Chapter 73 – 74

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Chapter 73 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ⑦


――Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
An unfamiliar electronic sound plays from the smartphone in my hand.
The announcement sound for a level-up, the invasion alarm, the announcement sound when we took a 【True Core】…it’s an intense, electric sound different from all of those sounds.
In order to ascertain the true identity of the sound, I look at the screen of my smartphone.
Looking at the characters displayed on the screen, I am extremely confused.
Hah? Eh? What? What does that mean!?
The characters displayed on my smartphone ― 『You have received a 《Proclamation of War》 from Demon King Alyssa』.
Proclamation of War? I understand the meaning of the words. It means announcing to your opponent, “We’re going to war from now on!”, right? In reality, Alyssa and I are certainly at war. The problem is――
Why is the smartphone ― the system, announcing that?
Once I look closely, I notice that the color of the characters of 《Proclamation of War》 are different from the color of the other characters. What that means is…
I tap 《Proclamation of War》.

Once you issue a 《Proclamation of War》, the proclaimer and the receiver stop receiving attacks from third parties.

・ The effect of 《Proclamation of War》 lasts for 720 hours.
・ If the proclaimer can’t steal more than half of the receiver’s sectors within the allotted time, any stolen sectors and half of the proclaimer’s original sectors will be placed under the control of 【Law】 as a penalty.
・ While the effect of 《Proclamation of War》 lasts, all special effects on the proclaimer’s side and the receiver’s side vanish.
・ During the 《Proclamation of War》, the proclaimer won’t recover any CP at all.
・ At the moment when the proclaimer has usurped more than half of the receiver’s sectors, it becomes possible to cancel the 《Proclamation of War》 unilaterally.
・ Once the 《Proclamation of War》 is enacted, another 《Proclamation of War》 can’t be issued for 720 hours after the end of the previous 《Proclamation of War》.
・ The proclaimer and the receiver gain a 《Pseudo-Peace》 for one hour after the 《Proclamation of War》.
・ A 《Proclamation of War》 can only be enacted against an opponent with either a higher level or a greater number of sectors.

I carefully read the explanation displayed on the screen.
In short, I guess that means Alyssa is challenging me to a one on one match. As might be expected of such a daring form of attack, 《Proclamation of War》 has quite serious demerits for the side starting it.
After going through the explanation, I focus my attention primarily on two points.
First, the disappearance of special effects. In other words, it means that the 【Monster Restriction】 imposed on my Domain will vanish. Even the number of invaders, which has been controlled until now, will be unrestricted. You can definitely call this: plunging into a state of war.
Second, the 《Pseudo-Peace》 which has been granted for just one hour after the 《Proclamation of War》.
I hurriedly operate my smartphone and check the current status of my Domain.
『Pseudo-Peace (53 minutes left)』.
I have 53 minutes to prepare my defenses..
Now then…what am I going to do?
I spread the map of Kanezawa and consider my defense arrangements.



I have four sectors adjoining Alyssa’s Domain. The number of sectors that can be invaded increases if she makes a detour, but…it’s necessary to cross human land to take the roundabout way. If Alyssa does that, for argument’s sake, it will probably be good enough to deal with it when it happens, as I’m sure that it will be featured on the net news.
That means, I should urgently prepare the four sectors neighboring Alyssa’s Domain.
Dividing my subordinates between four places…no, that’s no good. If the enemy focuses its forces on one sector, the defense there won’t hold out.
Which place will be attacked? No, if I base all my plans on the assumption that the enemy will concentrate their forces on one sector, I could lose everything. … There’s of course the possibility that the enemy will attack all four sectors at the same time.
The subordinates lined up in front of me are waiting while watching me worrying. Time is trickling away bit-by-bit even as I’m wracking my brain.
Looking at the faces of Rina’s and Chloe’s parties, I remember our invasion of Alyssa’s Domain, and a single plan comes to mind.
Each of the sectors ruled by Alyssa were connected by 【Transfer Arrays】.
Won’t I be able to cope with all circumstances if I utilize the same plan?
I operate my smartphone and enter 【Domain Creation】. I connect our current location with the four places that are likely to get invaded, using 【Transfer Arrays】 on the floors of the other sectors.
And then I make all the bloodkin around Rina, and the subordinates I had waiting on standby, transfer one after the other.
With this, my strongest combat assets are gathered in one place. Next, I connect the four sectors that are likely to be invaded, with the place where my forces are gathered, using 【Transfer Arrays】.
Now it’s possible to quickly send subordinates to any sector that comes under attack.
In the first sector, I set up a huge amount of 【Poison Swamps】 and 【Poison Fogs】. Alyssa’s subordinates are fairy types. I can expect poison to work against them. If I only deploy living mails, which are immune to poison, the enemy probably won’t be able to invade quickly.
In the second sector, I set up a large amount of 【Pitfalls】, 【Cesspools】, and obstructions. The aim is to lure the goblins, which are expected to march in a large crowd, into the 【Pitfalls】. I will deploy dark elves, goblin archers and lilim, who excel at ranged attacks. The objective will be to bring down the goblins that fell into the 【Pitfalls】 with ranged attacks.
The remaining two sectors will be total war. If I unskillfully plant traps, some of my subordinates, such as Rina, won’t be able to exhibit their full power. I will only set up screening objects that give an edge to the defense. We will repel the attacking enemies with individual strength.
Moreover, what I should consider is…matters after the defense succeeds.
Alyssa failing in the invasion → half of the sectors being liberated; that’s the second worst outcome for me. If Alyssa’s CP doesn’t recover during the 【Proclamation of War】…it’s a chance for me to usurp all of Alyssa’s sectors.
The crucial point is deciding the timing of the counterattack.
The number of sectors in Alyssa’s Domain is nine. Until the ninth floor, thus…mmh? Wait.

