Chapter 45 – The started adventurer life and a new request

– Breithilde PoV –

My name is Amadeus Freitag von Breithilde. (T/N: >> Amadeusu Furaitaku fon Buraihireda <<)

I work as family head of the Margrave Breithilde household that controls the southern area of the Helmut Kingdom, which is located in the south of the Lingaia continent.

With my age being 34 years old this year, I have nothing but sons with my four wives, 6 in total.

There are probably many people in society who consider me to be enviable, but I think it is also troublesome like this if it’s such situation.

Originally I wasn’t in any position to succeed the house as second son, however my dad suddenly didn’t return after carrying out an expedition with the feudal lord’s army composed of something like 2’000 soldiers.

Thanks to that my succession of the peerage was arranged in a hurry.

In the first place, the goal of the expedition was to obtain the unusually effective medicine to cure my elder brother’s sickness from the untrodden monster domain by going beyond the mountain range and cross the vast Savage Land at the southern tip.

Elder brother, who was the next head of the Margrave Breithilde family, had a weak constitution by birth while possessing a superior intellect. Furthermore he was devastated by a fatal disease where you didn’t even know whether he would live until tomorrow for around a year by then.

What are you worrying about? Even if I die, it will be fine with Amadeus succeeding. Rather than someone big-headed like me, it is more appropriate for Amadeus to be the head.(Brother)

My elder brother himself always said that it wouldn’t be good for such a weak-constituted man like himself to become the head of a noble household.

Dad was worried because he wouldn’t even marry in order for me to succeed the household.

If I have to say one thing, I think elder brother was too intelligent.

Because not being too intelligent is good, he ended up stating that he gave up on the position of head due to his disease and handed it over to me.

Since it might cause a family quarrel, he wouldn’t marry either.

Although this might have been correct, he should have at least possessed a bit more desires like the other noble families.

Even in case elder brother died early, there was also the option of me succeeding as guardian family head if he had children.

Seeing such an elder brother, dad probably deployed the soldiers feeling pity for him as well.

Organizing the Lord’s army in a hurry, the expedition proceeded towards the unknown domain.

This kindness was returned with the worst possible result.

Dad is?(Amadeus)

Due to Alfred-sama’s strenuous efforts, they even managed to slay a large quantity of monsters. Being surrounded by a large crowds of agitated monsters successively, their tragic final moments…(Soldier)

Dad’s group, invading the Demon Forest alongside the reinforcements of the Baumeister household which resided at the base of the crossed mountain range, had at first many accomplishments, but before long they were besieged by a large crowd of monsters.

They could sustain the front for a while with the hard work of Alfred who was employed as Head Magician.

But as he used up all his energy and collapsed, the troops apparently ended up breaking down in one go.

Even though the soldiers somehow managed to return and give me a report, the focus of their eyes was hollow. It even reached the point that they reacted in strange ways to the smallest sounds.

Probably this was rare in these peaceful times.

I think the soldiers suffered from a mental illness due to the battlefield.

I appreciate your efforts. Please take it easy and rest for now.(Amadeus)

2’000 soldiers went along on the expedition. The amount of survivors was no more than 100.

Forced into support, the casualties of the Baumeister household was around 80.

Since it was a territory with a population of around 800, it caused a considerable disparity in the proportion of the populace.

At that time the head of the Baumeister household should have been racking his brain how to deal with this as well.

But, rather than the situation of our vassal, the eminently dangerous state of our family was more important.

They became poor thanks to dad, but our family was facing a grave situation at that time, too.

First I have to discuss with nii-san…(Amadeus)

Our deceased dad had still settled for my elder brother to become the next family head.

Therefore it was necessary for me to tell elder brother, who was resting in the sickbed with his fatal disease, about the failure of the expedition.

Even if for example it caused large damage to elder brother health condition.

I see… In my authority as next family head, I order you. Amadeus, because you can see the state I’m in, you have to deal with the aftermath.(Brother)

My elder brother, with a ghastly pale face color, somehow sat up on the bed.

He ordered me to lead the Margrave Breithilde household after our dad’s death.

In the face of elder brother the color of anguish was visible.

But because it was elder brother, he probably didn’t want to do something like sleeping in bed leaving everything to me.

Father was foolish… It would have been fine, if he had forsaken such a thing like my troubles…(Brother)

Next day, when the maid went to my elder brother’s room carrying his breakfast, he had already passed away.

It seems that the society was gossiping that elder brother died in a fit of anger or something like that, but in fact that was actually the reason.

I have no doubt that elder brother was enraged within his mind. Due to that reason the scarce remaining life was burned down and he ended up exhausting it.

After that I had immense hardships.

To start with I first reported the death of dad and elder brother to our relatives and the branch families. Then I announced myself becoming the next family head.

Thereupon there was even a relative amongst them who regarded himself as appropriate to be the next family head.

There were also several people planning to hold the power themselves and have the young me act as puppet.

I couldn’t underestimate them.

Even so, all of the talented personnel necessary for shouldering this had been taken away to the netherworld by dad.

The 2’000 people, participating in the expedition, were only a part of the entire Margravate Breithilde’s Lord’s army, but the quality of the staff leading them was high.

Moreover, we had to accept it at last.

The death of Alfred who was a magician rivaling Armstrong-doushi, who had just recently become the Royal Head Magician in the capital at that time.

His death drove me, the new family head, even further into the corner.

(Anyway, for now I have to do the things I’m capable of one after the other…)(Amadeus)

I carried out the funeral of dad and elder brother without omission.

Then I headed towards the capital in order to receive ceremony of succession to the peerage by His Majesty as formal process of inheriting the Margrave Breithilde household.

I spent an increased amount of monetary reparations for the bereaved families of the soldiers killed in action. Same was also required for the Knight Baumeister household.

Especially for the latter, it was impossible going by the usual estimation as expected.

Notwithstanding the side of the Margrave Breithilde household was obviously to blame, it was reasonable and indispensable to have them swallow their tears.

If you want to know why, the Margrave Browig household, controlling the eastern part, maneuvered to incite the smaller feudal lords, being their vassals, at the boundary of the eastern border using the chaos which occurred after the death of dad and elder brother.

The vassals on Margrave Browig side bordered with our vassals.

As it was the same with any noble, if their territory was adjacent, there would be some kind of quarrels.

The shares of such things as controlling the land with its forests and mines and the ownership of water rights crossing the border were settled after genuine territory disputes.

Because Margrave Browig saw the potentiality of having favorable conditions for negotiations if he attacked us in this situation, he ordered his vassals to stir.

