Chapter 84 – 85

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Chapter 84 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ⑱


I swiftly operate my smartphone and check the entrances of my sectors one by one.
Found her!
I discover Alyssa and five monsters at the entrance of the 27th sector.
I continue observing the image of Alyssa, which is reflected on my smartphone’s display.

“Master, is it truly alright for us to not go intercept her?” (Chloe)

Within the tense atmosphere that has been hanging over us ever since the invader alert rang…Chloe calls out to me while I silently gaze at my smartphone.

“Calm down. It’s too early.” (Shion)

“B-But…the enemy has already invaded our territory!” (Chloe)

Chloe probably wants to avenge Silver and Hope as soon as possible. I can hear the impatience seeping out of her voice.

“We will meet the enemy tomorrow. Restore your energy for now.” (Shion)

“――!? Why!?” (Chloe)

“Between Alyssa’s forces and the 12 of us here right now, who’s stronger?” (Shion)

“It’s us!” (Chloe)

I throw a question at Chloe, with a slow drawl as if admonishing her, Chloe immediately answers with a strong voice, full of intent.

“Correct. That’s why we’re going to wait until tomorrow.” (Shion)

“W-Why!? If we can win, we should get rid of that trash right away!” (Chloe)

“You call them trash, but that trash is strong, right? It would also be alright to face them here and now, but…can you defeat them without letting them get away?” (Shion)

“T-That is…” (Chloe)

Chloe hesitates to answer my question.
Their current location is too close to the entrance. In order to defeat them without fail…it’s necessary to lure Alyssa deep into the sector. That’s the reason why we will wait until tomorrow.

“Don’t waste your breath if you understand,…and rest up. Understood?” (Shion)

“Yes.” (Chloe)

Our current location has been connected with every sector through 【Transfer Arrays】. However, the place it’s connected to is the fifth floor of every sector. I pinpointed the fifth floor as the place to kill Alyssa from the very start.



Thirty hours after Alyssa started her invasion.
Alyssa has arrived at the fifth floor. I have been constantly checking on her, and now it is time to transfer to the fifth floor of the 27th sector with my subordinates.
I lie in wait for Alyssa at the stage I have prepared. The wait takes three hours. Alyssa’s group appears in a wide space with countless rocks scattered as screens.

“Oh my? I thought everyone had run away and hidden, but…you’re going to continue your useless resistance?” (Alyssa)

“Shut up! Aren’t you the one who’s in a desperate situation after constantly running and hiding!?” (Chloe)

Standing at the vanguard, Chloe replies with an enraged voice to the provocation of Alyssa, who is laughing scornfully.

“Oh my? There’s a cheeky brat among them? Mmh~? I have seen you somewhere…ah! I remember! You are that one, aren’t you? The dark elf who abandoned her comrades and ran away, right?” (Alyssa)

Alyssa provokes Chloe with a smile and a composed attitude.

“Y-You biiiiiiiiiiiiitch!” (Chloe)

“This time it’s 1, 2, 3…10 people in total? Looking closely, the dark elf and the ogres that ran away with you are here as well. I wonder, how many of you will survive this time? How many comrades are you going to sacrifice before escaping? Or rather, you guys didn’t go to my Domain together with that human? Ah!? Were you possibly left behind because you’re too wea――” (Alyssa)

Chloe shoots an arrow at Alyssa, who is happily provoking her further and further into anger. However, before the arrow can reach Alyssa, the goblin general in front blocks it with his shield, and the arrow falls to the ground with a dry sound.

“Listen to people until the end…bah, whatever. Die! ――《Wind Arrow》!” (Alyssa)

Alyssa’s barrage of wind arrows serves as a signal, and the enemy starts to move all at once. Chloe and the others ready their weapons in response, and start to move as well.
Right now ― the curtain of the final battle against Alyssa has been raised.
Chloe and the others split up, to face each enemy two to one as I had ordered. Even if a one on one would be even, a two on one should definitely give them the advantage, but…my subordinates are forced into a tough struggle because of the precise support magic fired by Alyssa.

“Hohoho! Unsightly! How very unsightly! I wonder what your master is doing? Is he trembling in the deepest part of his Domain?” (Alyssa)

Alyssa continues to unleash powerful spells while laughing loudly.

