Interlude 12 – The Lord’s weird instruction

– Ina POV –

“Nee, what’s the deal?” (Luise)

“There is something important we have to talk about, just the two of us.” (Breithilde)

Although it was Wend’s birthday party, it was held in the mansion at the royal capital of Margrave Breithilde-sama, just as planned.

The invitees numbered above 200 despite it only being large and small nobles and merchants.

Even Margrave Breithilde-sama himself unusually turned up. Burkhart seemed to have done a careful selection of those allowed to attend beforehand.

Since the participants included Finance Minister Rückner, Cardinal Hohenheim, Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar, Minister of Agricultural Affairs Brückner, and those others of worthy social class, I considered it to be my own defeat if I weren’t to participate myself as well.

Afterwards …


– Ina POV –

Lad! Happy Birthday!(Armstrong)

Armstrong-doushi, who lately monopolized all the talks on the street and was called Muscled Doushiby Wend, appeared. He strongly shook Wend’s hands making me wonder whether Wend’s palm wouldn’t be crushed by it.

Let’s aim together towards the highest peaks as magician from here on out as well!(Armstrong)

Doushi! It hurts! I am in pain!(Wendelin)

Armstrong was striking Wend’s shoulders with a *ban ban* causing me to question whether the shoulder bones will be broken.

Come to think of it, it seems Wend silently healed his palm and shoulders with healing magic afterwards.

Maybe, it might have gone as far as receiving a crack.

In addition to being absorbed in salutations, they aggressively gave their presents to him.

Even though Wend appeared to be busy, even this duty finished at last. The birthday party next week would be only held for concerned parties.

The participants would be Erwin, me, Luise, Elise, Burkhart-san, Armstrong-doushi, Artur-san, Erich-san, Paul-san and Helmut-san.

Also it had been decided that Erich-san’s wife Miriam-san as well as her parents, the Brandt’s, would participate.

Although Artur-san, who is called a businessman with political ties, unexpectedly decided that he would take part as well, it might be due to his skill in crafting strong personal connections.


– Ina POV –

“As for the cake, Elise is the main. As for the cooking, it will be us while receiving help from Miriam-san and the madam.” (Ina)

Madam being the wife of Rüdiger-sama, Marion-sama.

Because she had married into the family from a Knight household, she is generally good at cooking.

Also, there are various hardships for women of lower ranked noble households.

“I want to talk about Wend’s present.” (Ina)

The person himself said I don’t really need anything. Simply celebrating with a party is more than enough for me.

But it seems that everyone is preparing something for him.

Since the time Erich-san left his home, he had given a present to Wend every year. Likewise Wend gave him a return gift every year as well.

Given that he is a low-ranked governmental official, it doesn’t mean that he has such a surplus of money though.

And yet he gave such things like a sweater with sufficient good taste to be used as plainclothes and a book about rare magic he stumbled upon in the capital.

Although those weren’t expensive items, he had a staggering good taste in choosing presents. Wend also said The quality of his good taste can’t be imitated.

Likewise each of the other participants will likely think it over.

“We have to think it over as well. It has to be something with impact.” (Ina)

“Recklessly aiming for such a thing could cause us to terribly fail.” (Luise)

Most likely Luise was conscious of Elise.

Which reminds me, Elise skilfully sewed male clothes.

Besides cooking, something like sewing was one of her fortes as well.

It was to the degree that Luise cried out What! This perfect superwoman!

The person herself hearing that, answered Because of the charity bazaar occasionally organized by the church, I sewed clothes to display them as goods there.

Also, in addition, she made clothes for the children in the orphanage and I hear there are many situations where she has to mend clothes as well.

What to say? You can’t underestimate the church!is what you can say about her.

In order to become an excellent bride, it might be good to receive the education of the church.

“It’s for opposing such high-scoring Elise!” (Ina)

With these words, Luise took out a single copy of a worn out book.

Looking at the leather binding used as cover, this thing could be called an item aiming at a minority of enthusiasts.

Examining its age, you could deem it to have a value as antiquity.

However, from where did Luise obtain this expensive-looking book?

“Where did you buy this?” (Ina)

“I borrowed it from Margrave Breithilde-sama.” (Luise)

It appears she borrowed it at the birthday party that took place a few days ago.

“What kind of book is it?” (Ina)

“It’s a book to make Wend entranced in anything about us.” (Luise)

Come to think of it, as for the sole hobby of Margrave Breithilde-sama’s deceased father, it was to collect valuable rare books, I heard.

I guess this is likewise one of the books from that precious collection.

Though the relation between that precious collection and Wend becoming crazy about us is quite ambiguous.