He is a really detestable man who does such things at such times.

And yet, I brought this chaos to a close some way or another and the territory gradually headed towards stability.

Probably there were many things I ended up handling wrongly.

The relationship to the Baumeister household, which ended up troubled due to the expedition, completely deteriorated nowadays.

But, thinking about the entirety of the Margrave Breithilde household’s interests, it is a trivial matter.

Although I think it is a terrible way of talking, I’m no omnipotent god after all.

Given that I’m continuing to dispatch merchants without any kind of accommodation, I consider it as fulfilling the minimum of my duty.

If the other side compromises a bit more, it will also be easy to extend a hand of support from this side, but…

If I understand correctly, the successor is hating me.

At least I heard it as rumor. If the fifth son, Erich, belonging to the intelligence faction, had succeeded the household, I would have been able to use him as retainer and it would have become easier to hold negotiations as well.

However, that Erich himself hated the complications of inheritance and ended up going to the capital becoming a junior governmental official.

Though junior, he passed that government official assignment examination in one attempt.

Was he a valuable talented person after all?

It was to the extent that I wanted him, but he completely refused it due to the many demerits.

As for your daddy, there is a mountain of things I want to say. But, there is no point in telling this to his son, I guess.(Breithilde)

Even so, there also was a new excellent retainer, I obtained.

I managed to appoint Burkhart, who was a famous adventurer, the master in magic of Alfred who was killed in action, and even held the title of being a dragon slayer.

Though I am not as superior to be called a replacement for Alfred.(Burkhart)

That Burkhart couldn’t be seen as nothing but a sarcastic man with the style of a playboy from the very first time I met him. Within my mind I was anxious.

However, I actually employed him.

He was inferior in ability as magician in comparison to Alfred, but he put in great efforts as an elite adventurer for more than 2 decades.

Because of his social experience and such things as being taught magic at various places as pupil within the kingdom, he also had an abundance of personal connections with influential people.

He might perchance even be a man more superior as retainer of a noble than Alfred.

By the way, Burkhart. My aunt…(Breithilde)

Master, please only excuse me from that…(Burkhart)

Burkhart, immediately after having been employed stopped using the tone from the beginning, reached the point of supporting me as magician and excellent advisor.

Even if he had the flaw of refusing all of the marriage proposals I offered him sticking to an extreme bachelorhood principle for some reason.

If I said what I wanted to say, he had various other flaws as well though.

For the young me, who stood in the way of various people, he also was a big help in reverse.

Being above 30 years in age, it is now necessary for the current me to advice young people.

Several days after receiving the report about the capture of the ancient underground ruins by the group of Baron Baumeister, who is my excellent vassal, I went to the capital on business via teleportation magic. I received the request for consultation from three youths.


“Well, Baron Baumeister’s magic is convenient.” (Breithilde)

First I have decided to make some light chatter.

But, this teleportation magic is indeed very handy.

In normal case I would have to pay a lot of money to board the magic airship or spend time travelling by long-distance carriage to visit the capital.

I visit once a week.

In the morning of the weekly scheduled day, Baron Baumeister comes to pick me up in Breitburg.

And in the morning of another weekly scheduled day he sends me back to Breitburg. This lifestyle has continued for the last two and a half years.

Because I can got to work in the capital for around half a week, it’s really convenient.

I’m not just a high-ranking noble, but also acting as the leader of the southern nobles.

Until now I didn’t make such frequent appearance at the capital due to the distance.

In case of negotiating with the good-for-nothing nobles of the capital, it’s a lot more advantageous to make an appearance yourself rather than only through my chief vassal, who is permanently stationed at the capital.

It’s also easier to show your face for such things as socializing to strengthen your relationships and building new personal connections.

Even if I pay a large amount of money to Baron Baumeister, there are plenty of benefits.

“We also know that Margrave Breithilde-sama is requesting Wend to act as transporter, but…” (Erwin)

“Oh my, your worries seem to be more serious than I had imagined.” (Breithilde)

Three worried young lambs are seeking my consultation.

The first person is a friend from Baron Baumeister’s time at the adventurer prep school and is still 15 years old.

On top of being a member of the same party, he is also the junior leader of the retainers of the Baron Baumeister household, Erwin von Armin-kun.

He is the fifth son of a small Knight household in the western provinces. The circumstances at his birthplace aren’t that different from Baron Baumeister, I heard.

If it’s adventurer prep schools, there are plenty in the west, but even then he expressly chose the adventurer prep school at Breitburg with a reason.

That is, he left after he was shunned by his elder brothers due to his exceeding talent in swordsmanship. Such a story wasn’t particularly rare either.

In exchange he got to know Baron Baumeister.

The likes of me end up thinking that something like that was a good conclusion.

“Different from Ina and Luise, I am in a situation where consultation is impossible, but…” (Erwin)

“Please don’t worry about such a thing. You are Baron Baumeister’s retainer. If it’s a consultation with the retainer of my vassal, I will gladly accept it. Even though things may appear different now, I had continuous hardships in my twenties.” (Breithilde)

Even now the hardships are continuing, but a major point is that I got used them to a certain extent.

“Thank you very much.” (Erwin)

The remaining two, although I think it’s easy to imagine, are the 15-years old girls, Ina Susanne Hildbrun and Luise Jorlande Orphelia Orwin.

Both of them are daughters of my retainers.

Given that they are spearmanship instructors and magic combat style instructors, could you call them key figures of their families?

Likewise thy are friends from Baron Baumeister’s days at the adventurer prep school.

Nowadays they settled as concubine candidates of Baron Baumeister.

Due to problems of pedigree, the spot of the legal wife was stolen by the granddaughter of Cardinal Hohenheim.

As for me, depending on their wishes, I want them to somehow receive the most affection.

As for the plan of forcing in other women in-between, there wasn’t any women at suitable age within my family.

Since there was the possibility of being disliked by Baron Baumeister, I put an end to it.

“So, do Ina-san and Luise-san have the same worries?” (Breithilde)

“Yes.” (Ina)

“It’s a terribly grave worry.” (Luise)

As Luise-san who usually has nothing but a carefree vibe around her calls it grave, it’s probably really serious.

Or rather, I ended up understanding what kind of worry it was right away.

“Is it such a heavy burden? The 2 billion cents.” (Breithilde)

The three end up all at once hanging their heads due to my question.

“Well, it certainly is too much, I guess.” (Breithilde)

“Even putting that aside, I consider it be something close to harassment.” (Luise)

Certainly, it’s as Luise has said.

