Interlude 17 – Performance at the Martial Arts Tournament

“…” (Wendelin)

“Ano, Wendelin-sama?” (Elise)

“I am looking forward to enjoying today’s bentou.” (Wendelin)

At last it began, the first day of the Martial Arts Tournament.

Today it was planned to get through the majority of the qualifiers.

At any rate, there are many participants. It is impossible that they finish the qualifiers in one day since there also are the divisions of spearmanship, archery and weapon-less martial arts.

The main matches will be performed at the Royal Colosseum, where I previously had my duel with Duke Hertha.

Given that it will be the final selection, those matches will slowly be performed over a period of 2 days.

Therefore, the people, who will be able to have a match here, will only be the participants of the final selection.

Also, the qualifiers will be carried out at designated places such as dojo’s and training grounds in various places of the capital.

“Rather than the bentou, worry about the state of the matches.” (Erwin)

“I don’t have any kind of motivation towards a match I will most likely lose!” (Wendelin)

“Are you that sure of it… ?” (Erwin)

Erw was astonished.

In the morning we have departed from the mansion. Me and Erw towards the swordsmanship division’s qualifiers, Ina towards the spearmanship division’s qualifiers and Luise towards the weapon-less martial arts division’s qualifiers.

Although there is a gap between the number of participants between each division, it has been arranged that the people, who previously lost, return to this Colosseum.

That’s because it is planned for the first round of the final selection for the weapon-less martial arts division, which has the least amount of participants, to be held in the Colosseum today.

And then, after about 2 hours.

“Lad, have you lost in the first round?” (Armstrong)

“Yes…” (Wendelin)

Since I am more or less a Baron, I purchased a box seat for the interval of the three-days-long tournament so that the parties concerned can get a seat without difficulty.

If it’s this box seat, it easily allows for around 10 odd people to watch the matches from a special seat.

It was possible to order drinks and meals from the vendors coming and going, but amongst us there is the professional at making tea and meals, Elise.

It seems she got up early in the morning to prepare a large amount of bentou’s and sweets of various kinds.

“I heard it. Warren-sama’s opponent was…” (Elise)

“Something like the Commander of the Royal Chivalric Order, Wend’s tournament luck is…” (Paul)

I have ended up being matched against Erw’s swordsmanship master, Warren-san, in the first round of the swordsmanship division with its myriads of participants.

Really, I wonder if it’s fine to encounter such misfortune?

It is to the degree that even Paul-nii-san and Helmut-nii-san were lost for words as to me having so much misfortune.

It has been a disadvantage for me, not being able to use magic, to go against Warren-san, who is a magic sword user.

I was also the same, thus the conditions were even, but I was surpassed by the difference in the possessed techniques from the start.

After all, it’s not like his real skills were for show as he was recommended to the highly valued Royal Chivalric Order.

After several seconds into the match I ended up surrendering when I noticed the point of his sword thrust before my throat.

If only magic was allowed to be used, I would have first off defended against his attack with my magic barrier, but…

This thinking is usually called being a poor loser in society.

Eeto, it appears that I have nothing left to say but thank you…(Wendelin)

Hahaha, you have magic.(Warren)

It is great enough to defeat a dragon.(Wendelin)

The conversation with Warren-san after the match was empty.

Even the audience at the venue has been dumbfounded by the dragon-slaying hero, being the topic of talks, losing too quickly in the first round.

But, my skill in swordsmanship is something like this after all.

The practise I performed in the early mornings at my home was undoubtedly basic endurance training.

“To begin with, there aren’t such people who have expectations in your swordsmanship from the start, boy. How about Erw?” (Burkhart)

Although Burkhart-san’s remark had been quite merciless, I couldn’t deny it at all since it is the truth.

“He won the first round with leisure.” (Wendelin)

I explain Erw’s state to Burkhart-san who sits in the same box seat as us.

It completely has a feeling of being a picnic.

While he is eating the side dishes suitable as snack from within the bentou Elise had prepared, he continued drinking the sake I had produced myself while being a bit tipsy.