“But, not flipping through it would be a waste, right?” (Ina)

“We might never again be able to obtain something this valuable.” (Luise)

Even putting aside the price and so on, there are also things that you can’t find no matter how long you look for them.

“I wonder, what kind of book is it?” (Ina)

While saying this, I looked at the front cover.

The maids afternoon with their beast-like masterwas written there.

Let me correct.

It’s already enough to just borrow such a book.

“Just looking at the title I get a bad feeling about this.” (Ina)

“Margrave Breithilde-sama lent it to me at great pains.” (Luise)

Pulling myself together, I decided to try looking at the contents.

However, has Margrave Breithilde-sama really read this book?

Within my mind my image of a calm domestic person seems to crumble.

No, on the contrary, since he has accumulated stress, there might also be a way of thinking like it is told in this book.

“Eeto … We, the maid duo, love our master. But lately, our master might have become tired of us.” (Ina)

Although the title was like that, maybe the contents would crush such hopes from the beginning.

Even the style was normal seen from the view of amateurs like us.

The contents appeared to be like the novels the royal capital occasionally prohibited to be sold to children.

Having a heavy use of kanji characters, only that part might be high quality for this book.

“Go on reading.” (Luise)

“Yes …” (Ina)

Summarizing the contents, it seems to be a story about two young maids coming up with original ideas in regards to their master who got tired of them.

Chapter 1 – Volume of Miniskirt Maids.

Chapter 2 – Volume of Nekomimi Maids.

Chapter 3 – Volume of Maids disguising as Butlers.

Chapter 4 – Obtaining the outfits of waitresses in popular cafes!

Chapter 5 – The last measure: The epic battle of a night present.

Even though the book had more chapters following after this, we decided to stop for a moment since it seems to become more stupid the more you read.

“It appears to be utterly retarded.” (Ina)

“Men like stuff like this.” (Luise)

The problem is what to use as reference in this story.

The maid clothes with the staggeringly short skirts? Or should we attach a tail to our behind and wear cat ears on the head as decoration? Cross-dressing as male? Or should we obtain the uniforms of popular cafes in the current capital?

“Ina-chan, I think the last is good.” (Luise)

“Isn’t that the most embarrassing one?” (Ina)

On master’s birthday party in the nude with only a ribbon coiled around.

We are the p-r-e-s-e-n-t!is what is written in the book to be done.

In reality that is a very unlikely spectacle.

But I guess if it is important nobles, they might actually end up doing such a play.

I have a feeling that I am starting to gradually becoming unable to judge normally.

“Isn’t that shameful usually? Or rather, doing that will end various things, I think.” (Ina)

Although we will win if Wend is delighted, it has the possibility of him becoming disgusted.

“But, it is a book from Margrave Breithilde-sama.” (Luise)

“If you say this …” (Ina)

Because the other party is the current head of the main family, there shouldn’t be any problem no matter what he does in the end.

I don’t think it’s like that but that might also have the reason that it is too embarrassing to execute this.

However, while it may be true that people do that, the book Margrave Breithilde-sama gave us is somewhat frightening as well.

Since he wasn’t able to send in a fiancée from his relatives, it seems that he has high expectations of us.

“The methods shown in this book are for Anita.” (Luise)

“Stop!” (Ina)

Even though this might be rude towards the main family, if the over-40-years-old Anita-sama used the appearances written in this book to seduce Wend, you could expect that even Wend would get angry.

It might be possible that he would beg to Erich-san in tears for the Margrave Breithilde household to quit being his patron.

“I guess it can’t be helped …” (Luise)

Is she sad? After all she is the daughter of a Magrave’s vassal.

We are not able to go against the order from Margrave Breithilde-sama.

In regards to who was responsible for the outcome, that is something we don’t know either.

“As for the ribbon’s colors, mine will be blue and Ina’s will be red.” (Luise)

“It matches the color of our hair …” (Ina)

Really, it is fine either way, I guess.

And yet, we bought matching ribbons that day. We spent time carefully arranging things in preparation.


– Ina POV –

“Fa~~~~a! I am sleepy”

And then, after carrying out the plan day after day.

The day the birthday party was held ended joyfully due to the cozy mood.

Everyone enjoyed eating the cooking, the presents were passed on to Wend and Wend erased the fire lit on the candles placed on the cake.

Wend looked happy. It was a very great and fun party.

And then, in the night of that day.

Finally the time came to carry out our plan.

“I visit Wend’s room quite often.” (Luise)

“The exquisite secret skill of the magic combat style to erase one’s presence is very useful.” (Ina)

Although it felt like a waste to disclose such a precious secret, it is a fine due to the expectation of entering Wend’s room with this afterwards.