Even for me such a thing like 2 billion cents would be the same.

No, even considering the amount of money possessed by the Margrave Breithilde household, it would be impossible to gather such amount without difficulties.

Of course, if you also included the total assets of the territory, it would be several times that.

“As adventurer it is an unforeseen event to obtain a large amount of money. It’s a dream, but that excessive amount of money…” (Ina)

Even the normally calm Ina appears to be shaken.

I see, for people, who became adventurers in order to raise a flag, they will gain the envy of the surroundings due to obtaining an unexpected large amount of money. (T/N: Ina and Luise are only adventuring in order to raise a love flag with Wendelin, is what he means here, I think. E: I think it means for fun events since they became (preparatory) adventurers before knowing Wend.)

Even for the adventurer’s guild there is no method to keep the accomplishments of the adventurers themselves absolutely secret.

As time passes, there is no way to prevent rumors to leak to the society.

When adventurers earn their first several ten thousand cents, it’s enough to treat their envious acquaintances to some booze.

If it’s several hundred thousand cents, they will show signs of being even more jealous, thinking about such things like themselves wanting to at least earn this much as well.

If it’s several million cents, they will be generally called Millionairesin society and there are many cases where it is regarded as minimum requirement of a rich person.

However, when it goes beyond even that.

Such things as ridiculous scam investment stories of increasing the money by several hundred thousand cents, requests for loans and extortions pop up.

Even friends and acquaintances strangely multiply in number for some reason, I suppose.

Also, if one is unlucky, there are also cases where they will be involved in crimes.

Everyone wants to obtain a large amount of money, but if you obtain it, the troublesome things will increase as well.

There are very few things where you can choose freely in this world.

“(2 billion cents were given to boys and girls, who didn’t have any relation to large amounts of money until now, without batting an eyelid. I see, it’s certainly close to a kind of harassment.)” (Breithilde)

Although it hasn’t yet spread in society, what will happen once the society learns of them obtaining such large amount of money?

Since money is money, it is easy to imagine the even more troublesome things to happen.

In Erwin-kun’s case there is the possibility of inducing something at his home like forcing him into marriage for money.

Even for Ina-san and Luise-san, there is a potential of their families scheming something.

“As for my family, it will be better if they only tell me to lend or hand over some money.” (Erwin)

If things don’t go well, it’s not unlikely that his blood relatives dispatch an assassin to inherit the legacy after Erwin-kun’s death.

It such frightful amount of money that they would go to such an extent.

Particularly for Erwin-kun, whose relationship with his elder brothers didn’t appear to be on good terms.

“For me it’s the same, I think.” (Ina)

“In our case it’s even more grave since we are women.” (Luise)

Since women basically can’t succeed a household, they can’t even pick the worst choice of self-support as noble with the power of money, like Erwin-kun.

“Because our spearmanship dojo has spread all over the country, it’s not unthinkable that it will become a talk of handing over the money.” (Ina)

“Huh? If it’s Ina-san’s family’s spearmanship dojo, it seemed to be a fairly major school.” (Breithilde)

“The ancestors gained the dojo administration rights and the possession of full mastery in the combat art from the main office. But if it’s about money, the main office stands at the top…” (Ina)

“Us as well, probably…” (Luise)

I see, if it’s the standpoint of the top at the dojo headquarters of a school spread within the kingdom with authority over the money, the other dojo masters will have a position similar to repeatedly having to bow their heads, even if they are poor instructors.

As retainers, they also have ways to some kind of success in life.

As a result, it’s a matter about whether the parents of the two will be able to resist that temptation.

“I can’t feel there be nothing but demerits with such excessive amount of money.” (Erwin)

“I see. But it’s probably impossible to turn it down.” (Breithilde)

The kingdom has given them such a large amount of money as apology to having Baron Baumeister’s group exposed to such dangers.

No, it’s different.

I read the written report by Burkhart, but the kingdom isn’t particularly incurring a loss here.

They are certainly paying a large amount of money, but in exchange they are getting their hands on assets that are a lot more worth than the money paid.

If you look at it in long-term, they probably arranged their calculations to get back into a positive balance if it’s just that amount of money.

If it’s that Finance Minister, this much is in range of hypothesis.

“Eeh! Is it hopeless?” (Erwin)

Such things such as Rather than returning it to the kingdom, hand over all of it to me!or What rudeness to return it to His Majesty.

As for the meaning of the latter, the real intentions of the nobles will excessively come out as soon as the kingdom becomes too powerful.

Even I don’t want them to do such thing as just unconditionally returning the money.

“Yes, it’s hopeless.” (Breithilde)

“Such a…” (Erwin)

Crestfallen Erwin-kun dropped his shoulders. But it’s not like there aren’t any other ways.

However, it shouldn’t be me doing the explanation of those.

Ringing a bell close to me, a single man comes entering the room.

It’s the pride of our household, the employed magician Burkhart.

“Yo, isn’t it nice that you don’t have to worry about going bankrupt?” (Burkhart)

“Please don’t say such nasty things. It’s a really serious matter.” (Breithilde)

“Sorry, sorry. Surely, it is an excessively large amount of money.” (Burkhart)

Because he was in the same party as Baron Baumeister, he should have usually gained a lot of accomplishments for capturing the underground ruins, which were impossible to clear before.

There is the right to receive more than the standard reward. They also put in appropriate great efforts for this.

But, 2 billion cents will cause nothing but ruin for themselves.

Then, what should be done?

Although they sought consultation from me, it would probably be better to leave the answer to Burkhart, who originally was an adventurer as well.

If it’s him, he should be capable to deal with even such cases.

“Don’t you possess the pamphlet given to you by the guild’s headquarters at the time of your registration?” (Burkhart)


The three nod their heads while answering Burkhart’s question.

“Clause 4 of article 27: The utilization of the system of a formal objection towards the dividend.” (Burkhart)

I don’t know it since I didn’t get any experience as adventurer, but as expected of a guild with history.

It looks like they have established even such a rule.

“Formal objection towards the dividend system?” (Ina)

“Yes.” (Burkhart)

According to Burkhart’s words it’s a standard to split the reward equally to the number of participating adventurers.

But, if rather experienced parties invite newcomers, those newcomers will receive a low reward for a little while for the sake of getting used to the party through learning by observation.

Or, if an inexperienced party invites an experienced adventurer, the invitee will receive a larger share of the rewards during his party participation since the party will gain experience while receiving advice from him.

There are many situations where the conditions change case-by-case.

Still, there seems to also be many adventurers who abuse this.

