Chapter 71 part 2 – 72

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~ Shion’s PoV ~

“It’s going rather well.” (Kanon)

“Indeed, it is.” (Shion)

Rina’s and Chloe’s parties have both made progress in their advance through the second floor. The second floor is a forest, just like the first.
The enemy’s experience is as low as expected. The prediction that we would be able to overrun them with individual strength proves to be right.

“There’s still a long way to go…” (Shion)

“Alyssa’s Domain has nine floors after all.” (Kanon)

We won’t be able to thwart Alyssa’s power unless we usurp all 12 sectors, each containing nine floors, under her control. The probability of encountering Alyssa before usurping all 12 sectors is high, but…even so, it’s still a long way.

“Isn’t there any way to force Alyssa to come out, self-proclaimed strategist?” (Shion)

“――Wha-!? Why the extra words in front of strategist? …Umm, there’s none.” (Kanon)

“Hmm, really?” (Shion)

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I will give you that advice as a strategist.” (Kanon)

“Doesn’t that make having a strategist meaningless?” (Shion)

In the end I can’t come up with a better idea. I instruct everyone to invade while steadily and repeatedly mapping the area.



It’s the fifth day after the invasion into Alyssa’s Domain began.
Rina’s party proceeds to the sixth floor, and Chloe’s to the fifth.
The plan is to annihilate every enemy they see. They map out the floors by repeatedly going back and forth between the sector’s entrance while whittling down Alyssa’s combat forces. The damage to our side is almost zero. It’s a simple strategy, but if I were in the opposite position, it would continuously keep my stress levels at maximum.

“Congratulations on the level-up!” (Kanon)

“Thank you.” (Shion)

I don’t get a lot of experience points from the bloodkin, but if you pile up trash, it will turn into a mountain. My level went up to 9.

“Are you going to save your BP as usual?” (Kanon)

“Yes, I will. At present I don’t feel any need to spend them on 【Body】 or 【Mana】.” (Shion)

I activate my smartphone, and check my status.

Name: Shion
Aptitude: Chaos
Race: Demon King (Vampire)
Lv.: 9
CP: 3600
Body: C (D)
Mana: C (D)
Knowledge: E
Creation: B
Alchemy: B
BP: 22

Special Abilities:
– Demon King
– Absorption Fiend
– Spearmanship (C)
→ Single Flash Thrust
→ Rain of Thrusts
– Domain Creation
– Separation
– Transfer (B)
– Subordinate Creation
– Random Creation
– Item Creation
– Darkness Veil
– Dark Arrow
– Dark Induction
– Mist Dispersion
– Dark Storm
– Absorption
→ Language (Human)
→ Whip Technique (C)
→ Snake Bind
→ Ice Magic (Intermediary)
→ Darkness Magic (Elementary)
– Blood Chalice
– Contract

The path to reaching an A in 【Creation】 or 【Alchemy】 is endlessly long. Even the shortest route would require me to grow to level 15.

“Beyond level 5 there are no benefits from leveling either.”

“Well, you could raise your 【Body】 or 【Mana】, though.” (Kanon)

To raise 【Body】 or 【Mana】 from D to C requires 5 BP. In other words, the growth of 【Creation】 or 【Alchemy】 to A will be delayed by one level if I raise either 【Body】 or 【Mana】. To raise them from C to B will require 10 BP. In that case reaching A will take even longer.

“A specialized build rather than a balanced one, right? However, a Knowledge specialization is――” (Shion)

“St-St-Stop!? You’re still saying that!? But, because of my Knowledge…you knew that you needed 50 BP to raise a stat from B to A, no?” (Kanon)

Interrupting me, Kanon rattles off her argument.
In reality, the fact that I’ve been saved by Kanon’s Knowledge is undeniable. I don’t have the slightest intention of deliberately mentioning it, though.
Should I raise either 【Creation】 or 【Alchemy】 to A once I become level 15?
While pondering about matters of the distant future, I gaze at the unchanging forest scenery displayed on the smartphone’s screen.


Chapter 72 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ⑥


The seventh day after starting the invasion of Demon King Alyssa’s Domain.
The invasion is proceeding well. Countless numbers of my subordinates have been defeated, but each time I replenish them. Above all, my bloodkin are all safe and sound.

One day when Rina’s party and Chloe’s party were in the process of invading the eighth floor, an abnormal event occurred.
The intense attacks they were constantly receiving suddenly stopped.

“Out of bullets, eh…?” (Shion)

“Eeh~!? Alyssa is recovering 210 CP per hour, you know?” (Kanon)

Alyssa, a Fairy Demon King, can create 70 goblins per hour. It looks like 30 CP are necessary to create a pixie. Hence, she can create seven pixies every hour. Since they would only turn into experience points for our side if she were to make them attack bare-handed…she has to alchemize items for them, too. Meaning, the total number that can be created per hour drops a bit.
Having said that, stopping the attacks completely is strange.
With the attacks stopped, Rina’s and Chloe’s parties accelerate their invasion speed.
I guess I will have them converge their combat forces on the deepest level ― level 9?
Capitalizing on this good opportunity, even while expecting all kinds of traps, Rina’s and Chloe’s parties discover the stairs leading to the ninth floor.



“Shion-san! I got it!” (Kanon)

In the middle of Rina’s and Chloe’s parties’ invasion into the ninth floor, Kanon holds up her own smartphone, which is almost half as big as Kanon herself, and leaps towards me.

