Chapter 1 – Story 62: Decisive Battle 2 – Archers (Beginning)

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“Listen, Eladia. Devote yourself to your brothers and sisters. That’s the duty imposed upon us.”

Those were the last words Eladia’s father left behind for her when she was still young.
Her father, who gently caressed the head of the sobbing Eladia, took along the few surviving warriors, and ran towards the other side of the brightly burning forest.
They did this despite a great number of soldiers from a place called the Empire awaiting them there.
And Eladia never saw her father again after that.
It’s a tale from when the Empire still spent all its time on warring to win the hegemony of the continent’s centre.


An elven woman is a living treasure.
This is by no means a figurative expression.
Even in reality, elven woman are treated as prized possessions. It’s not rare to give an elven woman instead of riches as gift to a business partner, as a reward to a military commander that achieved meritorious deeds, or as a present for powerful people.
This treatment was largely influenced by the traits of the elven race.
Among the seven races inhabiting this Seldeas Continent, elves are considered to be the race closest to humans. In the myths it’s said that the Human God even used the elves as a reference when he created the humans.
It’s not entirely certain whether that part of the myths is true or not, but it’s a fact that the appearance of elves and humans resembled each other very closely. If you exclude the long, pointed ears which is a typical characteristic of the elven race, it becomes difficult to distinguish elves and humans just going by their outward appearance.
Also, the resemblances aren’t just limited to their outward appearance.
Normally mixed parentage between different races is considered as impossible. However, it was said that a mixed parentage between humans and elves, and humans and mermen was possible. But, in contrast to the mixed parentage between humans and mermen that doesn’t leave the area of rumors, it’s an undeniable fact that half elves, the kind of mixed parentage where there is viable offspring, are born between humans and elves.
This fact that children can be made between them made it easier to overcome the mental barrier that raping a different race was taboo.
And, yet another typical elven trait changed the situation into the worst possible tragedy for the elves.
In the eyes of the humans, elves have in general extremely well-featured appearances as a racial trait.
Even though there’s a difference in preference between people, almost all humans would probably answer that elves are beautiful if they were asked about it. The beauty of the elves excels to such an extent that there’s no way to express it as anything but them being an entirely different species.
Due to their good looks, the elves fell prey to the carnal lust of the humans.
Moreover, the superstitions that are whispered between the influential humans spur that on.
Thanks to the elven trait where aging is hardly visible from their outward appearance, elves were considered to have perpetual youth and longevity between the humans.
However, in reality even elves have a lifespan.
The elves’ lifespan is roughly around 300 years. Although one can’t possibly say that they are immortal, it’s only understandable that it’s misunderstood as such by the humans with their short lives.
Because of that misunderstanding, the superstition that one will stay young if they have sex with an immortal, young elven girl was born.
What those in power and those possessing huge riches desire the most in all ages and countries is to live eternally. Wielding their obtained authorities and wealth, they pursued pleasure with elven women. In many countries, beginning with the Empire, elf hunts are carried out frequently. Because virgin girls were especially highly valued, countless numbers of elven women had their virginity stolen and were forced into becoming sex slaves.
And the ones who were present in the city of Bolnis were the victims of exactly that.
It’s not like those women were happy at the time when Souma, who captured Bolnis, loudly announced the emancipation of slaves in his “Proclamation of Iron.”
As a matter of fact, when Souma made his “Proclamation of Iron,” they were still enslaved as sex slaves.
If one were to ask why their release came that late, simply look to the dwarves.
Elves and dwarves are, since the time of legends, bitter enemies. When the dwarves began to rebel, they didn’t go as far as causing harm to the elven women, their arch enemies, but neither did they take the initiative to rescue them.
Because of that Souma only learned of their existence after finishing the “Proclamation of Iron” and checking the state of Bolnis for the sake of ambushing the impending punitive force.
Souma, who learned of the elven woman being kept as sex slaves, immediately freed them. And then he made them live in the rooms of the feudal lord’s official residence, where it was difficult for them to be exposed to public notice, and asked the female zoan warriors to look after them.
This handling of Souma was naturally something he decided upon after carefully considering their circumstances until now.
However, the elven women didn’t consider it like that.
They didn’t think of it as anything but them being gathered as loot in that house by their new human master who was accompanied by their archenemies, the dwarves.
However, no matter how long they waited, their new master never visited them. And not only that, there was no sign of any of their sisters being summoned to his bedroom. They could sense that even the female zoan, whom they believed at first to be surveillance, were quite worried about them.
As one and then two weeks passed in such state, the elven woman gradually started to feel anxious.
Something’s odd.
Originally it was a situation that should be delightful for them, but the eleven women, who had a pessimistic outlook because of their circumstances, hallucinated that they fell into some kind of unimaginable, frightening trap.
This misunderstanding was also owed to Souma’s carelessness.
Originally he should have explained the “Proclamation of Iron” to them at the time when he released them. Also, he received reports from the female zoan about the condition of the elven woman being weird and about them still secluding themselves in their rooms. He had as much time as he wanted to take measures.
However, Souma left them alone and didn’t make any kind of moves either.
Yet, that was only reasonable.
That’s because Souma never experienced befriending women so far. Not just that, even at school he only talked with male friends, and if you exclude regular greetings, he wouldn’t be able to bring up any other name but that of his mother if he were to be asked about a member of the opposite sex with whom he had a normal conversation.
It was probably only natural for Souma, who was so inexperienced with women, to be timid about meeting with the elven women who thoroughly experienced the hardship of falling prey to the human male’s lust.
Even though Souma also believed that to be wrong, he ended up delaying and delaying to deal with the elven women, using the approaching punitive force as excuse.
At the time when the anxiousness between the elven woman gradually became worse while such a pending state continued, a single woman finally started to do something about it.
Her name was Eladia, a high-class elven prostitute who was sold here from distant imperial soil.


