Chapter 12: Kanda Sports ②


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After standing up early and taking a shower, Yuuta scrutinized himself in the mirror. He had worked hard at training himself for the sake of his Training Service.

That in itself made absolutely no sense, but Yuuta felt satisfied seeing his body having become slightly toned.


He felt just like he was going on a date. After all, it was his first trip outside the Exclusive Male Zone.

Even during the times he left his room after waking up in this world, meetings with other people were extremely rare in the Exclusive Male Zone. The gym where he ran into Kensuke and Tsubasa was about the only place where he had encountered someone who was not a fully-automated robot.

In the eyes of an old world dweller like Yuuta, this place was far too quiet and inhuman. Yuuta had spent his final days in his previous world alone, dying as a shut-in, but before he withdrew socially, he had lived normally, regularly interacting with people.

The hustle and bustle he considered to be awfully noisy back then was now a very nostalgic and dear memory.

Well, the route I’m going to take is preset and it’s not like I’ll be able to see the livelihood of the women.

Even if he were to look outside the window during his trip in the floating box, it wouldn’t allow him to observe the lives of the women out there. But even so, Yuuta was still thrilled about being able to see the world outside the Exclusive Male Zone.

Because the drive to Kanda Sports would take around 40 minutes, Yuuta left his room at 9:20 a.m. and got into the box. He kept gazing at the scenery while sitting on the comfortable, fluffy sofa installed inside the box.

『This vehicle is now going to leave the Exclusive Male Zone. Do you wish for the windows to be screened out?』

“No, leave them as they are. I want to have a look.”


The box’s interior couldn’t be seen from outside because of the smoke glass used for the windows. Apparently men who additionally didn’t want to look at the area outside the Exclusive Male Zone, would screen out the windows.

Yuuta spent 30 minutes closely watching the scenery as it streamed past before he finally arrived at Kanda Sports.

“Good morning, Yuuta-sama. Welcome to our gym. Please come inside.”

“Good morning, Mayumi-san. I’m happy that we’re able to meet like this.”

“Yes! I’m truly, truly delighted as well! Thank you so much for accepting my Service request!”

As soon as Yuuta got out of the box, Mayumi greeted him while being all smiles. Yuuta wondered whether her trim and cute clothes were Kanda Sports’ work clothes, but in reality, her current outfit had been specially made just for today.

Even though the whole outfit looked neat and adorable, a big, open heart mark at its chest area allowed a clear view at Mayumi’s huge H-Cup cleavage.

The 24-years old beauty Mayumi was a lovely woman with chestnut-colored hair, healthy skin, and a cheerful, energetic nature. She immediately connected with the term “Sports Beauty” in Yuuta’s head.

“I’ll be in your hands for today. I’m going to work hard at the training.”

“Okay! I will support you to the best of my abilities.”

Although Mayumi had imagined many times over how Yuuta would happily and kindly talk to her while smiling, she was currently so deeply moved that her head almost whited out. Yuuta had been kind to her during the Video Call, and seeing him to be just as kind after actually meeting him, made Mayumi fly off to cloud nine.

Guided by her, Yuuta entered Kanda Sports. Immediately after stepping inside, he was greeted by the smile of yet another lovely woman, who was also wearing a trim outfit that allowed a deep peek at her cleavage while standing at the reception.

Yuuta returned her smile with one of his own.

“Welcome to Kanda Sports. I am working here as a receptionist. Please call me Sarah. Thank you very much for using our facilities today.”

“Nice to meet you, Sarah-san.”

“Hauu!” A weird voice escaped Sarah’s lips as she hadn’t expected Yuuta to call her by her name.

“S-Sarah is a very dear friend of mine. She always handles the reception perfectly, making her very popular among our customers.”

“Is that so? That’s incredible, Sarah-san.”


Sarah! Saraaah! Get your act together! Wake uuup!

Mayumi appealed to Sarah with her eyes while smiling stiffly behind Yuuta. Not only was Sarah able to meet and talk with a man, a creature she’d only seen in her dreams so far, but he had also called her by name. Because of that, Sarah was about to faint while standing.

She must have thought that he’d pass her without uttering a single word, even if she greeted him as receptionist. And here I had warned her so many times that Yuuta-sama would surely call out to her because he’s such a gentle man!