“Rookies, who already have sufficient war potential, are restricted by not being approved of having the low rewards from before withdrawn, even though there is already no necessity to guide them. The elder adventurers in those parties demand that the rewards for them remain large indefinitely. Well, there are all kinds of adventurers after all.” (Burkhart)

Rather than for the sake of surviving, they exploit and deceive other people in order to get a lot more money than the others.

In that area there is no difference between adventurers and nobles.

“The adventurers, receiving a treatment like that, have filed a protest at the guild’s headquarters. Thereupon, after the headquarters investigated what the people said, they presented a law settlement due to those cases.” (Burkhart)

Since there is no legal force, it depends on the help of those people, but since there are records of adventurers and parties using the formal objection of the dividend system remaining, it also decreases the cases of rookies being cheated by corrupt adventurers and parties.

It appears that the organization has a part with such a proper objective.

“But, isn’t that system for those people who want to complain about the rewards being too low?” (Breithilde)

“No, it is a system for the sake of filing your objection given that there are complaints about the rewards. I haven’t heard yet about cases of filing an objection due to the reward being too excessive, but it isn’t written in the rules that it isn’t allowed to do so either.” (Burkhart)

“Certainly, it not written there…” (Breithilde)

Looking at the pamphlet held by Burkhart, it certainly isn’t written in there.

In a certain meaning you can also call this using a blind spot in the rules.

Usually there shouldn’t be any people filing an objection due to the reward being too much.

“You guys, use this and force everything on the boy.” (Burkhart)

“Understood.” (Three)

The three, having discovered a good plan, left and went towards the adventurer’s guild’s headquarters with a pleasant smiling face.

I have no doubt, that it will be a Bolt out of the bluefor Baron Baumeister for them to file an objection.

As for me , it will be convenient if the money gathers in his hands.

“Also, was this what His Majesty, doushi, Finance Minister Rückner, etc. expected to happen?” (Burkhart)

“It’s a safe bet. Otherwise they wouldn’t have made such decision.” (Breithilde)

Several days later I also received the report from the three.

It looks like they took 100 million cents for themselves and added all of the rest to Baron Baumeister’s reward.

The Assistant Vice-Minister came later on to listen to the reasons for the formal objection. He listened to the report related to the underground ruins from the three once again.

He acknowledged that if Baron Baumeister hadn’t crushed the two dragon golems, the three of them wouldn’t be in this world anymore.

The right for the majority of the reward belongs to Baron Baumeister.

It seems he gave such a recommendation regarding him.

However, it remains within the records that the guild has received a formal objection of dividends for the reward being too excessive, even though it is usually split equally.

I think Baron Baumeister was born under a star of misfortune after all.

Putting the reason aside, an adventurer, having received a formal objection of dividend, will be haunted by a negative image.

Probably the adventurer’s guild’s side even considered the thought of not leaving anything behind in the records, but without an entry in the records, the three would be permanently thought of having obtained 2 billion cents by society.

I guess you can sum it up as a last resort to leave behind an entry in the records, huh?

But even with such record sticking to Baron Baumeister now, it probably won’t have any kind of influence on his evaluation anyways.

On the contrary, once the particulars of the fight in the underground ruins spread across the world, his evaluation will likely increase excessively.

For those three people it would be harsh to be observed by society due to such astronomical large sum of money.

For Baron Baumeister it’s only natural by now.

I want him to bear with it here for the sake of his two concubines and his retainer.

That’s because those three didn’t make an error in their choice.

“By the way, Elise-jou-chan didn’t file an objection. Well, didn’t she discuss it with those three?” (Burkhart)

“That’s a simple one, Burkhart.” (Breithilde)

Certainly, the position of women in this country is low.

Within such a country, for Ina-san and Luise-san to possess a large amount of money would be frightening due to the apparent despicable acts of the male adults in the surroundings.

Nevertheless, Elise is the granddaughter of Cardinal Hohenheim.

There shouldn’t exist a fool that wants to make a pass at her in the first place.

Besides, it’s that Elise after all.

Something like money she will likely entrust to Baron Baumeister in the end.

Since even Baron Baumeister isn’t an idiot, it is unthinkable for him to slight her, who shared her mana with him until she fainted at the final moments of the conclusion at the time he defeated the dragon golem.

Unlike those three, there isn’t any necessity for her to file a formal objection of dividends.

“She will probably even donate it.” (Burkhart)

“Something like this is only for form’s sake this time.” (Breithilde)

Rather than the donation in the near future, they shouldn’t care about it even without something like donations since new interests will come up.

“For now the money will be gathering in the boy’s hands?” (Burkhart)

“Yes, there isn’t any better way to word it.” (Breithilde)

It’s a simple explanation.

As there was stability, His Majesty and Finance Minister Rückner considered about one way or another what they wanted to do about the recently stagnating kingdom’s economy.

Especially about the slums gradually spreading in the outskirts of the capital.

If one is careless, it isn’t that difficult to figure that those will become the source of decline of the kingdom in the future.

At the time His Majesty’s council thought about what to do, an outrageous magician, who crushed an ancient dragon, appeared.

Furthermore, his family’s home is a noble household in the southern borderland.

Moreover, the place is adjacent to the vast Savage Land which has the potential to be developed.

If it was independently developed by the kingdom, it would be accompanied with the necessity of a great budget.

Considering the possibility of failing, Finance Minister Rückner wouldn’t plunge into easily providing the budget either.

In his case, he has the opposing power called his younger brother.

No, this isn’t quite right.

If a person in a position starts something new, there will always appear an opposing power.

Even if, for example, it is a good plan, it will receive resistance from groups that obtain benefits by objecting the matter.

That’s because the possibility of failure is a sweet weapon which is great from their point of view.

Although a successful improvement of the economy will make many people happy, those guys don’t have any interest in that.

Returning to the original point, Baron Baumeister, the dragon-slaying hero that had suddenly appeared, went on to defeat a second dragon in the Palkenia Grasslands after that, and contributed to its liberation.”

This time he successfully conquered the ancient underground ruins which contained a large quantity of things with exceedingly high utility value.

The kingdom was successful in having Baron Baumeister accumulating funds without itself having any disadvantages.

Now that it has come to this, only that possibility is left.

“(The will end up appointing Baron Baumeister as feudal lord of the land for the sake of developing the vast Savage Land at the southern tip.)” (Breithilde)

Fortunately, he has more than enough funds for the development.

Furthermore, even if he fails, all of it will be paid out of Baron Baumeister’s wallet.

