Chapter 80 – 81

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Chapter 80 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ⑭


24th day after Demon King Alyssa’s 《Proclamation of War》.
The war has been stagnant.
Three sectors remain in Alyssa’s Domain. Annihilating Alyssa’s forces within the time limit of the 《Proclamation of War》has proven to be quite difficult.
Assuming that the enemy doesn’t interfere, it takes Rina’s unit three days to capture a single domain. Since Chloe’s unit has lost most of its main force, I can’t expect them to rapidly capture sectors like they were before. Six days are left until 《Proclamation of War》expires. No matter how much we push ourselves, seizing three sectors ― the rest of Alyssa’s Domain, is impossible.
Before the war against Alyssa started, I had 34 sectors. Alyssa had 12 sectors. Nowadays, my sectors number 43, and Alyssa is down to 3. If you limit it to military gains, it might not be too far fetched to call it an overwhelming victory.
However, I’m not satisfied with my current achievements. To be more precise, I want to annihilate Alyssa’s forces during the 《Proclamation of War》 at all costs.
There are two reasons.
First, Alyssa is too strong as a neighboring hostile power. For now it’s fine, since she can’t recover her CP as a condition for having issued a 《Proclamation of War》, but…once the 《Proclamation of War》 ends, she will resume recovering CP. In that case, it will become even more difficult to defeat her.
Second, once the 《Proclamation of War》 ends, the humans and the surrounding Demon Kings will likely resume their invasions into my Domain again. In such a situation, it will be hard to devote all my power to defeating Alyssa, as I’m doing now.
Having said that…what should I do?
Honestly said, in the current situation it’s difficult to capture even a single one of Alyssa’s sectors.
When my main force starts its invasion, Alyssa cleverly starts her invasion into my Domain at the same time. If I withdraw my main force, Alyssa retreats as well. And as long as our side doesn’t start an invasion, Alyssa keeps idling around.
The strength of the main force will be indispensable to defeat Alyssa. However, Alyssa repeatedly takes action to avoid that main force.
As a result, we have fallen into a deadlock.
Once, I sent a chosen set of subordinates to start an invasion, while leaving the main force on defense, Alyssa chose to lead the defense herself…and repelled the invaders.
There’s only one way to break out of this deadlock.
However, that way has the potential to narrow down my future options.
The conclusion I have finally reached, after worrying and worrying is――


Chapter 81 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ⑮


T/N: The skill Absorb where he can suck the blood from his subordinates to gain their abilities will be changed to Drain.


At the end of my worrying, I decide to make the move of breaking the current deadlock.
It will reduce my future options, but…I will let my future self handle that part. He might say 『I wanna hit the me from back then!』, but…it will probably work out one way or the other.
I recall the overwhelmingly strong Demon King Alyssa, who routed Chloe’s party.
It will go smoothly, right? Or rather, I have no other choice, do I?
The move to break through the current stalemate is ― to assign my BP.
My current stats are…

Name: Shion
Aptitude: Chaos
Race: Demon King (Vampire)
Lv.: 9
CP: 4300
Body: C (D)
Mana: C (D)
Knowledge: E
Creation: B
Alchemy: B
BP: 22

If I allocate my BP…Body and Mana will grow from C (D) to B (C). Moreover, it will become possible to have one of them, either Body or Mana, grow from B (C) to A (B).
It’s just an assumption, but Alyssa’s stats should be: Body C, Mana B, Knowledge ?, Creation B, and Alchemy B.
In that case, if I raise my stats…I should be able to surpass her strength.
Haa…I wanted to amass 50 BP…
While sighing, I operate my smartphone.
5 BP are required to make a stat go up from C (D) to B (C). In order to acquire 5 BP, it’s necessary to level up once. In other words, raising Body and Mana from C (D) to B (C) will delay my gathering of 50 BP from level 15 to 17.

Name: Shion
Aptitude: Chaos
Race: Demon King (Vampire)
Lv.: 9
CP: 4300
Body: B (C)
Mana: B (C)
Knowledge: E
Creation: B
Alchemy: B
BP: 12

With this, my Mana is at the same rank as Alyssa’s, and I surpass her Body rank.
However, I still have some concerns. My life will be the chip in this gamble. I have to be extremely cautious.
I can only raise one of them, Body or Mana, to A (B).
I decide to raise Body, as it will increase both my durability during combat, and my agility, if worst comes to worst, and I need to escape.
10 BP are needed to grow a stat from B (C) to A (B). In order to acquire 10 BP, it’s necessary to level up twice. In other words, raising Body from B (C) to A (B) will delay my gathering of 50 BP from level 17 to 19.
My dreams of reaching 50 BP are getting further and further away…
While sighing, I operate my smartphone and allocate the BP.
Hah? Eh? Hey, wait…
Looking at the stats displayed on my smartphone, I’m confused.

