Chapter 65 – 66 part 1

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Chapter 65 – Victory Celebration (vs. Demon King Kanta)


After I used 《Unification》, all sectors were safely integrated into my Domain.
Making use of the 【Pseudo-Peace】, I had all my bloodkin and main subordinates gather at the deepest part of the first sector through the 《Transfer Array》.
Standing atop a【Rostrum】 I had created to give it all an atmosphere of importance, I look at the faces of my assembled subordinates.

“…,” I clear my throat, “from now on we will carry out a victory party to celebrate the successful invasion of Demon King Kanta’s Domain.” Shion declared, the opening of the victory celebration.

I had yearned for such event after seeing them in anime and movies, but…now that I’m in the position of holding one, I’m really nervous.

“Before we start the party, I will first hold an awarding ceremony. Those called out by me, step forward.” (Shion)


The awarding ceremony. This was the very reason for holding a victory celebration.
The invasion into Demon King Alyssa’s Domain will begin tomorrow. To raise the winning chances ― I have to raise their individual strength.
Having said that, it’s not possible to raise their levels in a short time. The individual power upgrade I can do instantly is ― the conferment of powerful items.
I could have given them those normally, but since it’s a great opportunity, I tried to go with a formal awarding ceremony.
I alchemized the high-ranking items while Rina’s party was invading Kanta’s Domain. In order to alchemize the best, possible items, I needed 1,500 CP. In total there exist ten types. All of them were unique items. Including Dáinsleif which I had already alchemized, there are 15 other unique items. I finished alchemizing all of them.

“Rina!” (Shion)

“Uh huh.” (Rina)

Rina steps in front of me after I called out her name.

“Rina, I award the rank B light armor ― 『War Maiden Armor』, and the rank C helmet ― 『Mask of Devilishness』 to you.” (Shion)

“I shall humbly accept…eh, what’s this?” (Rina)

After receiving the blue armor with its silver borders which owned an excellent durability while at the same time allowing free movement, she took the black, Venetian mask-styled 『Mask of Devilishness』 which only protected the area around her eyes, and tilted her head to the side in confusion.

“It’s the 『Mask of Devilishness』, but what about it? It’s a gem that consumed 700 CP, you know?” (Shion)

“No, it being a gem is all fine, but…why this shape?” (Rina)

“You’re aware that Alyssa’s Domain, which is scheduled to be invaded tomorrow, is currently under continuous attacks by humanity, don’t you?” (Shion)

“I know that.” (Rina)

“Wouldn’t it be bad if your face was exposed? ―Former 『Hero of the Black Sword』-sama?” (Shion)

So far Rina restricted her field of activity so as to not run into humans. However, many humans are in the process of invading Alyssa’s Domain. I’d like to avoid Rina’s movements becoming dull after being exposed.

“I-I see… I’m grateful for your consideration.” (Rina)

Rina bows after having grasped my intent, and returns to her original spot.
As for me, I’d like her to put more interest into the unique item 『War Maiden Armor』, which had consumed 1,500 CP, than the 『Mask of Devilishness』, though…
When all is said and done, Rina is a rare and essential subordinate. Just as with Kanon, there’s no substitute for her. I chose the best items to award to her.

“Next, Layla!” (Shion)

“Yes, master!” (Layla)

Layla steps in front of me.

“Layla, I award the rank B weapon ― 『Whip of Hades』, and a full set of rank C armor to you!” (Shion)

“Yes! I am humbled!” (Layla)

『Whip of Hades』 is a whip with a darkness-like, deep black tone. It’s a unique item possessing the ability to enhance the darkness attribute, and cost 1,500 CP.
After that I awarded the rank B staff 『Crimson Staff』 to Flora, the rank B blunt weapon 『Vajira』 to Red, the rank B shield 『Requiem Shield』 to Iron, the rank B bow 『Ichival』 to Chloe, and the rank B one-handed ax 『Wind Cleaver』 to Blue.
There are no unique items for Guy, Dakel, Silver and Hope, but I gave them the highest ranked items among those they can use. In addition I also awarded items to the four subordinates, who left together with Chloe’s group on their combat training expedition, and the sole surviving dhampir of Rina’s party.
By the way, I equipped the best spear I can alchemize ― 『Gáebolg』, the best clothes ― 『Garment of Chaos』, and the best ring ― 『Crimson Ring』.
With this I completed the strongest combat forces without being stingy.
All that’s left is to have them restore their energy and pray for their success in tomorrow’s invasion.

