Chapter 78 – Friendship Visit Group

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“Friendship Visit Group?” (Wendelin)

“Yea, I participated ten years ago as well, but this time you have been nominated too, Earl Baumeister.” (Armstrong)

Around two months after holding the marriage ceremony, I heard the story about the Friendship Visit Group which will be dispatched to the neighbouring country, Holy Empire Urquhart, from doushi in my mansion in Baulburg.

“I will join, too?” (Wendelin)

“Earl Baumeister, you are a celebrity, thus there’s the order from His Majesty to have you participate by all means. Also, it seems that extends to Katharina-dono, too.” (Armstrong)

“Me too? I shall do my best to meet your expectations.” (Katharina)

It seems the Friendship Visit Groups are dispatched by both countries with a scale of around 200 people each once every 10 years.
The previous time of Helmut Kingdom is 10 years ago and for Holy Empire Urquhart it’s 5 years ago.
Although it’s 10 years for both, it has apparently adapted a visiting system of either side visiting either side every 5 years like summer and winter Olympics.
I heard about such event existing, but it didn’t become even a topic of talks in my parent’s family’s home.
Since it was unlikely that we would be called, it finished with saying that we are unrelated.
Most likely father and mother should have been aware of it in a corner of their minds.

“Is it something like “Let’s get along with each other as there’s no war anymore”?” (Wendelin)

“There’s that as well, but in a certain sense you can also say that there is a war.” (Armstrong)

Each side brings along great products and new technologies, both sides are apparently aiming for comments like 『Those have been developed by us. Are you jealous? Look!』.
It seems to be some kind of event to enhance national prestige.
Given that there are things like revisions of trade negotiations, this could also be called a war with the name political negotiations.

“Of course there’s also the announcement of excellent magicians!” (Armstrong)

As understandable after seeing the dispute with the Margrave Browig household, a magician, who can use wide-area advanced level spells, is able to overturn a war situation at times.
Actually, if both armies clash into each other, it won’t be possible for one side to be that easily dominating since there is almost the same number of magicians with the same ranks on both sides, but if one side has many excellent magicians, it will turn into an advantage during the progress of the battle.
Announcing those abilities apparently serves the purpose of preventing a war by being militarily pressured by the other side.

“The last time I led the magicians!” (Armstrong)

It’s only natural if you consider doushi’s strength, or rather, one might think that they will hesitate to start a war once they see it.
At any rate, he is the biggest deterrence on this continent.

“Did Burkhart-san ever attend there?” (Wendelin)

“Of course I was invited. If Alf was still alive, he would have been invited though.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san, who came to the mansion together with doushi, answers my question.
Basically a magician is apparently not invited if they are a noble themselves or if it’s unacceptable as employee of a noble.
Since Burkhart-san was employed by Margrave Breithilde instead of master, he was together with doushi for around three weeks after being invited to it.

“Now that I think about it, I’m an acquaintance of Burkhart-dono since that time.” (Armstrong)

“(I at least knew his face since before that. It seemed that he was a friend of Alf…)” (Burkhart)

“And, actually meeting him at the Friendship Visit Group, I became speechless at that time due to the strong character of doushi”, Burkhart-san explained to me the circumstances in a whisper.

“This time the employed me was called as well.” (Burkhart)

“Is it alright for so many magicians to leave?” (Wendelin)

“Until now it was fine. Besides, stuff like this shows the backbone of a country.” (Burkhart)

Even the brief announcements of special spells and magic battles will be carried out at a welcome party venue.
Military authorities of both sides at that venue measure the abilities and numbers of the magicians who are affiliated to their currently imaginary enemy.
Since magicians, who earn their income in the private economy, won’t attend due to it being a bother for them, it’s mostly an obligation for magicians who are employed by the kingdom and nobles.
Serving at the court promises stability, but being unable to oppose such order might be a shortcoming.

“That means you can also call it a kind of war.” (Burkhart)

“That sounds serious.” (Wendelin)

“Be that as it may, until now there weren’t any troubles. Right, doushi?” (Burkhart)

“That’s right. After appropriately revealing the spells, sightseeing is the main.” (Armstrong)

Given that we are magicians, we have more free time than the group of nobles and government officials of other commerces and industries.
For them there are things like technology exchanges and renewals of import/export agreements, but it’s fine if a magician simply presents their magic.
As the rest is sightseeing, doushi explained that the main will mostly be playing around.

“You can say that there are some kinds of sightseeing tours. Earl Baumeister, it’s fine for you to go with the feeling of going on a trip while taking your wives along.” (Armstrong)

“Is it alright to take the family along?” (Wendelin)

“If you are a noble, there’s absolutely no problem!” (Armstrong)

Although there will be around 200 members in the entourage, the participating numbers will increase because everyone takes their subordinates, secretaries and guards along.
Especially the important nobles increase the numbers since they take even their wives and retainers along.

“Anticipating that, there will be two large magic airships chartered. Thus there’s no problem!” (Armstrong)

As it’s a national event, they won’t make an oversight in such matters.
It was decided that the Friendship Visit Group will be transported by mobilizing reserve magic airships.

“Just right for the honeymoon, isn’t it? Everyone thinks that as well, right?” (Wendelin)

“True. A travel to Holy Empire Urquhart is a precious occasion.” (Elise)

Elise, who poured maté tea in everyone’s empty teacups, replies to my question.
There’s also the matter of it still being a ceasefire. The personnel from both sides isn’t allowed to leave either capital city, but since it’s a travel to the sole existing foreign country, the Friendship Visit Group boasted of a secret popularity.
As it’s just trade, which unifies a state by exchanging private relations, there are many people who are eager to go with the nobles and merchants.
It has already been carried out more than 20 times, but particular troubles haven’t occurred.
That means we are able to have a safe vacation abroad.

“However, will the entourage be limited or regulated?” (Wendelin)

Since not everyone can take along dozens of people, the numbers of the entourage will be first decided after the requests have been submitted.
It seems that great nobles can bring along many people, but they will be regarded coldly by the surroundings if only they bring along too many.
Since the prescription in that matter is troublesome, I decide to dump it completely on Roderich.

“Someone like me went alone because that’s too troublesome.” (Armstrong)

“(That is because doushi likely wants to enjoy travelling alone though)” (Wendelin)

Given that it’s travelling to a foreign country, it might have been his wish for a feeling of freedom.
Before that, there’s the fundamental question 『Does doushi, who is the ultimate stand-alone combat soldier, require any guards?』 though.

“We are fine with the usual line-up, I think.” (Wendelin)

Things are advancing favourably, but since we are developing the Savage Lands and Herthania Valley at the same time, it will cause a heavy burden on Roderich, whom I have entrusted with that, if we take too many people along even if it’s only as guards.
Me, Erw and my wives are probably enough.

“Yes, if it’s at the level of simple housework, we will handle that.”

