Interlude 13 – A shady realtor

“Is that the mansion?” (Wendelin)

“Yes. As expected, it must be of poor quality?”

It is approximately one year after we’ve started to live in the royal capital.

After borrowing a house from Margrave Breithilde, Luise and I were sent through a hell of practice by Armstrong-doushi.

If only it was just that… It wasn’t even clear whether it was martial arts training or magic training, in addition to that I was also coached in magic by Burkhart-san.

No, if I am to deliberately talk about it, originally you would call the magic training I received from Burkhart-san as the normal training.

Thanks to that, the time of him staying in the capital in order to look after me was extended.

Occasionally when Burkhart-san had to return for some errands, it didn’t cause any kind of problem either since I could use teleportation magic.

Erw went to the royal palace to receive guidance in swordsmanship from Warren-san.

Even Ina received intensive training in spearmanship after being introduced to renowned knights by Warren-san.

So what I wanted to say is that I only sleep at home except on holidays, and I thought it would be sufficient to keep staying in the house rented by Margrave Breithilde-sama.

Coming back home, Elise was waiting for me with the meal she made.

On holidays, I went out on dates with Elise.

But, since doing only that would cause complaints, I also went on dates with Luise and Ina in turns.

Also, going home after being worn-out from doushi’s intensive training, I went shopping with Luise and bought sweets for her.

Heading to the bookshop to rendezvous with Ina, we likewise went to look at such things as accessories and clothes together.

I think I spend my time with them like a normal 13-years old.

The so-called way of a riajuu.

If I were asked in my previous existence whether such a thing could happen, I would tell that guy that it would be best to not talk about such delusions.

Anyway, I considered this to be an ordinary life.

I believed I wouldn’t need something like a mansion until I reached adulthood.

Even so, it seems Rüdiger-san’s opinion was different.

“Wendelin-dono is a Baron even if only an appointed one. Don’t you think it is questionable for a baron to live in a rented place for a long time?” (Rüdiger)

“About that matter, huh?” (Wendelin)

“About that matter, yes.” (Rüdiger)

With something that could be called advice from your elder I decided to search for a mansion that was appropriate for a baron.

I guess I have to secure some employees to maintain that mansion afterwards, huh?

Fortunately the funds, usually being the biggest issue, are no problem.

Honestly, even only the intention of searching for one was troublesome and would increase my workload unnecessarily.

“I don’t have any connections to realtors at all. You, Erw?” (Wendelin)

“Do you think I have?” (Erwin)

As he was originally in the same situation as I was, he naturally doesn’t have any realtor acquaintances.

“Also, I think you don’t have to worry about employees to maintain the mansion afterwards.” (Erwin)

After dinner we talked about the purchase of a mansion in the living room.

While brewing an after-meal tea, Elise participated in the discussion.

This is expedient since, as my fiancée, she intends to go looking at the houses together with me.

“In case Wendelin-sama is going to buy a house, since it will be difficult to get a new building, it will result in an old property.” (Elise)

“Hoping for a new building is in vain?” (Luise)

“There is no plot where a new building could be constructed.” (Elise)

Elise answered Luise’s question.

The reign of the kingdom has lasted for a long time, and during this time the number of nobles has grown.

At the time of the current capital’s founding, an extensive area was reserved for the residences of nobles in advance, but in reality over the years even that still proved to be insufficient.

“As a Baron, it is normal to get a mansion right next to the high-ranking noble’s block.” (Elise)

The likes of the Brandt’s house, which Erich-nii-san will succeed, is in the block of the lower nobles where most of the Knights and Associate Barons live.

On the other hand, the capital’s mansion of Margrave Breithilde-sama is naturally located in the high-ranking noble’s block.

Such segregation even exists between nobles.

