Chapter 1 – Story 72.5: Character Sheet

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【Key Characters】

Kizaki Souma

The protagonist of this novel. He was a common boy who simply liked games, light novels and manga very much, but after being summoned to the Seldeas Continent by Aura, the Goddess of Death and Destruction, he becomes her divine son.
When he suffered, unable to adapt to the world to which he had been summoned, he’s saved by a zoan girl called Shyemul. Because of that debt of gratitude, he ended up fighting against the humans’ military forces to save the zoan’s 〈Fang Clan〉 that was about to be destroyed.
Starting with the 「Battle of Hoghnareah Hill」, where he reduced 800 soldiers of Holmea’s army to ash, he went through the 「Capture of the Plains Fortress」, the 「Slave Revolt of Bolnis」 and 「Bolnis’ Decisive Battle」, resulting in him being fearfully called 「Divine Son of Destruction」 at last.
After his death he’s regarded as mass-murderer, the worst destroyer in history, but that reality hasn’t come to pass yet.
His blessing as divine child is his inability to destroy or damage all kinds of objects and people with his own hands.

Fagul Garguss Shyemul

A cheerful zoan girl with chestnut-colored fur. She’s a proud warrior, referred to as 《Noble Fang》.
Due to her earnest and stubborn character of never bending her will, no matter what obstacles might lie in her way, once she has decided on something, there are many situations where her elder brother Garam worries about her.
She was captured by the humans after getting injured by a stray arrow when the zoan attacked the Plains Fortress, but because of that she had her fated meeting with Souma who had been just summoned to Seldeas. After that, she got in contact with Souma’s personality, resulting in her accepting him as her 「Navel Master」 while fully devoting all of herself to him.
Going by the aesthetic sense of the zoan, she seems to be a peerless beauty.
Shyemul’s blessing is the protection of her own pride by the Beast God. In exchange for becoming unable to act contrary to her pride, people, who try to hurt her pride using improper means, are struck by calamity.
Although it might be called calamity, it’s most of the times something modest, but there’s also the case of death in agony like the company commander of the Plains Fortress due to acts of hurting Shyemul’s honor.


Fagul Garguss Garam

A black-furred warrior who is Shyemul’s elder brother and the clan chief of the Fang Clan, one of the 12 zoan clans. A distinctive sword cut scar runs from his brows, down along the nose bridge to the right cheek. Not only is he a highly superior warrior, who’s young and even called the strongest of the plains, but he’s known for his high pride and bravery, gathering respect from warriors of the other clans.

Kraga Bigana Zurgu

A red-furred warrior, clan chief of the Claw Clan, one of the 12 zoan clans. His left eye was crushed by Garam during an exhibition match.
He’s a feared, ferocious warrior going by the name 《Mad Claw》, possessing an ability as warrior comparable with that of Garam. A deep rivalry against Garam, who is referred to as the plains strongest while being of the same generation, burned in his heart, but after getting a feel on the bigger image seen by Souma, he starts to stand by Garam’s side instead.
After his death he’s regarded as brave general extolled as 《Arm of Wrath》, one of the Seven Arms.

Fagul Jagata Gulkaka

A red-furred zoan of the Fang Clan.
A warrior in the prime of his life, who served Garam’s father, the previous clan chief, as right-hand man. Although he could have become clan chief after Garam’s father’s death, he’s a peculiar man who supports Garam as clan chief as his advisor.
His nickname is 《Tenacious Fang》.

Fagul Unuka Gajeeta

A young warrior of the Fang Clan. Because of his unyielding spirit and his strong confidence in himself, he directly said what he thought, even if the other party might have been an adult warrior. In return, he gathered the support of the young zoan harboring rebellious feelings towards the adults. After Garam became the clan chief, he rose into a leader-like position for the young warriors.
However, being utterly defeated after arbitrarily attacking the human encampment, he finally went on a rampage in the human fortress, trying to recover his lost reputation, and lost an arm after suffering heavy injuries. Thereafter he fled from the village and his whereabouts are unknown as of yet.

Fagul Gulshata Shahata

The sole zoan among within the Fang Clan who works as hunter using a bow.
As he can’t run because of an injury from his childhood, he learned archery.
Because bows were looked down upon as weapons of cowards by the zoan, he still hadn’t been recognized as warrior, spending his days in depression.
But, in the Hoghnareah Hill battle he magnificently accomplished the important duty of setting the buildings ablaze with fire arrows, recovering his pride in the process. Feeling a deep debt of gratitude to Souma, who gave him the opportunity for that, he becomes his guard.

