Chapter 66 part 2 – 67

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Using the 【Return Terminal】 inside my base of operations, the cave, one can immediately go outside my Domain. And, between my Domain and Demon King Alyssa’s Domain, there’s a buffer zone of less than 1 km width.

One hour later.
One goblin arrived in front of the entrance to Alyssa’s Domain.
――Inspect it carefully. You are permitted to immediately retreat if you run into any higher ranking enemies.
The goblin steps into Alyssa’s Domain. The whole area of the sector was covered with a dense forest.
The goblin searches for enemies inside the forest while treading cautiously.
Are there no monsters deployed in the entrance area?
Five minutes of searching the enemy. I observe the situation of the goblin advancing through the forest without running into any enemies.
I have an uncomfortable feeling about the sounds audible from the smartphone’s speakers.
What I heard is the rough breathing of the nervous goblin and the clashing of metal against metal ― in other words, the sound of someone fighting.
Ha? That’s impossible, no?
There shouldn’t be any human invasions in the sector I’m currently watching on the live stream from the goblin’s point of view.
Or rather…this sector is almost next to my Domain. Despite there being an empty buffer zone, there was no place for the humans to enter since the area is enclosed by inviolable domains.
Friendly fire? Is such an occurrence actually possible?
――Carefully investigate the source of the sounds.
Abiding to my order, the goblin cautiously proceeds towards those sounds. And then, once he peeks in the direction of the sounds out of the trees’ shadows――
An intense battle between several humans and monsters was going on.
Ha? Why! That’s impossible, isn’t it!?
I’m confused by the scene displayed on my smartphone’s screen.
Suddenly a huge sphere came flying on the smartphone’s screen ― towards my bloodkin.

“Hiie!? S-S-S-Shit ~ssu!?”

The goblin’s fretful voice comes out of the speakers. And an approaching group of fairies and goblins was displayed on the screen.


Due to the sudden movement of the monsters, the battling humans also look this way.

“…A Goblin? A falling out?”

“Rather, ain’t that goblin’s equipment nicely high-ranking?”

“Whoo! Nice! Let’s hunt it!”

The humans also shift their target to my bloodkin.
――Fall back!


The goblin tries to return along the path it came in a big hurry, but countless spells and arrows approach him from the back. The scene shown on the smartphone violently shakes up and down.
And then ― it blacked out all of a sudden.
The goblin had lost its life.
Damn! A valuable bloodkin!
I curse at the outcome indicated by the screen.
Haaah… Calm down… Considering it calmly, I was lucky. Albeit I lost a bloodkin, it was just an inexperienced goblin. If this had been an experienced bloodkin…to say nothing of a precious bloodkin like Rina… Once I reconsider like that, I recover my calmness a bit.
I will continue the investigation. Fortunately I don’t have to mind, even if I were to lose the remaining two goblins.
I ordered both to search different sectors of Alyssa’s Domain.



Just like the first, the second goblin also ran into a battle between humans and monsters, and passed away.
And the third goblin ― proceeded with the search of Alyssa’s Domain well.

One hour after the third goblin started his search for enemies.
At the end of a deep forest, a space surrounded by trees that didn’t allow any light to pass through ― a darkness zone appeared.
A darkness zone ― a kind of trap that spawns a space stealing all sight. Since not only the sight of the invaders, but also that of the subordinates is taken away, it’s a trap with a slightly questionable effect.
The goblin, who has become my eyes, cautiously advances through the darkness that doesn’t allow one to look even an inch ahead.
I feel like the scenery displayed on the smartphone has completely changed in an instant.

“Chief~. I stepped on some kind of 【Transfer Array】 ~ssu.”

The screen change just now seems to be the effect of a transfer.
There hadn’t been a trap planted within the darkness zone, but I guess it’s possible to set up 【Transfer Array】 as a trap. I learned something…
What? Wait. He transferred? To where?
A darkness obstructing all sight is displayed on the smartphone’s screen.
――Escape the darkness zone.
Leaving the darkness zone, the familiar scenery of an overgrown forest becomes visible.
If another floor is the transfer destination, there’s no problem. It’s a simple shortcut.
But, that’s very unlikely, isn’t it?
――Look for the exit!
I quickly tell the goblin his order.

“Roger ~ssu. But, where’s the exit ~ssu…?”

Having no choice but to follow my order, the goblin aimlessly looks for an exit while wandering through the forest.
He runs away from monsters he encountered on the way. But, even though he makes his getaway while barely alive…

“Oh!? A single goblin is heading this way!”

“Let’s slaughter it as warm-up exercise?”

…he was slain by humans that invaded through the exit he finally discovered.