“Hey? Demon King Shion? Are you watching? if you don’t partic――” (Alyssa)

“You called?” (Shion)

I release 《Darkness Veil》, and attack Alyssa from behind, stabbing Gáebolg through one of the wings growing out of her back.

“――!?” (Alyssa)

Alyssa widens her eyes with a shocked expression, and hurriedly distances herself from me as soon as she spots me.

“Hey, wait a minute. You called me, so don’t run away, okay?” (Shion)

I smile as if retaliating for her recent words.

“Y-You bastard…w-where…” (Alyssa)

“Mmh? Over there.” (Shion)

I answer while pointing a finger at a rock behind me. I had hidden on the battlefield from the start. I lurked while concealing myself with 《Darkness Veil》. I stayed dormant until Alyssa separated from her five monsters.

“Now then…let’s kill each other!? ――《Darkness Arrow》!” (Shion)

I fire darkness arrows at Alyssa instead of a greeting.

“Kuh!? You one-digit-level trash, don’t get cooooooocky! ――《Wind Shield》!” (Alyssa)

Alyssa blocks the darkness arrows by deploying a wind shield.

“Hah! Even you were a one digit until just recently, weren’t you!?” (Shion)

I sprint towards Alyssa and quickly attack with Gáebolg.

“――!? T-This power…are you really a one digit, you bastard!?” (Alyssa)

Alyssa tries to repel Gáebolg with her wand, but is overpowered, her body is grazed by Gáebolg.

“I wonder? ――《Early-Summer Rain Thrust》!” (Shion)

A rain of consecutive thrusts assaults Alyssa in the next breath. As Alyssa suffers countless lacerations on her body, she tries to withdraw to the back.
As if I’ll let you!
I draw close to Alyssa, easily keeping pace with her limping retreat.
I learned something through fighting many battles as a Demon King. Combat distance is extremely important in battle. Depending on your favored weapon and your combat style…the combat distance varies for each person. If we’re only talking about weapon handling skills, I fall short in comparison to Rina. Forget Rina, I might fall behind all of my subordinates, such as Layla or Chloe.
However, I can overwhelm Rina at middle and long range.
In short, even if you lack skill, it’s possible to win if you can control the combat distance and fight only where your power is superior.
Going by that logic, Alyssa’s strong combat distance is long range. Therefore, as long as I keep close to her, I will definitely win.
I steadily pile up damage against Alyssa while maintaining my favored combat distance.

“S-Such a…my…my dream is―― kyaa!?” (Alyssa)

An arrow pierces Alyssa’s back and sends her staggering.
I look around me and see that all of Alyssa’s subordinates have fallen, and my subordinates are surrounding Alyssa.

“W-Wait…right! Make me a kin! I will trust you! If you trust me as well…you can turn me into your kin, right!?” (Alyssa)

Seeing the situation around her, Alyssa begs for her life while smiling subserviently, seemingly having resigned herself.

“Trust…? Come to think of it, the method to create kin depends on your race, doesn’t it?” (Shion)

I thought back on the information about each race’s method of kin creation, which I had heard about from Kanon a while ago.
Alyssa as bloodkin, huh…? It might not be bad as an option.

“Is it your wish to become my bloodkin?” (Shion)

“Y-Yes! I desire to become your kin!!” (Alyssa)

Once I address Alyssa in a non combative stance, she appeals to me frantically.
――《Blood Chalice》!

“Very well. Then drink this.” (Shion)

I offer the created chalice of blood to Alyssa.

“Y-Yes. If I drink this…――《High――” (Alyssa)

“――《Earth Javelin》!” (Kanon)





Suddenly Alyssa, who had tossed the chalice away, and was shouting with naked bloodthirst, has her body pierced by a spear erupting from the ground.

“Shion-san! You mustn’t! That person’s eyes…you can’t believe her!!” (Kanon)

“…Kanon?” (Shion)

Standing by in the rear, Kanon had apparently noticed Alyssa’s true feelings and attacked her.

“S-Such a…p-ple-…p-please…o-one mor――” (Alyssa)

“――《Dark Night Tempest》!” (Shion)

Alyssa, while vomiting blood and begging for her life once more, is engulfed by a devastating storm of darkness.