Manuyn Gujatara Banuka

A young zoan of the Mane Clan. His father is the clan chief Manuyn Gujatara Bararak.
He’s a spoiled boy that sometimes fails to sense the mood with his words and actions, but he doesn’t forget to pay attention to clan members with kindness. He’s a disappointing person, who always puts great effort into things while having a desire to improve himself, but ends up wasting his time with fruitless efforts instead.
He’s harboring feelings of love and respect – close to faith – towards Shyemul.

Kraga Bunuka Shishul

A small girl with mandarin-orange fur belonging to the Claw Clan. She’s Zurgu’s niece.
After Garam became the Great Clan Chief, she was nominated as his adjutant by Zurgu. She’s devotedly working as Garam’s aide.
Her being recommended as aide was a move to drown out any anxiety towards the Claw Clan and thus took the shape of her being partially seen as a hostage, but she’s been attracted to Garam, a hero who defeated her uncle Zurgu, for some time now without minding the inter-clan circumstances.

Wai Zanuka Shunpa

A gentle, middle-aged woman who is the younger sister of the Head Priestess of the Eye Clan.
She gets in contact with the other clans in exchange for the Head Priestess who can’t leave the soil of their ancestors, holding a position similar to that of a diplomat. There exists an old friendship between her and the Elder, the Fang Clan’s priestess.

The Elder (Fagul Mahanunu Katchjuka)

A mischievous old woman serving as the priestess of the Fang Clan. Because she couldn’t have a child as priestess, she considers Shyemul, who went through difficult times after becoming the Beast God’s divine child, like her own daughter.

Jeeta & Shyepoma

A very young pair of siblings, older brother and younger sister, of the Fang Clan.

【Other Races】


A dwarf who was the Warrior Leader in the perished Obsidian Kingdom. He was bought and freed as slave that drifted to Holmea by Souma, who evaluated him as a talented person, for the sake of causing a disturbance within Bolnis. He feels deep gratitude towards Souma who allowed him to regain his pride as warrior.
Not only is he known for his bravery, but he’s also a skilled artisan who ran his own workshop in his home country.
After his death he is extolled as 《Arm of Gluttony》, one of the Seven Arms.

Jahangil Hesam Jalji

Being freed during the slave revolt in Bolnis, he’s a warrior of the Tyranno species of the dinosaurians who fought under Souma after his liberation.
His military prowess is regarded as the strongest in Souma’s group. However, because of his common and frank manner of speaking and his words and deeds that don’t consider the consequences as dinosaurian, he’s a very disappointing man recognised as “Troublesome Fellow” by everyone.

Meflazard Hesam Jalji

Jahangil’s son. He’s the eldest of three – a passionate warrior who uses two katana.

Niyusharl Hesam Jalji

Jahangil’s son. He’s the second eldest of three – a taciturn warrior who uses an iron cane.

Palsharl Hesam Jalji

Jahangil’s son. He’s the youngest of three – a calm warrior who uses a pike.

Eladia Oldwood

A peerless elven beauty. She holds the painful past of having been kept as sex slave for many years in the Empire. She was liberated in the process of Bolnis’ slave emancipation, making her feel a very deep obligation towards Souma.
She works as commanding officer of a unit called Black Elven Archers, composed of the elven women who were liberated alongside her.
She always shows a sociable smile, but that makes her a slightly scary woman.

Pipi Toto Gigi

A female harpyian warrior with cobalt-blue feathers and wings. On a first glance she looks like a little girl, but she’s a fully-fledged adult woman. Being far away from her home, she’s recently worried about being unable to eat grilled Big Hornworms, her favorite dish.

【Characters related to Holmea】


A platoon leader who stayed in the fortress in the Solbiant Plains. He’s the one who brought Souma, who had just been summoned to this world, to the fortress after finding him. It’s known as the first recorded sighting of Soma in the history of Seldeas.
Currently he’s staying in Bolnis because of his superior officer Marchronis.


A company commander aide of Holmea’s army who was stationed in the fortress in the Solbiant Plains. As result of his superior, the company commander, dying in agony due to Shyemul’s blessing, he became the one in charge of the fortress against his expectations. After the fortress fell to a surprise attack by the zoan led by Souma, he has become a military advisor-like existence for Souma.