Since we have even slept outdoors at the times of working as adventurers, there was no necessity to take maids along unreasonably.
As Dominique is newly-wed as well, it would likely be better to increase her free time currently.
Lately we have caused her a lot of troubles.
The new maid, Rhea, revealed an expression of wanting to go as well, but if we suddenly took a newcomer to a foreign country, it might cause friction between the other maids.
Besides, this time a maid isn’t particularly necessary.

“Wilma, what do you think?” (Wendelin)

“I look forward to the meals.” (Wilma)

“Those will be there.” (Wendelin)

Since it’s a slightly cold northern country, it was very likely for us to encounter different dishes and ingredients there.

“The Holy Empire Urquhart is overwhelmingly superior as for the domestically produced seafood of the oceans.”

In addition there might also be some good ingredients and recipes.
If it suits my palate, I will gladly negotiate for its import.

“How about you, Luise?” (Wendelin)

“It’s our honeymoon. There won’t be any problems since we will be there as guards.” (Luise)

Luise, who most recently matched doushi in power, replies while pushing out her chest of which she doesn’t have overly much.
Even so, they have become a bit bigger after marrying, but there were many people who didn’t notice it even among her close acquaintances.

“You, Katharina?” (Wendelin)

“It’s an honour to be chosen for the Friendship Visit Group. I will exhibit my magic to my heart’s content.” (Katharina)

If it’s Katharina, she will doubtlessly say that, I thought.
The family head of the Waigel household, which had fallen once, was chosen as member of the Friendship Visit Group to which a normal noble isn’t nominated readily.

“Ina, are there some nice sightseeing spots?” (Wendelin)

“The Köln* Cathedral or the Large Morning Market of Shitamachi*; there are other smaller, passable tourist attractions as well.” (Ina) (T/N: Köln = Cologne .. the author explicitly used the city’s name here. The cathedral over there is called “Kölner Dom.” Shitamachi is the low-lying area of eastern Tokyo near Tokyo Bay, I could change it into a German name but I’m kind not sure what’s good for Urquhart yet)

Ina looked at a book called 『Margrave Breithilde’s Bardiche Traveller’s Journal』 which was brought by Burkhart-san.
Having been chosen as member of the previous Friendship Visit Group, Margrave Breithilde collected his observed information in a private book.
The contents have turned into a sightseeing guide which was made quite well.
Margrave Breithilde seems to be a person of the literal arts after all.

“I’m looking forward to it.”


“Hey, this is more or less my job, however…”

It was unusual for Burkhart-san to only talk seriously, but he will carry out the necessary public works and serious arrangements together with Roderich since there are matters to handle during my absence as well.
Especially the road improvement and mining help in Herthania Valley is a hard struggle.
Even this is for an enjoyable honeymoon abroad.
It was decided that the participants will only be the usual members.
The matters regarding ourselves can be handled by us. It’s also wrong to increase the numbers excessively since it has been decided how many can board the ships.
As we have a shortage of labour, I wanted to avoid taking even a single guard if possible.

“If there’s Erw, Luise and Wilma, common guards are unnecessary.” (Wendelin)

“That’s true, isn’t it?”

“Them not being there is honeymoon-like.”

Also, there’s the matter of us cutting the share of other nobles if we increase our entourage.
If we increase the entourage even though being newcomers, who completely profited from ores with mithril being the main appearing in Herthania Valley, it would be a reason for us being very likely trash-talked with 『The upstarts are impertinent!』.
Nobles are truly troublesome creatures.
It was basically a suggestion to go without guards and Roderich approved it while being reluctant.

“Please ignore the other nobles and escape with magic if something happens.” (Roderich)

“Does that happen?” (Wendelin)

“It does. That’s why there are nobles who increase their guards by even using the quota of other people’s entourage.” (Roderich)

As a noble is responsible for their own life, the public won’t complain or anything at the time when their own lord died while other nobles survived.
On the contrary, it will finish with them being blamed with 『Isn’t that because you lot’s guard arrangement was no good?』.

“Even if we increase it somewhat, annihilation will be inevitable if the Holy Empire Urquhart feels like it.” (Wendelin)

Since we are going to be isolated in the midst of the enemy, you could say that the difference in guard numbers was meaningless.
Besides, so far troubles haven’t occurred even once.

“Even so, high-ranking nobles, who have a history, try to increase their attendants because of their pride. Well, neither Lord-sama nor Katharina-sama need that, but…” (Roderich)

We are participating in the name of His Majesty. It can’t be expected that Holy Empire Urquhart’s side doesn’t know of the achievements, I have obtained until now.
If the people themselves come, the other side might selfishly kick up a fuss, Roderich explained.

“Such a thing. That means something might happen in worst case, right?”

“To the bitter end it’s in worst case. Both countries are profiting from the ceasefire except a part of the authorities.”

No matter which world, there exist people who try to gain profits from war. Except for such people, the current state of ceasefire is desirable ((for the majority)).
By possessing occupied territories crossing over the gigantic crevice, the costs for defence will become too expensive.
As it’s indispensable to urgently transport soldiers if something happens, they would have to be able to always move large magic airships.

“Even for Holy Empire Urquhart having lost the southern territories, which were across the gigantic crevice, was good in regards to benefits. However, since it was a defeat, it looks like there’s a fixed number of emotional expedition advocates among a part of the military authorities.”

“After all there are ((such people)) in our country as well, right?”

“Such groups are in any country. They are also among the nobles possessing territories in the north. And even among the troops of the central government. They don’t have the influence decide a dispatch of troops by the kingdom, but…”

No matter which world, such extremists aren’t rare.
We, who considered that there’s no other way even if we worry about it, began to prepare for our departure in a hurry.


“Ooh! It’s size isn’t inferior to Stadtburg.”

One week later, we had an unbroken view on Bardiche, the capital city of Holy Empire Urquhart, from atop the deck of a large magic airship which was prepared by the kingdom’s government.
According to documents, Bardiche was only a bit above in size and population compared to Stadtburg.
The visible buildings had mostly only few differences to the properties of the Helmut Kingdom style, but there are some among the visible buildings that had, what is called on Earth, structures of Islam style, India style, Chinese style and Japanese style.
It seems Holy Empire Urquhart is a mix of various cultures.

“It’s a multi-ethic culture?” (Wendelin)

“Looks like it. It’s written in the book that Holy Empire Urquhart was established by unifying many small countries.” (Ina)

Ina, who was next to me, informs me of the contents which are written in 『Margrave Breithilde’s Bardiche Traveller’s Journal』.

“Who is chosen as emperor from the seven Duke households, who hold the titles of prince-electors, seems to be a relic of that ((time)).”

An Imperial family exists in the capital city as well more or less, but it appears like once in every 3~4 times an emperor is born who is originating from the imperial family.
The rest is chosen from among the prince-electors, who announced their candidacy, at a vote by the members belonging to the Noble’s Congress.
That means there is a partial electoral system, however this was also the proof that the power of their central government wasn’t as strong as that of Helmut Kingdom.