“What’s wrong?” (Shion)

“I got it! I understand why the attacks stopped!” (Kanon)

Kanon holds the screen of her smartphone in front of my eyes.
I see.
What’s reflected there is an image of smiling, burly, men and women. The title of the news article is written above the image.
――『The hero 【Black Lale】, pride of the Toyama prefecture, splendidly liberates the Goblin Den, which has caused grief to the people of the Ishikawa prefecture!』
I guess Alyssa focused on defending against the humans.
Having lost a sector to the humans is a serious blow. Nonetheless, it’s not like I will let this opportunity slip away.
――The enemy on the ninth floor is short-handed! Find the 【True Core】 at once!
I instruct my subordinates.
The enemies located on the ninth floor are only those that had been deployed there from the start. There should be no attacks by the reinforcements that were constantly assaulting our position up till now.
On the other hand, if there’s actually an attack by reinforcements, you might call it an opportunity. Enemy reinforcements would prove that there’s a 【Transfer Array】 connecting to Alyssa.

Six hours after the start of the invasion on the ninth floor.
Rina’s party confronted the last enemy group protecting the 【True Core】.



~ Rina’s PoV ~

The enemy attacks have decreased since the middle of the eighth floor. After arriving on the ninth floor, there have been only two battles that you could actually call significant. The enemies were fully equipped, but their numbers were few, and since they were bad at teamwork too, we won against them rather quickly.
We follow Shion’s orders and rush through the rest of the dungeon in a partial forced march. And so…we arrive in the deepest part of the sector ― there we find a pedestal with the 【True Core】 on top, and a group of enemies protecting it.
They number 20. Among the enemies there are four goblin generals and four high pixies. The goblin general, who seems to be the leader, wears a full set of Mithril equipment on his whole body.
Our side excels in quality and quantity. Nevertheless, we have to be on our guard.
The ones we should watch are… the four high pixies and the Mithril-equipped goblin general. All of our comrades that died on the way here were killed by the magic of high pixies.

“Queen, sorry. This is as far as we go ~ssu. But…we will defeat as many of the queen’s enemies as we can ~ssu!! Let’s go, you lot! Uooooohhh!!”

The Mithril-equipped goblin general brandishes its weapon and roars.


As if in concert with the roar, countless wind blades shoot forth from the wands of the high pixies standing in the back.
Iron and the living mails, who quickly readied their shields and stepped forward, receive the many wind blades with their bodies to protect us.
The dark elves led by Dakel respond to the high pixies’ attacks by firing arrows at them.

“Come on!”

“Hah! I don’t need you to tell me that.”

“I will deal with that fatso.”


“Okaaay~” (Flora)

I fight against the enemies protecting the 【True Core】 together with my comrades.
Layla swiftly fires ice bullets at the Mithril-equipped goblin general, and provokes it with her eyes. Red and I match our pace and start attacking the goblin generals ruling the frontline. Guy charges at a high pixie, making use of an opportunity, together with his werewolf subordinate.
I confront one goblin general. The coordination with my comrades is perfect so I can attack without interference.


The goblin general swings down its massive ax together with a roar.
I can’t win a power contest. I give up on blocking and dodge the approaching ax with a back step. Then I swiftly thrust out Dáinsleif.
A dry sound of metals clashing against each other reverberates.
Too shallow, huh…?
In that case…――《Slash》!


Before the goblin general, who holds a heavy ax, returns to an offensive stance, I swing down Dáinsleif with all my power. This time the hand wielding Dáinsleif definitely feels the feedback. Even if I lose out in power…I will force my way through with speed! I swiftly attack many times over with Dáinsleif.


Even while receiving my attacks, the goblin general forcibly swings its massive ax.
The blade of the ax collides against Dáinsleif…I’m overpowered and my posture is thrown off balance.


Seeing my posture falling apart, the goblin general lifts the corners of its mouth, and raises its ax overhead. I raise Dáinsleif in front of myself, trying to mitigate the damage as much as possible, but…


An arrow comes flying from behind and knocks away the raised ax.

“Humph.” (Dakel)

When I look over my shoulder, Dakel snorts indifferently.
I’m saved. I thank Dakel silently and swing down Dáinsleif with my full power at the torso of the goblin general who lost his balance.


I make one step towards the goblin general who is staggering backwards…and quickly slash Dáinsleif sideways at the armor’s joint ― the bottom of the goblin’s neck.
The goblin’s body, having lost its head, quietly falls to the ground while raising a cloud of dust.
Afterwards I exterminate the impertinent high pixies together with Guy.
The number of enemies is one. Once the previous enemy falls…all of us attack the Mithril-equipped goblin general, who survived until the very end, and succeed in its subjugation.



~ Shion’s PoV ~

――~♪ ~♪
A rhythmical message sound plays from the smartphone.

『Rina Shion obtained a 【True Core】. Do you wish to use 《Unification》 on the domain with Rina Shion as temporary domain master? Or do you wish to immediately use 《Separation》?』

30 minutes later.
――~♪ ~♪
A rhythmical message sound plays from the smartphone.

『Chloe Shion obtained a 【True Core】. Do you wish to use 《Unification》 on the domain with Chloe Shion as temporary domain master? Or do you wish to immediately use 《Separation》?』

I choose 《Unification》 in both cases.
With this the number of sectors under my control has become 29, and the number of Alyssa’s sectors goes down to nine.
Making use of the 《Pseudo-Peace》 effect because of the 《Unification》, I set up a 【Transfer Array】, and call Rina’s and Chloe’s party over to my place.
I’d like to give them my thanks and a break, but the situation doesn’t allow for that.
Each time the humans liberate a sector, I lose a sector I should have been able to obtain.
A blitzkrieg. At the time when I was about to give them the order to invade the next sector without pausing――

――Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
An electronic sound I’m not used to hearing reverberates from the smartphone in my hand.



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