For the royal family, they will obtain assets beyond the money they paid.

That’s why those guys are afraid, I guess.

“(As far as their plans are concerned, won’t they deal with his family’s home next…)?” (Breithilde)

That place, even I feel it is a nuisance.

They will reduce the territory to a scope suitable for Knight’s territory.

Given that they aren’t currently developing at all, will the kingdom adopt the pretext of them having neglected it?

Or are they intending to order the division of territory due to formal procedure?

At any rate, how will the feudal lord there react?

The current family head is composed, but the successor of that place is impossible to understand even for me, I guess.

Since I didn’t see his face until now, it’s probably natural to feel anxiety all the more.

According to rumors, it doesn’t look like he is quite capable as noble either.

“(If it’s nothing more than an order for dividing, opposition will be inevitable. Or is the kingdom’s side considering a forced relocation to a suitable territory close to the central government?)” (Breithilde)

I guess the sole concern is the distance of the kingdom’s central government’s administration to the southern borderland?

If it’s the kingdom, they consider something like Knight households similar to flying like a petal if blown. That’s also because they likely feel they are unnecessary.

Even so, if they unskillfully offend them, they will begin to meddle once the development starts. I suppose that will be annoying for me as the patron close-by.

“(Isn’t there also the possibility to neglect it on purpose in order to sabotage me)?” (Breithilde)

Because it’s the new development of a grand scaled territory.

Furthermore, currently Baron Baumeister possesses money with only few retainers.

Considering the size of that Savage Land, it is at least the territory of an Earl.

If I didn’t exist, it would even be a scale of a Margrave’s territory category.

Good grief, as new Earl household to rise from scratch.

Thinking about the labor of that, the possibility of them not asking me to support them is 0.

If I help, it will become necessary to show gratitude. That’s how this world works.

When talking about such case, the first thing is to mediate talented people to entrust them as retainer group appropriate for an Earl’s household.

Also, any noble wants to bestow positions to relatives of retainers and themselves without keeping useless people on the payroll.

Even the church, with such a scale, just how many churches will be necessary?

If they appoint all of the people, this will already become a kind of concession.

Rather than the temporary donation from Elise-jou, this side is far more important.

Or perhaps I should say their real motive is to advance the development more quickly with that share of donations.

If they complete a single village, the church will only need to increase the clergy by one.

If it’s a territory of such scale, it will also become indispensable to establish a quite large branch. That should also increase the positions in the upper echelons of the church.

Even children will understand the reasons for such things.

After that they will need mediation for the necessary manpower to work on the development.

For the population and companies in my territory it will be a chance to procure work by new businesses and working away from home.

And then they will bring back the earned income to their native places and expend it in that territory.

If you consider the distance, this is indeed a big benefit for the southern nobles.

Because they steal even those few gained rights from the southern nobles including myself, it is a suitable way to deal with that swelling-like home of Baron Baumeister.

The reason is Because the other party is in a humble position.

“(Should I try to poke that lot for the time being? Isn’t there also just the right request intended for adventurers that can’t be entrusted to no one but Baron Baumeister?)” (Breithilde)

There is no meaning in thinking too much over it either. It’s also possible to make a move because the kingdom’s side is actually waiting for something to change as well.

My opinion is to entrust the work to Baron Baumeister. Burkhart should be able to arrange the details.

“Will I accompany them once again?” (Burkhart)

“This time there isn’t that much danger.” (Breithilde)

“If you are talking about the degree of danger, that’s certainly right, but the troublesome negotiations are…” (Burkhart)

“If the negotiations become difficult, they will have to respond according to the other party.” (Breithilde)

“Most likely it will cause a rebellion.” (Burkhart)

Nevertheless I have the obligation to protect the lives of many residents within the fief as Margrave Breithilde.

Therefore I will harden my heard and be determined to alter the current state of affairs.




– Wendelin PoV –

“It’s been a while. It feels like I finally returned.” (Erwin)

“I carried the luggage over last week.” (Wendelin)

“Wend is the best.” (Luise)

Abruptly our studying aboard in the capital was extended for two and a half years. At our adventurer début we came close to death on our first underground ruins exploration.

Safely managing to finish various matters influenced by politics and adults, we returned at last to my mansion in Breitburg.

As a matter of fact I had occasionally returned using teleportation magic, but I was busy due to training and studying the things necessary as an adventurer.

Since I also went on dates with Elise and such on my days off, there essentially wasn’t any time to visit the mansion.

It was slightly regrettable as it is a good mansion with precious facilities, but now it became finally possible to settle down in it.

We completed our first job of capturing that troublesome underground ruin and received the reward for the discovered items and facilities.

After bidding farewell from everybody, we were indebted to in the capital, such as Erich-nii-san’s group, everybody of the Brandt family and furthermore Armstrong-doushi as well as Warren-san, we returned to Breitburg by teleportation.

Actually, during that time, the three of Erw’s group caused an incident by returning the majority of the reward, they obtained, to me.

It seems they didn’t want the money as it would become the seed of troubles due to its sheer amount.

Furthermore, being courteous, they have used the adventurer’s guild’s system of filing a formal objection of dividends.

If they didn’t use this system and didn’t leave an official entry in the records behind, the news of the three of them possessing a large amount of money would end up gradually spreading.

Furthermore, Elise entrusted the majority of her share to me as well.

Though the payment is split throughout 20 years, the kingdom’s government, without increasing my platinum coins once again, issued it with Kingdom Tokenof which I have 5 pieces within my magic bag.

As for those kingdom tokens, those are wooden tokens built using a magic tool device.

It’s something you can exchange for the money written on it by bringing an application to the royal castle.

In the so-called olden days it might have been something like currency issued by a feudal clan.

I think it is a measure against counterfeiting to use the technique of a magic tool, but there are only few people possessing those tokens to begin with.

Since the person in charge easily remembers the faces of the owners, it doesn’t seem like there has been a case of counterfeiting until now.

With it being easy to expose a counterfeit of a kingdom token, there aren’t any people challenging the criminal law of death penalty by creating counterfeits, I guess.

For such things as gold and silver coins there were occasionally incidents of counterfeiting, but it looks like the criminals were executed once they were caught.

Naturally the kingdom token is something that is rarely seen at all.

It is only given if, for example, the payment with platinum coins proves to be difficult. Therefore it is something rarely circulating on the market.

By the way, this time’s value of the kingdom token is one billion cents.

Therefore I, who got those kingdom tokens, handed 100 platinum coins, I had at hand, to each of Erwin’s group, who had reserved a reward of 100 million cents for themselves.