“But, aren’t there any plots?” (Wendelin)

“Although there are no plots, there are mansions.” (Elise)

There are also nobles in the high-ranking noble’s block who are forced to move to a smaller mansion close to the low-ranking noble’s block due to harsh financial situations or ruin. In reverse, there are also nobles who move to large mansions close to the royal castle due to prospering.

Apparently something like that often happens around there because of the vicissitudes of fortune.

Even though I wasn’t aware of those reasons, it looks like the remaining mansions themselves are traded using realtors and such as intermediary.

“Once you buy an appropriate older property, you hire people for altering the structural design to live there.” (Rüdiger)

“Yes. Because there are also many mansions which have been vacant for many years, it is indispensable to do such things as cleaning and remodeling even if you are done with the trade itself.” (Elise)

“How troublesome. I don’t have any trusted realtor. I wonder, can we rely on Cardinal Hohenheim for this, Elise?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, leave it to me, I will tell him.” (Elise)

As it will be a realtor recommended by that Cardinal Hohenheim, he shouldn’t try something like ripping me off either.

With such thoughts I entrusted the referral to Elise, but the outrageous nature of the realtor, we were to meet in the end, exceeded my expectations by leaps.


“It is an honor to meet you. I am called Ogas Rinnenheim (T/N: >> Ogasu Rinenhaimu <<) from Rinnenheim Real Estate. Yes~” (Ogas)

“I am Baron Baumeister.” (Wendelin)

“You appear to be the dragon-slaying hero. I was appointed by Cardinal Hohenheim to present you an excellent mansion without fail. Yes~” (Ogas)

“Please take care of me. (How suspicious-looking …)” (Wendelin)

In the morning of my next’s rest day, the realtor visited our house to extend his greetings.

I was told that Rinnenheim Real Estate is a distinguished real estate agency in the capital primarily dealing in mansions and plots for nobles.

Also, as for the reason Cardinal Hohenheim was able to get acquainted with them, it was due to the matter of them providing a nice plot for a new church.

“(How shady …)” (Luise)

“(Quite suspicious …)” (Elise)

“(Totally fishyyy!)” (Ina)

Without even saying anything, the inner voices of four people unified.

As Mr. Ogas Rinnenheim was the owner of Rinnenheim Real Estate, he wore glasses with luxurious rims since there was no other choice but to have them order-made in this world.

His attire was a suit with red lame inserted and a silver bow tie. (T/N: Uwwaah! What bad taste)

I remembered a president of such a fraudulent company from my previous life. (T/N: There is a movie with Danny De Vito where he is the owner of a car selling company that fits the description, even attire-wise I think.  E: Gold star for the Matilda reference!)

“(Elise)” (Wendelin)

“(Ano … even if he is a person with such a shady appearance, he still got reliable accomplishments …)” (Elise)

Elise tried to eagerly follow up on that person with his shady appearance in front of us.

I was once again reminded that she is a gentle and nice girl after all.


“First, this mansion.” (Ogas)

With the shady Mr. Rinnenheim guiding us, the five of us were led to the first mansion, but I couldn’t help getting nothing but an unpleasant premonition from it.

The mansion’s room layout in front of us was extensive.

Something like a sinister thick fog oozed out through the outer fence of the residence.

“This is definitely a flawed mansion …” (Wendelin)

“Yes. Although this mansion was owned by an Earl, it seems like he didn’t have a very good personality and was slaughtered by his vassals.” (Ogas)

“Right off the bat a cruel personal history …” (Wendelin)

Since then the slain Earl’s ghost materialized and gathered the wandering ghosts in the vicinity haunting this mansion.

I hear that it became a wraith and even undead monsters, making an exception, left their domains and came around.

“Why wasn’t it purified?” (Erwin)

“Because it is expensive to do so.” (Ogas)

That Earl, who was slaughtered by his vassals, didn’t only have a bad personality but also a poor sense for economy.

In order to pay back the debts the earl had amassed due to his wasteful habits, his family put the mansion up for sale after the Earl’s death, but each time potential buyers came to see the mansion, the Earl, who had become a wraith, appeared to interfere. In the end there was no one left aspiring to purchase it.