“Is that so?” (Burkhart)

“You are completely drunk…” (Wendelin)

“Today you haven’t been dragged into some calamity, boy. As it is, I can enter my rest mode.” (Burkhart)

“Do you expect something to happen again?” (Wendelin)

“No clue. won’t we be alright since we even have doushi besides us?” (Burkhart)

Such things as being challenged to a duel by a ridiculous duke, being dragged into nothing but purifications for a shady realtor and being requested to protect a weird hippopotamus.

Truly, we have been involved in only good-for-nothing situations at our stay in the capital.

In addition there was doushi. He is also eating the sweets made by Elise in the very same box seat while gulping down her maté tea.

Where doushi is concerned, it is a quite excellent tea and yet he is gulping it down like water from a well.

Even the way he eats the sweets, he is stuffing his mouth relentlessly with one after the other. Looking at it gave you a slightly sour stomach.

“You ended watching Erw at around the first round, boy, huh?” (Burkhart)

“Erwin-lad put in great efforts! I am certain that he will bear the fruits of it!” (Armstrong)

Although I wondered whether it would be a close match as Erw had been pitted against a mainstay-levelled veteran adventurer in his first match, he sent the opponents sword flying quickly after a few minutes.

As I haven’t seen Erw’s usual training routines, I was truly surprised of him becoming this strong.

“First off, has he won properly?” (Burkhart)

Even though there was also the reason that it was demanded by His Majesty, it seems that Erw has talent in swordsmanship just as Warren-san has been saying.

In a bit more than a year after coming to the capital it was something I had to agree with as he had also obtained skills making someone like me already no match for him.

Not only because his sensei was very good but also because I didn’t put in considerable effort in swordsmanship before that which was a large aspect as well.

“Except the boy, no one has returned.” (Burkhart)

“Please don’t tell me that.” (Wendelin)

However as the time passed 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Luise is the first to return.

Without even changing her reluctant-like facial expression, she sat down on top of my lap.

She acts completely like a kitten desiring affection.

“Without using magic, I think it is a handicap for someone having learned a magic combat style…” (Luise)

Until now Luise earnestly learned only a type of magic combat style and fought with it.

Since her body hasn’t even small power, she relies on her speed by running continuously and toying with her opponents by using their own strength against them.

Thanks to that she reached the fourth round of the qualifiers, but at the fifth round she ended up being defeated by a veteran of the same school, she explained in frustration.

“At 13 years old, reaching the fourth round as debut is amazing. You are 4 times more amazing than the boy.” (Burkhart)

As she remained this far, I heard that it is at the level that she has been put on the list of wanted people to be employed as retainers for Knight households, Associate Baron families and their-likes.

She is a talented young woman and has high potential as such. She has been raised into a talented person corresponding to her family’s tradition.

It seems that there are nobles in this world that do something resembling recruitment of inexperienced people and recent graduates.

No matter how powerful, there are many who are difficult to handle due to their bad habits as elder veterans.

“I don’t think I have to tell you, but you are covered all over in wounds.” (Wendelin)

Because it is the weapon-less martial arts division, there were many cases where you end up getting grazed by the opponent’s attacks in the long run.

On Luise’s arms and face small bruises and injuries were left.

“Wend, heal me.” (Luise)

“Although it would have been fine if you had received a healing from the priests at the venue.” (Wendelin)

Given that there are many people who receive injuries during the matches, several healing magicians are dispatched by the church and are waiting on standby at the venue.

I merely thought that she certainly has received healing from those magicians.

“Just be obedient there and say that you want to heal your cute fiancée.” (Luise)

“Yes, yes, please let me treat you, ojou-sama.” (Wendelin)

“There are also injuries within the dougi, do you want to see them?” (Luise)

“Before I knew of the place.” (Wendelin)

“However, your true opinion is?” (Luise)

“I want to see them!” (Wendelin)

I healed all of Luise’s injuries in one go with my water healing magic.

“If it’s Wend’s healing magic, it is approximately as effective as Elise’s.” (Luise)

“Wendelin-sama has mighty magic power.” (Elise)

Although there is also the problem of efficiency. It should be a lot more effective to use 10 mana instead of 50 mana.

Since Luise’s injuries are at a level of scratches, I healed all of the injuries without having any particular troubles.