Yuuta, on the other hand, enjoyed watching Sarah’s reaction. In the instant he called her by name, Sarah had clearly gone haywire, and her current flustered behavior was adorable to observe for him.

She seems to be Mayumi’s best friend, so I’ll have a lil’ bit more fun with her, Yuuta decided and took action.

“It’s going to be my first time using the gym, so I have to register as a member, don’t I?”


“Huh? You don’t register members here?”

“W-We do. B-But, umm, you will be fine even without going through a registration, Yuuta-sama.”

“Ohh, I see. But, it’d still be okay for me to become a member, right?”

“T-That is of course, but…”

“Then please allow me to join the gym by all means.”


Sarah, whose thinking had completely stalled, suddenly started to move again. She took out a registration form and offered it to Yuuta.

“Please fill out the necessary fields on this form!”


Yuuta wrote the necessary information down right in front of Sarah. As a man’s address was set to be the Exclusive Male Zone, Yuuta only had to write down his name. In Yuuta’s case it was “Toukyou – Yuuta.”

“Is it alright like this?”

“P-Please allow me to check… Y-Yes! It is perfect! I shall register you as a member.”

“Thank you very much. Do you have a membership certificate?”

“W-We do.”

“Would it be okay for me to pick it up on the way back home then? So that I won’t lose it.”

“O-Of course!!”

With this Sarah would be able to speak with Yuuta once more when he would be going back. Tears twinkled in Sarah’s eyes because she was so moved by Yuuta’s kindness.

Isn’t that great for you….really great for you, Sarah…?

Mayumi was on the verge of crying after seeing Sarah being so happy. Back when Yuuta had accepted her Video Call Service request, Mayumi wasn’t quite sure whether she should tell Sarah about it. She was worried what Sarah would think if she heard about only Mayumi receiving a man’s Service.

But, she wanted to talk about it with her best friend, and she also wanted to receive her blessing. And Sarah had encouraged Mayumi with a smile after she heard about it from her. There was no lie to be found in Sarah’s joy for her friend either.

But, naturally Sarah should still feel jealous about it. And knowing that, Mayumi had felt guilty towards Sarah deep down.

The guilty conscience lingering in Mayumi’s heart had now cleared up. Watching her friend’s smile as she shed tears of joy over being able to come in contact with a man allowed a gentle warmth to spread in Mayumi’s heart.

“Let’s go then.”

“Of course! This way please.”

With Sarah seeing him off while deeply bowing her head, Yuuta moved from the reception towards the locker room. On the way he came across a shop.

It was a shop selling stuff like training wear, and normally it only showcased items for women. But, today the shop had been turned into a shop for men.

“Huh? Is this a shop?”

“Yes. Because you would be visiting us today, they are selling items for men. How about you take a look…if you like?”

“Why not. I guess I’ll take a peek.”


Once he entered the shop together with Mayumi, a shop assistant, who seemed to be in her thirties and had the air of a veteran, greeted him.

“Welcome and thank you for visiting us today. My name is Michiru and I have been entrusted with the shop of Kanda Sports. Please take as much time as you need to browse our wares.”

“Thank you, Michiru-san.”


Michiru didn’t utter a weird sound like Sarah, but even Michiru froze up out of deep emotion over having her name used by a man.

While finding the petrified Michiru rather charming, Yuuta scanned the merchandise stocked in the shop.

“You do have all kinds of things. I only have the standard wear I was provided. What kind of gym outfits are popular these days?”

“I-I wonder. I do not know what kind of sportswear might be popular among men, so…”

“Oh, you misunderstood me. I was wondering what gym outfits would be popular from a woman’s point of view.”


Even while petrified, Michiru had somehow followed Yuuta through the shop, but couldn’t avoid raising her voice in surprise upon his unexpected question. Then again, no woman wouldn’t be surprised if they were asked about male articles that were popular from a woman’s standpoint.

If Michiru were to be honest here, it’d be something with a high degree of exposure, but she didn’t have the courage to recommend Yuuta something like that.

“Hmm, something like this sure looks easy to move with.”


At last, even Michiru let a weird voice escape her lips.

