Chapter 68 – 69

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Chapter 68 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ②


~ PoV Rina ~

――Begin the invasion.
In accordance with Shion’s order, I enter the Domain of Demon King Alyssa together with my comrades. Likewise, the unit led by Chloe begins their invasion of another sector at the same time.
We carefully proceed deeper inside the dense forest overgrown with trees.
Phew… I’m alright. I should be able to do it…
I strongly grasp my beloved sword ― Dáinsleif which I’m now using for more than half a year.
There’s a great variety of fairy-type monsters inside this sector. And ― humans.
The humans’ objective is to get rid of Alyssa’s subordinates. We’re not their target. Having said that, it’s not as simple as saying your enemy’s enemy is your ally. If humans run into us, they will definitely attack us.
After all us 【Chaos】 are the enemy of 【Law】.
Will I really be able to fight against humans? ―Or kill humans?
My hand grasping Dáinsleif has become drenched in sweat without me realizing.

“Rina, are you okay?” (Layla)

“Y-Yeah…thanks.” (Rina)

Layla sensed my unusual state and calls out to me.

“Fufu. That’s because Rina-chan is a former human, right~? You can just leave the battle against humans to us, okay~?” (Flora)

“I’m one of Shion’s bloodkin, too. You don’t need to worry about me.” (Rina)

I act brave towards Flora who made fun of me.
――Rina, act on the guideline of avoiding battle against humans. There’s no need to expressly humor Alyssa.
Shion is continuously checking our situation. It looks like he can hear our voices, too.

“Alright!” (Rina)

I yell towards my master ― Shion whom I can’t see directly.

“Big Sis! Raising your voice is a bad idea!” (Red)




“Hah! Rina-jou, leave the humans to us.” (Guy)

“Don’t force yourself for inferior humans.” (Dakel)

Red, Guy, and Dakel also call out to me.
I’m really blessed with good comrades.
More than half a year passed since I became Shion’s subordinate and started to invade Domains with Layla and the others. A mere half year, and yet it’s already a half year. I definitely felt the bonds to my comrades.

“My name is Rina Shion! It’s not necessary to worry about me!” (Rina)

I declared my name to my comrades, encouraging myself.

“Hah. It seems like your voice lured in some small fries, Rina-jou.” (Guy)

Guy laments while sending a look deep into the forest. Many goblins and fairies showed up at the end of Guy’s stare.
It’s a pack of goblins, but there are also some holding bows and axes and being heavily equipped among them. There’s also a great variety of fairies besides pixies like Kanon, such as jack o’ lanterns who have a pumpkin head and excel at fire magic, jack frosts who simply look like snowmen, and korpokkurs who held small wands.

“In contrast to Demon King Kanta’s Domain, the enemies here are rather showy.” (Rina)

“Pah! In the end they are measly worms. Races far below ogres!” (Red)

Red overreacts to the words I said after catching sight of the fairy group.

“Stop joking around. I will deal with that big one over there.” (Layla)

Layla sends a look full of killing intent at the heavily equipped goblin general while bending her jet-black whip.

“Are you going to be alright by yourself?” (Rina)

“Don’t underestimate me.” (Layla)

I ask while looking at Layla, but she answers without looking back.
――Iron! Create a wall with the living mails!
Receiving Shion’s order, Iron and the other living mails advance in order to protect us while clanging their readied shields. The spells unleashed by the fairies were aimed at Iron’s group.
The intense explosions due to the bursting wind blades and flames became the starting signal for the battle against Alyssa’s subordinates.



The arrows shot by Dakel’s dark elves homed in on the fairies who fired spells while causing sound of cutting through the wind. The spells released by the lilims violently blew up the goblins who were charging towards us.

“Hah. Tonight mine claws are bloodthirsty!” (Guy)

Dashing like a gale, Guy rips apart the goblins who were blown away by the spells with his claws. Next I rushed out, swung Dáinsleif, and cut apart the goblins.