“I am not ashamed. This is also for the sake of Wend. For myself.” (Ina)

“I don’t think you have to justify your actions like this. Taking part in something such as this is absurdly enjoyable.” (Luise)

Incidentally as they were talking about this, Wend opened the door of the room while rubbing his sleepy eyes and entered inside.

Now, the battle shall begin from here on out.

“Eeto …” (Wendelin)

Suddenly seeing the nudity with the ribbon passing through the embarrassing parts, Wend was easily able to see Luise and me with the bow-knot part on top of our heads.

Wend appeared to be surprised about the unexpected situation.

There was no other choice but to press on as is after this.

Being awkwardly bashful here would become all the more disgraceful later on. That was written in that stupid book as well.

In order to connect it to a future victory, it is surely better to let loose here.

“(We can’t turn back at this point anymore!) We are your p-r-e-s-e-n-t” (Luise & Ina)

Both of them spoke this line simultaneously. They displayed the fruits of their research by showing Wend a perfect pose.

No matter how prudent Wend usually is, he still occasionally kissed us.

Same as he instantly glanced at Elise’s chest so his view couldn’t be traced back, even if the action itself was completely pointless.

There shouldn’t be no way for her to attempt such two-sided naked ribbon attack either.

Although the reference book has its problems, it is according to the request of Margrave Breithilde-sama who likewise is our lord.

“(Now then, how will he react? Maybe …)” (Ina)

While also bearing in mind the possibility of Wend getting stimulated, I, together with Luise, was watching out what Wend would do.

Then Wend followed up with embracing me all of a sudden.

Luise was likewise surprised by this unexpected conclusion.

“We- We-! Wend!” (Ina)

“Yes, I know. Because I understand you.” (Wendelin)

Even though I didn’t comprehend what exactly he understood, Wend continued with even more words.

“Luise instigated you into doing this. There is noway Ina would have done such a thing by yourself.” (Wendelin)

“Eh, you have such an image of me?” (Luise)

In regards to Wend’s remark about the instigation, Luise seemed to be unhappy.

“Ano, Wend?” (Ina)

“To tell you honestly, I got quite excited. But, please understand, Ina has plenty of charm without having to do such a thing.” (Wendelin)

“Ano, about that …” (Ina)

“I …” (Luise)

Being suspected of having instigated this, Luise seemed to be already half absentminded.

What to say? For her usual speech and conduct to become this fragile due to such an influence. I think I can learn a lot from that.

Practically it is is no lie as Luise is the principal offender in fact.

Even so, as for Wend’s image of myself, I guess he thinks of me as calm serious woman after all.

Also, I feel that Wend finds such me desirable.

Although it might be slightly off from a love affair, it might be possible for a good partner (married couple) to be apart.

“Recently, though I was washed away being celebrated as important person, I am certain that I want to marry Ina and Luise once I become an adult. But it is impossible to do that as of yet.” (Wendelin)

With this, Wend made us wear the sheet of the bed and his own shirt and then left the room in the end.

Afterwards only we were left.

When I calmed down, I became very embarrassed having only the appearance of the naked ribbon.

Also, as for Margrave Breithilde-sama, I wonder what kind of gain he would get from making us do such a thing?

Maybe I have overestimated Margrave Breithilde-sama, I guess?

Collecting myself to a certain degree, I realized that I was filled with only useless thoughts.

“Um, was this a success?” (Ina)

“Since we even heard a statement coming close to a proposal, isn’t that a success?” (Luise)

Once in a while, he did something that somehow didn’t match with his character.

Also, while saying that he is unpopular, I realized that Wend was unexpectedly cool. I think it was a good result.


– Wendelin POV –

“Those two, they used a frightening method to indecently seduce me …” (Wendelin)

I never expected them to use such aggressive statement of giving a present of naked ribbon.

The best I could do was to somehow flee without yielding to the temptation.

Since there are also Elise’s outrageous breasts recently, I want you to bear with me here.

“(After I become an adult, I will make a move on you!)” (Wendelin)

Given that Wendelin’s contents thought like that, he had no intention to ignore this.

He usually kisses them, but that was like a greeting in Europe and America in his previous life.

Therefore I arbitrarily decided that kissing in this world is an extension of greetings in this world as well.

“(I am sorry, that’s a lie. I just wanted to kiss earth-shattering adorable girls.)” (Wendelin)

Although it was unknown to whom he was apologizing, because of the strange hippo from before, he ended up with kissing three men including the muscled doushi at that time.

“However, once I become an adult, I will have three wives, huh? Am I one of those winners in life?” (Wendelin) (E: Yes, and I will hate you for it once they’re older.)

Provided that his thoughts were those of a lewd person, he swore to himself that he wouldn’t hold back anymore once he became an adult.

While thinking that he cannot help it wanting to become of age soon.


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