“They have various circumstances due to the country, huh? Well, I don’t care as I have my hands full with the matters concerning my own territory.” (Wendelin)

Right after that the large magic airships arrived at a port which is located in the outskirts of Bardiche.
Once we disembark the ship, we receive a welcome from Holy Empire Urquhart.
A military bands performs the national anthem of Helmut Kingdom and many nobles express welcoming words one after the other.
This part doesn’t seem to be overly different from the nations on Earth.

“It looks like the magicians have been strengthened this time, Armstrong-doushi-dono.”

“It might be called as the start of young talents sprouting, Blatson-dono*?” (Armstrong) (T/N: Burattoson)

“He’s the dragon slaying hero-dono? He’s young. Oops, excuse me. I’m called Alley Blatson. For the time being I’m the Head Magician of this country.” (Blatson)

A magician of Holy Empire Urquhart calls out to the group of 20 magicians which included me.
A slender elder with an age of around 60 years, who had his silver-grey hair swept back and wore an ashen robe, introduced himself as Imperial Head Magician.
His amount of mana is probably slightly above Burkhart-san’s?
Going by the visible impression, he looks like he possesses quite the ability.
He is likely the same type of a 『skilful and clever』 magician like Burkhart-san.

“However, isn’t there too many magicians?” (Blatson)

Blatson’s line of sight turned towards my wives who are with me.
As my wives’ mana increased after they did it with me, there were actually magicians among those travelling on the magic airship who were annoying.

『Who knows? Why is that so? I want to know that as well. We had a normal vessel matching though.』 (Wendelin)

I deceived them by saying that, but they gained mana to the degree of Elise being in the middle of advanced level, Katharina approaching close to doushi in mana capacity, even Luise being mostly equal to Burkhart-san and Ina as well as Wilma having risen to intermediate level.
That mystery was very interesting for the magicians, but we swindled them by deliberately giving them the slip.
They are unable to do something like forcibly examine us anyway.

『(I will definitely take it with me to my grave).』 (Wendelin)

That’s because the majority of the attending magicians is male.
I don’t want to have something like anal sex with them either. There’s also the aspect of it being a bad joke if there was no effect after doing it by force.
Besides, there’s the issue that it’s treated as heresy by the church.
Once I secretly discussed this matter with Cardinal Hohenheim, I received the appreciated advice 『Evade it adequately. Also, make sure to be careful of women』.
As he’s also the grandfather of Elise, a situation appearing, where I have no choice but to make a move on women indiscriminately, is likely not desirable for him.
He declared that he will 『take it with him to his grave』 as well.

“As a matter of fact, my wives have blended in as well. They are no official group members though.” (Wendelin)

“Now that you mention it, 『Saint』-dono and 『Storm』-dono are your esteemed wives, aren’t they?” (Blatson)

After all, though they are in the empire, they do at least research the information of famous magicians in advance.

“I have practically become the person in charge of stuff like following-up during your stay and welcoming you magicians.” (Blatson)

The busy group members related to trade as well as exchange of technology and culture are handled by nobles and specialised government officials.
As time seemed precious for them, they started to move right away.

“We have free time except for tomorrow’s unveiling of magic. There’s no necessity to hurry that much.”

“Blatson, won’t you announce me soon as well?” (T/N: She uses an archaic way of expressing herself, will try to express it somewhat with my poor English skills)

“Excuse me for this, Therese-sama.” (Blatson)

“I cannot use magic, but I’m the chief executive even though just a figurehead. I welcome your tarriance from the bottom of mine own heart.” (Therese)

The woman, who showed up from behind Blatson-san, was a person where everyone could immediately see that she has a high-class social standing.
There was the manner of her speech itself. And, her attire and appearance give that impression as well.
With a height of around 170 cm, she is a characteristically sensual beauty with a dark brown, smooth skin, which I never saw in Helmut Kingdom, and she seems to be from Holy Empire Urquhart which is a multiracial nation.
Having her dark blonde hair extend down to her shoulders, her breasts don’t lose to those of Elise. From my point of view who was painted by lust for a long time after marrying, she was an attractive beauty that makes me think about something indiscreet like 『I absolutely want her to be my partner at least once』.

“Mine name is Duchess Therese Sigrid von Philip. I’m quaint much a prince-elector, but I have no heed in becoming the emperor.” (Therese)


“A female family head?” (Wendelin)

“Right. She has been recognised by our state.” (Blatson)

In Holy Empire Urquhart female emperors and noble family heads were allowed.
This is a fact which is also stated in 『Margrave Breithilde’s Bardiche Traveller’s Journal』 brought along by Ina.

“Such difference in culture is for sure enjoyable for a friendship tarriance, right? Or does your taste not permit such custom, Earl Baumeister-dono?” (Therese)

“No, there is no such thing.” (Wendelin)

Even at the trading company I worked at in my previous life, there were plenty of female employees.
Or rather, something like distinction by gender is irrelevant.
In short, there’s no problem if she’s suitable as family head.

“As simple concept, it’s fine as long as a magician can use magic.” (Blatson)

“You mean, it’s fine as long a feudal lord can govern their territory?” (Wendelin)

“It has no relation to gender and age, right?” (Blatson)

“That’s true as well. Well then, thus it means I became the one in charge here, but…” (Therese)

It seems that only Duchess Philip is a female family head among the prince-electors. If she’s in charge of our country’s group members, which mostly consist of other men, it might cause an unexpected friction.
Considering it like that, Blatson was sent around to be in charge of us.

“It doesn’t make any sense if a magician can’t use any magic. There is no distinction between women or men in that regard.” (Blatson)

“That is so.” (Therese)

It is said that there are few magicians who discriminate by gender instinctively.
However, that’s not the case if they were born with an upper pedigree. As a matter of fact, there are many men who are employed by the kingdom as magicians.
The majority of the magicians in this time’s Friendship Visit Group were men.
Actually, since women are well-attuned to their honest interests, there’s also the other reason that many of them are going ahead with the adventurer occupation, where they can earn money, rather than being employed which only guarantees them a salary and social standing.
Many of the female adventurers took the choice of working at a scale they are capable of while rearing children after earning as much money as possible until they marry.

“Even if we simply talk in this place, it’s a waste of time. Since I shall lead you to your lodging house, I want to invite you to a luncheon meeting after resting for a dram while.” (Therese)

Following her guidance, we travel by carriage to a guest house close to the Imperial palace which is located in the centre of Bardiche, but for some reason she boarded the same carriage as us.

“Umm… Is there no problem with you not being on the carriage with doushi and Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)

“Those elder gentlemen are unavoidably probing each other’s minds and getting excited in reminiscent discourse. A youth is better situated among fellow youths, right?” (Therese)

“(She speaks her mind without holding back anything…)” (Luise)

Luise leaked her true opinion in a whisper due to Duchess Philip saying too much.

