Cast affiliated with the MC

Marko – MC of this story. Blue-eyed with black hair and strange powers. A character of unknown origin and birth but with a strange maturity.

Herman – MC’s father and village headman of Kikomura.

Hannah – The caretaker of MC’s mother, who is very sick, in Kikomura. She idolizes the MC.

Lauri – A peddler who first met the MC while visiting Kikomura. Estimated to become MC’s advisor in the future.

Oiva Otara – A good-for-nothing living in a town in Earldom Helrevi. He is a robust man who trains daily in a dojo. Formerly belonging to the volunteer army of Asuria Kingdom.

Bertrand – A former mercenary fighting on Empire Eberia’s side, renown as Bertrand of the Green Cloth. Before swearing allegiance to the MC he lived as gangster boss in the same town as Oyvua.

Akseli Anel – First Lieutenant of the Helrevi feudal army. Demoted to do inspections at the frontier villages and other miscellaneous tasks.

Jikil Rosa – Female soldier hailing from the northern tribes. She used to fight at the side of Salomon in the previous war. The MC has ordered Bertrand to find her. Nicknamed Jikil of the Demon Eyes.

Daniel Hakkinen – Fallen noble, whose father and elder brother fought alongside the hero but due to their disgraceful behaviour, the Hakkinen family was banished to a remote region.

Jarkko – Veteran soldier. Befriended with Akseli.

Political cast

Mathias Helrevi – The lord of the territorial capital of Earldom Helrevi.

Joakim – Priest of the church. Directed the burning at the stake of Salomon

Marquis Yurihalshira – One of the 4 major Marquis households in Asuria Kingdom.

Eleonora Asuria – First Princess of Asuria Kingdom. Lover of the deceased brave.

Margareta Asuria – Second Princess of Asuria Kingdom.

Paulina Asuria – Third Princess of Asuria Kingdom. The youngest of the three sisters and also the shunned princess.

Side Cast

Wilma Kantola – The maid officer of Asuria Kingdom’s Third Princess, Paulina. Daughter of a Knight household.

Kustaa – Leader of the mounted bandits. Former commanding officer in Salomon’s army.



Kikomura – The village the MC grew up.

Asuria Kingdom – The left half of the above map. It’s the country where the story of the MC starts.

Eberia Empire – The right half of the map above. It’s the country having a long-lasting animosity against Asuria Kingdom.

Earldom Helrevi – A frontier region. Kikomura belongs to said earldom.

Earldom Salmant – Bordering to the Plain of Wandering Calamity on Asuria’s side. Frontier region against the attacks from Eberia.

Earldom Peterius – Bordering to the Plain of Wandering Calamity on Asuria’s side. Frontier region against the attacks from Eberia.

Plain of Wandering Calamity – A desert separating Eberia and Asuria. Location of the last bloody war.

Heaven’s Boundary Mountain Range – Northern demonic domain. Stretches from east to west in the north and is mostly frozen over.

Lifeless Desert – Demonic domain at the north-eastern tip of Asuria Kingdom

Impure Illusionary Forest – Demonic domain at the southern end of Asuria Kingdom.





  1. You should type the japanese name after the english name, in my opinion.

    • There are English names there? :O

      Or did you mean the Kanji? In that case I won’t do it cause it’s too much hassle and no one really cares about it either.

      • well, there’s some weird people like me out there who have a habit to find out which one is named XXX and XXX then think “ehhh, his/her image doesn’t like what i thought”

  2. Thousand Skeleton

    Just thought that I’d mention that some of those are clearly Finnish names the author is using. MC is Marko. Raulee is Lauri. Oyvua is Oiva. Axely is Akseli. Also on that image the bearded guy is Jarkko and the girl on the right is Ervi.

    • Oh! That is a very good information :3 Thanks I will change it if it’s all Finnish names. Does that apply to the surnames as well?

      • Thousand Skeleton

        The surnames are FInnish too. Few small things to add. Kosta is Kustaa. Otara is actually Otala. Hannah is Hanna. Matthias Helrevi is Matias Hellevi. Earldom Hellevi. Sarmant is Sarmanto. Peterius is Petelius. Then on the map there’s Ronkainen, Marjaranta, Ylihärsilä, Ahmaniemi, Parvila, Karisalmi and Etelämäki. I tried posting multiple times earlier but it didn’t work for some reason.

        • Thousand Skeleton

          Oh I see it was because I was trying to include Japanese characters.

        • Hannah is Finnish too, so no need to go for Hanna explicitly. As for the map names not mentioned in the story yet, I will add them once they do pop up. The rest I will fix once I get to it

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