Chapter 11: Kanda Sports ①


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Kanda Sports – this facility, which was popular as a local gym, was equipped with the newest training equipment despite having an average size for a gym.

Women never failed their daily training in hope of drawing a man’s interest by maintaining an attractive figure. And thus today was yet another day of Kanda Sports being crowded with sweaty women.

But, while such a daily occurrence could be observed in the gym…loud yelling filled the manager’s office situated deeper inside Kanda Sports.

Mayumi had informed her boss about Yuuta’s Service.

“Really!?!?! And you say, it’s going to take place here!?!?”

“Y-Yes, there’s no doubt about that.”

“For a man to bless us with a Service Activity…without this being a lie or bad joke…my goodness, what a dream come true!”

“I also checked back that it was no dream many times over. He has undoubtedly accepted my Service request, and the place for it to take place was set to be Kanda Sports.”

The manager sighed deeply, “…For me to experience such an auspicious event while I’m still alive! Mayumi-san, well done! You don’t need to worry about anything! Of course, the place will be reserved for you on the appointed day, and I’ll make sure to keep away everyone other than you.”

“Ah, M-Manager! About that…”

“Hmm? Is something wrong?”

“U-Umm…Yuuta-sama, who accepted my Service request…was so kind as to entrust all the preparations to me.”


Only at that moment Mayumi started to worry whether the manager’s office was actually soundproof.

“W-W-W-What d-d-do you m-m-m-mean by t-that?”

“A-As I said, I have received permission to handle all preparations as I see fit.”

“U-…Unbelievable. Mayumi-san, you didn’t fall for some sort of hallucination after all? Maybe your brain overheated when you encountered such a dream-like story like a Video Call Service leading to a Service at your workplace?”

The manager thinking so might be only natural for a woman of this world. After all, it was unthinkable that something so convenient for the woman’s side would take place in reality.

At this point, Yuuta still hadn’t been able to properly grasp the relationship between women and men in this world.

Men were assessed and classified by women. Men could become very popular if they were evaluated to be outstanding, but shut-in trash, who refused to perform Services, like Yuuta was hated and scorned, even if he might be one of the few, precious men.

Yuuta considered himself to be a target of hatred and scorn for women. And that wasn’t wrong in itself.

But, the biggest reason for him being hated and scorned was to be found in his refusal to perform Services. As long as they could receive his Services, women would happily accept any man, regardless of him being an F-Rank as junior high third-year or whatever.

This especially applied to common, female citizens.

Of course, things would change if it came to the other party being a member of a high family, but since Yuuta didn’t deal with high families at present, this limitation was irrelevant to him.

On the other hand, from a man’s point of view, it was important whether a woman would be useful to him and how much she assessed him as a valuable man. Men would never sell themselves cheaply. That’s because they believed selling themselves cheaply would inevitably lead to their own value plummeting.

Yuuta’s behavior, as a personality of the old world who was trying to enjoy this world, would be regarded as self-deprecating by the men of this world.

If, for example, Yuuta had posted free live streams several times a month, the other men would have likely taken actions against him. They’d have told him, “Do you intend to lower your value as a man?” or “What are you going to do about it if our value declines because of you?”

Understanding that it was indispensable for him to adapt to this world, Yuuta hadn’t caused any problems with his behavior so far as he was careful to not stand out too much. The physical examination’s escalation originated from the doctor and the nurses, and since the Housework Service took place in Yuuta’s room, the other men didn’t witness it. Even the Video Call Services would be labeled as very normal Service Activities, except for the one with Mayumi.

If the men of this world learned about the matter with Mayumi, they’d very likely knit their eyebrows at it, wondering just what was going on there. Moreover, if Yuuta accommodated an ordinary woman so much, it couldn’t be grounded in him showing his sincerity to a high family in order to build a connection either. In other words, this whole incident would end up standing out a lot more than Yuuta expected……under normal circumstances, that is.

That limitation was based on Yuuta’s current situation, which would allow most people to sympathize with Yuuta’s conspicuous behavior. Especially his male classmates would probably agree right away, if they heard about this. While ridiculing Yuuta, saying “The F-Rank shut-in scum is struggling to somehow make E-Rank before graduation,” or, “Wanting to be an E-Rank, he’s licking the asses of ordinary women,” they’d make up some selfish excuses to come to term with this situation. Besides, it was an undeniable fact that Yuuta was doing his best to reach E-Rank.