“Kanon!” (Shion)

I shout the name of Google-chan ― Kanon loudly.

“Yeees.” (Kanon)

Google-chan draws near while floating lightly.

“Do you know about 《Proclamation of War》?” (Shion)

“Yes. Ah!? Just when I thought it suddenly got hectic, did you receive a 《Proclamation of War》?” (Kanon)

“Tell me the conditions for issuing a 《Proclamation of War》.” (Shion)

Ignoring Kanon’s question I toss my own question at her.

“Yes. Umm, 《Proclamation of War》, a Demon King, who has grown to level 10…” (Kanon)

“Got it. That’s enough.” (Shion)

“Eh? Eh!? I still haven’t explained all the conditions!” (Kanon)

The answer I wanted to know left Kanon’s mouth early on.
In the first place, why could Alyssa use 《Proclamation of War》?
Going by just the conditions recorded in the system explanation, it’s weird that I couldn’t use 《Proclamation of War》 when I was level 8, against the level 9 Alyssa.
Is a special procedure necessary like with 《Surrender》then…? ――No, the answer was levels.
That means Demon King Alyssa is level 10. In other words, her sectors have ten floors.

“Rina.” (Shion)

“What?” (Rina)

“How much time do you need to travel a single floor of a sector by foot? You may consider there to be very few enemies.” (Shion)

“Let’s see. If there are no annoying hindrances…probably around six hours.” (Rina)

“I see.” (Shion)

I, who heard what I wanted to know, dive into thinking once again.
Alyssa has nine sectors. They have ten floors, thus…9 x 10 floors x 6 hours ÷ 2 (Rina and Chloe) = 270 hours. Eleven days. Six hours is a rough estimation…in reality it might go a bit faster, but if I count the troublesome periods of sleeping time and breaks, it will be plus or minus zero? Just in case, I should add two days to account for unexpected delays, so 13 days.
The effective time of 《Proclamation of War》 is 720 hours, or in other words, 30 days. If I annihilate the enemy that comes invading within 17 days…my victory is set?
I can see the roadmap towards my victory.
『Pseudo-Peace (7 minutes left)』.
All that’s left is to wait for Alyssa’s invasion.


Chapter 74 – vs Demon King Alyssa ⑧



A fierce electronic sound plays on my smartphone ― it’s a warning about an enemy invasion.
The enemy is invading in two places. The 26th sector ― the sector where I placed plenty of poison-type traps, and the 28th sector ― a sector with no traps.
The enemy’s numbers are large in both sectors! Numbers? Not like I’m going to count ‘em. There’s no doubt about it being more than a hundred. However, they don’t exceed a thousand…I can only make such a vague estimation.
――First platoon, second platoon, transfer to the 28th sector and attack the enemy.
I give an order to my subordinates on standby, including Rina and Chloe. The number of subordinates entering the 【Transfer Array】 is roughly 200. The number of subordinates per platoon is 100. In total, ten platoons have been deployed. The main combat forces, the bloodkin, don’t belong to any platoon. I have them continuously head out to intercept, for the sake of getting experience points.
There’s probably not a chance in a million that the 28th sector will be broken through.
The problem will be the 26th sector.
Together with Kanon I use my smartphone to check the state of the defenses in the deepest part of the first sector.


Chloe’s vigorous voice resounds from my smartphone. The sound of countless arrows cutting through the wind reverberates.

“Let’s go~” (Flora)

Flora’s seductive voice resounds through my smartphone. Explosive sounds of countless spells being launched reverberate.
The war progress in the 28th sector is favorable. Cleverly using the obstructions, they are one-sidedly showering the enemies with ranged attacks. It looks like the subordinates who are good at close combat, will need to wait a bit longer.
Next I switch the live stream to the 26th sector.
300 living mails, equipped with various armors, wait for the enemy inside the poison-laden 26th sector.
The enemy forces struggle very hard against the expansive poison swamps, the large quantity of poison arrow traps, and the poison mistmines buried in the ground. Even the traps that can be easily avoided if you give out instructions, can’t be avoided due to the lack of space, if the enemy advances with such a great army. They continuously step on traps as if it’s fun to do so.
It’s alright up until this point. I don’t think that they can pass the 300 living mails all that easily. Nonetheless, the living mails have poor killing force, don’t they…?
It’s the best lineup as far as harassment defense, but if it comes to repelling an enemy…the poison will become a hindrance even if I send in reinforcements. It has developed into a questionable situation.
For the time being, there’s a safety zone where the poison doesn’t reach, but…the explanation is complicated, or rather, it’s unclear whether my subordinates will comprehend how to get there. Those guys, even if they encounter poison, they will plunge into it without care…
I guess the best option is ― for me to go.