“Those two did participate last time. Blatson was the Head Magician last timw as well. Those gents likely have various ((things to speak of)). Even if the still young me enters there, what’s the point of that?” (Therese)

“(Still young, huh…?)” (Wendelin)

I won’t ask as it’s bad manners to inquire about a woman’s age, but I wonder how old she might be?
She looks like at least 20, but in that case it will be weird for her to know about the circumstances of the previous Friendship Visit Group.

“I did succeed the Duke Philip household at the mere age of 10 back then as well. I was just a figurehead as child, but I fulfilled this role the last time, too.” (Therese)

Due to the sudden death of her father, it was the time when she, who is an only daughter, just finished succeeding the Duke Philip household.

“Really?” (Wendelin)

“Otherwise it’s not that easy to become a Duchess no matter how much one is recognised as family head.” (Therese)

In the end even Holy Empire Urquhart seems to prefer male succession.
Female succession being approved appears to be based on the way of thinking that the blood will weaken if it’s left to adopted children or those adopted into the family of one’s bride.
There seem to be some exceptions because of several other households, but that’s about it as for the detailed circumstances, Therese-sama explained.
Asking a person I met for the first time is something even I won’t do as they will think badly of me.

“However, that doushi is irrevocably the same as ever.” (Therese)

“Well, he is that sort of person after all…” (Wendelin)

Everyone’s feelings matched for the first time in regards to that topic.

“That gentleman hasn’t changed from 10 years ago at all.” (Therese)

Moreover, even his appearance is mostly the same, apparently.
As muscled daruma since the old times, I could imagine that he had an appearance that makes even yakuza run away.

“We shall arrive soon.” (Therese)

The carriage arrives at the guest house. The greeting employees and butlers guide us to our respective rooms.
Since I was an Earl, I was led to a quite spacious, luxurious room.
However, the single matter that catches my eye is the point of everyone being given a private room albeit Elise’s group is next to each other.

“If it’s married couples, won’t they get the same room, I wonder?” (Wendelin)

“Please, do not mind it and consider that point as expression of our welcome.” (Therese)

Once we rested for a bit after placing our luggage in the rooms, Duchess Philip herself picked us up telling us that the luncheon meeting is beginning.

“That’s an honour, but personally by you, Duchess Philip-sama?” (Wendelin)

“I have a paramount interest in you. I’m more or less a woman who did miss her chance to get married, but aren’t you glad that I keep you company without being that hard-hearted?” (Therese)

“No… Aren’t you beautiful, Duchess Philip-sama?” (Wendelin)

“I’m jolly happy to be told that by you. Well, then shall we go?” (Therese)

“Huh!?” (Wendelin)

No sooner than saying that, she starts to head towards the dining hall while pulling my hand.
Of course, since that’s not an action normally done by a Duchess, Elise and the others became speechless as well.

“Oh, yes, It is fine for you to address me as Therese.” (Therese)

“That is, as expected…” (Wendelin)

“Do not mind. It’s a wish of mine who possesses the authority to succeed His Majesty the Emperor as princess-elector. There are no boorish people, who shall publicly criticize it, in either country. And there’s no merit in minding something like malicious prattle.” (Therese)

She, who is amiable if compared to her usual social standing, coerces me into calling her by her name by mentioning her social rank as princess-elector at a time like this.
Without a doubt she should be a capable person as member of the imperial family and as noble, to whom someone like me is no match.

“Understood, Therese-sama.” (Wendelin)

“There’s no particular need for the -sama though. Well, there are the eyes of the public, thus it can’t be helped, I guess?” (Therese)

It seems I’m liked very much by this female Duchess-sama.
Even in the seating order at the luncheon meeting I was sitting next to Therese-sama who is located at what is called the birthday seat as organizer.
Doushi sits next to her on the opposite side and Burkhart-san apparently next to him.

“(Is that okay? For me to be in this seat?)” (Wendelin)

“(It’s not weird. If one considers your rank, Wendelin-sama.) (Elise)

Elise, who sits in the seat next to me on the opposite side of Therese-sama, tells me secretly.
Among the magicians here I, as Earl, have a rank that comes next after doushi.
Thus there’s no problem even if I sit next to Therese-sama like doushi.
Doushi is a viscount, but he is in such seat in his standing as Royal Head Magician which seems to be even equal with a Duchess.

“(My treatment is also that of a distinguished healing magician in the church).” (Elise)

There’s that as well. It means that she is next to me even though she isn’t an official member ((of the Friendship Visit Group)).
Katharina was sitting next to her. It was because she holds a peerage albeit it has an honorary attached to it.

“Well then, shall we have a toast? Praying for the eternal friendship between both countries, cheers.” (Therese)


After having a toast upon Therese-sama’s instruction, the rest was spending time eating while chatting.
The menu was a full course which used fish. This should come from the northern territories which are abundant in seafood.

“Mine own Philip Principality is located in the north. Thus it’s notorious for its dishes which use fish from the northern seas.” (Therese)

Because they are used to eating fish, the transport and processing of it is perfect as well. It was delicious without any fish smell at all.

“Was I able to please you, Earl Baumeister?” (Therese)

“Yes, I like fish after all.” (Wendelin)

Since I deliberately go to the extent of importing it by paying a high amount of money, that point was nothing but the deed of a Japanese himself.

“That is most wondrous. However, doushi, you don’t change.” (Therese)

“I have a still immature body, thus something like being beyond my prime doesn’t apply.” (Armstrong)

Usually he was like that, but as expected of the family head of an appointed Viscount household.
While eating the food with perfect table manners, he talked with Therese-sama.

“Therese-sama, you became beautiful.” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart, do you intend to court me? As ever of the newly-wed you.” (Therese)

“No, not at all. Such an outrageous thing.” (Burkhart)

“If I compare it to the shocking metamorphosis called getting married, Burkhart, mine own growth into adulthood is like a providence.” (Therese)

“You are the same as ever, Therese-sama.” (Burkhart)

Even though it’s after 10 years, those three are chatting quite intimately.
I wonder if there was some profoundly memorable incident between them?

“10 years ago I was a child. Since I had free time except for the official welcoming event, I had those two play with me.” (Therese)

Having those two serve as guards, Therese-sama took them along to tourist attractions she couldn’t go to usually.

“We did quite the absurd ((things)).”

“Let me tell you, but I prevented it in the beginning.”

“Somehow I can imagine it.”

Being in high spirits due to such playing around is clearly doushi’s category.
Since Burkhart-san couldn’t stop him, I believe it was the truth that he was attached as guard to her to at least try guarantee her safety if possible.

“Thanks to that, I was able to go out playing safely. It’s truly the grace of magicians. By the way, is it fine for me to ask one thing?” (Therese)

“What is it?”