“A-…Aah…s-something like…” (Alyssa)

“You had your chance.” (Shion)

I look in contempt at Alyssa, as she dies inside the storm of darkness.


The dry, electronic melody, informing me of a level up, resounds within the battlefield where all my enemies have perished.


Chapter 85 – Level Up ③


The battle against Alyssa came to an end. Without a doubt, Alyssa was the most formidable enemy I faced since I became a Demon King. I made great gains, but I also suffered huge losses.
I lost many subordinates and items. I lost precious bloodkin ― Hope and Silver, who were nurtured under my personal care. And I ended up using the BP I had been saving in service of my long-term strategy.
Oops, it’s still too early to be indulging in sentimentality, isn’t it?
All the Demon Kings in Kanezawa were destroyed, but the Demon Kings of the prefecture’s north ― Kahoku, and Suzu, if I turn my focus north, the Demon Kings of Toyama if I turn my focus east, the Demon Kings of Hakusan and Komatsu if I turn south…and also the lands ruled by the humans in Kanezawa are still remaining, and in large numbers.
It’s a situation that makes it indispensable to refine my future strategy, in order to survive.
And even besides that; there’s the confirmation of the level up, the reconstruction of the Domain…a heap of things I have to do.
But, there’s one thing I should check before all that.

“Kanon.” (Shion)

“…Yes.” (Kanon)

I call out to Kanon who looks at me meekly.

“Why couldn’t you trust Alyssa…no, how did you know that she would betray me?” (Shion)

“It was her eyes.” (Kanon)

Kanon answers with a serious tone, different from usual.
In the end I was saved by her, but the timing of Kanon’s spell made no sense to me. The only way she could have interrupted Alyssa’s spell, was if she started casting first. That means Kanon was already attacking before Alyssa’s betrayal.

“Eyes?” (Shion)

“Yes. Since my memories were taken away, I can’t remember the people I used to know, but…it was etched into my mind that I can’t trust people who have those eyes ― the same eyes as Alyssa.” (Kanon)

Listening to Kanon’s reply, I remember Alyssa’s eyes…as well as her expression and tone.
I see…I come to understand Kanon’s words. At first, Alyssa overflowed with confidence. And then, as soon as death approached her, she switched to a subservient attitude.
I wonder, where have I seen eyes like those? Since I have also lost my memories of the people I knew before becoming a Demon King, I can’t recall it precisely. However, somehow I’m remembering…owners of those eyes belong to the followers of riajuu, who are the top caste. They’re the eyes of those who think they’re strong because they suck up to strong people and join strong groups. They’re the eyes of opportunists, who suppress their own will to obey the strong, and bully the weak whenever they can.
Kanon was probably someone at the lower stratum of the caste system in peaceful Japan, before becoming a Demon King. Blah, I guess I’m in no position to find fault with others either…
To be honest, I wanted to get Alyssa as subordinate. In terms of future strategy, you could even say that it was necessary to make her a subordinate. Having said that, I guess I can’t just turn everyone into a subordinate as long as they are just strong.
I recall a certain game I was addicted to before becoming a Demon King. It was a simulation game where you managed a soccer team. That game’s most interesting and vexing component, was the existence of a stat called compatibility between players. You couldn’t win if you gathered players indiscriminately, while focusing only on their abilities. The players would quarrel among each other. Back then I grumbled, “At least let me build a dream team inside a game, damn it!”, but even in the game your team would fail if the players weren’t compatible.
What will happen in the real world then, where the subordinates can even harbor complicated feelings?
The answer is probably ruin.
Considering it like that, it was probably not fated for Alyssa to become my subordinate. I think at the moment I welcomed Kanon as subordinate, the flag for Alyssa to become my subordinate vanished.
After understanding my own feelings, I call out to Kanon.

“Kanon…” (Shion)

“Y-Yes…” (Kanon)

Kanon answers my call with a trembling voice.

“Thank you for your help.” (Shion)

“…Eh!? Y-Y-Yes! You’re welcome!” (Kanon)

Even though she was bewildered at first, Kanon replies to my words of gratitude with a smile in the end.