Although Erwin’s group told me that there won’t even be a problem if the reward is another digit less, the split would have ended up with a too slanted ratio as expected.

Therefore I partly forced the 100 million cents on each of them.

Take me along with you as well. Master is telling me to reduce the costs.(Burkhart)

Returning to the story, since I was asked to take Burkhart-san alongside us, it has become a situation of me leading him back to Breitburg as well.

My teleportation magic wasn’t able to transport more than up to 6 people including myself no matter how much I practiced it since then, but this time we barely managed to finish it with only one transfer.

I have decided to ask the boy at the times I have business in the capital from now on.(Burkhart)

At the times I don’t have to work as adventurer?(Wendelin)

It is faster to just wait a day or two. It saves costs as well.(Burkhart)

Since it’s very useful, Burkhart-san and his boss, Margrave Breithilde, apparently ended up zeroing up on it.

Given that any magician, capable of using communication and teleportation magic, is obligated to register it, even as private person, it’s impossible to hide the ability in the first place.

It appears to be a matter of being available to be recruited in case of emergencies and for the sake of maintaining public order.

Even if that recruitment itself hasn’t happened here for close to 200 years.

Therefore, I took along Burkhart-san in the return to Breitburg as well and informed Margrave Breithilde of it right away.

Continuing onwards, I went to the adventurer’s guild Breitburg branch on the way and turned in the relocation notification. In the last few days we hunted normal monsters in the closest monster domain near Breitburg.

Originally something like an adventurer receiving an obligatory request from the kingdom at the very beginning is impossible. Usually you advance as adventurer by steadily hunting monsters like this.

Heading towards the forest, where the monster domain indicated by the guild can be found, we continuously hunt monsters there.

Monsters resembling bears, monsters resembling wolves and monsters resembling wild boars.

This sort of monsters occur due to long living wild animals being for some reason lured into the domain.

It seems they mutate and change into monsters there.

As for additional traits, they are several times bigger than normal wild animals and they are possessing a magic core within their bodies.

Also, they lose the common fertility and growth. Will the raw materials like flesh, bones, pelt and fangs sell well, I wonder?

Just, something like a bear several times bigger than normal can’t be dealt with in any way by normal people either.

If they are unlucky, they will be instantly killed by a single swing of its paw.

Embracing such danger was the trade of adventurers, who earned large rewards for it.

“Somehow Erw and Ina are in high spirits.” (Wendelin)

“With our début battle being far too crazy…” (Elise)

Certainly, it’s as Elise has said. In the underground ruins investigation Erw as well as Ina have experienced an extreme situation.

Even during the battle with the two dragon golems, where Burkhart-san and I were fighting for a long period of time with magic, they were active as opponents to the approaching golems.

Although I guess it’s better than being useless, they don’t consider that sudden investigation as début fight.

I have no doubt that they are enthusiastic because it is normal adventurer work.

Luise always had such feeling therefore there was no change. Elise, whose role was recovery, had no turn since there was no one getting hurt.

Except being on meal preparation duty, that is.

“Well then, let’s return since we hunted enough already?” (Wendelin)

Erw and Ina continued to hunt monsters at the forefront right after we entered the forest. Luise assisted them.

Elise and I were on standby being ready in the worst case enveloped by a magic barrier in the rear. But we should have already hunted a sufficient amount.

Deciding this, I advised everyone to withdraw.

“That’s true. It seems like we already hunted plenty.” (Luise)

“Ano, does Luise-san have no need to hunt?” (Elise)

“Although I yielded it to those two and settled with supporting them, my turn didn’t come at all.” (Luise)

In those few days Erw and Ina took the leading part for us and hunted a reasonable amount of prey.

I guess, if they hunted this much, they would be quite satisfied. It became a good experience, I think.

That doesn’t mean that we have particularly relaxed our attention or cut corners.

“Even though we are irresponsible outsiders to others, Erwin’s group complained incessantly, right?” (Wendelin)

No matter which world, there was the frightening nature of being jealous of others.

Even in regards to me, who eliminated dragons, there are magicians and nobles gossiping The brat has good luck.

Also in regards to Luise, there are guys criticizing her taking lessons in magic combat style with Immature brat.

As expected there wasn’t any unfavorably criticism against Elise who was treated as saint, but there were folks relentlessly bad-mouthing Erw and Ina over and over again.

They are only lucky to be affiliated with Baron Baumeister.(rumors)

In the case of the underground ruins investigation where they ended up earning a large reward, it apparently reached the point of them being told it was too much for them.

In a normal underground ruins investigation obtaining such kind of reward would be nothing else but a miracle.

Since the discovered items were valuable, the point of the kingdom having bought it for a high price to monopolize it was great as well.

Even confirming the fact that I, who refused the majority of it, had it pushed onto me, the amount of money they received is 100 platinum coins per person which is roughly ten billion in Japanese yen.

Because it was a treasure a normal adventurer wouldn’t be able to obtain even if they spent their whole life with great efforts, they ended up gathering excessive reproaches onto themselves.

Even on my side, I suffered from eccentric folks getting excited and saying Rather than such greenhorn and lass, it would be of more use for us.

As for Luise, at the time it became public that she was Armstrong-doushi’s pupil, those criticizing folks stopped.

It looks like there isn’t anyone who wants to pick a fair and square fight with that doushi.

It could be called natural since even I wouldn’t do such reckless thing.

“Despite declining the majority of the reward, aren’t we a party that obtained many accomplishments?” (Elise)

“Nevertheless, since it is a hundred million cents, there probably will be a lot of people who want to complain about it.” (Wendelin)

It didn’t seem like Elise could I agree with it, but it’s like this because even a part of it would be an outrageous amount of money.

Especially the value of the magic airships amongst the items is large.

The new magic airships, which were now operating successfully, began to be used as passenger ships within the kingdom increasing the number of flights and the places of destination.

Paying the sailor’s wages and the maintenance costs with the passenger fares, they can even learn such things as operation and servicing skills.

Normally contributing to the flow of goods and money within the kingdom, they are also useful as means to maintain the supply and as strong war potential for raids during times of war.

There were 8 ships, including the spares as well, operating in the Helmut kingdom before we went to the capital.

Well, in fact, getting hold of a super large magic core from the undead ancient dragon allowed one magic airship to go into service successfully as the super large magic gem had been the final obstruction until now.

That ship has been named Lingaia, the continent we are inhabiting, and is currently advancing into practicing for battle.