Yuuta had picked sportswear that would tightly cling to one’s body. It was fairly good for training. The top part had no sleeves up to the shoulders, and the bottom part were spats reaching down to the knees. Both parts would tightly cling to the skin…so it’d very likely turn into a major issue if Yuuta wore this outfit, considering his nether region.

“Since it’s such a rare occasion, would it be okay for me to put this sportswear on for the training?”

“O-Okay! That is no problem at all!”

Yuuta had been paid by the state after having started his Service Activities. He couldn’t earn much as an F-Rank, but it was enough to let him buy this sportswear.

Nuuoooo! I wanna buy it and offer it to him!!!!

Mayumi shouted in her heart, but this would be prohibited. When receiving a Service from a man, the woman wasn’t allowed to hand money or goods to the man. It was a measure to prevent women trying to buy themselves Service extensions with cash, but all common women knew that this was no more than an official pretext.

And yet those damn rich women of high families give money and power to men!

There existed many ways to go about it, but it was well-known that women of high families tied men to them with money. As such, gossip about women of high families receiving extended Service from men in exchange for money and power never died out.

“Thank you kindly.”

“No, it is I who has to thank you for your purchase!”

After buying the sportswear at the shop, Yuuta headed to the locker room with Mayumi while carrying his new outfit. Mayumi was all giddy, shouting in her mind, Yuuta is going to receive my training session while wearing that tightly-fitting sportswear!

“The locker room is over there. Please come back here after you have changed your clothes. I will quickly change clothes as well.”

“Okay. I will take it slowly, so you do not need to hurry either, Mayumi-san.”

“Thank you!”

The clock was about to hit 10:20 a.m. Mayumi was deeply moved by Yuuta’s kindness to have spent ten minutes at the reception and shop each. He didn’t act like he was in a hurry, nor did he try to rush through the schedule. Even just now he was worried about Mayumi, telling her to change at her own pace.

What an angel. Yuuta-sama is a genuine angel.

Watching Yuuta enter the locker room with a smile, Mayumi went to her own locker room, hurrying to change after all.

═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════

I’ve already had too much of a blast.

Yuuta smiled while being alone in the locker room. Mayumi who welcomed him, the receptionist Sarah, and the shop assistant Michiru. And they weren’t the only ones either. There were several other women――apparently cleaning staff――around as well.

Since all of them were deeply moved by each and every of Yuuta’s actions and clearly displayed their joy, Yuuta himself couldn’t help but have a lot of fun.

It was a good idea to have chosen this sportswear. I’m looking forward to the training session.

He was totally anticipating Mayumi’s reaction when she’d see him wearing that tight sportswear which would make his body’s contours stand out. Given that he’d feel bad for Mayumi if he were to return ahead of her, Yuuta changed his clothes slowly just as he had told her.

After putting on the sportswear he had bought, he killed some time by posing in front of a mirror.

Yep, looks decent.

Feeling satisfied after pulling off a body-builder’s pose, Yuuta slowly headed to the place where Mayumi would wait for him. He never noticed the strange presence inside the locker room.



═════════•°• ⚠ •°•═════════



“Thank you for waiting.”

“H-Hauuu! Yuuta-sama….i-i-it suits you wonderfully. You look fantastic!”

“You think so? I feel slightly embarrassed as my body lacks exercise. Nothing less of you, though, Mayumi-san. Your trained, lean body is a sight for sore eyes.”

“T-Thank you very much…,” Mayumi muttered with a bright red face.

Having her body praised by Yuuta caused her chest to tighten for a moment. Then again, Yuuta’s praise was no mere flattery either. Mayumi’s figure, which was pretty apparent as she wore a tight sportswear just like Yuuta, was magnificent as it was toned, lacking any unnecessary fat. Of course, her H-Cup breasts were extremely enchanting as well.

Mayumi started to become wet from being praised by Yuuta, but seeing his appearance with the tight outfit clinging to his body, her head felt so dizzy that she worried whether she’d be able to finish the Training Service without getting a nosebleed.

This was truly a darling trap as only Yuuta could probably pull it off in this world.

Mayumi wasn’t aware that Yuuta would happily oblige…if Mayumi succumbed to his charm and tried to grope his body all over.

And thus, Mayumi’s battle to not bring about her own downfall was about to start right now.



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