“I have heard that Burkhart is likely the most well-informed about magic among this group, but something strange took place before…” (Therese)

That was during the time when Therese-sama set out to her inspection of the territory as usual.

“For several years the seafood of the north enjoys a most wondrous popularity in the whole nation here.” (Therese)

Due to the popularization of methods to preserve its freshness, the transportation efficiency has increased as well. The business has gained in quantity including Bardiche, too.

“The export is satisfactory, too. But, if you simply take away, the hauls shall end up decreasing.” (Therese)

The restriction of a good fish size for catching, a set period of fishing prohibition, establishment of fish reefs, the development of simple aquaculture and prosecution of poachers.
Since they have been putting forth an effort in this, she often inspects the actual sites.

“It happened during the time when I embarked on a ship to scrutinize the fishing grounds at the coast.” (Therese)

All of a sudden Therese-sama’s underwear ended up disappearing.

“(Dangerous…)” (Wendelin)

“It is not a problem of me having forgotten that I took them off. I dare say I’m not yet at the age where I start to get senile either.” (Therese)

“Strange things do happen…” (Wendelin)

It was perfectly the case of a mysterious underwear which was summoned by the summoning magic square which I experimented with at the Sorcery Guild.
If I remember correctly, Mr. Beckenbauer should have testified that underwear as property of the Duke Philip household by their drawn family crest as it was a high-class item which was custom ordered.


Once I sent a look in Burkhart-san’s direction, he revealed an expression of 『As I thought』 for just an instant and reset it right away in a hurry.
However, among the members of the Friendship Visit Group there are also those affiliated to the Sorcery Guild.
They, who aren’t accustomed to critical situations like Burkhart-san, remembered that matter and their expressions became hectic.

“(Don’t get agitated! It will likely get exposed!)” (Wendelin)

Unable to complain to them by any means, I was frantic to keep my own serenity.

“By no means I had a substitute underwear on top of the ship. The cool tingle of the passing wind was unbearable during the return. What do you think, Burkhart?” (Therese)

“It was some transfer or summoning magic, I guess?” (Burkhart)

Given that there’s the possibility of him being doubted if he said 『I don’t know at all』, Burkhart-san replied in an obscure manner while on purpose providing the true answer.

“After all. Blatson has said so as well. However, there are some mysterious happenings for sure.” (Therese)

“It’s truly strange.” (Wendelin)

“True, it’s as you say, Earl-sama.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san and me converse in an unnatural manner.
The luncheon ended somehow without the matter being further pursued, but it might have been exposed due to those agitated members of the Sorcery Guild.
If I consider it like this, I become uneasy how things will develop from now on.

“The underwear from that time, eh…”

Once I returned to my room, Ina and Luise, who are aware of the circumstances after having listened to the story from their seats at the edge, waited for me there.
Ina, who had her wearing panties with rabbit embroidery as back print exposed because of my previous summoning magic, showed a bitter expression.

“By the way, it’s this.” (Wendelin)

“Wend, it’s fine even if you don’t actually take them out.” (Luise)

Luise, who had her wearing a black adult bra despite her very small breasts exposed similarly, criticizes me for taking out the underwear from my magic bag.

“Earl-sama, put away those dangerous stolen goods.” (Burkhart)

“Roger.” (Wendelin)

After I put away the violet underwear into the magic bag once again upon Burkhart-san’s instruction, the four of us bring our faces close to each other and begin a secret talk.
It’s for the sake of deciding what to do from now on if the matter was pursued by Therese-sama.

“Anyway, there’s no other choice but to cut through by playing dumb. Even the proving underwear can only be taken out by Earl-sama. There won’t be no problem if they aren’t discovered until we return.” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-san, didn’t you notice it at that time?” (Wendelin)

“You know, no matter how much it has the family crest of the Duke Philip household, just how many women do you think are part of that household?” (Burkhart)

“That’s also true…”

Since such underwear is worn by terribly old nobles, I was assaulted by the nonsensical feeling of relief that it was great for them being something belonging to Therese-sama in fact.

“Or rather, in my memories Therese-sama was a child. Her image wouldn’t pop up, even if I saw such underwear.” (Burkhart)

“Certainly…” (Wendelin)

A 10 year old child wearing violet underwear would be problematic.
Since Therese-sama wouldn’t stay a child forever, that part was likely a lack of Burkhart-san’s imagination.

“We have been suspected because of the idiots from the Sorcery Guild, but there’s no evidence no matter what. We will feign ignorance.” (Burkhart)

“It’s a serious secret talk, but the contents are stupid…” (Luise)

“Luise-jou-can, everyone knows about that.” (Burkhart)

As it’s also possible that we will be suspected if it takes too long, we finish the secret talk with this.
The magic presentation is tomorrow morning. As it’s tomorrow planned to have a welcome banquet sponsored by the Imperial palace, today became free time until sleep.
Accordingly I decided to dress stylishly for the Bardiche sightseeing while taking Elise and the others along.

“What did you talk about after gathering?” (Katharina)

“It was a trifling talk about tourist attractions.” (Wendelin)

Although it was nasty towards Katharina, it’s difficult to leak it if there’s only few people who know a secret.
Therefore it was a secret between only the four of us who knew of the incident at the Sorcery Guild.

“Let’s go sightseeing.” (Wendelin)

“That’s right. I look forward to it.” (Katharina)

“Wend-sama, my stomach is empty.” (Wilma)

“Wilma-san, didn’t you eat that much not long ago?” (Katharina)

“Once my mana capacity increased, my eating gained in quantity a little and I end up losing weight right away if I don’t eat anything.” (Wilma)

“How enviable…” (Katharina)

Because of her usage of the increased mana, Wilma ended up having a constitution that needs more calories than before.
In exchange she reached the point of retaining a combat ability that can even rival Luise in ground battle.

“Katharina, you aren’t particularly fat, right?”

“A slight negligence always gives birth to regret afterwards.” (Katharina)

Always saying that, Katharina strives at doing small diets, but it didn’t seem like those had much of an effect.
Maybe it’s because she’s only picking chocolate for snacking.

“Won’t you burn calories if you use mana?”

Excluding a part of exceptions, that was the cause of magicians not being fat.

“My waist has to become a little more slim.” (Katharina)

“Is that so?”

“Wendelin-san!” (Katharina)

Currently I’m touching Katharina’s waist with both hands, but it appears plenty slender to me.
Katharina, who had her waist touched all of a sudden, raised her voice which was mixed with surprise and protest.

“It’s fine, isn’t it? I just wanted to touch it.” (Wendelin)

“I don’t particularly mind you touching it, but tell me in advance…” (Katharina)

After all she was apparently weak to such spontaneous act.

“Wendelin-sama, you will end up surprising Katharina-san ((if you do it)) all of a sudden. Apart from that, let’s depart quickly.” (Elise)

“That’s true as well. Well then, where shall we go?” (Wendelin)

With Elise actively leading me by the hand, which is unusual, we leave the guest house and move to down-town.
It looks like she was slightly jealous of Therese-sama’s proactive action before.

