Chapter 75 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ⑨

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I have to decide how to deal with the situation that has been forced upon me.
But before that…I think it’s necessary to determine the ideal outcome.
The best thing would be to usurp Alyssa’s entire Domain.
Alyssa issued a 《Proclamation of War》. From now on outside forces won’t be able to intervene for 30 days. During that time, Alyssa’s CP won’t recover either.
In regards to traps and location, the advantage in the battle between our subordinates is clearly on the defending side.
The very best move that can be derived from these circumstances would be to defeat as many of Alyssa’s subordinates as possible, and then, when she runs out of troops, start an invasion into Alyssa’s Domain.
Looking at it like that, you could call my appearance on the battlefield as bait a good plan.
Having said that, the lethality of the subordinates in this place ― the 26th sector, is meager.
If possible, I’d like to lure the enemy into the 28th sector, where I have more lethal subordinates.
Is the enemy going to move if I move, though…?
――Dakel. Take 50 of your kin and come to the 26th sector. Once you arrive here, place yourself under Kanon’s command. Kanon’s orders are absolute.

“Kanon, I called Dakel as a substitute for me.” (Shion)

“Pardon?” (Kanon)

“Since Dakel and 50 dark elves are going to come here, take command and repel the enemies.” (Shion)

I summon Dakel and the dark elves to serve as ranged attackers instead of me. Then I entrust command in this area to Kanon.

“Shion-san, what are you going to do?” (Kanon)

“I will move to the 28th sector.” (Shion)

“Ah! The group with the silver weapons…you think they are going to follow you over there?” (Kanon)

“That’s the idea.” (Shion)

“…Huh?” (Kanon)

Leaving the befuddled Kanon behind, I run over to the location of the 【Transfer Array】.

“Retreat once less than half the living mails are left! Prioritize your own life over the defense of the sector! You understand!?” (Shion)

Without looking back, I give my final orders while running.



Having arrived in the 28th sector after going through two 【Transfer Arrays】, I check the situation over at the 26th sector.
Dakel and the dark elves, who joined the battle after passing me, are determinedly shooting arrows. My dark arrows are overwhelmingly superior in fire power, but as for the number of arrows being shot, Dakel and the dark elves have a clear advantage. As a result, their lethality is significantly higher.
And, the battle progress in the 28th sector, where I’m going now, is………
An intense battle was being fought, between my close-combat subordinates, led by Rina, and the invading goblins. My ranged subordinates were firing arrows and spells from the back, with Flora in the lead.
As long as I’m not hit by sunlight, my abilities are unmatched inside my sphere of influence. Even my equipment has been reinforced, with all of it being unique B rank items.
It’s fine to retreat as soon as I feel pain or fear…what I should do right now is inform Alyssa of my existence ― acting as a decoy.
It’s alright… It’s not scary… I’m strong… My status and my equipment…are better than anyone’s!
I tightly grasp Gáebolg as if to encourage myself.
――Demon King Shion! Heading to the front!
I imagined a hero from a game I once played, superimposed his image over myself and threw myself into the front line, where a furious battle raged.



The living mails, with Iron in the center have readied their shields at the front line, holding back the enemy’s advance. Rina’s group are attacking the enemies who are locked in combat with the living mails.
――《Flash Thrust》!
Gáebolg’s quick thrust pierces the throat of a goblin trying to swing down its ax on Rina.

“Shion!?” (Rina)

Seeing me at the front line, Rina raises her voice in surprise.

“You don’t have the spare time to look elsewhere, do you?” (Shion)

I push out Gáebolg and bring down a goblin while glancing at Rina. Rina has already stopped looking at me, and kills a goblin in front of her by swinging her black magic sword ― Dáinsleif.

“Chloe! Layla! What are you playing around for? Hurry up and annihilate the enemies!” (Shion)

“”――!? Yes!!””

I wield Gáebolg while encouraging the two fanatics. Being called out, the two smile ferociously and charge the front line, which is overflowing with fairy-type monsters.

“Blue? Is that all you’re capable of? Those that don’t work don’t eat――” (Shion)

“Whaaaa!? Wait ~ssu! I want you to watch my great efforts ~ssu!” (Blue)

Blue, who got my attention next, charges into a crowd of goblins in a panic and wholeheartedly swings his ax.

“Red! Noire! Rouge! I thought ogres were a lot stronger than this, but I guess it was just my imagination?” (Shion)



“Boss! That ain’t true!”


“Wait a moment! I will get serious from now on!”

Red, Noire, and Rouge swing their iron clubs while making free use of their strength, blowing away goblins in groups.
After that, I continue to wield my weapon at the front line, while encouraging my bloodkin.
It was a dangerous situation, but with the aggro control by Iron’s group, that could even be called overprotective, and the assistance of Layla and Chloe, I can keep exterminating enemies without getting hurt.

“Ha ha ha!”

I can do it! I’m strong! I’m really strong, right!?
While laughing loudly, I fully exhibit the abilities of my status and superior items. Whether it was goblins, pixies, jack frosts, or jack o’lanterns…I consigned many of the surging enemies to oblivion.



Three hours after the defense of the 28th sector had begun.
I wonder how many enemies I killed? There’s little doubt I killed far more enemies today than in all my previous battles combined.
However, the enemy’s momentum hasn’t weakened. Rather, its relentlessness has grown.
I learned how to fight in a melee combat in these three hours. Keeping track of everything is impossible. Only focusing on the enemy in front of one’s eyes is possible. Since the front line hasn’t fallen apart, there’s no worry that we will be attacked from the flanks or rear, as long as we don’t sally out. Once I concentrated all my focus on the enemy pushing from the front, no danger befell me.
I greet the goblins approaching from the front with a thrust that capitalizes on the difference in reach, and once there are no enemies in front of me, I start using magic. While being careful to not get too far ahead, I steadily lower the number of enemies.
If it goes on like this, the day when I become level 10 might actually come soon.
I’m pleased with my ability to handle these enemies. I let out a chuckle, but…
Suddenly a rain of silver-colored arrows pours down from above.
The arrows strike everyone fighting at the front line equally, without making any distinction between friend or foe.
The front line immediately transforms into a hell of agonizing cries. Pierced by their allies’ arrows from behind, the goblins scream, and the floating pixies crash to the ground after having their wings ripped apart. My subordinates, who are concentrating on the enemies in front of them, also have their bodies injured by the sudden, indiscriminate attack…
A silver arrow mercilessly stabs my shoulder, too.
Hot!? A searing pain travels through my shoulder.
It’s not lethal damage. But, the pain is still at the level of being scalded by boiling water.
Unable to bear it, I withdraw from the front line while hiding behind a living mail.
Allies and all, eh…? I feel admiration and resentment toward the enemy attack, which was likely ordered by Alyssa.

“Everyone, get behind the living mails! Living mails, ready your shields and prepare for arrow attacks!” (Shion)

I give orders from behind a living mail. Giving up on gaining experience points is regrettable, but even if I devote myself to defense, the enemies will likely lose their lives to the arrow attacks of their own allies.
Nevertheless, at this rate, just defending can’t be called a good plan either.
I prepare a countermeasure.



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