“Kakakaka, you little worms!” (Red)

Following, Red wields his blunt weapon, blowing the goblins away all together.
A true melee combat.
Arrows and spells flew about from behind while weapons clash against each other at the front. The explosions caused by spells, the sounds of wind being cut by arrows, and the clashing of metal. I swung Dáinsleif on the battlefield overflowing with noise and exterminate goblins.
――Rina, Guy. Kill the fairies in the back. Red and everyone else, annihilate the goblins at front.
Shion’s order reached all of us subordinates, resulting in a cooperative teamwork.
Red and Iron’s group take over the goblins standing in Guy’s and mine way. Using that gap, Guy and I approach the fairies firing spells as they please from the rear in one breath.
The weakness of fairies is their lacking sturdiness. I easily slay the fairies, who retreat while trying to take some distance in panic, from behind. Guy capitalizes on his swiftness, and ruthlessly rips the frail wings growing on the fairies’ backs apart.
I see. They are certainly lacking combat experience.
The goblins and fairies in front of me are clearly inexperienced in battle. The spells which are fired in regular intervals like machines. The goblins who have their attacks obstructed by making errors in their positioning.
The enemies’ numbers were a threat, but we eliminated one enemy after the other with our cultivated power of teamwork as weapon.



One hour later.

The continuous reinforcements have ceased. An immense amount of enemy corpses littered the ground.
The remaining enemy is a single goblin general. He was a formidable enemy with his body being clad in Mithril armor, but now he was on the verge of death with his body being riddled by many lashings.

“Tsk. Tenacious.” (Layla)

Layla clicks her tongue and then continues to attack the goblin general, obviously telling us that any help is unwanted.
――Rina, attack the goblin general from behind.
But, Shion’s order was ruthless. Shion can send his orders to us individually, but he deliberately gave his order so that everyone heard it. And, no one can go against Shion’s order. It’s impossible to raise an objection.
In accordance with the order, I slash the goblin general from behind.


The goblin general looks over his shoulder, turning his eyes towards me, but…
――Red, smash it.

“Aye!” (Red)

He drives the blunt weapon specialized in smashing opponents ― Vajura into the goblin general at full power.
A loud crushing sound reverberates in the vicinity. The goblin general has its head alongside its equipped Mithril Helmet cave in.
――Layla, finish him off.

“Yes!” (Layla)

The jet-black whip ― Whip of Hades unleashed by Layla at the end twines itself around the neck of the convulsing goblin general and steals its life.


“It’s Shion-sama’s order. His words are sacred above all else.” (Layla)

I wanted to cheer up Layla, but it seems it was unnecessary.
I advanced deeper into the forest while feeling relieved.


Chapter 69 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ③


Without any further enemy attacks after the previous, large-scaled one, we proceeded with the invasion of the first floor at a good pace.
One of the living mails walking in front has suddenly vanished.
The reason for its disappearance is ― a 【Pitfall】.
We get close to the spot where the living mail vanished and peek into the【Pitfall】 which has a depth of around three meters. Inside the living mail was clattering while lying on its backside.
Fortunately no tricks like needles, which have an obvious killing intent, have been installed inside the traps ― 【Pitfalls】 set up inside the sector. And even in the cases of there being tricks included, it’s at the level of cesspools which Shion has also set up inside his Domain for some reason.
If it’s a dungeon type like Shion’s Domain, it’s easy to discover 【Pitfalls】 because of the ground’s different color, but…it was difficult to find them hidden beneath the soil inside a forest.
We rescue the living mail that fell into the 【Pitfall】, and proceed onwards after marking the location of the 【Pitfall】 on the map.
After that we fell three more times for 【Pitfalls】 and repelled several smaller enemy attacks. While not having any dropouts among our comrades, we continue deeper into the forest and then――

“This is what Shion mentioned before…” (Rina)

A dark space preventing any visibility ― a darkness zone appeared in front of us.
According to Shion, a 【Transfer Array】, which apparently relocates you to another sector, has been set up inside the darkness zone. The countermeasure was 『Proceed through them while holding hands. If the vanguard steps on a 【Transfer Array】, calm down, and step on the 【Transfer Array】 once more at the destination』, wasn’t it? I thought back on the Shion’s words.
We looked at each other, and then stepped into the darkness zone after joining our hands.
The inside of the darkness zone had zero visibility. Completely different from the night’s darkness, it was a space filled with absolute darkness. I carefully advance through the darkness – step by step – while relying on the touch of my comrades at both hands.
My body trembles slightly due to the abrupt order of Shion echoing in my mind.
The living mail walking at front very likely stepped on a 【Transfer Array】. Following Shion’s instruction, I continue waiting inside the darkness.
A short time later I felt a slight tremor from one of the hands connected to a comrade.
It came back?
However, there hasn’t been any order from Shion.
I continue waiting. Suddenly there’s a repeated sound of metallic scraping ― a sound of a living mail, who’s ahead within the darkness, doing something.
What is it doing? What is Shion having the living mail do?
――Retrace your steps.
Shion’s order resounded inside my head with a voice full of irritation.
While being led by the hand of the comrade behind me, I cautiously escaped the darkness zone.