It was certainly natural that the buyers, who wanted this mansion, didn’t need such a wraith haunting it.

“You have to pay at least 300.000 cent if you call a magician to use the holy magic [Purification].”

As it seems to differ depending on the number and strength of the undead to be purified, it is apparently a rough estimation of the market price.

In regards to the fee for purifying the wraith leading the miscellaneous spirits within the haunted house currently, it isn’t expensive in the least.

“By threatening the potential buyers once they were inside, it ended up getting gradually more ferocious. Even the evil spirits in the vicinity, who were few before, started to join up.” (Ogas)

“In the current situation, isn’t it possible for them to steal the life of people?” (Wendelin)

“Yes.” (Ogas)

“Oi oi, is that really okay … ?” (Erwin)

Erw sent a glance filled with anxiety at the mansion, but since there are seals spread on the fence at the present, it seems there is no need to worry for the ghost to come out.

If you looked properly, those seals applied on the fence by the church resembled an ofuda (paper talisman) and had the church’s mark written on them.

“It would be good if you took care of it to the end …” (Wendelin)

“Those are from the church? Then it is quite grave, right?” (Elise)

Since they couldn’t cover the bill they tried to raise the necessary amount by such things as collecting alms, but in the end it seems they didn’t have enough money to pay for a purification.

Besides, the high-ranking holy magicians, the church has, are accordingly busy as you can see by looking at Elise.

They end up using the majority of their mana for things like healing injured and sick people coming to the church.

In any case, if they don’t get a considerable donation, they put priority on the request of the poor for the sake of reputation and popularity.

Of course there are rich people who are able to provide sufficient donations and obviously get even higher priority that way.

“As he killed a vassal who warned him to not waste too much money on his habits, the Earl-sama was killed in reverse. Thanks to seals they aren’t causing any troubles outside anymore. Even if they were forcibly purified, it wouldn’t be a reason for the society to praise the church highly either.” (Ogas)

Seeing the reputation of the Earl, I guess it is obvious that purifying him wouldn’t be well-received with great admiration by society.

It isn’t even certain whether trying to have it disappear by extermination without purifying it would get admiration by society.

“Motive … false motive …” (Wendelin)

“Also, this Earl-sama wraith seems to be extremely obstinate considering the church’s holy magicians failed to get rid of it before.” (Ogas)

“And thus he has become unnecessarily powerful …” (Elise)

“That’s correct! As expected of Saint-sama!” (Ogas)

Just as Elise said, failing to purify the evil spirit was similar to how you would try to kill a virus with antibiotics, it seems to have become even more powerful by becoming resistant to holy magic.

“Though they failed once, they couldn’t reveal it to the public due to the disgrace. They decided to return for the time being with only sealing it?” (Wendelin)

“Spot on! As expected of Baron Baumeister-sama!” (Ogas)

“No, even if you praise me for something like that …” (Wendelin)

Rather, I wonder what that Mr. Rinnenheim wants me to do by recommending this property to me?

“Hey, what about the family of the crucial Earl household?” (Luise)

Luise inquired about the situation of the Earl household wanting to sell this mansion.

“Certainly, now that you mention it. Is the family of the Earl stupid? Even after borrowing money for the purification, is it okay for them to sell it?”

“No one will lend them money as they have too many debts.” (Ogas)

There is also the point of a purification not having a guaranteed 100% success rate.

Actually the church has to conceal failing once as well.

Moreover, I think the truth behind the hesitation is that the church took an advance payment of half the costs for the failure.

After taking such a gamble, the previous family head caused the Earl household to be blacklisted by the merchants due to the huge debt, thus there were no merchants willing to lend money remaining.

Because they are nobles it is a rare occurrence to be dispossessed of their territory and court rank due to debts.

But it is a fact that the household is declining.