In a place that was slightly more south than the imperial capital located in the continent’s centre where the emperor lives.
A dense, ancient forest that no human approached.
However, that’s a story from the past. Nowadays you will only find there a huge arsenal. It was single handedly responsible for producing the arms of the imperial army during the warring periods, when the Empire had just founded its nation. The ground, which was covered by lichens like a carpet in the past, has become a barren red soil, which had been dug up in order to collect ores, and the big trees, which spread their branches and leaves towards the sky, have been felled without leaving a single one standing. The whole area had been reduced to a ruined plot of land. No traces of the old days are to be found there anymore.
That long lost ancient forest is the birthplace where Eladia spent her life until she became a young girl.
On that day, when the imperial army attacked the forest in their desire to eradicate a sub-race and to expand their domain, her life made a huge turn.
Not only was her birthplace reduced to ashes and her father killed, but Eladia, who was captured by the imperial army, was put into an iron cage together with her sisters in the same circumstances, and taken to the stone capital called imperial capital.
And there Eladia was put up for sale at an auction.
The one who won the bid for her was an old man with a body that was withered like that of a dead tree. He was an elder close to death with the god of death’s fingers wrapped around his neck, but she remembers that only his eyes were glaringly shining with greasy lust.
The night of the day she was sold at the auction, Eladia had her virginity stolen by the old man.
Even after that she was raped every night. If she had just a little bit of a defiant or opposing attitude, the old man relentlessly hit her with his cane. Those days were as if she were watching an unending nightmare.
Before long, within such hell, Eladia noticed that she had split herself into two.
One was her own body which was getting raped as usual, embraced and entangled with the old man on top of his bed.
And the other was her other self that dispassionately looked down upon that scenery from above.
It was a mysterious sensation where she lost any link to reality, as if she was appreciating the terrible events of the hateful tragedy with the protagonist being a doll that looked exactly like her.
That was likely a defensive action Eladia took in an attempt to protect her heart by pushing the wretched, painful experiences onto her flesh and disconnecting her own consciousness from that.
It’s not clear whether that was a good or bad idea, but at least Eladia stopped crying.
A short time after that the old man ended up dying quickly. It’s an irony that the death of the old man, who was somewhat delusional, was caused by him shortening his life by drowning in Eladia’s body.
Eladia, who was once again put up for sale in an auction, was purchased by another man and raped by him as well. As that repeated itself many times, Eladia learned the techniques to entice men and make them enjoy sex with her.
All of it was for the sake of honoring her father’s last words.
She couldn’t save all elves. In that case she at least had to save her own sisters whom she could catch sight of. For that sake she had to at least suitably affect the disgusting human males who deeply desired her.
Maybe you could call it fortunate, but Eladia had grown into an outstanding beauty, even among the elves.
Her long blonde hair that had grown down to around her hips while waving slightly, giving one the impression of a golden wheat field rustling in the wind. Her skin, white like freshly squeezed milk, that softly sticks to a finger like the thread of a spider upon touch. Her slender eyebrows that look as if a straight line was drawn with a writing brush, and her neatly shaped nose bridge. Her lips with their slight thickness are sensual and along with her deep, emerald eyes, she is able to melt the heart of any man.
A poet with a reasonably renowned name in the empire formerly expressed her beauty in such a way.
Eladia continued to enslave countless men with her beauty as weapon.
And then, while she was owned by the king of a certain large country affiliated with the Empire, she made use of her beauty and her completely mastered wiles just as usual, and tried to appeal for the livelihood of her sisters to be improved, even if only for a bit.
However, an unexpected hindrance came into play.
It was the queen who flew into a jealous rage.
The king, who seemed to surround himself with sub-race prostitute beauties, almost completely neglected the conjugal relationship. The empress being the empress, she sometimes made out with male slaves.
As a matter of fact, that empress possessed a number of lovers and male slaves that surpassed the number of fingers on both her hands, but even so she apparently couldn’t stand her husband, the king, being infatuated with other women.
Choosing a time when the king was absent from the county on official business, the empress immediately summoned the imperial household’s slave dealer and sold Eladia off. For the empress to sell Eladia to the slave dealer instead of killing her off wasn’t out of compassion.
In this era the imperial citizens perceived the central area of the continent, where the Empire lies, as the centre of the world and they labelled the western region of the continent, where Holmea is located at, as uncivilized, savage lands. The empress wasn’t content with just killing Eladia, she tried to turn her into a plaything of barbarians.