Name: Shion
Aptitude: Chaos
Race: Demon King (Vampire)
Lv.: 9
CP: 4300
Body: B (B)
Mana: B (C)
Knowledge: E
Creation: B
Alchemy: B
BP: 2

Special Abilities:
– Demon King
– Vampire
– Spearmanship (C)
→ Flash Thrust
→ Early-Summer Rain Thrust
– Domain Creation
– Separation
– Transfer (B)
– Subordinate Creation
– Random Creation
– Item Creation
– Darkness Veil
– Dark Arrow
– Dark Induction
– Mist Dispersion
– Dark Storm
– Dark Night Tempest (NEW)
– Absorb (NEW)
– Drain
→ Language (Human)
→ Whip Technique (C)
→ Snake Bind
→ Ice Magic (Intermediary)
→ Darkness Magic (Elementary)
– Blood Chalice
– Contract

Why is my Body rank still stuck at B!?
My body feels lighter than before the BP allocation. I can sense that my strength has increased. But, I can’t feel as much of an enhancement as after a rank up.
Hah? Don’t fuck around me with me! Shit, I just wasted 10 BP here!
I’m definitely feeling a difference after assigning the 10 BP, but because it isn’t the effect I had hoped for, I feel pissed off, without having an outlet.

“Kanon!” (Shion)

“Yes? Eh, why are you so angry?” (Kanon)

For the time being I call Kanon, the user’s manual and search tool.

“Even though I allotted my BP, my rank didn’t go up!” (Shion)

“Eh? You spent your BP?” (Kanon)

Even though I know it’s meaningless to vent at Kanon, I still raise my voice in anger.

“I allocated 5 BP to Mana and 15 BP to Body!” (Shion)

“Ooh…wait, doesn’t that mean that you have used up most of your saved BP?” (Kanon)

“And yet Body didn’t become A rank!!” (Shion)

“…Eh? Even if you tell me… Very likely the rank up of Body and Mana, as long as you’re in an environment where the sun doesn’t shine, is a racial trait of vampires, but…you could call it masked data…or there’s an upper limit to the values…or rather, isn’t it simply necessary to allocate the appropriate BP to raise either stat from B to A?” (Kanon)

“Appropriate BP, how much is that!?” (Shion)

“I don’t know…I might know if my Knowledge goes up to A rank, but…my Knowledge is still at B.” (Kanon)

“Tsk!” (Shion)

“――Wha-!?” (Kanon)

Even if I complain to Kanon, it won’t resolve anything. After lightly clicking my tongue, I take a very deep breath…attempting to release my pent-up anger.
In the end my anger hasn’t been reduced, but…even if I’m fuming here, it’s just a waste of time. I decided to move on to the next step.

“Chloe!” (Shion)

“…Y-Yes!” (Chloe)

I call Chloe, who has been lifeless these days. Chloe is depressed, but she still follows my orders.

“Is it okay for me to request a mock battle?” (Shion)

“Mock battle…? I will gladly abide by Master’s order. Who’s the opponent…?” (Chloe)

“Me.” (Shion)

“――!?” (Chloe)

“Fight a mock battle with me, and tell me who’s stronger…me or Alyssa.” (Shion)

“However, even without having a mock battle, the superior one is mast――” (Chloe)

“Answer me honestly, okay? Pointless flattery is unnecessary.” (Shion)

“C-Certainly!” (Chloe)

I decided to test my increased stats against Chloe, who actually fought with Alyssa.
Nevertheless, I’m still quite worried about the objectivity of the evaluation if it’s Chloe…

“Blue! Noire! Rouge!” (Shion)

“What ~ssu?” (Blue)

“Boss, you called?” (Noire)

“What is it?” (Rouge)

I assign those three as judges, to make sure I get a proper evaluation of my strength.

“Chloe and I will have a mock battle now. You three, decide who’s stronger…me or Alyssa.” (Shion)

“Roger ~ssu.” (Blue)

“Gotcha!” (Noire)

“Understood!” (Rouge)

The three answer energetically.
I guess I will ask Kanon as well.
Like this, my mock battle with Chloe Shion, my bloodkin, begins.



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