Until now Yuuta had acted without standing out, but leaving all the preparations for a man’s Service Activity outside the Exclusive Male Zone to Mayumi was simply too easy-going of Yuuta. If all women working at Kanda Sports were to observe Yuuta’s training during the upcoming Service, and if the other men heard of this….it’d develop into a huge problem.

The men would ask why he allowed women, who wouldn’t even evaluate him, to participate in the Service.

In situations where it was unavoidable as they were forced to use a specific facility, it couldn’t be helped, but if that wasn’t the case, it’d be unthinkable for other men to allow other women to personally watch their Service.

“My hallucination, huh…? Umm, Manager, is it alright for me to 「Share」 the Service request with you?”

“Eh? You’re alright with that?”

“Yes. I planned to share it with you anyway. I mean, it’s going beyond what I can handle by myself.”

“O-Okay, I understand. Y-You have my permission.”

Mayumi used her tablet to share Yuuta’s Service. Those sharing a Service could all access the details of said Service. And…they could all participate in it. In other words, this was the manager’s free pass to be present at the gym during the appointed day.

Usually, a woman wouldn’t be able to arbitrarily share a Service request without the man’s permission. But, with Yuuta having entrusted all preparations to Mayumi, Mayumi could use her own discretion to decide such matters.

“I-It’s true. Just you being able to share it with me on your own accord is already the best proof for it…and even the Service request’s details mention that all preparations have been entrusted to you. Okay. That means it’s no hallucination, Mayumi-san.”

“Pheew…I’m happy to finally get proof that I’m not dreaming all of this.”

Having gotten a basic grasp on the situation, the manager started a meeting with Mayumi as to how they should proceed next.

“First off, what do you plan and do you have any ideas, Mayumi-san?”

“L-Let me see. To be honest, I have no clue what would be best.”

“I see. In that case let me give you a piece of advice: Even if Yuuta-sama might have entrusted all preparations to you, he’ll likely become angry if you handle things in a way that goes against his interests. As such, it’s imperative for the participants to have clearly assigned duties…so as to not damage Yuuta-sama’s reputation.”

“Clearly assigned duties?”

“Yes. It’s about them being present because they have an official duty, and not just for the sake of watching Yuuta-sama perform his Service. I mean, it’s only normal for personnel, which is necessary for the gym to operate, to be present during a man’s Service, right?”

“O-Oh, I get it.”

“Yuuta-sama is scheduled to arrive here at 10 a.m. and do a training session. Because no clear duration has been set for the Service, this part has been left in your hands as well.”

“If the time for finishing the Service was decided in advance, managing the training period would become quite difficult, wouldn’t it? I hear others got totally flustered when they were just one second overdue.”

“Indeed. That’s why this arrangement is very welcome for us. Now then, I wonder what official duties we should assign… I think, receptionist should be obvious.”

“Yeah, well, it’s normal to have a receptionist after all.”

“A cleaner…normally it’d be logical to get all cleaning done before Yuuta-sama arrives, but since it’s just a pretext for the public, I think it’d be fine to have cleaners, too.”

“How about a clerk at the shop or something like that?”

“Oh, that’s a great idea. Maybe Yuuta-sama is going to buy something, so let’s station a clerk over there. I’ll be fine with giving my greetings to Yuuta-sama when he’s about to go back.”

“Ehh!? Manager, you’re truly alright with just that?”

Mayumi was startled by her boss’s words. As it was one of the very few chances to take a look at a man from nearby, Mayumi believed that it’d even be fine for the manager to be present in the training room since she was running the gym in the first place.

“No, I’m okay with this much. I wouldn’t want to upset Yuuta-sama by becoming too greedy.”

“Yuuta-sama is a gentle man, so he won’t be upset over something like this.”

“Even so. If you consider Yuuta-sama’s situation…he’ll likely endure a certain extent of things by ignoring them in order to get a high evaluation from you. But, exploiting the weakness of a man who’s so kind to do a Service for us… I don’t want to become like those women of high families.”