“You want to improve your mana efficiency, huh? Then you have to continue the required practise.” (Burkhart)

“I am well aware of this.” (Wendelin)

“Nee, Ina-chan returned as well.” (Luise)

Considering the timing she came back, she should have advanced up until a quite good rank, but for some reason she floated an unconvinced facial expression.

“Ina?” (Wendelin)

“The sixth round of the qualifiers, if I had won it I would have advanced to the final selection, but I lost.” (Ina)

She had tournament luck as well, but it looks like Ina has also improved her skill to a considerable degree in the year here.

“Although you might be reluctant about it, for your debut fight you achieved excellent results, don’t you agree?” (Wendelin)

“That is, well, it’s true, but…” (Ina)

“Then, what are you unhappy about?” (Wendelin)

“Do you call it dissatisfaction or rather not accepting it as valid… ?” (Ina)

The opponent of Ina in the sixth round apparently was that Full-power-spearmanship-guy, who continued to appeal for being employed in front of the mansion for a period of time.

Moreover, he was quite strong.

“My spearmanship-sensei doesn’t think that I have lost either. Rather, I might be stronger…” (Ina)

“That person was this strong…” (Wendelin)

Due to the performance pulled by a certain someone with common sense, he hasn’t been chosen for the Lord’s troops formation last time. After that he continued to appeal for employment in front of the mansion for a little while, but we deliberately ignored him.

“Although it would have been fine to apply normally without doing such a performance…” (Wendelin)

There are such types occasionally too.

Despite having fairly high specifications, those are people who don’t achieve their goal due to having made some kind of mistake, I guess.

“Because of that we had a talk after the match, but…” (Ina)

The name of that full-power-spearmanship guy seems to be Roderich-san.

Furthermore it appears that he is the relative of an unexpected personage.

“Finance Minister Rückner?” (Wendelin)

“The younger brother. He seems to have been born by the daughter of a merchant.” (Ina)

As result he can be called the Minister’s nephew, but as his mother isn’t an official concubine, he can’t be entered into the noble’s family register as being a descendant of a noble either.

“Considering the story, he is an unexpectedly talented person…” (Wendelin)

Given that he has been first brought up in the store of his mother’s home, he is able to carry out all of the usual work of a merchant like reading, writing, calculating, keeping an account book, dealing with the settlement of accounts and all kinds of tax calculations.

He is also well-informed about such things as the laws regarding trade and commerce.

“In a certain sense he really is Finance Minister’s nephew, no? However, why did he choose spearmanship?” (Wendelin)

“Since he had a weak constitution in his childhood, he used the spear for the sake of tempering himself.” (Ina)

“Haa?” (Wendelin)

Also, why is he aiming to serve as a retainer?

That is, his mother’s elder brother has already been inaugurated as successor of the company. The nephew isn’t a person hitting it off well with that uncle as he wants his own children to succeed.

Therefore he ended up being treated as hindrance.

I hear that it was a thoughtless decision without even considering whether Roderich-san was able to do it or not.

The uncle thought it would be embarrassing if he took over even though he was the subordinate of his son.

Also, it is difficult for him to receive support from Finance Minister Rückner.

They say it would be complicated to inherit the peerage and property. The bad relationship between Finance Minister Rückner and his younger brother is famous within the royal court.

It’s no wonder he doesn’t possess a single letter of introduction.

“The world of merchants is hard as well, huh? … But, is he participating at the final section for the sake of training his body?” (Wendelin)

Looking at it from the view of a person staking his life earnestly on spearmanship, he might be seen as slightly disagreeable person.

For example, even if the person himself has no evil intent.

“Wend, I have lost to such a guy.” (Ina)

“Eeto, it can’t be helped that you met an unforeseen talented person…” (Wendelin)

“But, he is a odd guy, right…?” (Ina)

Certainly, I still only saw him from far way, but he was quite incomprehensible person who did giant swings with his spear.

With his height of around 180 centimeters, he has a medium build while also having a visibly well-tempered body.

I can’t see him as anything but a good young man with green hair, which is rare in this world as well.

He must also be an extremely lively person considering his shouting of Full-power-spearmanship.

“Eeto, he looks like a usable person, so let’s keep him, ok?” (Wendelin)

“I knew Wend would think so, thus I gave him our contact address.” (Ina)

Since we will become adventurers once we turn into adults, we had been searching for a person to entrust the capital’s mansion with.