This settles the matters regarding Kanon’s actions. Now I can put the things I have to do in order, with refreshed feelings.
First, I have to get a firm grasp on the current situation.
I need to check which of my sectors are now vulnerable to attack, and also confirm my remaining combat forces before the 《Pseudo-Peace》 ends, and so I open the 【World Salvation Project】 app.
I am surprised by the line of text waiting for me on the smartphone’s screen..

『You reached level 10. Please choose a race to evolve into.』

It’s the second time I’ve seen this line. However, I first saw it when I was level 3.
For real…? I sigh unintentionally.
Honestly, the evolution is very welcome. However, due to the app’s configuration, I won’t be able to use it to check anything else until I choose my evolution path.
Checking the remaining time of the 《Pseudo-Peace》, confirming the remaining combat forces, reconstructing the domains stolen from Alyssa…I can’t do any of these things until I decide what race I’m going to evolve into.
Even though I would rather make such an important decision following a careful deliberation…
Even while I’m troubled, my CP, which recovered fully due to the level up, is overflowing. The remaining time of the 《Pseudo-Peace》 is also trickling down by the moment.
I operate my smartphone, advancing to the next screen.

Please choose one of the following races:

Demon King (Vampire Lord)
Demon King (Vampire Noble)
Demon King (Vampire Elder)
Demon King (Daylight Vampire)
Demon King (Nightmare Vampire)

All of them are vampires, eh…? If you have used kanji so far, then stick to that rule. I complain to the Mastermind who likely created the 『World Salvation Project』. 1 In times of need, ask Google-chan…

“Kanon!” (Shion)

“Yeees!” (Kanon)

I loudly yell the name of Google-chan, and Kanon flies over to me in a hurry.

“I became level 10.” (Shion)

“Ah! Congratulations.” (Kanon)

“Thanks! Gah, not that, it’s the evolution.” (Shion)

“Oh!? Come to think of it, it looks like you will evolve once your level becomes 10.” (Kanon)

“Right. Therefore, tell me the information about the evolution paths.” (Shion)

I get straight to the point, even while being somewhat irritated at Kanon, who answered in a nonchalant manner.

“Eh?” (Kanon)

“Eh?” (Shion)

I return the same word to the surprised Kanon.

“Don’t tell me…you have no information about the evolution options?” (Shion)

“N-No…” (Kanon)

Useless… This Google-chan is useless…I click my tongue reflexively.

“B-But…although I don’t have information about the evolution options for a vampire type, I know them for fairy types.” (Kanon)

“Information about the fairy type’s evolution options is…well, whatever. Tell me.” (Shion)

Since it might serve as a reference, I decide to listen to the fairy type’s evolution races, even while being disappointed by Kanon’s reply.

“Umm, that is…there are five races which a Fairy Demon King can choose for their evolution at level 10… They are, the Body-specialized 『Goblin Lord』, the superior all-rounder 『Titania』, the Mana-specialized 『Oberon』, 『Dullahan』 which possesses an undead attribute, and 『Fairy』 which posses strong nature magic.” (Kanon)

I go over the information from Kanon in my head.
Umm, in other words…the evolution options are Body specialization, raising my abilities as a whole, Mana specialization, variant species, and unique specialization?
If I apply those rules――
It comes out as, Vampire Lord = Body specialization, Vampire Noble = high-ranking species, Vampire Elder = Mana specialization, Daylight Vampire = variant species, and Nightmare Vampire = unique specialization?
If I guess from their names――
Lord = ruler, master. Noburu…what the hell is noburu?

“Kanon! Look up the words I’m about to tell you!” (Shion)

“Yeees!” (Kanon)

As result of having Kanon look them up――
Noburu = noble, Eruda = elder, Deiraito = daylight, Naitomea = nightmare.2 In that case…Lord, Noble, Elder are specialized builds of the types predicted before, daylight vampire is a variant species that doesn’t weaken even in direct sunlight, and nightmare is…nightmare? If it’s a unique specialization build, it would be about raising my abilities within darkness even further, I think?
All of them are attractive evolution paths.
The decision I finally reached after wracking my brain over it is――



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Translation Notes:

  1. All races for the Demon Kings so far had been written in kanji. This time they are all written in katakana
  2. This is how it’d look in Japanese: Noburu = kizoku, Eruda = nenchousha, Deiraito = nikkou, Naitomea = akumu…localizes kind of badly since Western languages don’t have two or more written languages

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