Continuing onwards, it has by now become possible to place one ship into commission with the magic core left behind by Grade Grande. That ship is travelling an already existing course safely.

And now, it had already become possible to operate four ships with the two matching power sources of the underground ruins, the two magic cores left behind by the dragon golems and the available seven ships left behind at the underground ruins.

In other words, the potentially operating magic airships have been more than doubled to 20 ships thanks to us (T/N: don’t ask me how the author concluded that one). Furthermore the army is also advancing the development of a super large magic airship.

The military  should considerably get the upper hand in regards to the northern Holy Empire Urquhart. That alone gives us the right to receive a reward.

If it’s the lot who reproaches Erw and Ina, I guess they don’t intend to accept the merit of luck.

“I guess so. Shall we return soon?” (Erwin)

Apparently even Erw thinks that it is already enough.

While wiping the sword with a cloth, he calls out to us.

“It appears to be a sword with a fine sharpness.” (Erwin)

“Well, you earned a lot of money and bought an excellent specialized weapon.” (Wendelin)

Erw purchased an excellent specialized weapon with the reward he acquired.

Or rather, Erw is looking at swords at the weapon shop in his spare time. He is owning 10 short swords including the spares as well.

Because he couldn’t use anything but a worn-out, tattered sword as legacy of his elder brothers during his childhood, he will usually end up wanting a new good sword against his better judgement.

“I don’t quite understand the quality of a sword, if I don’t use appraisal magic.” (Wendelin)

“You, aren’t you pretty much the child of a knight’s family?” (Erwin)

Erw laughs while partly complaining in jest to me, who is completely indifferent towards swords.

Certainly, until the age of 12 years, I didn’t miss a single morning to do basic training for around an hour.

But, since I was completely untalented, I ended up shifting to archery and magic nowadays.

“More or less. If a child is born, I will hire a good instructor for teaching.” (Wendelin)

I have the social rank of Baron for the time being after all.

Seeing that the possibility of genetically handing down the magic ability to the child is like a miracle, I thought that I should give the child a normal noble education.

“There’s no need for that as I will teach them.” (Erwin)

“Now that you mention it, Erw is my retainer after all.” (Wendelin)

Although it was only in name and unpaid since they had no achievements at all, it was decided that Erw’s gorup would become my retainers.

“But, you know. Since we obtained a large amount of money at great pains, shouldn’t we reclaim some territory?”

As for the kingdom, they are avoiding the act of buying peerage with money.

If you want to sell it to someone else, do you yield it to someone previously capable of inheriting it? Or do you adopt the inheritor? The logical move is to relinquish it to the kingdom.

Also, in regards to adopted children, for the sake of preventing the purchase of peerage with money by someone like upstart merchants, there are strict conditions in things like lineage etc. to become an adopted child.

In Erich-nii-san’s case it was relatively easy with having to be just recognized since nii-san was a noble’s child.

Assuming someone like a merchant would suddenly take a son-in-law into his family, the government would right away hand down a verdict of not authorizing it.

Also, there is the option of receiving the approval for a territory if you reclaim the uninhabited land by yourself.

Given that you have contributed to the kingdom, anyone can become a noble without any relation to lineage and such, but you have to reclaim the uninhabited land from the scratch.

Of course, if it was ordinary effort, the success would be doubtful.

There isn’t anyone you can call suited to the task if they merely have money, if their strong point is only magic or if they just have strong physical prowess.

You have to have the ability to handle many people efficiently.

If you don’t have that, it will just be a waste of money.

Even if you wage a large sum of money and the possession is approved, the restoration of the funds will take several tens of years. During that time it will also become a matter of decreasing the funds on hand without having any income.

If you rush the restoration of development capital, it will cause heavy taxation for the residents. They, who aren’t yet attached to the region, would escape. I hear that there are plenty of feudal lords devastating their territory like that.

Naturally, if that is exposed to the kingdom, that feudal lord will be deemed to have no ability to reign and the peerage and territory will be confiscated.

In other words, the waged money will end up to be in vain.

The kingdom has established strict rules in order to not limitlessly increase the number of nobles.

You could even say that the rules considered the majority of the vested interest, but since it was nobles who established them, you might say that this was something inevitable.

Besides, there are also people becoming nobles by succeeding in developing a territory.

“Even if the success is uncertain, they won’t be willing to spend money on the development of the territory. If they leave money behind, the inheriting descendants can freely use it.” (Wendelin)

Since there isn’t any inheritance tax in the kingdom, it was a better way to hold onto houses and fields, that have the potential to be harvested, as well as precious metals and money.

It might be difficult to supply money to the community, but because it became the role of the prodigal son of the rich to spread money around, this society kept a balance. (T/N: In other words, the parents are frugal but they son spends it all and thus keeps the money circulating)

“That’s right, isn’t it? The management of the territory takes time.” (Erwin)

“Though it’s also different if you come across a skilled, reliable magistrate.” (Wendelin)

While stuffing the hunted prey into the magic bag, Erw and me found out that we agree on planning to not get involved with the administration of a territory.

But I felt that the environment surrounding me is gradually growing in severity.

“However, it was nice to have a large catch today.” (Ina)

I finished putting the prey into the magic bag. I could produce several different things with that.

It is a magic tool that requires a basic talent, but it is relatively easy to use the magic bag.

Though it had the tag of being Exclusive use for magicians.

A commoner can’t use anything but a general purpose bag due to their mana capacity, but the production of that general purpose magic bag is complicated to the degree of being completely out of my reach.

But, if it is used by someone with the mana of Luise and Elise, even I can easily make it.

“Because it’s monsters, the meat will sell for more than normal animals.” (Wendelin)

“Currently we don’t really need the money though.” (Ina)

Even so, all things considered, it is better than wandering around aimlessly. After Elise has collected the prey in her own magic bag, we will go back to Breitburg.

We will immediately leap back to the back yard of Breitburg’s guild with teleportation magic and head towards the shopping street after leaving the prey at the reception.

Since everyone had worked today, we decided to settle with a restaurant for dinner.

Usually the female faction prepares it whenever possible, but the girls are now in the same situation as us, working as adventurers.

They shouldn’t be excessively burdened with housework.

Erw and I had that kind of thoughts.

“Okay, I think we became familiar with fighting against monsters.” (Wendelin)

“Yea.” (Ina)

To begin with, Erw and Ina are easily recognized as adventurers possessing a superb strength if they are in other parties.

With us already being close the entrance of the monster domain, there shouldn’t be any necessity for us to hunt for the sake of getting used to combat.