“I will have that loose body being toyed with to the utmost by ugly barbarians.”

Even the verbal abuse by the empress filled with all scorn she had to offer at the time she was handed over to the slave dealer didn’t cause Eladia to feel the slightest bit of humiliation. Not only that, she even admired how ugly a human could become due to being twisted by hatred, albeit the beauty of the empress was extolled as that of a blooming rose.
From Eladia’s point of view, who had as usual detached her consciousness from her body, this also was no more than a part of the hateful tragic events appreciated by her as bystander.
The boat trip from the empire to the western region wasn’t bad by any means. The treatment of elves, who are high-priced merchandise, was worlds apart from that of the other slaves. Especially the treatment of Eladia, who was a high-class prostitute that kept even royalty company, was exceptional.
Once Eladia, who finally arrived in a country called Jeboa after passing several months on ship, was introduced in an advertisement calling her “The elven beauty that came from the Empire” by the slave dealer, she garnered wide-spread rumors in a flash.
However, the selling price attached to her was a staggering amount of money even for a beautiful, elven high-class prostitute. If you consider her beauty and personal history, it was a valid pricing, but as might be expected the wealthy merchants and high-ranking nobles hesitated, causing even the slave dealer in question to believe that she wouldn’t be sold immediately.
And yet a buyer immediately came forward.
It was the slave dealer of Holmea’s royal family.
He searched for a slave that would become the centerpiece of the birthday festival of Holmea’s king, Warius Sadoma Holmeanis, which would be held in around one month. For this slave dealer, Eladia was truly the ideal slave. The slave dealer, who was satisfied with this unexpected harvest, decided to depart Jeboa earlier than scheduled in order to deliver Eladia to the king as fast as possible.
And then, in Bolnis, the city of Holmea Eladia visited first, she met with Souma.


Author’s Notes:

Finally the entry of elves. I’m afraid to say, but they are muscular (T/N: Lies Mr. Author! Read your own fuckin’ chapter, filled with hundred of words depicting how that blonde bimbo is an outrageous beauty!!)
After I write about the meeting between Eladia and Souma in the latter part, we will once again return to the battlefield.
Also, the reason why Darius wasn’t able to notice the existence of the elves is a result of various coincidences overlapping with each other.

Souma 「Proclamation of Iron!」
The zoan dwarves and dinosaurians 「Give us iron!」
Tutu’s spy 「The three brawny races caused a rebellion!」
The elves 「(´・ω・`) in slave room」
Darius 「Advance towards Bolnis!」
A citizen who escaped the city 「There were around 1000 people of nothing but the three muscular races!」
The elves 「(´・ω・`) in feudal lord mansion」
The elves 「We are going to fight for the sake of Souma-sama! (`・ω・´) *shakin* in encampment」
Darius 「F-From where did the elves pop out?!」


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