The Holmean soldier that tried to exterminate the Fang Clan while leading a battalion of 800 soldiers. The battalion was annihilated by Souma’s fire raid and he lost his life to the stone throwing by the zoan.

Darius Brutus

A veteran general hailed as Holmea’s best general. He led an army in order to subjugate Souma’s group that had occupied Bolnis, but ended up losing his standing after being defeated by Souma’s clever schemes.


A young man expected to become Darius’ successor. In the decisive battle over Bolnis he became a rear guard to allow Darius to escape and died in action.


A commoner soldier who fought under Darius for many years. Alongside Marius he became a rear guard to allow Darius to escape and died in action.

Warius Sadoma Holmeanis

The present king of Holmea.
He’s a neurotic, hot-tempered person. At the moment he considered Darius, whom he had granted the highest honor as soldier in advance, as disgrace, he became the ruler of a ruined country that drove away Darius into house arrest in order to make him take responsibility for his defeat in the decisive battle over Bolnis.

Vulitas Sadoma Holmeanis

The younger brother of King Warius. Not only was he incompetent and gutless, but also a fool beyond saving who was only seeking pleasure. He received a soft exile as feudal lord of Bolnis due to his many mismanagements. Now that Bolnis has surrendered to Souma, he’s confined to a room in the feudal lord’s mansion.







Holmea’s commissioned officers who fought in the decisive battle over Bolnis under Darius.

【People related to the Holy Faith】


A priest of the Holy Faith. Souma and Shyemul met by chance due to his wiles.
Because of a careless remark, he was put into a predicament and ended up being shot to death by Darius who got enraged by his words.

Leader of the Heretics (Pitablos)

In the past he wielded power as one of the three Great Priests, but after losing to Great Priest Austravis in a political strife, he was banished from the Holy City alongside his family.
Harboring deep grudges due to that, he abandoned the Holy Faith together with his family, and changed his belief to Aura, the Goddess of Death and Destruction, praying that she might bring calamity upon the Holy City and the Great Priests.
In the middle of that ritual Kizaki Souma was summoned, making him believe that his desire had been granted, but he was killed by Setius who came to subjugate them after learning of their crimes.

Great Priest Austravis

A divine child of the Human God and one of the Holy Faith’s three Great Priests in the Empire.
His blessing as divine child allows for his own voice to reach all the people in a place with the same size as the Cardinal Plaza located in the Holy City.

【Other Characters】


A merchant who ran a business as peddler in the outskirts of Bolnis. At the time when he tried to go sell his merchandise in the Plains Fortress, trying to strike it rich, he was caught by Souma’s group. With his wife and child taken hostage, he acted as Souma’s assistant for scouting out Bolnis. At present his family has been released and they are heading together to the neighboring nation Romania.


A greedy, brutal slave dealer who took up residence in Bolnis. Misunderstanding Souma as son of a wealthy merchant, he sold Dvalin at a low price to him. After that he was killed by the slaves who started a revolt.


A mysterious young man who lost both of his arms. He worked as spy for Darius because his well-developed connections to the underworld, but his objective is another. Feeling his interest piqued by the “Proclamation of Iron” and even more so due to Darius’ defeat, he harbors an uncommon interest in Souma.
A woman called Damia serves as his guard.


A tall woman acting as guard and taking care of Tutu’s daily life. Her military prowess allows her to take down several male soldiers in an instant.


Aura, Goddess of Death and Destruction

She’s the goddess who killed the Creator and gave birth to The Seven.
When she appears in front of people, she has the figure of a little girl wearing a simple white clothing. She’s the mastermind who summoned Souma from modern Japan. However, her true objective remains unknown.

God of Fire

The god who gave birth to the dinosaurians.
He appears donning the figure of a crimson-scaled dragon.

Goddess of Water

The goddess who gave birth to the marmen.
She has the form of a fish similar to a white dolphin.

Goddess of Earth

The goddess who gave birth to the dwarves.
She appears as insect possessing a rock-like carapace.

God of Wind

The god who gave birth to the elves.
He appears in the shape of a big tree with a face in his trunk.

Beast God

The god who gave birth to the zoan.
He materializes as lion possessing a horn on his forehead.

Bird God

The god who gave birth to the harpyians.
He appears as dodo with tail feathers in all seven prismatic colors.

Human God

The god who gave birth to the humans.
He appears as shining giant.


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