It seems that the family barely managed to move to a small mansion in the high-ranking noble’s block as a last resort leaving the plot and mansion unused as is.

“Even a merchant won’t lend money if it’s questionable whether it will be returned or not.”

I guess that’s only natural.

After all there is also the possibility of not returning the money by running from the debt because the noble, who borrowed it, has a higher social poison in that situation.

Although the money will naturally come back by taking them to court, apparently there are many troubles when the other party is a noble.

Far from the interest yielding a profit, the merchant has to consider the time and cost of the trial.

Therefore it could also be called reasonable for the conclusion to lead towards preferably not lending money to broken nobles.

Even if such nobles beg for money, the merchants won’t be blamed very much if they manage to decline skilfully.

I hear that such ability is required for merchants to become a class of businessman with political ties.

Artur-san had said so before.

“Even if we wanted to look at the interior of the mansion, wouldn’t we be unable to do so due to the applied seals?” (Wendelin)

“There is nothing else below an estimated value of 10.000.000 cent. Yes.” (Ogas)

“The mansion itself is splendid. The plot is also vast.” (Wendelin)

However the roof of that mansion has become a meeting place of departed spirits because of the wraith.

Apparently they are killing their time on top of the roof since the other exits have been sealed.

Even though it is slightly laughable due to that surreal appearance, there aren’t any other bothersome matter in reality.

In this world ghosts aren’t something that rare.

I am certain of that as they are in plain sight to me, who had zero ability to sense the supernatural in my previous life.

Given the obstruction was only to that extent, it is easy as we conveniently have a priestess and a magician who are able to exorcise them.

“But, won’t it be too splendid for the mansion of an appointed Baron?” (Erwin)

That was what worried Erw the most.

No matter how much it would be the mansion of a dragon-slaying hero, there would still appear a bunch complaining that it was too excessive for a Baron to live in.

Although I believe that they got too much free time, there are many nobles who are particular about such things.

“Well, then let’s go to another mansion, huh?” (Wendelin)

“E~~~h, Let’s go and have a look since we especially came here.” (Ogas)

“And for that reason I have to purify it? I won’t be deceived by such methods.” (Wendelin)

“It was in vain after all, huh?” (Ogas)

Is he joking or is he serious?

Perhaps Mr. Rinnenheim believed that I would purify the mansion for free?

Crestfallen he has dropped his shoulders.

“Well then, the market price is 300.000 cent.” (Wendelin)

He recovered immediately.

“It’s a job, huh! But, I am an apprentice adventurer.” (Wendelin)

“I have heard from Cardinal Hohenheim-sama that Baron Baumeister is a honorary priest of the church. Yes~” (Ogas)

“That’s the first time I have heard of that …” (Wendelin)

It seems there wouldn’t be any objections from the adventurer’s guild in such a case because the additional post would be in the church.

Come to think of it, even among adventurers there are parties who add priests, who can use healing and purification, as members.

Given that magicians themselves are rare, their numbers are simply too insufficient.

Also, as for honorary priests, it seems they are treated as such after receiving the real baptism.

Since they are only honorary priests, there are virtually no obligations included for the royalty, nobles and wealthy merchants, who received the real baptism.

As they wouldn’t be able to do it even if asked to, it usually never happens that they are called in by the church’s side.

I feel that it is just absurd to somehow ask me to do a purification.

“I don’t have any experience in mass purification.” (Wendelin) (T/N: Originally the author wrote “area” purification, but I think “mass” is better)

So far the holy purification magic I used has been the light ray spell that let master die peacefully and the emission spell that exterminated the ancient bone dragon.

I don’t have any experience with purification magic that manifests its effect within a designated area.

“Wouldn’t it be fine if you had the Saint teach you how to do it then?” (Ogas)

However, that Mr. Rinnenheim had an answer at hand for whatever he was told.

Most likely he had talked about it with Cardinal Hohenheim beforehand, I suspect.

