Chapter 78 – 79

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Chapter 78 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ⑫


A familiar, loud, electronic sound reverberates from my smartphone.
I check the smartphone’s screen for caution’s sake…
As expected ― it displays two words: 『Invasion Alert』.
Right now I’m within a 《Proclamation of War》, right? In other words, the only forces capable of invading my Domain ― are Alyssa’s troops.
Hah? Alyssa still has reserve forces left…?
I quickly use my smartphone to check on the sectors adjacent to Alyssa’s Domain.
Found them! I discover a group of Alyyssa’s troops running riot through the 28th sector.
There are only eight invaders. However, all of them are B rank. Four goblin generals and four high pixies, all of them wearing high-level items.
One of them in particular stands out…a high pixie possessing 『Vanargand』 ― a B rank wand and a unique item.
…Mmh? Hey, wait a moment. Is that really a high pixie?

“Kanon! Come here for a moment!” (Shion)

“Whaaat is it?” (Kanon)

I call Kanon and have her look at the high pixie-like monster displayed on the screen.

“Kanon, is this one a high pixie?” (Shion)

“Ummm… ――!? Eh? That’s a lie!? S-S-Shion-san! S-She’s no high pixie! It’s a rank A monster called 『Titania』 or――” (Kanon)

Seeing the high pixie-like monster on the screen, Kanon replies while panicking.

“――it’s Demon King Alyssa.” (Kanon)

With no other way to survive, the cornered Alyssa has come to invade my Domain.



What is shown on the smartphone’s display is a tragedy. The seven B rank monsters led by Alyssa proceed with their invasion of my Domain at high speed, while slaughtering the wolves and ghouls I had deployed just in case.
I messed up. I was so preoccupied with cornering Alyssa, sure that she was no longer able to attack me, that I neglected my own defenses. The groups of wolves, ghouls, and goblins, who rely on strength in numbers, are cruelly slaughtered… The living mails I deployed to buy some time are bypassed without a fight, due to their low agility.
Rina’s and Chloe’s units, my strongest combat forces, are deep inside Alyssa’s Domain. Even if I call them back, it will take too much time. Even if I were to call back the spare forces I had on standby in the entrance area of Alyssa’s Domain…they would likely struggle to catch up with Alyssa, who’s continuing her invasion at high speed.
Should I mass produce dhampirs ― my rank B subordinate, and oppose her with those?
Even as I’m fretting, one subordinate after the other is brought down.
Can I stop Alyssa’s party with dhampirs…? If it fails, I won’t only have wasted a large amount of CP, I will also have greatly restricted my future options.
Small numbers are meaningless. If I do it, I have to deploy the biggest combat force I can muster.
The subordinates above rank C remaining in my Domain are…100 living mails, 30 werewolves, 30 lilims, and 10 dhampirs. There are countless rank D subordinates and below, but it’s very likely that they will pointlessly lose their lives, even if I deploy them.
My current CP is 4200. I need 120 CP to create a dhampir. In theory, I could create 35 of them, but…I have to take the CP for alchemizing equipment into account.
Is it a better idea to just focus on strengthening the subordinates I have right, now by alchemizing items?
At the end of my worrying, I spend all my CP on item alchemy. I make the 10 dhampirs equip C rank items, and order them to intercept Alyssa along with 50 ghouls and 50 giant bats.
I transfer the interception unit to the third floor of the 28th sector with 《Transfer B》. There they await Alyssa.



“Wait a minute…that’s a damn lie, right?” (Shion)

One hour after the interception unit confronted Alyssa.
What was shown on my smartphone ― one Demon King and seven monsters left standing.
All my subordinates had fallen.

“Aren’t they way too strong?” (Shion)

“Yeah…but, it’s a scene we saw before.” (Kanon)

Kanon replies to my murmur. Alyssa’s party was certainly strong. Especially Alyssa’s area magic was so brutal that you couldn’t call it anything but foul play. Having said that ― just as Kanon said, the scene displayed on the smartphone was a sight I had seen before, albeit with different particulars.
Where did I see that before? It was what happened when Rina’s and Chloe’s groups were invading enemy Domains. My reliable subordinates who were the only ones left standing among countless corpses after slaying many, many enemies with overwhelming, individual power. The Demon Kings, who crumbled to dust after having their Domains invaded by Rina and the others, probably watched their smartphone’s screen while harboring the same emotions as I am now. That sight was definitely a nightmare, to put it into one word.

“What are you going to do?” Kanon asks me.

“Let’s see… I’m going to abandon the 26th sector.” (Shion)

After thinking it over, this is the best option available to me.
There’s no need to lose my head. Alyssa is just going to survive for a little bit longer. Even if I were to lose the 26th sector, Rina and Chloe will usurp two of Alyssa’s sectors. I lose one and gain two. A simple plus one. As a result, the number of my sectors will go up, from 44 to 45, and Alyssa’s will go down from 4 to 3.
If I eventually kill Alyssa after amassing my combat forces, it will be my win.
My mood restored, I imagine the path to victory.



Next day.
Alyssa invades the 26th sector, where I have pulled back all my subordinates, while acting as if she owned the place. In the end she steals the 26th sector from me before Rina and Chloe can take control of their sectors.
One hour later. Rina’s unit succeeds in usurping their sector. Chloe’s party is currently in the middle of capturing the 10th floor. There’s likely only a little time left until they reach the 【True Core】 in the deepest part of the sector.
Although the 26th sector has unfortunately been stolen from me, things are proceeding as planned. Just as I was about to think that――
The worst case scenario occurred.