As he can count money and also has good physical strength, I think it is fine to consider him as candidate as well.

“While we are at it, why don’t we have him teach you spearmanship as well?” (Luise)

“If it’s that person, I will die…” (Wendelin)

With him going all-out during the matches, they will end up leaving gaps, if it is a normal person trying to mimic him.

Ina doesn’t know what school he has learned either. Most likely it should almost all be original, I suppose.

“It’s not something an ordinary person can copy, huh…? Maa, he was able to advance to a good rank.” (Wendelin)

“That is true as well.” (Ina)

“Though I don’t know about the next round.” (Wendelin)

At least I don’t have a next round.

Or rather, it wasn’t even necessary.

“By the way, how did it go for you, Wend?” (Ina)

“Hah, I am glad that you have asked!” (Wendelin)

Lord Warren, commander of the Royal Chivalric Order and master at handling a magic sword has been appointed as my opponent.

Without even a single speck of hesitation he used his sword skills without any mana. Right from the beginning of the match he wielded his sharp sword.

Due to that excessive speed… Still, everyday for 6 years…

Although I took a day off once in a while, I tackled the basic training of swordsmanship at my home…

“You lost, right?” (Ina)

“I was far too quickly defeated.” (Wendelin)

I answer with a calm expression to Ina, who listens with a calm expression.

“In the first round?” (Ina)

“It has been settled like that, no?” (Wendelin)

“Don’t immediately reply as if boasting about it!” (Ina)

Trying to think about it, there isn’t anyone, except the second son, Hermann, with his slight strength, in our family who excelled at swordmanship.

Even while you can call it a self-training handed down for generations in the Baumeister household, it is truly only basic training for about an hour in the morning.

If it’s to such degree, you can call it a standard in the severe world of sword users.

I guess it was at the level of Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese elders do in the morning, and radio calisthenics in Japan.

No matter what, it is necessary to put great effort into learning something.

If it’s magic, I would spend as much time as possible everyday to practise until it gets dark.

“It is a mistake in itself to put me into the swordsmanship division.” (Wendelin)

“Certainly, that’s true as well. But I have never heard about such thing like a magic division.” (Ina)

“There is a reason for that!” (Armstrong)

Armstrong-doushi addressed Ina’s doubts right away.

In his hands he was grasping a large teacup, for exclusive use by himself, and Elise’s deluxe scone.

“There are only few magicians, therefore it is impossible to gather such great number of them at the capital!” (Armstrong)

Since they are entrusted with many jobs even though their numbers are few, it would be a waste of precious mana and time for them to compete at who’s the best in a tournament.

“Also, it is also possible that some may die.” (Armstrong)

Although there are also situation where someone dies in sword competitions and such, the number is overwhelmingly lower compared to magic competitions.

Furthermore, for exchanging magic shots within the venue, it is absolutely necessary for the personnel to prepare by deploying a powerful magic barrier.

Such things are high hurdles to tackle for holding a tournament.

“I can consent with that, but how did it go for Erw?” (Ina)

“He should still be remaining, but…” (Wendelin)

During the time I am answering Ina, the first round of the weapon-less martial arts division’s final selection began at the match venue.

Since there will indeed be complaints from the spectators if there isn’t a match in the Colosseum on the first day, it looks like they are carrying it out.

Isn’t there a difference in physical strength from the start?

It cannot be compared with the martial arts matches in my previous life. Although the intensity of the matches built up, it wasn’t possible for me to get into the flow as there wasn’t any particular acquaintance participating either.

“Somehow there are many elderly participants.” (Wendelin)

“They are competing with techniques.” (Luise)

According to Luise’s explanation, the tournament has a tendency to have comparatively many veterans remaining because the importance of skill is high in the end.

Especially there are many martial arts instructors left in the weapon-less martial arts division. That trend is quite obvious.

“But, the real strength is different?” (Wendelin)

“The majority of the final selection’s participants have no intention to lose. But I…” (Luise)

She has an amount of mana ranging from intermediate to high level. You could say that it was only natural as she is even able to use it for her magic combat style.

