrived at the reception in order to head back home.

The expression of Mayumi-san as she stood next to Yuuta-sama looked as if her soul had been drained. I wonder what’s going on with her? Is she possibly stunned senseless by all the sudden, unexpected events? And yet, she achieved the priceless feat of entering a relationship with Yuuta-sama.

“Y-Yuuta-sama, p-please take t-this!”

“Thank you. This makes me a fully-fledged member of Kanda Sports, right?”

Sarah-san had handed a membership certificate to Yuuta-sama.

“It is an honor for this establishment to welcome you as a member, Yuuta-sama. Thank you very much.”

When I expressed my gratitude once more, Yuuta-sama rewarded me with a gentle smile.

Sheesh, just why has such a gentle and lovely man had to become an F-Rank because of a terrible incident? I hope Yuuta-sama’s situation will improve at least a bit with our A-Rating.

We had decided to pool our funds so that Mayumi-san could pay for an A-Rating. After all, everyone else was also able to take a look at Yuuta-sama. I’m going to add a bigger share.

“Very well, please excuse me with this.”

Mayumi-san, Sarah-san, I, and even Michiru-san saw off Yuuta-sama together until the exit. Yuuta-sama waved a hand at us through his window even while departing after entering the car that had come to pick him up. 1

He’s a truly great man, yep.

“Pheew…good work everyone.”

“Yes! I’m truly, deeply moved! I’ve never been so happy in my life!”

“M-Me too…thank you for having entrusted me with the shop.”


Mayumi-san was vacantly staring in the direction of Yuuta-sama’s car which wasn’t visible any longer.

I really wonder, what’s wrong with her? Ah! It’s because Sarah-san is present. She must still lack the courage to talk about her relationship with Yuuta-sama in front of Sarah-san. That makes sense since she managed to get hold of her own happiness ahead of her best friend.

Sheesh, you don’t need to worry about such things anymore. I’m more than certain that even Sarah-san is going to bless you entering a relationship with Yuuta-sama.

“Mayumi-san, I’d like to talk with you for a bit, so could you please come to my office. Sarah-san, Michiru-san, work is over for today and tomorrow will be a day off.”



═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════


Just like this, Kanda Sport safely finished Yuuta-sama’s Service. And just when I thought that all was fine and well…


“E-Eeek! S-Sorry! F-Forgive me! Please forgive me!”

“M-Mayumi-san, how could you!!! You’re not lying to protect yourself, are you!?!

“I-I’m not! I’m telling you the truth! I-I mean, Yuuta-sama told me to do so!!!!”

U-Unbelievable. Just why…how…did it come to this…?

“Haaaah….let me confirm just one more time: After finishing the training, Yuuta-sama told you that he’d like you to give him a D-Rating for today’s Service, right?”

“Y-Yes. As a matter of fact, even during our Video Call…Yuuta-sama told me that because of his own situation, umm…it’d be possible that he’d be doubted by his male classmates…if he received a high rating…and that they’d accuse him of having violated some rules.”

“And so you gave him a D-Rating for the Video Call Service, and this time he requested the same of you as well…but you turned down Yuuta-sama’s request, correct?”

“Y-Yes. I mean, after receiving such a wonderful Service…I thought that everyone would naturally agree to give him an A-Rating. I was fully intent on giving him an A-Rating.”

“Yes, indeed. I felt so as well. I planned to have everyone pool their money to let you pay for an A-Rating.”

“But, Yuuta-sama insisted…telling me to go with a C-Rating if a D-Rating was out of the question.”

“And then, when you rightfully insisted on an A-Rating, he asked you to somehow compromise on a B-Rating…and offered you a deal where you’d receive a special Service if you could give him a B-Rating?”


I sighed deeply, “…I totally hadn’t expected Yuuta-sama to make a deal with you… It’s not common for a man to offer a deal to us common citizens… Moreover, a deal with the aim of lowering instead of raising a rating…”

Yuuta-sama’s special circumstances are the prime reason why something like this could happen. F-Rank Yuuta-sama is aiming to become E-Rank at the final ranking exam of junior high. He wants to be assessed as E-Rank, but as he rejected all Service Activities so far, the people around him would certainly suspect that something was off, if he suddenly obtained a high rating.