“Why don’t we fight a bit farther in?” (Erwin)

“Still, I don’t think the monster types will change overly much though. ” (Wendelin)

It’s not like such things as monster types will change much unless you head very deep inside. If I had to say, the parts, that change a lot, are the regional differences and the place itself.

Also it was common sense that the monsters have been unified by a dragon type or such, who stands at the top of the food chain as boss of the domain. But it is rare to find that being.

If it was that easy to find and subjugate it, the monster domain should have been completely destroyed long ago.

“Most of those in the adventurer business start with this domain.” (Ina)

With it now being close-by, you usually won’t discover something like a new historic ruin or a new labyrinth.

If you want to discover such things, you have to travel far. Without true strength it is difficult to set out on an exploration at such distant place even if you discover it.

Since you will be far away from human habitations, it will be hard for amateurs as the dangers of combat and camping will increase.

“Yo, isn’t it the boy’s group?” (Burkhart)

When I turned my head because of being abruptly called from the back, Burkhart-san stood there floating a great smile.

Formerly he was a remarkable adventurer. Now he is employed as magician by Margrave Breithilde.

It seems the latter had great hardships, but I couldn’t do nothing but just having a bad premonition seeing that current smile.

Probably he was waiting for us with a request from Margrave Breithilde.

“On the topic of dinner, you have been invited to be treated in Margrave Breithilde’s mansion.” (Burkhart)

“I have a bad premonition.” (Wendelin)

“Don’t say that. Isn’t my master the boy’s patron?” (Burkhart)

“Do you really think that, Burkhart-san?” (Elise)

“…” (Burkhart)

While seeing Burkhart-san’s face becoming stiff, we ended up imagining just how difficult it is to serve at the court from the bottom of our hearts.


“Your reputation is superb although you are still young. Even I, as your patron consider myself to be proud of you.” (Breithilde)

Guided to Margrave Breithilde’s mansion by the partly overbearing Burkhart-san, we were treated to cooking indulged in luxury.

Margrave Breithilde is even recommending dishes in a good mood to my fiancée, Elise.

Though I guess there are also various things he thinks about within his mind, I also don’t think that he will imprudently make an enemy of the granddaughter of a big-shot of the church.

At least it doesn’t seem like he will treat her coldly.

He offered dishes to her while smiling.

“Dragons, golems, and various monsters, there doesn’t seem to be anything giving you a hard time.” (Breithilde)

“For the moment…” (Wendelin)

No, in fact there were very many hard fights.

Or more precisely, they were to the degree of being close to dying.

We felt that we didn’t want to ever again encounter such extreme situations.

“If you can defeat a dragon, aren’t the other monsters almost easy?” (Breithilde)

“It depends on the conditions.” (Wendelin)

It really depends on the conditions.

Even my master, who suffered an unnatural death, wouldn’t fall behind a dragon if he felt like it.

Even without defeating it, he should have plenty of room to at least escape before being killed.

But, while protecting his lord and the allied military forces, he wasn’t able to oppose the violence of numbers by the crowd of monsters.

Although I think he could have run away if it was only himself, I don’t think that he wanted to leave behind his employer and his troops.

Given that I’m far more inexperienced, I would probably end up dying a lot faster than master in the same situation.

“That’s right, isn’t it? It depends on the conditions, right? But, there happens to be a single thing I want to ask you to do…” (Breithilde)

That wish of Margrave Breithilde is without a doubt a request that wouldn’t be allowed in the guild considering that he even expressly summoned us here.

Even though we will incur the animosity of the guild, if it’s true, it was very likely that he already finished discussing it with the guild given that Margrave Breithilde is the ruler of Breitburg.

“So, what kind of request is it?” (Wendelin)

In this case the choice of turning it down was non-existent.

If it can’t be done, we will withdraw from it. It should be better to report the failure.

At any rate, because this request hasn’t gone through the guild, it won’t leave a stain in our personal careers even if we fail.

“It’s a kind of subjugation request.” (Breithilde)

“Kind of?” (Wendelin)

“It’s cleaning up after my father.” (Breithilde)

With only those few words, I conjectured all of it.

Margrave Breithilde’s request is a remedial measure for the reckless act of heading to the Demon Forest with an expedition involving my family’s home and my master which was started by the willfulness of the previous Margrave Breithilde.

“Close to 2’000 people died having been left behind in the monster domain. It is necessary to settle this.” (Breithilde)

To say it clearly, they have transformed into undead with almost no doubt. Purifying them should become the main part of the request.

There are extremely few cases of becoming a Talking Corpse as they had to possess a strong ego like master.

The majority is evolving from zombies to ghouls, then to skeletons and wraiths one by one in that order.

If they even gathered into an assembly of several hundreds souls changed into evil spirits, it would already be difficult to purify them without holy magic of Elise’s or my class.

Even in case they didn’t assemble, it should be extremely troublesome to purify them due to their high number.

To begin with, the place, the Demon Forest, is a problem.

From the Knight Baumeister’s territory, that was south from here by crossing the mountain range, there was moreover the vast Savage Land spreading several hundreds kilometers to the south.

The Demon Forest is at the southeast end of that.

“You can go to the Demon Forest with teleportation, right?” (Breithilde)

“Yea, well…” (Wendelin)

If it was a normal adventurer, it would be difficult to just go to the Demon Forest.

However, with my explorations in my childhood, I can freely go to the entrance of the Demon Forest with my teleportation magic.

But I guess Margrave Breithilde already knows about this.

“Eeto… But arbitrarily exploring the Demon Forest located in the territory of Knight Baumeister is…” (Wendelin)

“It’s alright. On top of being your father, he won’t refuse the request of his patron.” (Breithilde)

Certainly, that ultra-conservative father thinks about nothing but the preservation of his territory, but it is highly unlikely that he will refuse the request of his patron, Margrave Breithilde.

Besides, in this case, it’s not like we are demanding reinforcements from father’s group as it is only us going to the Demon Forest.

Since it will be fine if he just gives us permission, it shouldn’t become such a troublesome matter.

“Supposing that a few hundred years later it will become possible for adventurers to enter that forest and they are attacked as intruders by undead, strengthened due to eating each other, our reputation will fall if they realize that we were the reason for that.” (Breithilde)

“(The honour of an important noble, how troublesome. With this the hope of being able to refuse it has been totally crushed, huh? However, it’s 2,000 undead, even if the lowest grade…)” (Wendelin)

Well, while I wondered whether it would be fine to flee if it was hopeless, I began to consume a second helping of the cooking as a little revenge.


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