Chapter 79 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ⑬


~ Chloe’s PoV ~

Tsk! We were beaten to the punch by Rina’s group…!?
Our invasion of the sector is already deep within the 10th floor. Securing the 【True Core】 and offering this domain to master is likely just a matter of time.
As I think that ― at the very end, the biggest obstacle yet stands in our way.
Seven high-ranking monsters block our path, and in the center, a human-sized fairy, enveloped by a sinister mana.
The seven high-ranking monsters ― three high pixies and four goblin generals have come to start a harsh struggle to the death. The items they are wearing are somewhat extravagant, but…it’s difficult to say that it’s enough to pose a threat.
But…that fairy is bad news. That’s not such an easy enemy as a high pixie. That’s the same kind of being as master ― a Demon King.
It’s not the first time we’ve faced a Demon King. In fact, we have consigned many Demon Kings to oblivion.
However, the Demon King in front of us is on a totally different level compared to the Demon Kings we killed before…

“Fufu. Nice to meet you.” (Alyssa)

The threat in front of our eyes ― Demon King Alyssa, smiles.
Without replying to her, we strongly grasp our weapons.



“Oh? What about an answer? You have been utterly devastating my domain…and yet you won’t even greet me?” (Alyssa)

I wonder whether we can win? The smiling fairy…is doubtlessly stronger than the Ogre Demon King we defeated before.

“What unsociable children. Oh well, whatever. Die!” (Alyssa)

Once Alyssa finishes speaking, she swings down the wand in her hand. The cluster of mana released from the tip of her wand…penetrates through the living mail at the front that had readied its shield.

“Ugh!? Spread out!” (Chloe)

I instruct my comrades and subordinates, and get ready for battle.

“Hope!” (Chloe)

“On it!” (Hope)

Hope, who had transformed into a werewolf, approaches Alyssa while raising his sharp claws. Although she might be a Demon King, she’s still a fairy. As long as we can get close…we can find a path to victory!
We also have a superiority in numbers. Our 23 against their 8. The advantage is on our side!

“You guys, exterminate the enemies in the vicinity!”

Except for my direct subordinate, a high dark elf, I instruct my comrades ― Silver, Blue, Noire, Rouge and their subordinates to clear the field so that Hope can focus on Alyssa.
Together with my subordinate, we ready our bows and aim at Alyssa.
Hope, who excels in swiftness, draws close to Alyssa faster than anyone else, and tries to swing down his prided, sharp claws, but…

“Oh? What a cheeky, little doggie.” (Alyssa)

Hope is struck by Alyssa’s wand which she swung faster than he swung his claws.

“Fufu. If I couldn’t handle hand to hand combat, who else would――” (Alyssa)

My arrow pierces the smiling Alyssa’s wand hand, just as she’s about to start chasing after Hope.

“――gh!? That hurt, you know!? ――《High Pressure》!” (Alyssa)

Alongside Alyssa’s angry voice, a wind spell, containing a huge amount of mana, flies at me.
Suddenly, a living mail jumps out in front of me and receives the wind spell with its body…its sturdy iron form is squashed by the wind pressure. The living mail resolutely tries to continue shielding me with its squashed body without giving up, but…

“Oh? A rather tenacious toy, isn’t it?” (Alyssa)

The living mail is ripped apart as Alyssa unleashes countless wind blades in quick succession…it stops moving.
I wonder, can we win against the being in front of us…?
A line of sweat streams down my cheek.



One hour after the battle against Alyssa began.
To put it briefly, it’s the worst situation. Eight living mails and six ogre soldiers, in addition to the were-tiger and goblin sniper, who I was ordered to not let die by master, have lost their lives. My surviving comrades, including me, are wounded all over. The bloodkin Hope is covered with lacerations across his entire body. The armor of Silver, who is known for her strong defense, has been damaged in multiple places.
On the other hand, our battle achievements have amounted to nothing more than killing two high pixies.
Master, I’m very sorry…
It looks like this Chloe won’t be able to accompany you to the end of your journey to supremacy. Please forgive me for not having been able to accomplish your command, master…
I resolve myself for death, and switch my archery target from Alyssa to the remaining high pixie.
If I can’t slay Alyssa…I will kill as many enemies as possible!
Preparing myself for the worst, I draw the bow’s string to the limit…
――Chloe! Withdraw!
Master’s order resounds inside my head.
As it’s not an instruction, but…an order I’m not allowed to object, I run away against my own will.
As if following my example…four comrades break away from the battlefield.
The four comrades who withdraw together with me are ― Blue, Noire, Rouge and the dark high elf.
Why! Why something like this!?
The three comrades left behind ― Silver, Hope, and Silver’s subordinate, a kobold lancer, stand in front of the enemy in order to protect us.

“Blue! I leave Shion-sama…and Chloe, to you.” (Silver)

Silver yells loudly towards us as we are running away.

“Noire! Rouge! Protect Shion-sama…Chloe, in my stead.” (Hope)

Hope yells loudly to us as we run away.

“Shion-sama. I shall be grateful for the great honor to the very end. I am Silver Shion!”

“Shion-sama, thank you for your final order. My name is Hope Shion!”

“”I won’t let you take a single step forward from here!””

“Silveeeeeer! Hooooope!”

You idiots… Why are those two worried about me…? Entrust me to Blue? It’s the opposite, right!? Noire and Rouge are going to protect me? It’s the opposite! You fools…
Without even being allowed to look back at the idiots who are heading for their deaths, I run away in accordance with master’s order.




Two days later.
We managed to safely escape from Alyssa’s Domain, and returned to master.



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