Who and what advantages would he gain by guiding me to a flawed property and have me purify it?

But because the talks headed into such a direction, I decided to test the other party’s motive.

If it’s once, it will also serve as training.

“Well, I guess so.” (Wendelin)

“No! Don’t do it!” (Elise)

Still, it was also unexpected for Elise to refuse teaching me the mass purification spell with a stern tone.

“Performing it all of a sudden after just a bit of practice, how very dangerous! It seems that venerable grandfather-sama appears to be another honorable old man! Although we only talked about having someone refer a mansion, why should Wendelin-sama have to purify a property haunted by evil spirits?!” (Elise)

“Saint-sama?” (Ogas)

It was the first time for us to witness Elise being so enraged.

The shady Mr. Rinnenheim was also astonished by Elise’s ferocity since one wouldn’t imagine her capable of getting this angry, given her fame as the Saint of Hohenheim.

“Wendelin-sama is a magician with an enormous amount of mana, but that doesn’t mean that he is able to perfectly do everything right off the bat! Especially something like this purification which is learned together with an experienced person. That is plain common sense.” (Elise)

“Saint-sama …” (Ogas)

No matter how much mana one has or how powerful a magic they can use, it is different if the opponent is a normal monster. Given that they are undead without substance, there are also situations where it is dangerous due to them becoming a demon.

Elise explained this in an unusually compelling tone.

“Ano, that is …” (Wendelin)

“Cardinal Hohenheim told me this. 『Suggest a good and suitable mansion to Baron Baumeister-dono. If it is your agency it is even fine to request a purification for a low-priced flawed property, but, of course, the mansion won’t cost anything then, right?』” (Ogas)

“Ano, the agreed discount …” (Elise)

“Elise, we will be given a mansion for free for purifying the building.” (Wendelin)

Although Mr. Rinnenheim tried to say something, I brushed it aside and told Elise that we would receive a mansion for free.

“Maa, doing this is the duty of one’s faithful wife. It is a good chance to teach Wendelin the correct mass purification.” (Elise)

“Ano, the discount …” (Ogas)

“Are you sure it’s ok to go home like this?” (Wendelin)

“For free … I am delighted to offer you this.” (Ogas)

I guess he wanted to avoid the foolishness of making enemies out of the Saint of Hohenheim and me here.

He frankly promised to offer us a mansion for free.

Although I am suspecting that he is calmly calculating which property would yield him the most profit by purifying it within his mind.

“By the way, what’s the market price for a Baron’s mansion?” (Wendelin)

“In average around 4.000.000 cent?” (Ogas)

“I will accept 4 cases.” (Wendelin)

“Such outrageous …” (Ogas)

Even while saying this, it seems that purifying this Earl’s mansion will be the first objective.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Rinnenheim plotted to yield a huge profit by selling this mansion once it became normal.

“I will help you out as well, Elise.” (Wendelin)

“Well then, first you start with the holy barrier magic …” (Elise)

It seems that this holy barrier spell is required while performing a purification on evil spirits and undead.

Surrounding myself with a wall of mana filled with the holy attribute, it will apparently defend me from attacks by undead while casting the mass purification.

Since the opponents are undead, unlike ordinary magic barriers, the bigger focus lies on magical defense rather than physical defense.

“It is effective against residual wills without substance, who have bodies joined by magic power, such as undead, the early stages of evil spirits as well as wraiths.” (Elise)

Even if their attacks looked like physical strikes at first glance, I was told that they are in reality strikes filled with a cluster of magic.

Consequently the conclusion is that if you want to defend against those attacks, the holy barrier will be absolutely effective.

“Please deploy a holy barrier, Wendelin-sama, since I will cast the mass purification.” (Elise)

Elise and I invaded the Earl’s mansion in question together.

The erected barrier was not only meant to prevent incorporeal beings already inside from leaving, there also didn’t seem to be a problem for people to enter.