“Shall we first go to the renown gelato shop in this neighbourhood?” (Elise)

“Yes.” (Wendelin)

The two of us headed towards the shop, which was recorded in the book, while holding hands, but suddenly our route is blocked by two people.
Once I look again, it was doushi and Therese-sama in a one-piece appearance just as it’s worn by merchant daughters.

“Uncle-sama?” (Elise)

“Therese-sama was fulfilling her desire of having a stroll in the city after a long time…” (Armstrong)

Different from usual, doushi’s words are weak and his eyes are swimming too.
He doesn’t want to obstruct the honeymoon of his niece, but he is unable to decline Therese-sama’s wish.
I have a feeling that doushi could have easily rejected it if it’s him, but from his point of view, who was always the one who accompanied His Majesty on his incognito outings in his early days, he is probably unable to refuse the wish of Therese-sama who is usually a caged bird of the same degree.
Contrary to his appearance, doushi is actually kind to women and children.

“(There’s still plenty of time.)” (Wendelin)

“(Got it.)” (Elise)

Since the trip of the Friendship Visit Group had lots of time for playing anyway, I persuaded Elise that it couldn’t be helped at least for today and we decided to accompany the two on their sightseeing.

“I’m sorry, even though you are newly-wed. If there isn’t such fortuity, something like freely leaving to play in the city won’t come true for me.” (Therese)

Although Therese-sama said that apologetically, Elise, on the side of being told that, had a partially cramped expression with a visible rise in anger.
That was because Therese-sama entwined her arm around my free hand on the opposite side.

“(This Duchess-sama, why does she have such keen interest in me?)” (Wendelin)

With me being happy due to the sensation of Therese-sama’s voluptuous breasts pressing against my arm, I was likewise glad over the sensation of Elise’s voluptuous breasts since she pressed those against my arm in opposition on her side, but as both of their looks gave off sparks while clashing violently against each other, I had a feeling of wanting to escape at the same time.

“Well, shall we go then, Wendelin-sama?” (Elise)

“Golly gosh, even though you are a married couple, she calls you formally. That is beyond expectation, isn’t it, Wendelin?” (Therese)

“(Eh~~~!)” (Wendelin)

For some reason Therese-sama changed her way of calling me from 『Earl Baumeister』 to 『Wendelin』.
I was simply flustered by the sudden situation, but Elise’s side raised a signal of counter-attack as well.

“Therese-sama, I believe you must not call a noble of a foreign country by their name carelessly, even if an Earl is of lower rank. Don’t you think so, too, dear?” (Elise)

It looks like Elise has decided to call me 『dear』 from this moment on.
It seems like I have no say in this, but I think it’s better than the previous, formal 『Wendelin-sama』.

“Well, then shall we go?” (Armstrong)

“(Doushi! A part of this is your responsibility as well!)” (Wendelin)

“(Sorry! I’d like you to endure for just today!)” (Armstrong)

I have my patience exhausted by doushi persistence in his petition.
The sightseeing of Bardiche began like this, however the group was already split into two.
Elise and Therese-sama, who were linked with my arms, and doushi who joined as support.
The rest is…

“Ina-chan, this orange gelato is delicious.” (Luise)

“The caramel one is tasty, too.” (Ina)

“I’d like another one.” (Wilma)

“How enviable to not gain weight even if you eat.” (Katharina)

“Gelato, huh? Will it be possible to use it as souvenir for my wife if I put it into my magic bag?” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-san, she’s already dominating you?” (Erwin)

“I don’ wanna be told that by you, Erw-boy, who hasn’t even married yet.” (Burkhart)

“My fated person has shown up. Beautiful onee-san, an apple-flavoured gelato for me.” (Erwin)

My other four wives, who excused themselves from getting involved, and Erw as well as Burkhart-san slipped out of my field of vision and enjoyed a simple sightseeing.
Their splendid ability of throwing me to the wolves is the reason why they are first-class adventurers after all.

“Wendelin, this one’s strawberry flavour is jolly tasty as well? Want to try? Here, a~~~n.” (Therese)

“Dear, melon flavour is tasty, too. Okay, do a~~~~n.” (Elise)

I received gelato from both sides to eat.
No, I was made to eat it in this case, I guess?

“Ten servings of the vanilla one.” (Armstong)

“10 servings?”

“Uh huh. The orthodox gelato is the most delicious.” (Armstrong)

And doushi ate a large amount of gelato after purchasing it as if escaping the reality of the rivalry between those two gradually heating up.
The sightseeing continues with us viewing such stuff like the Köln Cathedral and the Potomac Waterway, but the two of them are giving off intense sparks while being pressed to my arms as before.
Elise’s recently increased mana wriggles fervently within her body.
As she can’t use offensive magic, she shouldn’t be able to do anything to Therese-sama, however it was evidence of her emotions being highly strung.

“(I see such Elise for the first time.)” (Wendelin)

On the other side, Therese-sama also corresponds with a difficult aura that qualifies as antagonistic towards Elise.
Maybe there are many people who are passionate among the people who have 『se』 at the end of their names.
Since she is a daughter of a household that might become the Emperor, her aura, that subdues the common people, isn’t half-baked at all.
It was an atmosphere, or rather dignity of a ruler, I, who is originally a commoner, can’t emit no matter what.

“Oh, yes, shan’t we go shopping?” (Therese)


“That’s right. Mine own favourite lingerie shop is close-by. There’s also the underwear which did vanish all of a sudden. I’m slightly anxious about the amount in mine own collection.” (Therese)


It seems Therese-sama has suspicions about me.
Being told to accompany her for buying underwear can be even called blunt probing.

“(To the bitter end, calmly…) Elise, do you want to buy something as well?” (Wendelin)

“Let’s see. If there’s something nice.” (Elise)

Going to buy the underwear of Therese-sama, who is isn’t my lover and unmarried, is harsh, but going to choose the underwear of my wife is safe.
I head towards Therese-sama favourite lingerie shop while hiding my excitement.


The lingerie shop, which is located in a section where high-class stores line up next to each other, had a gorgeous structure and was apparently the purveyor of important nobles and the imperial family.


“Good day, I’m here incognito.” (Therese)

Once Therese-sama tells that to the owner-like person who came to greet us, the presence of people inside the store vanishes.
The training of the employees seems to be thorough to a frightening degree.

“Well then, which might be good…?” (Therese)

While saying that, the underwear, which Therese-sama showed, was violet.
Since it’s resembling closely the underwear I summoned before, she might be looking for my reaction.

“I think that it suits you.” (Wendelin)

I answer her as calmly as possible.
If I get unskilfully agitated here, it will only serve as conviction for Therese-sama.