“Then, tell me, why does this tournament exist?” (Wendelin)

Our general fighting power is lacking, but if we diligently temper ourselves everyday, we can surpass this with technique!that explains the purpose, I think.” (Luise)

“It is as Luise-jou says! If we fight with all our strength, creatures such as humans won’t win at first.” (Armstrong)

Also, in addition, the matter with exceeding skill is, if you entrust these people with a task or employ them, it will become a matter of leading other people.

It is a self-promotion for unemployed ronin and an appeal for instructors to teach the next generation their skills.

It seems these two things are the main objectives of the participants.

“Now that I heard this, it somehow became boring.” (Wendelin)

Although you should usually get excited at these kinds of Martial Arts Tournaments, it strangely killed my interest just as I learned of the circumstances.

My mind has started inclining in the direction of the bentou which Elise made.

Especially the roasted wild boar meat preserved in miso suits rice as side dish. I am certain it would be delicious.

By the way, it was me who taught her the cooking method.

“That’s because you lost in the first round, I guess, boy?” (Burkhart)

“There is no such thing.” (Wendelin)

“I am enjoying myself fully.” (Burkhart)

Given that in Burkhart-san’s case everything should be fun, if there are delicious snacks and alcohol, he was really unreliable.

“Also, the only concerned party left is Erw, no?” (Wendelin)

“You know, it’s difficult for me to interrupt you while you’re talking, but…” (Erwin)

“You were there, Erw?” (Wendelin)

It looks like Erw came back unnoticed by anyone.

Furthermore, he wore a slightly apologetic facial expression.

“Did you lose?” (Wendelin)

“I ran into Warren-sensei in the sixth round.” (Erwin)

“You too, huh?!” (Wendelin)

As expected, he couldn’t yet win against his master in swordsmanship due to the difference in experience.

For me it is: how exceedingly will he win?

Such is my level.

“Somehow I am full of emotions now that it ended.” (Wendelin)

The feeling is like the sensation immediately following the defeat in the qualifiers for Koshien of my high school baseball club in my previous life.

I wonder if it’s fine to say this?

“Isn’t there no problem with you advancing to the sixth round? However, why does everyone seem to be so joyful?” (Wendelin)

In the fantasy novels or manga I read in my previous life, a martial arts tournament was something swelling in excitement and becoming a big deal.

But, in this world, where you can’t use magic in the Martial Arts Tournament, it is somehow insignificant.

Nevertheless, the spectators are holding their breaths watching the results attentively.

I felt slightly strange.

“In this Martial Arts Tournament the kingdom has placed huge bets at the bookmakers. Apparently the earnings will be used for charity work.” (Burkhart)

“It would have been fine to not learn of this…” (Wendelin)

On the remaining two days all of the matches of the Martial Arts Tournament finished as planned.

Apart from my feelings that couldn’t really rise in excitement, Luise was the only one who jumped in joy.

“Hooraay~~~! I won the bet of the weapon-less martial arts division! The bet will be factored by 23 times!” (Luise)

“You placed a bet… ?” (Wendelin)

After that the matches of the second day also came to a close without any kind of troubles.

Speaking of the things we did, sitting together with only the people allowed to come into the box seat of the match venue, it became a party location for enjoying the sake I prepared alongside the tea and bentou especially made by Elise.

The matches changed into mere parts of the scenery.

“However, don’t look this way with weird glances, you lot appearing at the matches.” (Wendelin)

“That is, they want to be employed by you, boy.” (Burkhart)

“I don’t need such simple muscle-brains.” (Wendelin)

What I want is a capable person to command the servants and maintain the capital’s mansion.

No matter how excellent their skill with the sword is, I am certain these guys are a mis-match for the job.

“What about that Full-power-spearmanship?” (Burkhart)

It looks like Burkhart-san also saw Full-power-spearmanship-san swinging his spear in front of the mansion previously.

He made an unexpected appearance when we were talking about the manager of the capital’s mansion.

“That person can also keep such things as account books.” (Ina)

“He doesn’t look like it going by his appearance…” (Wendelin)

The things I gained in this three-days-long Martial Arts Tournament were a manager for the capital’s mansion and the actual experiencing of the proverb “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”


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