Chapter 67 – vs. Demon King Alyssa ①


Two days after the victory celebration.
All subordinates that are going to invade Demon King Alyssa’s Domain gathered.
A total of 48 members, organized into two parties of 24.
The core bloodkin members of the first party are: the dhampir Layla, the lilim Flora, the werewolf Guy, the ogre warrior Red, the living mail Iron, and the dark elf Dakel with the former hero Rina as leader. The participating subordinates of the bloodkin are: three dhampirs, three lilims, three dark elves, five living mails, and three werewolves.
The core bloodkin members of the second party are: the goblin chaser Blue, the kobold general Silver, the werewolf Hope, the ogre general (♂) Noire, and the ogre braver (♀) Rouge with the dark high elf Chloe as leader. The participating subordinates of the bloodkin are: one dark high elf, one goblin sniper, one kobold lancer, one weretiger, six ogre soldiers, and eight living mails.
In lieu of the second party’s balance, I added two ogre species I had turned into bloodkin. To give a plain explanation of Noire, he’s a black ogre. On the other hand, Rouge is a red ogre. Because both are precious subordinates of which I have only two, I paid careful attention to their armor.
The items I have awarded to the members of the first and second party are C rank and above. I told the first party that I don’t mind even if all subordinates are sacrificed. Same applies to the living mails and ogre soldiers of the second party.

“There’s something I have to tell you before you invade Alyssa’s Domain.” (Shion)

I look at the faces of my assembled subordinates, and convey the information of yesterday’s investigation.

“The sectors of Alyssa’s Domain are each connected through 【Transfer Arrays】.” (Shion)

“Eh? Just when did you obtain that information?” (Kanon)

“When you were wasted due to your hangover.” (Shion)

“――!? Y-You!? As usual, with me――” (Kanon)

“Silence.” (Shion)

I make the fussy Google-chan shut her trap by sending a freezing look her way.
The result I guessed from yesterday’s impossible phenomenons and the information obtained in exchange for the goblins’ lives ― the 12 sectors of Alyssa’s Domain are connected through 【Transfer Arrays】.
Given that it actually makes it impossible to focus on places to be defended, it’s a foolish idea to connect the mobs and all sectors with 【Transfer Arrays】.
Why did Alyssa adopt such a policy then――?

“The objective is very likely to have us and the invading humans fight each other.” (Shion)

The reason why Alyssa’s Domain was chosen for the humans’ big mop-up operation is the fake maneuver carried out by me. Even without the humans being aware of it, I’m sure Alyssa has noticed my aim behind it as the wire puller.
As I planned ― as Alyssa expected, I took control of Demon King Kanta’s Domain. Hence, it becomes very easy to anticipate my next move ― the invasion of Alyssa’s Domain.

“In other words, you’re saying that we will fight against humans, too?” (Rina)

“That’s how it will be, I suppose.” (Shion)

I answer the question of Rina who looks anguished.

“Can you handle it?” (Shion)

I will be troubled if she were to deny it, but I still ask her.

“Of course… Right now I’m Demon King Shion’s subordinate, Rina Shion.” (Rina)

“That’s a big help.” (Shion)

I lightly bow towards Rina who throws out her chest in pride while erasing her pained expression. Chloe and Layla said “That’s only natural” from behind, and smiled triumphantly.

“Be really careful of darkness zones. To be precise, proceed through them while holding hands. If the vanguard steps on a 【Transfer Array】, calm down, step on the 【Transfer Array】 once more at the destination, and return. Once you leave the darkness zone, the stairs to the second floor should lie ahead.” (Shion)

I continue telling them about the important points. I talk quickly so as to not let worry appear on my face.
A path leading from the entrance to the second floor always exists. Seeing as it’s a specification of 《Domain Creation》, it’s necessary to set it up. According to my predictions, the stairs leading to the second floor should be on the other side of the 【Transfer Array】 within the darkness zone.

“Also…ah, right…proceed with the invasion while thoroughly mapping out the area. As for the bloodkin: act while placing the highest priority on your own lives.” (Shion)

This time I have the upper hand in the individual power of my bloodkin with Rina being the first on the list. If possible, I don’t want to lose any of them.

“Shion…is that the entire strategy?” (Rina)

“…Yes, it is.” (Shion)

“We’re off then!” (Rina)

While harboring worries and expectations, I watched as my subordinates continued to vanish through the 【Return Terminal】.



~ PoV Chloe ~

Being seen off by our Creator, we began our invasion into the Domain of our sworn enemy, Demon King Alyssa.
Remembering how master saw us off, my entire body trembles.

“Chloe, what’s wrong ~ssu? If it’s a toilet break―― gyaa!?” (Blue)

“Fool!” (Chloe)

I deliver a backhand blow to the imbecile ― Blue.

“Haven’t you noticed, retard? Master’s…feelings!” (Chloe)


“His…worried look…his gentle, caring word towards us fools…” (Chloe)

“Ah, it’s the usual sickness ~ssu.” (Blue)

“I’m mortified! This body of mine is about to burst open in anger!” (Chloe)

“This time it’s serious ~ssu…” (Blue)

“The cause for all of this is our weakness!” (Chloe)


“My frailness is at fault! And, above all…it’s Demon King Alyssa’s fault for making master worry!! Let’s go, you guys! We’re going to destroy the inferior goblins!” (Chloe)

“No, there are also other enemies besides goblins ~ssu…” (Blue)

Master! Please look at me! This Chloe Shion! I shall definitely show you how I accomplish your gracious commands!
I invaded the Domain of our sworn enemy ― Demon King Alyssa in order to sweep away master’s anxiety.


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