Because of that, Yuuta-sama has been deliberately suppressing his own ratings.

“And then…you ended up telling Yuuta-sama that you’d like to receive that special Service, right?”

“Y-Yes…,” Mayumi-san sobbed quietly, “…F-Forgive me.”

For the thing in the locker room to have been grounded on a deal to keep his own rating at B…

Mother…does a paradise really exist?

I sighed once more, “…Now that you made a deal with him, it can’t be changed anymore. Let’s keep the additional deal a secret and tell everyone that Yuuta-sama himself asked for a B-Rating while explaining his situation. We must drive it into their heads that they aren’t allowed to ever mention this to anyone else.”

“U-Umm, manager…a-as a matter of fact, umm…”

“What? Is there anything else?”

“Actually…in the locker room, you see…when I allowed Y-Yuuta-sama to touch my chest as part of the special Service…he offered me an additional deal.”


“T-That is…he said if I could go with a C-Rating…u-umm…h-he’d be fine having sex with me.”

“Bah…what the hell!”

“I’m sorry! Really sorry! Please forgive me!!!!!!”

So her having had sex with Yuuta-sama in the bathroom was part of yet another deal. Sheesh, give me a break!

“Mayumi-san…a C-Ranking after receiving such a wonderful Service…the others won’t agree to that even if they take Yuuta-sama’s situation into account. Besides, it will also affect the reputation of Kanda Sports. People will start to gossip that the people working here gave Yuuta-sama a C-Rating despite the gym being the site of a wonderful Service.”


Damn it…what a headache. What would be the best action to take…in a situation like this…?

“Tomorrow, we will have an emergency meeting with everyone. I’m going to cancel the holiday.”


“Mayumi-san, listen well to what I tell you from now on. Today, you were the only woman present in this gym during Yuuta-sama’s Service.”


“No one else was here. Neither Sarah-san, nor Michiru-san, nor me, nor anyone else. You received the Service all by yourself.”


“If we do it like this, the impact on the reputation of Kanda Sports and everyone working here will be low, even if this story were to be exposed in the worst case.”


“I’m certain…that everyone will feel very mortified, but we have no choice but to persuade them that this had been a strong request by Yuuta-sama. We have to get them to agree that they hadn’t been present here today, as it will be also connected to their own reputation.”

“I-I’ll take responsibility for everything!”

“Well, it’s inevitable that you will be blamed as the one who accepted the deals. But…”

“Huh? But…what?”

Seeing how the possibility isn’t zero, it will be bad if we don’t deal with it beforehand.

“Mayumi-san, you must come up with a solution on how to deal with things since you might be pregnant.”


“Don’t eh me! You had sex with Yuuta-sama, right? Or are you telling me that Yuuta-sama didn’t ejaculate?”

“N-No, he did ejaculate…i-inside me…i-in the deepest part at that.”

“Kuuh…spare me the details. It will just make me jealous, you know? If you let him ejaculate inside you, the possibility of you having been impregnated with Yuuta-sama’s child does exist, right? But, you accepted that after being offered a deal. You won’t be able to say…that you’re his lover because he impregnated you, right?”

“Uugh…you have a point.”

“Good grief… Well, since a woman doesn’t get pregnant so easily after having had sex with a man just once, you should be alright…is what I want to believe, but you should also prepare yourself in case you did get impregnated by him.”

“W-What should I do?”

“If you’re pregnant with his child…”


While having a headache, I kept talking with Mayumi-san deep into the night.




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Translation Notes:

  1. One note: It’s a very common custom in Japan for businesses to see off their customers/business partners until they leave the company, all the time bowing. Same applies to people seeing off those of higher social status than them, etc. That’s nothing you’ll experience in most other countries, so some readers might wonder why it’s always mentioned explicitly across all JP novels.


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