“Kanon.” (Shion)

“Yes?” (Kanon)

“We’re going to sortie.” (Shion)

“Yes…wha-? Eh? Me too――” (Kanon)

――《Transfer B》.
Together with the puzzled-looking Kanon, I transfer to the 26th sector.



First floor, 26th sector. I transfer to a spot that’s a bit away from the frontline.

“Hyaaa!?” (Kanon)

Kanon leaks a small scream after the transfer finishes.

“Now then, I’m going to explain the strategy.” (Shion)

“High-handed―― Kyaa!? W-Why!?” (Kanon)

I send a calm look at Kanon who raises hell while rolling up her skirt.

“Have you calmed down?” (Shion)

“Eh?” (Kanon)

“The strategy is to ceaselessly fire spells. That’s all. By the way, don’t leave the area designated by me.” (Shion)

I tell Kanon, who looks surprised, the strategy.

“Oops, I must replenish the combat forces before going to the front line.” (Shion)

I create 30 lilims. I order them not to go in front of me.

“Let’s go.” (Shion)

I take Kanon, and the 30 lilims, along, and move to the front line that’s overflowing with poison, and defended by living mails.

“Ooh…” (Shion)

“When you see it live, it sure is terrifying.” (Kanon)

Poison mist covers the visual field in a faint green. Numerous spells are repeatedly fired from the rear. Goblins who march on while stepping over the corpses of their brethren. The clashing sounds of metal reverberate as the enemy charges into the living mails that stand side by side in a single line.
Wafting air. Clashing monsters. Reverberating sounds ― what’s unfolding in front of my eyes is unmistakably a gruesome battlefield.
I draw a line on the ground using Gáebolg.

“Don’t advance beyond this line.” (Shion)

The poison’s effective range extends to the other side of the line. Given that the location is quite far away from the poison’s origin, the effect is weak, but it’s not harmless.
With me at the head, Kanon and the 30 lilims line up next to each other behind the line.

“There’s no need to aim. Just be careful to not hit the living mails.” (Shion)

“Yes.” (Kanon)


There’s such a large number of enemies that they clog up the pathway. Hitting is simple even without targeting.
――《Dark Arrow》!
I shoot the darkness arrows into the sky in order to avoid the living mails. The arrows draw a parabola and rain down on the other side of the living mails ― on the enemies.

“――《Earth Javelin》!” (Kanon)

Once the floating Kanon swings her wand, lumps of earth with pointed tips rise from the ground and skewer the goblins.

“””――《Fire Arrow》!”””

Imitating me, the lilim group shoots fire arrows into the sky. Many arrows pour down on the enemies.
Hyuuu! How delicious! To earn experience points so easily…it’s a real treat.
This situation of earning experience points, by firing spells from a safe area that is protected by a several layer thick wall of living mails, is enough to get my adrenaline pumping.
I continue firing spells. When I run out of stamina, I check the progress in the 28th sector on my smartphone. I maintain this routine even when it starts feeling like work halfway through.



Three hours after I joined the defense together with Kanon.
Countless groups of goblins surge forward from the entrance. The enemy’s momentum hasn’t abated so far.
Good grief, I lost many subordinates… Well, it’s fine since I’m nicely gaining experience points, though.
Several living mails ended up being destroyed, but there are still a lot of living mails between me and the enemy.
The rear guard goblins were goblin archers? Several arrows pass over the wall of living mails and come flying at me.
A living mail waiting nearby readies its shield in order to protect me and receives the arrows. I casually turn my eyes towards an arrow that fell to the ground with a dry, sharp clang.
The arrow on the ground ― shines in silver.
A silver arrow ― in short, one of the special offensive items against me.
I draw back to the safety zone in the rear, and check the enemies coming to reinforce the area around the entrance of the sector, by operating my smartphone.
Watching the enemies displayed on my smartphone ― a group of enemies holding silver-shining weapons, I click my tongue.
Alyssa is no fool either. If she investigates a bit, she will easily learn that her enemy ― Demon King Shion, is a vampire type. If she investigates even further, it’s simple to find out that silver-made weapons are a weakness of vampire-type Demon Kings.
Shit…that bitch is completely focusing on me alone.
The easiest method for Alyssa to stage a reversal is to defeat me.
Conversely, even I had planned to kill Alyssa, with concentrated attacks at maximum priority, if she were to nonchalantly appear on the front line herself.
Withdrawing here is fine, but…what should I do?
I am pressed to choose the action I ought to take.



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