~ Shion’s PoV ~

“Gaaahhh!? What should I do!?” (Shion)

I’m annoyed. The cause for the irritation is the incident that previously happened inside the darkness zone.
I observed the view of the leading living mail displayed on the smartphone, but once it entered the darkness zone, nothing was displayed on the screen.
I was able to grasp that it stepped on a 【Transfer Array】, but…the transfer destination was a darkness zone, too.
As a general rule of the 【Domain Creation】 you can’t shut down all paths leading to the stairs connecting to the next floor. In other words, if you proceed without stepping on a 【Transfer Array】, there should definitely be path leading to the second floor. For that reason I continued to give several instructions to the living mail walking in front, wondering whether it would be impossible to advance forward while avoiding the【Transfer Array】.
Taking a roundabout path is impossible, and same applies to jumping over it…so what’s the best option here?
Is there no path ahead of the darkness zone?
――Rina, ignore the darkness zone and proceed with the mapping of the vicinity.
I gave Rina a new order.
Afterwards I observed the state of Rina’s party as it searched the surroundings for enemies.



Six hours later.

In the end they couldn’t find a stairway continuing to the second floor. In exchange they found a treasure chest, but the loot was a wooden sword. Now I slightly understand the feelings of Yay lol who threw away the wooden sword.
Even the other unit, Chloe’s party, was at a stalemate without being able to pass through the darkness zone + 【Transfer Array】 trap just like Rina’s party.
I lower my eyes on the crude map I drew on the ground by using Gáebolg.

○○○   ??
Entrance ○○○●◎●?? Stairs
○○○   ??

※○=Mapped Area ●=Darkness Zone ◎=【Transfer Array】 ?=Unknown Area

Is it the best option to have everyone transfer and then make them invade the sector at the transfer’s destination?
However, depending on the sector’s location, it’s possible that it will be taken back right away even if they take control of it. If possible, I’d like to continue expanding towards the sectors adjoining to my Domain.
Mmh? Wait… Won’t that work?
Once I stared at the map, a good method crossed my mind.
――Rina, move to the darkness zone.
――Chloe, move to the darkness zone.
I gave the same order to both parties.
Chloe’s party, which was closer to the darkness zone, arrives first.
My subordinates enter the darkness zone in the same way as before. Once they walk forward cautiously, the living mail in the lead transfers.
――Take one step forward.
Just as I ordered, the transferred living mail takes one step forward.
――Take one step forward and transfer.
Different to before, I have the second living mail transfer next. Following my instruction, the living mail transfers.
――Extend your hand.
Once the living mail extends its hand, there’s a sound of metals coming into contact with each other. It was proof of a successful contact with the living mail that transferred first.
――Join hands and take one step forward.
The two transferred living mails do as told.
I repeat the same procedure 21 times. With this everyone except for a single ogre soldier had transferred over. 23 members of Chloe’s party are waiting at the transfer destination while holding hands.
Next I give Noire, who transferred last, an order.
――Noire, take one step back and transfer.

“Affirmative.” (Noire)

As a solemn voice reverberates from the smartphone, Noire retreated one step and transferred again.
I order the ogre soldier that was left behind.


I can’t understand its words, but I hear its throaty yell through the smartphone.
――Noire, take one step forward in the opposite direction of the scream.

“Affirmative.” (Noire)

With this Noire had moved on the other side of the 【Transfer Array】 within the darkness zone.

30 minutes later.

It took some time and labor, but Chloe’s party succeeded in safely moving to the other side of the darkness zone.
At the moment when I was about to give the same orders to Rina’s party next――
Humans showed up from within the darkness zone.



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