But, the evil spirits were sensitive to intruding presences.

They discovered us immediately and came attacking by ramming and such.


“Debts are evil~~~ !”

“Big tits, such things should be banished! I will kill you!”

Are those resentments from their previous lifetime or their current emotions?

While yelling instinctively, the evil spirits continued to attack.

But those attacks were completely fended off by the holy barrier I had deployed.

I was able to learn it without difficulties because the method of using the holy barrier spell itself doesn’t differ from a regular magic barrier.

“Is it dangerous to purify them individually … ?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, but if it is someone who is capable of using different spells at the same time, it is alright.” (Elise)

“Ah, I can use up to three at the same time.” (Wendelin)

“That’s amazing. Umm, I am going to use mass purification now.” (Elise)

Elise began to offer a prayer within the holy barrier I had deployed. Gradually her body started to be wrapped in something like a white light.

And then, after ten-odd seconds.

That light extended to the entire mansion’s plot within the barrier.

Elise’s holy purification magic has expanded limiting itself to the grounds of the mansion.

“Howaa …”

Looking ahead, there was a boss pig who wanted to attack us … (T/N: Pig = Fat man)

No, that’s not it. The wraith of the previous Earl was approaching our location.

He was basked in the light of purification. His appearance was slowly extinguished.

“I am feeling gooood …”

“At this rate, I feel like I will ascend to heaven …”

“Since my body has become light, I am going~~~” (Earl)

Even the evil spirits that followed the wraith of the previous Earl began to receive Elise’s purification magic with dull facial expressions.

“The other evil spirits as well, huh …?” (Wendelin)

“Yes. Whatever the reason, they were after all originally human. Naturally I will help them ascend to the world of gods. I believe this to be purification.” (Elise)

Elise’s purification appears to be magic to comfortably send the evil spirits to heaven.

Maa, if it is purification magic created by such a cute girl, I guess even the pig, er no, the former Earl will comfortably go to heaven.

“(Although, that Earl might be transported to hell instead …) Elise is amazing.” (Wendelin)

In addition to healing magic, those evil spirits with their nasty nature were forced to ascend to heaven in one go with purification magic.

Indeed, it’s only appropriate to call Elise the saint of Hohenheim.

“Well then, next is my turn.” (Wendelin)

“Next it is. Although it is a certain famous former Marquis’ mansion …” (Elise)

Due to concerns regarding her mana capacity, we decided that I will purify the remaining three.

Since I was able to get a great example as reference, I am certain it will go smoothly.

Similar to just now, while I had Elise cast a holy barrier in the unlikely event of something happening, the two of us invaded the grounds of a former Marquis’ mansion which was likewise a flawed property.

Although a similarly great number of evil spirits swooped down on us, they were completely fended off by Elise’s holy barrier. In the meantime I prepared to invoke the mass purification.

“Isn’t the light somehow strong?” (Erwin)

“It’s dazzling. Wend, are you adjusting the mana channeling properly?” (Ina)

In addition to Erw, Ina raised her voice in complaint, but I don’t recall having put my strength into channeling mana to such an extent.

Moreover, it should be better than the evil spirits developing a resistance due to not using enough power.

In reality, the evil spirits were writhing in agony within my purification magic.

“No! I don’t want to go to hell!”

“My body is going to disappear!”


“Are? Isn’t this odd?” (Wendelin)

At the time my former master ascended to heaven he praised my holy magic as pleasant, but these evil spirits were writhing in agony for some reason while crying that they would end up vanishing.

“Elise, this is?” (Wendelin)

“Umm … Wendelin-sama’s mass purification power is rather strong …” (Elise)

“There won’t be any problems, right?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, rather than using too little power …” (Elise)

My magic ability had grown too much in comparison to when master had become a Talking Corpse.

For this reason he could ascend to heaven comfortably by my holy purification magic which cost me all my strength back then.

Elise explained it giving such a reason.