It was probably a blessing for Yuuta that the manager, who ran Kanda Sports, was a woman of decent character. Or rather, she was a magnificent woman who deeply respected a man’s Service, and not a wench who would grasp a man’s weakness to use it against him just because it was possible.

“Okay, we got one receptionist, one shop clerk, and me, making it three people in total. The cleaning staff depends on how many we assign on that task, but…let us first consider the candidates for the respective duties.”

“I think Sarah-chan would be perfect as the receptionist!”

“Hahaha, I thought you’d say that. You two are very close friends after all.”


“Alright, Sarah-san is set as receptionist then.”

The face of her best friend crossed Mayumi’s mind. She suspected that Sarah was currently dealing with customers as a receptionist while smiling sweetly. Sarah had mentioned that she’d like to talk to a man someday. Even when Mayumi had informed her about having had her Video Call Service request accepted, Sarah had rooted for her with a big smile. For this reason, Mayumi wouldn’t have chosen anyone else for this job.

“As for the shop clerk…hmm, I think it’d be best to go with someone who’s usually working there.”

“True. It would possibly contradict Yuuta-sama’s kindness, if we positioned someone new there solely for the sake of allowing them to get in contact with a man as clerk.”

“I haven’t talked overly much with the staff at the shop… Who do you think would be best, Manager?”

“Hmm, I think Michiru-san would fit the bill. She’s been organizing everything related to the shop.”

“Ah, yes, we won’t have to worry if it’s her, I think.”

The receptionist and shop clerk were set. Now they had to decide on the cleaning staff.

“The cleaners will be…”

“Well, I’d guess everyone will be more than willing to do it. Officially it’ll be a cleaning duty, but at the same time it’ll allow them to observe Yuuta-sama’s training.”

“What do you think? How many would be okay?”

“That’s difficult to say. If we also take future matters into account…”


The participating women would stay quiet about Yuuta having come to Kanda Sports for a Training Service. After all, they wouldn’t be interested in drawing the resentment of the women, who couldn’t participate, upon themselves.

Under normal circumstances, being able to receive a man’s Service would serve as a topic among women to brag or share the happiness, but a Service outside the Exclusive Male Zone was different.

Yet, no matter how secretive they went about it, at some point it’d be exposed either way. Especially if they booked the gym on the appointed day and prepared all kinds of things, any clever woman would immediately catch on due to all the unusual things going on.

“Umm…this is just a what-if…”

“Sure, if you have a good idea in mind, please share it with me.”

“If everyone switched as cleaners and observed the Service for a short period of time or something like that…would Yuuta-sama notice?”

“Wh-!? W-Wait a sec, Mayumi-san…t-that’s…”

The plan Mayumi came up with was extremely dangerous, and at the same time, extremely charming in the manager’s eyes. If they wore the uniform of cleaning staff and wore caps, it wouldn’t be immediately apparent who was who, she suspected.

The training room had a glass wall, allowing you to peek in from the outside.

Even if women wearing cleaning staff uniforms were to pass by…outside the training room, Yuuta-sama shouldn’t mind it too much, right? Given that he entrusted all the preparations to Mayumi, he should have done so on the assumption that women other than Mayumi would be present in the gym.

“Erm…I think the others will definitely find out anyway. Even if we don’t talk about it, a sudden business holiday due to an unusual inspection would be way too fishy.”

“T-That does make sense. It’ll get exposed, most likely. Yes.”

“A method that avoids drawing the hatred of others other than this…”

The manager sighed deeply, “…It’ll be strange for cleaning to be constantly performed in front of the training room. I think we have to make sure that everyone can participate by deploying cleaning staff at several locations after Yuuta-sama has arrived…”


“Oh sheesh…the scheduling will be a pain, you know?”

“Yes! But, I’m sure everyone will be eagerly practicing how to move on the appointed day, even if they have to work overtime, as long as they receive the possibility of taking a direct look at a man in return!”

And thus started the biggest project of Kanda Sports since its establishment.

Project Y.

This Service Activity, which was named Project Y after Yuuta’s name, would go down in the history of Kanda Sports…



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