“This ends the awarding ceremony. Let’s start the party then.” (Shion)

With one glass full of ginger ale I survey my subordinates.
All of them hold glasses filled with their favorite drinks which had been prepared by Kanon in advance.

“In celebration of the successful invasion of Kanta’s Domain…and in prayer for a successful invasion of Alyssa’s Domain ― Cheers!” (Shion)


The modest party had begun.



“Aaas I saaaid…hiccs!? Shion…you shooould be more thankful of your subooordinates!” (Rina)

Who was it!? The one who allowed Rina to drink sake!

“Yeah! Yeah! Now it the time! Let’s rally loudly for reforms!” (Kanon)

Kanon? You got drunk on sake yourself?

“Yes ~ssu! Even I usually tell chief ― gefuuh!?” (Blue)

Blue – the sole subordinate among those I created that makes me feel doubts about his loyalty – is about to approve with Rina and Kanon, but he crouches after receiving a punch in his belly by Chloe.

“You low-life! Master is! Master is! He’s the best ruler of the world!” (Chloe)

“As expected of you, Chloe-ane-sama! I’m also convinced that Shion-sama is a peerless ruler who will unify this world!” (Layla)

Once I look properly, I can see that Chloe’s eyes have become more fanatic than usual. With the other fanatic, Layla, in the mix, the location falls into a state of chaos.



“Kakakaka! Boss, let’s drink some more!” (Red)

“Don’t get close…you stink of booze!” (Shion)

Red, who had become cheerful, chats me up while holding a big bottle in his hand.

“Hey, ogre! You’re rude towards master!”

“Hah? A puppy? Wanna have a go, you bitch?” (Red)

Silver, who got angry at Red’s behavior, rebukes him. Red glares at her with glazed eyes, resulting in an explosive situation.

“You guys! Fighting is――” (Shion)

“――《Fireball》! You disrespectful idiot!” (Chloe)

“――《Ice Bullet》! Know your place!” (Layla)

I tried to mediate between Red and Silver, but Chloe, who quickly noticed my behavior, hurls a fireball at Silver, and Layla shoots Red with an ice bullet.
Within the party that had turned into pure chaos, I vowed in my mind that I won’t ever again supply sake to my subordinates.

The next day.
I check on my subordinates who are useless because of their hangover. I delayed the invasion of Alyssa’s Domain by one day.


Chapter 66 – The Drinking Was Planned!


The next day after the victory celebration.
Because the main invasion team members had a hangover, their performance fell drastically. Deciding to think after punishing the bloodkin who can’t take care of themselves…I lower my eyes on the map depicting my and Demon King Alyssa’s Domains spreading in front of me in order to make effective use of this freed-up day.



Alyssa’s Domain has 12 sectors. Her inner two sectors in the west are safety zones since they are surrounded by her own sectors.
Alyssa’s Domain is currently under heavy fire by the humans. According to what I found out on the homepage of the 『Major Goblin Den Mop-up Operation』, which has been set up by Kanezawa ― the humans are attacking seven sectors. To break it down: four from Kanezawa’s southern side, two from the Kahoku region’s side, and one from the Toyama prefecture’s direction.
Invading from the same sectors as the humans would be the height of folly. In short, the number of sectors I can invade has dwindled down to three.
Should I attack from all three places at the same time?
In that case, it’d be Rina’s party, Chloe’s party…and one more? Layla by herself? No, splitting up my combat forces only increases the danger of my bloodkin dying. The value of experienced bloodkin is extremely high. Then it’d be best to invade from two places with two units?
If it’s like that, which sectors would be the best to attack…?
I summoned the three goblin bloodkin that I used in the fake operation against Alyssa.

“Chief, what i~ssu it?”

“Food ~ssu?”

“Plea~ssu keep it a secret from our other comrade~ssu.”

The three goblins, who obviously lack intelligence, showed up in my cave.

“Do you know the proverb if man will not work, he shall not eat?” (Shion)

“””I don’t ~ssu.”””

“…Thought so.” (Shion)

I smile bitterly while looking at the goblins who gave me a carefree reply.

“In simple words, you get meat if you follow my orders.” (Shion)

“Eh!? I heard that it won’t be our turn thi~ssu time ~ssu.”

“Blue-senpai said so. The pri~ssu for meat from chief is high ~ssu.”

“I’m stuffed ~ssu…”

“Well then, I will give you your orders. Go inspect the sectors I will specify next.” (Shion)

“…The right to veto…” “None ~ssu…” “A subordinate~ssu fate ~ssu…”

“””…Understood ~ssu.”””

And that’s how the three loyal goblins headed towards an inspection of Alyssa’s Domain.




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