“Dear, could you have a look since I’m trying on some underwear?” (Elise)

“Wife-dono, although I have asked first…” (Therese)

“Therese-sama, you are still unmarried. It’s wrong for you to show your skin to a man who isn’t your husband or your fiancé.” (Elise)

She isn’t wrong, but it’s obviously to provoke Therese-sama.
Sparks fly between both of them. Once I survey the vicinity looking for help, Erw and Burkhart-san devoted themselves to their roles as security guards outside the shop.

“(If I remember correctly, it’s difficult for men to enter a lingerie shop! Which reminds me, where’s doushi?)” (Wendelin)

As for doushi, he vanished before I noticed.
He likely escaped before entering a lingerie shop as his self-defence instinct kicked in.

“(Doushi, the one who brought this person along is you, but…) Hey…” (Wendelin)


At the end I sent a look at Ina and the others entrusting them with a gleam of hope, but…

“Ina-chan, how about being more sexy?” (Luise)

“Luise, why do you like black so much?” (Ina)

“After all I have to add sex appeal. Isn’t yours too simple, Wilma?” (Luise)

“It’s fine as it doesn’t obstruct my movements. However, recently the area around my breasts is tight.” (Wilma)

“That’s because you are growing, Wilma. It’s different for me. Yea… I had such hunch…” (Luise)

“Katharina, I think this type is good for you.” (Ina)

“Ina-san, red is as expected…” (Katharina)

“Is that so, I wonder? It suits you, I believe.” (Ina)

For someone, who is a noble, feminine modesty is necessary, too.” (Katharina)

“It won’t be seen by anyone but Wend.” (Ina)

“That’s why.” (Katharina)

“I don’t quite understand, but you are quite particular about it…” (Ina)

Ignoring the situation over here, the four of them had a lively underwear discussion.
Since it’s the same even for Wilma who usually clings all over Elise, she’s probably sensing by instinct that it’s dangerous to approach the current Elise.

“Wendelin, how about this one?” (Therese)

“Dear, I will try on this one next.” (Elise)

In the end the two of them continue their rivalry even after we leave the lingerie shop. The first day of our vacation abroad ended in a terrible outcome.


“You are cruel, you two.” (Wendelin)

I complained to doushi and Burkhart-san after dinner, but they dodged it skilfully even while saying 『Sorry』.

“Therese-sama suffers hardships as prince-elector usually.”

Is this also their desire to protect the cute little girl with whom they played 10 years ago?
I have a feeling like those two are easy-going towards Therese-sama.

“Even if she was a cute little girl 10 years ago, she has now notable characteristics which are plainly alluring as woman, but…” (Wendelin)

“As expected, it might be impossible. Therese-sama thinks that we are just mocking her.”

Something like normal love isn’t allowed for her who was inaugurated as family head of a Duke household in order to preserve the family line.
It’s necessary for her to take in a husband for the sake of bearing a child, but the selection seems to take enormous labour and time.

“If she takes a groom imprudently, there will be chaos due to her getting involved with her husband’s home. That’s why she is single even at the age of 20 years.”

There’s also the possibility of despotism by her maternal relatives.
“Because we have a somewhat sore sentiment due to that, we overlook things to a slight extent”, Burkhart-san says.

“Can you also tell that to Elise?” (Wendelin)

“I will do my best.” (Burkhart)

The matter of doing one’s best can also be interpreted as it being inevitable even if the outcome’s no good after having put effort into it.
I return to my own room while sighing, however because I was tired of today’s first day, I decided to not get on with Elise and the others.
Besides, there’s also the circumstance that this is someone else’s house.
There are many members of the Friendship Visit Group who are enjoying sex with their lovers or wives without minding it, but since my root is that of a petty bourgeois, I refrained from that as I considered the maid who will make the beds the next day.
There was also the view that I will be able to do it any time once we return home.

“(I wonder whether Therese-sama will be prudent from tomorrow onwards?) Yes.” (Wendelin)

When I’m pondering about such stuff, there’s a knock at the door of my room.
Opening the door once I answered, someone immediately came entering my room.

“Wendelin, won’t you drink some sake with me?” (Therese)

“(She appeared~~~~~!)” (Wendelin)

The one who entered my room was Therese-sama who didn’t restrain herself after all.
She, who had a white silken nightgown wrapped around her, sits on top of the room’s bed with a sake bottle in her hand.


With her being apparently just out of the bath, her dark brown skin, which is visible from the collar of her nightgown, is sexy.

“(She might be seducing me…) Therese-sama, This isn’t the behaviour of an unmarried woman that I can praise overly much.” (Wendelin)

“I guess that’s so if seen ordinarily, but currently this guest house is under the control of the Duke Philip household. You can feel relieved since there are no boorish people who shall prattle unnecessarily.” (Therese)

“Haa… (that’s not the problem here!)” (Wendelin)

Even while thinking that, I can’t say anything as the other party is a Duchess-sama and a princess-elector.
It was necessary to get through this skilfully one way or the other.

“This aquavit is a speciality of mine own Philip Principality. It’s fine for you to drink it with a peace of mind as there’s no poison or such in it.” (Therese)

“Itadakimasu*.” (Wendelin) (T/N: expression of gratitude before meals, not really localizable without losing its meaning)

As territory possessing a size ranking next to territories directly controlled by the Empire and being located at the northern most tip of Holy Emperor Urquhart, Philip Prinicpality’s main produces are wheat, potatoes and seafood. It’s also prosperous with many metal processing industries such as mines.
Of course this knowledge was something I acquired from 『Margrave Breithilde’s Bardiche Traveller’s Journal』.
If comparing to Earth, it might be resembling to the northern part of Germany or Hokkaido.
Actually there exists a shochu* aquavit made with potatoes. (T/N: Japanese spirit distilled from sweet potatoes, rice, etc.)

“Even though you just became an adult, you seem to be able to drink it normally.” (Therese)

“More or less.” (Wendelin)

Pouring water into the glasses which are in the room, I blend it with a proper dose of aquavit after heating up the water with magic and drink it.
The taste resembles closely the existing taste of potato shochu in Japan and the imported samples I tried during my time as employee of the trading company.

“It’s delicious with its refreshing flavour.”

“Most recently we are also exporting it.” (Therese)

I was able to switch-over to a noble-like topic somehow, but I don’t know how long I can keep that up.
This is a time where it will be bad if I don’t focus my mind.

“However, magic is amazing.” (Therese)

While drinking the potato shochu distilled with hot water created by me, Therese-sama gave her praises.
I changed it into hot water with magic as there is nothing but simple water in the room, but I don’t think it’s that amazing.
If it’s around this much, all of the magicians, who are employed by the Duke Philip household, are likely able to do that.