The same example would be if I were to strike Armstrong-doushi’s stiff shoulders with an iron hammer, he would say 『How comfortable!』

“It appears that Wendelin-sama’s master-sama was an extremely excellent magician just as the rumors say.” (Elise)

For that reason he felt comfortable even being basked in my strong holy purification magic while ascending to heaven.

Conversely, for the evil spirits it was magic like hell-fire mercilessly sending them off to hell.

“Well, as it is effective, there are no problems, right?” (Wendelin)

“Err, I don’t think there are …” (Elise)

If we assume that to be the case, looking at the evil spirits suffering while being forced to pass on, the impact on people’s minds besides my own might not be trivial.

Even Elise showed a somehow uncomfortable facial expression.

“Somehow Wend’s method is sort of villainous …” (Ina)

“Fu, I won’t show any forgiveness to villains.”

Afterwards we performed purifications on the two remaining high-ranking noble residences, in exchange we would obtain a mansion suitable for a Baron.

However, those two houses were also in a terrible state.


『This is the mansion of a certain Marquis-sama, he was slaughtered some years back by his beloved concubine in the study.』 (Ogas)

In fact, there were some vivid blood stain remains on the walls of the study.
But the evil spirit did not interfere, even though everyone entered the mansion.

The evil spirit of this mansion seemed to have a bit of intelligence remaining. I heard that it started to threaten only after the mansion’s purchaser actually tried moving in.

『It is a filthy spirit.』 (Erwin)

Certainly, it was as Erw said.

Each mansion was purified. It is at an appropriate level to go to hell.

『Uhehe … It is enough to clean the blood stains.』

Also, there was one worrying matter.

Since it didn’t particularly approach to threaten prospective buyers of the mansion, I complained to Mr. Rinnenheim that he had to at least clean away those traces of blood stains.

『Baron-sama. Because I am the only realtor specialized in dealing with high-class property in the royal capital, you can rely on my management in regards to cleaning the properties. Yes~』 (Ogas)

『Well then, what’s this?』 (Wendelin)

『No matter how often it is cleaned, the traces of blood stains will reappear again.』 (Ogas)

『Scary!』 (Wendelin)

『As the market price is 8.500.000 cent, giving it for free is a bit …』 (Ogas)

『No! I don’t want it and I don’t need it!』 (Wendelin)

Although there was almost no evil spirit appearing, the purchasers would immediately leave the former Marquis’ mansion with such a continuously ongoing strange phenomenon.

This also reverted to a regular property after being purified for some reason.

Not hearing the deathly agony wails of the evil spirit was unusually disappointing.


『A young man~~~』 (Imouto)

『Why is it? I am a~~~』 (Erwin)

『Naa, that is?』 (Ina)

And finally it was the last house’s turn.

Chasing Erw in circles, it was the imouto-san of the Earl-sama who owned this mansion.

Apparently she was unlucky and remained unmarried in her lifetime.

Because of that lingering affection, it seems she stayed behind becoming a ghost in this mansion.

If it was a male holy magician who came to perform a purification, she would rush at him in arousal, and if it was a female holy magician she ended up enduring the purification with willpower and obstinacy.

She is now considered one of the most difficult to purify ghosts in the capital.

But for some reason she seemed to be happy chasing Erw in circles.

Though he was relentlessly hacking at her with his sword, there was absolutely no effect since his opponent was an evil spirit.

At the same time the evil spirit exclaimed 『You are very energetic, wonderful!』while endlessly chasing Erw.

『If she were to marry you, Erw, maybe she would go to heaven.』 (Wendelin)

『Don’t say such stupid things ~~~ ! Wend, you can marry her ~~~ !』 (Erwin)

While running desperately from place to place, it seems that Erw clearly heard my remark.

He insulted me with a abusive language.

『It’s a lie. There isn’t any suitable marriage candidate in the next world.』 (Imouto)

Surely, she wasn’t the type of evil spirit that hurt people, but that tenacity was terrifying to the degree of having acquired resistance against holy abilities.