“Certainly, if it’s the magicians employed by mine own family, all of them are capable of this. However, all of them end up making the hot water boil.” (Therese)

At the time of drinking shochu diluted by hot water, the worst thing one can do is to mix it with boiling water.
Having been told that the most suitable temperature is 75° C, I regulated the temperature with minute adjustments when I changed the water into hot water.
If I’m unable to have that level of control, it’s only natural to get scolded by Burkhart-san.

“Next, the hot water was poured into the glass first.” (Therese)

This is also something that will cause the mouth to get sour I was told by a person from a shochu brewery I asked in my time as trading company employee.
Although it doesn’t look very different, it’s strange since it ends up this different in taste and fragrance.

“It seems to be piddling, however there isn’t anyone who knows that unexpectedly.” (Therese)

“I was taught that by Burkhart-san.” (Wendelin)

Of course that’s a lie, but I decide to deceive her with that since I most certainly can’t tell her that I was taught that in my previous life.

“That gentleman is a drinker, but there are also parts which seem agreeable if he can drink. 10 years ago he did pour the hot water afterwards, but that means he made some progress.” (Therese)

“(That’s bad…)” (Wendelin)

A great noble by birth seems to be an existence who won’t have such negligence either.
She remembers the detailed action of Burkhart-san from her time of being 10 years old.

“That means you aren’t a magic-only gentleman either, Wendelin.” (Therese)

“Noo, I’m magic-only.” (Wendelin)

“Considering that, the development of your territory seems to be advancing favourably.” (Therese)

“That’s because my retainers are excellent.” (Wendelin)

“That is included in your achievement as well. That is the existence called noble. The result is everything.” (Therese)

Even if the person himself is an utter fool, their evaluation will rise if the retainers, they have entrusted it with, are successful.
In exchange there are also situations where the retainers and their lord are criticized if the retainers have done something stupid even if the lord is excellent.
That’s the creature called noble, Therese-sama explained.

“I must say, Wendelin, you became a noble by completely using your own strength. You are different from me who had her future set after being born. I merely pass by being simply cunning.” (Therese)

“Therese-sama.” (Wendelin)

“I have been told that I’m an only daughter, but you you know that I actually had elder brothers albeit illegitimate?” (Therese)

“No, I hear that for the first time.” (Wendelin)

“The reason wherefore I was chosen is because of this skin colour.” (Therese)

The beginning of the Duke Philip household was when military forces, led by Duke Philip, from the central government were dispatched to subjugate a northern country with a different ethnic group.

“The Run race, which is the major ethnic group of the north, has a dark brown skin like me as characteristic.” (Therese)

The Philip household, which is the conqueror, has advanced the assimilation by taking more than a millennium while receiving grooms and wives from local, influential people until reaching the present time.
That’s also the reason why the condition for the skin colour having to be dark brown exists.

“Mine elder brother’s mother is originating from a noble of the capital city. Different from me, their skin colour is white. Even if mine elder brothers went out to scrutinize the territory, they would likely be ignored by the residents.” (Therese)

That’s why Therese-sama became Duchess Philip.
Whether her children can succeed her also depends on the skin colour of their bodies.
The wives of her elder brothers, who were unable to succeed, are daughters of local influential people and the skins of their children is dark.
Maybe one of those children will become the next Duke Philip, she explains.

“From mine own point of view who was chosen simply by the colour of her skin, I do not particularly care who shall be the next feudal lord. Something like Duchess and princess-elector isn’t something wonderful to the extent of it being worth to speak of.” (Therese)

“I understand that.” (Wendelin)

Despite having no hardships in her life might be called extravagant, it was correct that it isn’t something that wonderful either.

“Mine own search for a husband has run into troubles. Mostly due to the obstruction by mine own elder brothers though.” (Therese)

If Therese-sama picks a husband from the local, influential people, the skin colour of her children will be undoubtedly dark brown.
Her elder brothers, who are planning to have their own children succeed, are interfering in various ways.

“Even I want to at least give birth to a child after marrying. I mind not if it isn’t particularly a local person either.” (Therese)

In addition she apparently doesn’t want to burden her children with such responsibilities.

“Well, that’s terrible.” (Wendelin)

“Indeed, it is terrible.” (Therese)

While drinking up the second sake cup diluted with hot water, Therese-sama, whose face is slightly flushed, continues her talk.
The situation feels like an older female superior grumbling while her younger male subordinate has to listen.

“Thus I’m searching for a groom while in mine own role as this time’s host, but it isn’t going satisfactorily.” (Therese)

Therese-sama complains that there are only greenhorns from weak nobility who lust for the authority and money of the Duke Philip household while sighing.

“Isn’t that inevitable to some extent as it’s a political marriage of convenience?” (Wendelin)

“There isn’t even a person I can compromise with accordingly. They aren’t suitable or they do not match the conditions even if I find them. Now that it has come to this, there’s no other choice but that move.” (Therese)

“That move?” (Wendelin)

“Giving birth to a child without marrying.” (Therese)

That seems to be a move often used by female noble family heads of Holy Empire Urquhart.
They hide the existence and name of the father or give birth to children by receiving only the sperm.
If you ask why they do this, it’s apparently to prevent the despotism of their maternal relatives.

“(It seems there are guys who were killed after offering only their sperm…)” (Wendelin)

It’s a horrifying story, but I decide to not care as it’s unrelated to me.
Being an Earl, there’s no need for me to unreasonably act as something like a breeding horse.

“There are quite a few who are killed after providing just their sperm. Since they shall be treated as simple children of the female family head with the father being unknown, it’s only natural if you speak of the obvious.” (Therese)

“(How scary!)” (Wendelin)

However, a feeling of relief rises to the surface as it’s unrelated to me, if that’s the case.

“Also, there are situations where great men are requested to provide their sperm due to conditions such as reasonable status and money in exchange for secrecy.” (Therese)

“Huh?” (Wendelin)

At the same time I think “no way”, Therese-sama moved her hand to my shoulder while having moist eyes.

“Although the gift of magic isn’t hereditary, if it’s the sperm of you who had the guts to raise in the world from being the eighth son of a poor Knight, I believe you to be suitable as father of mine own child. Since I give you permission, you have the right to mate with me without reservation as long as you crave for me. Since I’m the daughter of such kind of household, you have not to worry about sickness as I’m a virgin. It’s fine for you to have sex with me whenever you feel like it.” (Therese)

“…” (Wendelin)

Due to the statement one can’t expect from a merely 20 year old girl, I’m lost for words at that situation.

“That child won’t demand something like heir-ship of the Earl Baumeister household as pretext. Your legal wife-dono is rather frightening, but I shall play your secret lover skilfully. Well then, shall I return for today? Although I believe it to be fine to be embraced all of a sudden, I have heard that a sir shall get fired up if such things progress gradually. Well, we don’t have overly much time either though.” (Therese)

Therese-sama, who drained the third sake cup diluted with hot water, quietly leaves the room.
And, I, who was left behind, imagined the hardships until returning from this country and went to bed as if fainting due to being influenced by the sake.


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