It was an evil spirit that had better be quickly purified.

『A male purification, ah~~~ 』 (Imouto)

The spirit of the Earl’s unmarried sister ended up ascending to heaven comfortably due to my purification magic just like my master.

However, that resistance against magic abilities…

It is to the extent that it is regrettable for her to not have become a magician during her lifetime.

『Wouldn’t anyone have been fine if she was so particular about it being male purification magic?』 (Wendelin)

『No, the usual male holy magic was far from having any effect on her.』 (Ogas)

As it was, she attempted to embrace and kiss them. Those magicians fired off their highest output of purification and she withstood it with composure blowing kisses at them.

So far she planted the worst trauma into several people.

『In any case, as for the quality of the property itself, the flaws in the interior are awful.』 (Wendelin)

『Yes, they are terrible, thus it will yield a good profit if those are resolved. Yes~』 (Ogas)

『With those four buildings having been purified, they are suitable for a Baron. But will you actually make a profit from us?』 (Wendelin)

『No! This is my one-sided, free gift.』 (Ogas)

『(How contrived …)』 (Wendelin)

The thing I noticed about this Mr. Rinnenheim, after about half a day, is the fact that this person can only be called unbelievably fishy.


“Oh? You have bought this mansion, boy?” (Burkhart)

“Yes. Although to be precise, I received it as thanks for performing purifications.” (Wendelin)

Just as planned I received a mansion from Mr. Rinnenheim for performing the purifications. It is next to Margrave Breithilde-sama’s estate in the capital, and while looking at the mansion Burkhart-san called out to me in greeting.

“Boy, you used Cardinal Hohenheim without delay, huh?” (Burkhart)

“I got taught mass purification and holy barrier by Elise, and I also received a mansion appropriate for a Baron by purifying four buildings. I think that’s about it.” (Wendelin)

“It is still too naive. You are still a boy.” (Burkhart)

Even so, it also had the good point of reaffirming that Elise is indeed a fine girl.

“There are also many who transform their mansion into flawed properties for worthless reasons in the high-ranking noble’s block. There are plenty of mansions being neglected without even cleaning them up due to complex owner relations and thus having to pay such things like remunerations.” (Burkhart)

“Are those properties sold after restoring them?” (Wendelin)

“Since there are many properties that are considered long shots, that Rinnenheim Realty guy is involved in many schemes. He doesn’t want to lose a single cent after all.” (Burkhart)

Apparently Burkhart-san is aware of Mr. Rinnenheim’s circumstances.

In that case I would have wanted to be made aware of this a lot earlier.

“Because you didn’t consult with my master, you were introduced to a shady guy.” (Burkhart)

“Really, he was a very suspicious person …” (Wendelin)

Including this time, it appears that I got just a little bit of help from Cardinal Hohenheim.

Even though I purified the ancient bone dragon, I could only purify the flawed mansions after being coached by Elise.

I think the mansion I received as gratitude is something slightly too good for me as it is intended for high-ranking nobles.

Also, as I am an honorary priest due to my achievements, I guess those achievements are attributed to the church.

Or rather, because I wanted to buy a normal mansion, I wanted to be introduced to a normal realtor.

“It’s a good mansion.”

“But at midnight a wraith of the killed maid will appear in this mansion most of the times. That wraith tore the Baron, who killed her, into pieces. However, other than the Baron, it just threatens without attacking.”

“I suspected that there might be such a matter!”

I got stuck with performing an additional purification for yet another house.

Despite how often I have used purification, I didn’t think I would feel comfortable living in such a property, but for some reason after purifying it, such feelings vanished.

“Purification is indeed mysterious.” (Wendelin)

I finally obtained a mansion.


Translation Notes:

* A type of household amulet or talisman issued by a Shinto shrine and hung up in the house for protection.


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